but it's just too complicated to be explained

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what if touka giving her parent's wedding ring to kaneki is pretty much equal to her considering that kaneki is also her family? and that since it has given her strength before, maybe kaneki can do the same? i may be looking into things a bit positive T_T but i would like to think it's like that

I interpret this like… when I had rough times, this ring was my strength… you’re having rough times now, so I wanna give this to you so it can give you strength too. Touka will always have the ring as long as Kaneki has it, but I think Touka giving him the ring is more like a… “you’re my strength now?” it’s a bit complicated to explain, it’s very deep, it’s not just a gift or a wedding proposal, it’s more like… Touka’s heart is inside that ring, giving the ring to Kaneki is like giving him her heart, an important piece of her. It’s an act of trust. 

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What do you think about the Lap//idot ship?

Oh boy…. *deep breath*

My long-time followers probably know that I don’t like Lap//idot, but I haven’t elaborated much on WHY because I didn’t like feeding into the negativity of the ship wars. (It’s not even the fact that I ship Amedot… I NEVER could stand Lap//idot.) BUT since you asked and tensions have died down a bit, I think I feel a bit more comfortable expressing my opinion. 

More below the break. (I’ll still try to be diplomatic with this, but hey Lap//idot shippers, maybe you should consider skipping this post if ship criticism makes you upset?)

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INTJ and ESFP conversation (based off of the interactions between me and my sister)
  • INTJ: *quietly sitting alone watching a complicated, 3 hour long movie*
  • ESFP: *comes in at 2.5 hour mark*
  • INTJ: Oh God.
  • INTJ: Movie.
  • ESFP: Cool!! What's it about??
  • INTJ: It's hard to explain. It's been playing already for a while.
  • ESFP: Cool. I'll come watch too.
  • INTJ: *closes eyes and mentally prepares for the coming interactions*
  • ESFP: *tries to sit in INTJ's lap and breathes heavily in INTJ's face*
  • INTJ: Oh my God get off.
  • ESFP: But you never want to cuddle.
  • INTJ: *detects internal chemical process called "guilt"* Okay. Fine. Just try not to move and please don't talk.
  • ESFP: 'kay.
  • ESFP:
  • ESFP:
  • ESFP: *points at character on screen* Who's that?
  • INTJ: She's--
  • ESFP: *sees dog* OH NO DOES THE DOG DIE???
  • INTJ: *deep sigh* I don't know. I have not seen this movie before.
  • ESFP:
  • ESFP: ...sorry.
  • INTJ: It's okay. Just please be quiet.
  • ESFP: 'kay.
  • ESFP: *fidgets constantly*
  • ESFP: *sneezes on INTJ's knee*
  • ESFP: *hums*
  • ESFP: *makes weird unidentifiable noise involving tongue and nose*

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I just found your art and you're officially my new favorite artist??? holy cow?? like im just so blown away by all of your work!! If you don't mind my asking, I was wondering how you manage that blurry, photo effect, as well as the video static effect in some of your horror work? If it's too complicated to explain or anything then dont worry about it, just know your work is seriously inspiring to me!!

AAAAH, thank you so much! >////< 

I’ll try to explain this as well as I can, because I use many techniques for those pieces, like noise filters and dust overlays. One thing I like to do is duplicate the image and change the Advanced blending settings on both of them. Once you do that, you can move the duplicate image slightly and it’ll create a disorienting VHS style 3D effect.

I also like using VCR and tv caption font, which you can download easily for free. The glitches are a combination of real and hand drawn VHS overlays on top of the image. 

And here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the square glitches you see on modern displays. 

Play around with different styles and make it look as grungy as possible.

Hope this helps. ^-^ 

Give Me A Chance

Bruce Wayne x Reader


1: “ Give me a chance. ”

30: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”

A/N: HELLOO! Oh its so good to be writing again! Year 12 is a fucking pain in the backside. I needed a break and thought you all deserved this and though t that there wasn’t enough Bruce Wayne out there so here you little munchkins go. Know that the ask box is open and you may choose a prompt and send it in (REQUESTS OPEN ONLY FOR THE BATFAM, SORRY! + NO NSWF), but I may be a bit slow so be kind to your writer pleaseee.

I sat at my desk, the sounds of the tapping of keyboards and high shrill screams of phone making me sit a little straighter every so often. I had been a cooperate assistant at WAYNE Industries for a couple of years, having started off as an apprentice before working my way up through the jobs.

Suddenly the doors to the elevator of our level opened with a loud ding, making me look up to see who it was before looking back down with a small gasp, praying   under my breath that he hadn’t noticed me. I heard the footsteps creak over the voices and activity in the office, and cursed under my breath. My prayer had gone unanswered, gulping before looking up into the eyes of Bruce fucking Wayne. The White Knight of Gotham, its Prince, its Salvation.

I didn’t think of him as a bad person, oh no. Bruce and I had been going out on a few dates in the past few weeks. And they had been absolutely perfect. I loved them. And, I loved him. But i knew that I couldn’t just dive deep into the relationship, I didn’t want to get hurt … Not again, especially by billionaire playboy, and become the face of embarrassment in the company.

‘Good morning Sir,’ I said courtly before looking back down over the stack of papers in front of me. Bruce couldn’t help but sigh heavily, ‘Morning Y/N.’

‘Is there something I could do for you?’ Once again he sighed. ‘Could I have the itinerary for today as well as the files for this morning’s conference.’ I searched through the piles of paper, taking the manila folder and handing it to him quickly before looking once more for the itinerary. God damn it, of course I had to lose it. ‘I seemed to have misplaced it, just give me a minute.’

‘Seems we work you way too hard, Y/N.’ I couldn’t help but smile a little, but it was gone just as fast as it had came. After pulling a stack of files out of the way, I sighted the itinerary with a sigh of relief. I reached over to grab it before I felt Bruce’s hand brushing against my own, a shiver running down my spine instantly as he hooked his fingers through my own. I looked up into his eyes, the first eye contact we had made that entire day. His eyes were filled with pain as I flinched away from his touch, ‘Here you go Mr Wayne.’

And without another word, I fixed up my desk, and the tapping of my keyboard continued. I only looked up at the sound of Bruce’s office door slamming. With a sigh I slouched in my chair, pushing my hair out of my face. I my line of vision, I caught sight of a bunch of women huddled in one of the cubicles, sniggering and scoffing at the sight of me.

‘What does he even see in her? I mean she probably doesn’t even get a quarter of what he makes a year!’

‘She doesn’t even have a figure like the women he hangs out with, I mean why would he even associate himself with her!’

‘And can you believe the nerve of that girl?! Dismissing Bruce as if he were beneath her!’

‘Perhaps she likes all her men to be submissive like the whore she is—’

That was the last straw. I slammed the lid of my laptop down, making them shriek and many heads turn towards me. I threw the important files into my bag, as well as my laptop before rounding my desk, glaring at the women who had insulted me before entering the elevator. I looked up in time to see Bruce, a deer caught in headlights at the  glimpse of my tears falling as the doors shut.


I rush into my apartment, throwing my bag onto the floor hurriedly before racing to the bathroom. I let the cold water run, throwing the substance up on my flustered skin. I gasped for air as I looked up into the mirror, the women’s voices echoed in my head before whispering to myself, ‘Oh Y/N, what have you gotten yourself into?’

I groaned loudly, rubbing the heel of my hands against my eyes gently before deciding on taking a hot shower. I groaned as my muscles relaxed beneath the heated water, wiping my face slowly. After I changed into some sweat pants, a t-shirt and hoodie, all in grey. Wonderful.

Since I was at home I might as well do some work. So I sat down, opening my laptop, and just as my fingers began to tap once more against the laptop when suddenly there was a loud banging upon the front door, echoing lavishly throughout the almost empty apartment.

I rolled my eyes, making my way down the hallway, “Who on earth is it?” I didn’t even bother to look in the peephole, opening the door and ready to curse at who had interrupted my peace. But without another second I slammed the door shut, only for Bruce to shove it back open, walking in without a care in world. ‘Bruce what the hell-’

‘Why have you been ignoring me?’
‘Don’t fuck with me Y/N, why have you been avoiding me AND ignoring me!’ I flinched lightly at his tone, taking in the anger in his eyes. ‘So that’s it? It’s over? I mean we had a great time at dinner last week and suddenly this happens? Is it something I did? Something I said? I mean I don’t understand—’

‘No … Bruce-It’s not you!’ I said as I felt the tears already coming up, sniffling slightly. My breathing was uneven as I got nervous, my hands sweaty and wringing each other to distract myself from the current situation. Bruce instantly picked this up, tone of voice becoming much softer. ‘Then … what is it?’

I shook my head. 'Its-Its complicated you see, its too hard to explain …’
‘Just take your time, take all the time you need. I’ll be patient …’ There was silence between us, the only sound resonating was my sniffling. Finally, I spoke, 'I-I’m sorry.’

'What for?’
’For ignoring you. I shouldn’t lead you on like this, I shouldn’t have.’

'What do you mean? What are you talking about?’ He says, coming closer to me, my whole body shaking now as he stood only a short distance away, our feet nearly touching.

'I-I was scared … I’m scared …’ I whispered softly, but I knew he heard me as he took my face into his hands, pulling it up so I would look up at him only to show the tears that fell fast down my cheeks.

'I-I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified Bruce …’ I said softly as he wiped my cheeks with the pads of his thumbs, ‘In all the relationships I’ve been in, yeah there’s been something. However with you … I’ve never felt like this with anybody! But I just-I’m scared that I’m not good enough to be standing beside you, Gotham’s prince, their glory!’

Bruce couldn’t help but chuckle at this, gripping my face just a little tighter in his palms. How could, he thought to himself, this little piece of light not be worthy, it was he who was not worthy. He himself wanted this to be more than a mere fling, saw that the innocence in his hands was something he wanted to uncover and understand like nothing he had ever encountered before. 

'I understand, but just know Y/N. That, whatever you’ve been through before me, know that I will NEVER mistreat you. I know that you’ve heard about me being this billionaire playboy who cares about nothing but his money and title … but I’m different, I WILL be different! We’ll have our bad days of course, but all couples can’t be perfect can they? But most importantly I don’t care about your money, or your title or anything! I just want you, and only you. Just give me a chance, please.’

I nodded slowly, unable to look away as he gave me a small smile, one that I had come to love and appreciate over time. The way his lip curled and his dimples tinted just a little. Slowly, he began to grow closer, his heated breath batting against my lips, his forehead pressed against my own. A gasp left my lips at this, his nose nudging mine delicately. His eyes searched my own, those ocean blue eyes that made my head spin whenever I stared just a little too long.  And in that moment, I just couldn’t help but let myself go.

He pressed his lips against mine softly, almost like a feathers touch against glass. I couldn’t return it, not just yet as I trembled under his touch, gasping softly before letting my hand creep to one of his own that held my face. Bruce pulled away with a grateful smile, kissing my forehead gently before he embraced me into his chest, holding me tightly. 

Raphael Santiago | Imagine

Request: Alec’s twin sister is dating Raphael secretly. When everyone finds out, they go nuts. Everyone, except Alec who kind of understands. So he helps her. - requested by @dontyouwishyouhadlove

Warnings: none

It has been always around midnight, every second day. The cold air would increase the amount of goosebumps onto your skin, fill your stomach with excitement. Of course, the night was thrilling, but the mere darkness itself couldn’t make you that anxious. 

It was the one lurking in this darkness; the one making your heartbeat race. The one coming to life when the sun goes down - and awakened your soul.

It was odd. Your were supposed to despise every single one of them; creatures that lurked in the darkness. You were a huntress - fascination and admiration shouldn’t be a thing to you.

Yet, the first time you’ve met, you couldn’t stop gazing at him. You expected the Downworlders to be evil, inhuman and heartless. Instead, your opponent was sarcastic and teasy, nothing like the legends told them to be like. A smile curved your lips when you thought about you first chat. Actually, you were told to get some information out of him. But it didn’t work out that well. At least not as you imagined it to be like - being the superior threat. 

“Oh, doll. Those imbeciles really sent you? Maybe there not that stupid at all, who could resist you?”

It was way too … out of sudden to react not pathetic. So you just blushed and broke eye contact after several seconds. His eyes, no, his whole being with his flirty remarks made you fluster and curious. He caught you attention no one had managed before. And so, he pulled you into his arms and hypnotized you with his luring and mysterious personality. He took you off guard and turned your world upside down within seconds.

“You are ot like them, I see. No feisty remarks, no arrogant attitude. Very refreshing.”

And that was just the beginning. The prologue of your and Raphael Santiago’s story.

* * * 

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Hello! I always wondered this but never knew the answer. I know T'Challa and Storm aren't married anymore, but do you think she'll make an appearance in the film? 🤔

Hi! Honestly, I think it’s extremely unlikely, because no actress has been cast as Storm this far along and the movie seems to have its hands full with T’Challa dealing with all the stuff going on in his country after the Civil War movie. There’s also not one, but three antagonists, so adding Storm would seem to me to be too much (plus it would be kind of complicated for the movie having to explain who she is just even for a short appearance).

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How did you realise you were a furry? Because im not one, and it seems really alien to me to want to be an animal? I just don't really understand it please explain it to me

I don’t want to be an animal physically. That’s what’s called an “otherkin.” Each fandom has them. Furries are just fans of anthropomorphic animals. Just like the StarFox fandom is a group of people who are fand of StarFox, and the Undertale fandom being fans of Undertale. Its not too complicated, we just find dressing up like anthro animals and goofing around with them. Its an escape outlet do try things you were too afraid to try if you didn’t have a “mask.”

voltron high school au !!

so me n @pinacoladamatata made this au one night and it got out of hand so,, here u go its a good time

  • Shiro is the cool ta/assistant hockey coach who sees the space crew hanging around and gives them guidance bc they have so much potential but omg kiddos if u could just,,, work together and apply urself,,, do it for shiro he wants whats best for u 
  • Allura is the v tall and beautiful transfer student who gets straight As bc she just never sleeps ((the mom friend))) always ready to fight lance
  • Coran is the drama teacher who is Eccentric and is always yellin
  • Lance is such a theater kid lets be real lol. 
  • He always tries out for the lead role but he overplays it so bad so hes always getting the supporting role but he doesnt mind that much bc he has his theater family!! Lance KILLS it at musicals tho he’s such a good singer

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I’m not in the best mood today so instead of taking it out on myself I’m going to incorporate my feelings into writing. I hope you all enjoy this angsty/fluffy fanfic.

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, whoever else I feel like putting in there

Summary: What was suppose to be the best day of his life turned out to be one of the worse.

Maybe trigger warning? I don’t know, read at own will.


He remembered the the day Lucy told him she was pregnant it had absolutely been the best day of his life. He was sitting on the couch watching a movie when she came out of the bathroom in all smiles and just kissed him. He looked at her with a confused expression until she put her hands on her lower abdomen and he immediately knew. He kissed her passionately before pulling her in the tightest embrace he ever had before.

They have been inseparable since that day.


“Lucy, be careful!” Natsu shouted in concern as he watched his wife of two years walk into the kitchen with her best friend Levy.

“Natsu stop being such a worry wart! The baby and I are fine!” She said back with a small smile on her face at the concern of her husband. Natsu just stared as she kept walking away, he huffed a breath and fell back on the couch.

“You need to calm down man. Lucy’s fine.” Gray told his friend while sipping on his beer. Gajeel snorted.

“Yeah its not like shes going to trip and fall on glass and cut her stomach.” Natsu’s face paled.

“LUCY!” Natsu shouted and tried to get up but Gajeel and Gray held him down. Juvia smacked the back of Gajeel’s head.

“What the hell was that for?” The black haired man said rubbing the now sore spot on the back of his head.

“Gajeel, you know already how worried Natsu is about Lucy and his child.” Erza scolded. “There is no need for your negative words.” Juvia nodded in agreement.

“Besides, Gajeel would be most upset if this happened to Levy.” The blue haired girl added on and Gajeel gritted his teeth knowing she was right. The four friends chatter was interrupted when they heard a crash from the kitchen.

“Lu-chan!” Natsu was in the kitchen in an instant followed by everyone else to see Lucy hunched over holding her stomach with a pained face.

“Lucy! Are you okay!?” Natsu said putting his hands on his wife’s shoulders. Lucy shook her head, unable to form words at the moment. Picking her up bridal style, Natsu took his wife to the nearest hospital.


“Mrs. Dragneel?” The eight in the room looked to the nurse who had just walked in the room. “It appears the baby is ready to come out.” Lucy’s brown eyes widened.

“I-Its too early though! He’s only six months!” She said putting protective hands on her plump stomach. The nurse shook her head.

“The baby is already having enough complications, if he stays in there any longer we’re fearing the worse.” She gave the family time to process what she had just said before continuing. “We are going to perform an emergency c-section in an hour. You may choose one person to be in there with you.” The nurse walked over to the crying blonde on the hospital bed. “I’m very sorry, but this is the best option.” She explained and walked out of the room. That was when Lucy broke into heart wrenching sobs while her husband held her tight. Levy and Juvia also held on to their husbands while Erza and Jellal stood silently by each other with their heads down.

“M-My baby…” Lucy said in between sobs. Natsu had his own tears running down his face, but he knew he had to be strong for Lucy’s sake.

“Everything’s going to be fine Luce. In a few hours, we’re going to have a healthy baby boy.” He said kissing the top of his wifes head out of comfort. Lucy just nodded trying to agree with her husband, no matter how hard it was.

Gray went up to his close friends and put a hand on the blonde’s shoulder. “We’ll all be here waiting for you guys too.” Juvia stepped beside her husband and gave a smile.

“Yeah Lu-chan! I can’t wait to meet my nephew!”

Erza smiled. “Neither can I.”
Lucy smiled through her tears. “You guys…”

Lucy knew with her husbands and friends support she could get through this.

After an hour of mindless chatter, the nurse came in and said it was time. Obviously, Lucy picked Natsu to be in the room with her. The nurse wheeled her away, Natsu walking closely beside them.


“Alright Mrs. Dragneel you’re not going to feel a thing.” The doctor explained and Lucy just nodded as she felt liquid go on her stomach. She looked to her husband who was beside her gripping her hand tightly. They made him dress up in scrubs so he wouldn’t get sick from the fumes. Lucy saw the doctor pick up a knife, but didn’t feel a thing.

After diligently working for about an hour, the couple looked up and heard crying.

The sight of their baby boy brought tears to the new parents eyes.

“Congratulations you two.” The doctor said cutting the umbilical cord and wiping off the residue. “Since the baby was born premature, we will have to do some tests on him to see if hes okay.”
“I can’t see my baby!?” The blonde shouted. Natsu rubbed circles on her back to try to calm her down.

“Mrs. Dragneel I know you can not tell but you’re not stitched up yet. Don’t worry, from what I can tell is your baby is healthy. It’s just for safety. You’ll see your child in a few minutes.” The doctor said and walked out the operating room doors.

“It’s okay Luce. You heard the doc, our baby’s fine. Ryu is fine.” He said, tears streaming from his eyes from fondness of his newborn son. Lucy couldn’t do anything as she fell back on the table, eyes shut.

“Luce?” Natsu said in concern as her skin was turning whiter by the second. “Lucy?” Natsu said again, this time fear in his voice. He looked to the frantic doctors. “Whats happening?!?!”

“She’s bleeding… she won’t stop bleeding!” The nurse said trying to sew up the long cut the doctor made to get their baby out. Natsu paled. Soon more doctors piled in the room.

“Mr. Dragneel I presume?” A new doctor that walked in called to him, he meekly nodded in response. “I’m going to need you to step out of the room until we stabilize your wife’s condition.”

“What’s going on with her?! She was just fine a few minutes ago!” He argued back with him.

“It seems the cut made to retrieve the baby was too deep and injured nicked some of your wife’s internal organs. We honestly had no idea how small your wife was.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed with anger.
“If she dies…”

“You have our word that we will do our best.” With that the doctor pushed Natsu out of the room. A few minutes later his friends came down and Natsu broke the news to them, crying just as hard as Lucy was earlier.

This was suppose to be the best day of his life, he was suppose to became a father. He was starting a family with a woman he loved more than life itself.

But now, that image of a perfect and happy family didn’t seem to exist.

After an hour of waiting, unknowing of what was happening, the doctor stepped out. Natsu stood. “Well?”

“Mr. Dragneel, we did all we could.” Natsu’s face paled, fearing the worse. “It was touch and go for awhile, but your wife is doing fine but she’s completely drugged up on painkillers. So be careful.” The doctor smiled when he seen tears of relief fall from the mans eyes. “You can go see your new family.” Natsu didn’t wait for the man to finish his sentence he was already in the room, and the sight before him made grin widely.

His wife was alive, holding their baby boy in her arms. Her eyes were trained and focused on him. Her finger was by his face, which he grabbed out of wonder. Natsu strolled over to his new family, kissing both of them. The trio didn’t notice their six friends standing by the door, extremely happy for the two. Natsu put an arm around his wife’s shoulders and another around his son.

And suddenly that image of a perfect and happy family was coming back.


I feel like this isn’t good and very rushed, but I needed to write some angst to make me feel better. And I know a lot of you like angst, lol. Hope you guys enjoy it! By the end of this story I was getting happy because I made the decision to graduate from high school early. Six more weeks of hell left! Have a great day ~

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Okay I've been into Mafia AUs alot recently so how would Zen react to finding out MC was a member of a powerful mafia?

-he would think that you were joking

-you try to reassure him that you aren’t and tell him to ask Seven if he doesn’t believe you

-he would immediately call Seven

-once Seven confirms that you are part of the mafia he would laugh and ask if it was a prank

-once he finally understands that you aren’t joking, he freaks out

-he would be sad that you didn’t tell him

-he would constantly ask you if you’re okay

-he would be over dramatic about it

-”we can flee the country together. we can move to america and change our names. you can be Zen and I’ll be (Y/N)” he says, cupping your face 

-”erm..Zen just because we switch names quite literally, i dont think that will work. plus its more complicated than that..”

-”complicated how?!”

-”i’m the boss.”

-he faints

-you tell him your were joking

-”i’m not actually the boss, you dummy.” you snort

-you have to explain to him that its because your family is tangled with the mafia so you are in it too

-he’ll sulk 

-”i guess i know now not to make you cry and mad at me..although i already vowed that i wouldnt”

-he will love you no matter what

Six Shades of Red

Imagine being a on call researcher (kind of like Bobby) and working with the Winchesters every now and then. You can’t help but fall for Sam, however you are about the shyest person and Dean loves to tease you about it. But luckily Sam thinks its adorable.

The day started out like any other, some coffee, a little web browsing and checking in with some hunters you had been working with. That is until the phone rang
~Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done…~

You knew that ringtone. Winchesters.

As you went for your phone, your mind couldn’t help but to drift to the Younger one. You secretly hoped it was him on the other end of the phone. Not that you had anything against Dean, You just preferred Sam.

You swiped across the screen and hit speaker, “Hello ”

“Y/N” Sam greeted and your heart fluttered. you felt like the most pathetic school girl pining over him like this but you couldn’t help it. “We need you to dig up anything you can on…. ” and the line when dead. You panicked. Your mind immediately jumping to the worst That is until the phone rang again making you jump.

“SAM!” You gasp, relieved that he was still there.

“Relax,Y/N . We just ran into a bit of a situation, nothing too bad but, no you know what we are in some deep stuff here. We need you, like really need you. How fast can you get here?”


Next thing you knew you were on your way to meet the boys.

As you pulled into the parking lot of the motel you noted the impala and parked right next to it. As you get out of the car you are startled and draw your gun only to be greeted by the warm presence that was Sam Winchester. You of course blushed, one because your jumpiness embarrassed you, and two because you always blushed around Sam, even for the stupidest things like being in, oh I don’t know a mile radius of him. This trip should be interesting you think to your self as you put your gun back into your waistband.

“Y/N”, Sam greeted you with those dreamy hazel eyes and that open smile … damn those dimples. You stood in shock not knowing what to do when he came in for a hug.  You tried to be as casual as possible but that wasn’t in your vocabulary apparently.

Sam helped you get your stuff into your room and the two of you walked next door to he and Dean’s room.

“Hey ,Y/N” Dean greeted as he flopped down on the crappy couch with a beer. “Beer?” he offered.

“No thanks.” You say as you go to plug in your laptop. You sat down at the table opening the browser. “So what do we know about this thing so far?”

“Nothing really. none of its behavior is matching anything we’ve ever seen.” Sam said as he slid into the chair to the left of you. His close proximity already making you flustered and distracted. All the sudden he got up and leaned over you typing on your keyboard. “Here you have to see this.” he said as he pulled up an article from the local paper. and then a video a witness shot. Now you were in full on nervous mode. You could feel the heat radiating off of him and you ddnt know what to do. When he turned around to get a bottle of water from the fridge, you looked up long enough to be met with emerald eyes and a shit eating grin. You blushed furiously knowing that Dean knew. You’d never live this down.

Sam made his way back to his chair and asked “ So what did you think?” You were staring at your screen so intently as to avoid eye contact with Dean that you didn’t hear Sam. “Y/N” he repeated louder making you jump. This earned a chuckle from Dean at which point you shot him a bitch face, making him laugh even harder. “Are you alright Y/N ?” Sam asked. you didn’t have to look at him to know that concern was etched on that beautiful face of his.

You could feel the heat in your cheeks and decided not to look at him “Yes Sam. Just a little zoned out that all.” You tried to sound as convincing as possible.

After a little more research Sam stood up and stretched announcing he was going to get a shower. You were still looking at your laptop when the bathroom  door closed and the water started running. “So Y/N’s got a thing for Sammy!” Dean chuckled as he made his way to the table. Your face was burning at this point. “You know I think you two…” You got up darting for the door. Dean cut you off though. Damn those hunter reflexes. “Woah where you going? all I was gonna say is that you two are a lot alike”

Your face flushed  big time. “ You really need to get that under control though. you have like five different shades of red when Sammy is involved.” he grinned.

“I do not!” you tried to retort but your face limited your effectiveness.

“Yes you do. You have one shade for when someone mentions him. One shade for when you think of him. one shade for when he is near you, one shade for when he looks at you/ speaks to you, and one for when he touches you.” he held up his hand and looked at you triumphantly as your face just got redder and redder.

You two kept on with this agreement and you all but jumped out of your skin when the bathroom door opened. “What are you guys talking about?” Sam asked looking confused as he exited the bathroom clad only in a towel while  drying his hair with another towel. Your face was scorching hot now as you quickly diverted your attention.

“Make that six shades of red” Dean burst out laughing and you just went to your room.

a couple minutes later you heard a knock on your door. You looked through the peephole to see it was Sam. You opened the door and he greeted you with a his kind of smile that made your heart melt. “So Y/N…” Oh God he knows. you thought.

“Look Sam, I can explain.”

“Good because I still don’t know what happened in there and Dean is too busy rolling on the floor laughing to tell me. Was it something I did. I don’t remember doing anything funny. and what is he talking about ‘shades of red’? ” he asked furrowing his brow in confusion.

“Its complicated. ” You looked away as to avoid giving it away.

“If you and Dean are seeing each other in any sense just tell me”

“WHAT!? God no. ew.”

“Oh Good.” did he just sigh like he was relieved. well maybe he just doesn’t want things to be awkward. it doesn’t mean anything. All of the sudden he grabbed your chin and made you look at him. “Why won’t you look at me?” he questioned. Your face flushed big time. “If I make you uncomfortable, im sorry. I don’t mean to invade your space.”

“No Sam its no that at all” you giggled. seriously did you just giggle like a little school girl.

“Well what is it then?"  He inquired as he stepped closer to you with a grin on his face. He knows, He knows.

"Uhh Um. Um ” You stutter trying to make a sensible sentence form.

Before you knew it he had our face cradled in his hands looking down at your bright red face. “You know, You’re so unbelievably adorable when you blush” just when you though your face couldn’t get any ore red.

“Make that seven shades of red.” You both laughed.

“Oh, that’s what the six different shades of red came from.” he laughed.

“Ain’t nothin slow about you Winchester.” and with that he brought his lips to yours in the softest, most love felt kiss ever.

When you pulled away you could feel the heat in your cheeks and laughed. “eight?”

“Okay we better stop before we reach ten” You looked back up at him and he placed another kiss on your lips just as Dean walked up.

“Oh thank God its about time.”

“Oh yea Dean, its now eight shades of red.”

This time he was the one to blush. “I don’t wanna know.” he waved his hand and shook his head as he walked away. You and Sam laughed hysterically and high fived to celebrate your victory in annoying Dean.

“Call Me Cal”


As i scrolled through tumblr i felt my eyes getting more and more dry the longer i stared at the screen.
Blinking hard, i rubbed my eyes and continued to scroll.
Seeing nothing interesting, i checked my messages, not expecting anything new.
Surprisingly, i discovered one new message.
‘Hi, we’ve never talked before but i think from your blog that you seem really cool.’
I smiled and happily responded to the message.
'Hi there!’
As i awaited the response, i clicked on their blog and started to scroll through, seeing things similar to my interests and a few things i thought were interesting.
'Sorry if i seem too forward but do you want to text me? I don’t get all my notifications on here.’
I shrugged, not seeing anything wrong with it and knowing i could block his number or change mine if i needed to.
'Sure, what’s your number?’
He gave it and i sent him a simple text with just a 'Hey, its the girl from tumblr’
Within a few seconds he responded with 'Hi! What’s up?’
'Just about to clean my room, what about you?’
'Not much, just hanging out with a few mates of mine. Where are you from? :)’
'Illinois, you? :p’
'That’s funny, i’m going to be staying in Illinois for a few days in a couple months. I’m from Sydney.’
'As in Australia? What are you coming to Illinois for?’
'Haha, yeah, Australia. I’m travelling with my mates and we’re making a stop in Springfield.’
'I’ve never been to Australia, i’ve always wanted to go. What’s it like?’
'I love it, but i suppose it’s not for everyone. Where have you gone?’
'I’ve been to Germany and a bunch of the states, i think my favorite was Washington’
'I’ve been there, i liked it too. What part of Washington did you visit?’
'Seattle, you?’
'Seattle too, actually.’
'Rad, so, do you have a job or anything?’
'Yeah, kind of.’
'Kind of?’
'Its complicated. I don’t really know how to explain it. :p’
'Oh, i understand i guess.’
'What about you?’
'Yeah, i work at a concert hall. Well, a concert hall/theatre.’
'Its both?’
'Yeah, there’s stages and stuff but when they show movies they have screens they pull down and projectors and stuff.’
'That sounds cool, where’s it at?’
'Champaign, the next big town over from Springfield.’
'Oh sweet, what’s it called?’
'I don’t know if i should say, since we just met and all. For all i know you could be some creepy guy haha’
'That’s fair haha’
'What’s your name though? So i can make you a contact’
'You can just call me Cal"

3 months later

“Hey” I spoke into the phone, holding it between the side of my head and shoulder as i pulled on my jeans for work.

“What’s up?” Cal spoke, chuckling as he heard me struggling.

“Getting ready for work, what goes on with you?”

“Sitting in a van with my mates, what time do you work tonight?”

In the background i heard his friends yelling various forms of hi, making me chuckle.

“Uh, 6:00, so like an hour. There’s a band playing at 7:30 so i have to help get all the shit set up and everything. What are your plans tonight?”

“Whats the band? Tonight we’re just going to keep doing what we’ve been doing i think, travelling and fucking around, same as usual.” He answered, shuffling around.

“I don’t know, i think they’re called 5 seconds or something, hold on let me check my schedule,” I walked over to my calendar and put my finger on the date “Yeah, 5 seconds of summer. Ever heard of them?”

He chuckled a bit, “No, i don’t think so. Hey, i gotta go though, i’ll call you tonight.”

“Okay, talk to you later, Cal.”

He hung up the phone and i continued getting ready for work.

Once i finished, i grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

At work, i set up the ropes along the lobby, leading to the area where the band would be playing and put out all the promo signs for the upcoming events and got everything else set up.

At 6:30 the band showed up and I walked out towards their van to help unload all their equipment.

“Hey, can i help you guys out?” I spoke as i walked towards them.

“Hey, nice to meet you. Yeah, here, you can take the bass and guitar.” The blue haired one spoke, handing me the instruments.

I took them from him, “You guys can follow me.”

They took the rest of their equipment and followed me onto the stage to set everything up.

“Okay, who’s the bassist?”

The dark haired one smiled great big at me, “I am.”

“Where do you want this set up?” I asked, looking at him.

He stared at me happily, approaching me.

I looked back at him, a bit confused but just going with it anyway.

“Uh, over there is fine, i can take it if you want.”

“No its okay, i got it.”

He gently took it from me anyway, his fingers lightly grazing mine as he did so.

“So what kind of music do you guys play?” I asked once we’d set everything up and now sat in the backstage area.

“We go for kind of pop punk-ish. Have you never listened to us?” The blonde one answered.

I shook my head, “No, sorry. I guess i’ll get to tonight though, i’ll be handling your sound and speakers and stuff. Speaking of which, we should go do soundcheck.”

They nodded and followed me out into the stage area.

Once they had positioned themselves on stage, i started running the checks.

“Okay, go ahead and just say your names into the mics, starting with you at the drums.”

“Ashton.” He spoke into the mic.

“One more time? Draw it out a little bit so i can get a feel for the sound.”


I chuckled a bit, “Okay, that’s good. Now you, blue hair.”


“Okay, go ahead and draw it out like Ashton did.”


“Okay good job, now you, blonde.”


“And again.” I spoke.


I laughed a bit again, moving on.

“Okay, bassist. its all you.”

“Calum. ”

“And one more.”


“Okay, guys, now you can just start yelling into your mics.” I chuckled, adjusting the levels to accommodate for the sounds.

“And we’ll do your instruments now.”

We went through each of the instruments and i adjusted the speakers for each.

Once we’d gone through everything I headed back up onto the stage with them to test the lighting.

With the remote in hand, i started adjusting the lights as i stood in each of their spots and then the general areas of the stage.

“Alright, that’s it. You guys can just chill until the show if you want. There’s drinks and candy and stuff i can get you if you want.”

I grabbed them some candy and sodas, bringing them to the backstage area just before the show.

“Have a good show you guys.” I chirped as i headed back to my place to take care of the stage lighting and sounds during the show.

About halfway through, they had an intermission and i was able to set up the merch stations and get a drink for myself.

My phone started to ring in my pocket and after checking to make sure i had time i answered it.

“Hey! I’m working right now but what’s up?”

“Hey there, i’m still just hanging out with my friends but i missed you. Hows work going? What do you think of the band?” He chimed into the phone.

“They’re good, i like them a lot. Really cool guys too. Easy to work with.” I answered, watching the clock until intermission was over.

“I’m glad you’re having a good day, but hey, sorry i have to go. We’re about to go do something but i’ll call you after?”

“Yeah, sure thing. If i’m still working i won’t pick up so if i don’t just text me.”

“Okay, i’ll talk to you in a whilel.”

He hung up and i slid my phone back into my back pocket just as intermission ended.

The last half of the show and an encore went by quickly and easily.

After they left the stage i headed back into the backstage area.

“You guys were great there’s waters in the fridge back there and in about 15 minutes i’ll start letting fans back to meet you guys.” I informed.

They nodded, sweaty and exhausted from performing.

I laughed a bit, heading back out to help sell merch.

After a while of selling merch i started letting fans in backstage to meet them, escorting them out after they got their pictures and such.

By the time the place had cleared, it was nearing 11:00 and i was quite tired.

As i was picking up trash and cleaning up the floors the band moved out their equipment.

My phone buzzed in my pocket.

I pulled it out and looked at the screen, expecting a phone call but finding a text message.

'Hey, can you do me a favor?’

'Sure thing, what is it?’

'This bass is so heavy, think you could carry it to the van for me? ;)’

'What do you mean?’

'Turn around, dummy.’

Furrowing my eyebrows, i turned around to see the bassist of the band sitting on the edge of the stage.

“I’m confused, Calum?”

He grinned hugely back at me.

“Calum, Cal…. you’re shitting me. Nuh uh.” I spoke, dumbfounded.

“Surprise.” He chuckled, sliding off of the edge of the stage and walking towards me.

“No, you’re not serious. There’s no way.”

He got closer and hugged me.

“Are you serious right now?” I shook my head, not believing it.

“Yes, i am serious. Are you surprised?”

“Duh, i can’t believe you’re here. Why didn’t you tell me? You lied to me! You said you’d never heard of the band!”

He laughed, still hugging me.

I hugged him back very tightly, still in shock.

“I heard the bassist thinks you’re cute by the way.” He whispered.

“Shut up.” I laughed.

He laughed along with me, squeezing me even tighter and lifting me up.

“You shithead,” i giggled “I cant believe you did this.”

Imagine: Imagine Hook finding out you’re his and Emma’s future daughter/son and Emma being just as shocked as he is. 
Note: I found this on a blog called thefandomimagines and I couldn’t resist writing it. It was so much fun writing it, so lets say this is the surprise fic of 1,011 followers. 

You fell against the hard floor, your head burning from the portal. You felt bits of magic in your veins, your blood fighting against the magic that wasn’t your own. You have no idea what happened, first you were in the enchanted forest the dark one rambling about an unfulfilled contract between your dad and him, then here you are. But where exactly is ‘here’. 

“Asshole” You groaned to yourself, forcing your limps to work. Once you finally got to your feet fear began to cloud your mind, it was a town. It was clear you weren’t in the enchanted forest anymore. Then you saw something which you hadn’t seen in what felt like centuries -  a car. 

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Liam Dunbar Imagine: Love Always

“Hey babe, what's  up” you said quickly giving your boyfriend Liam a kiss. He smiled and  grabbed your hand holding it tightly. You two had been dating practically since the first time you saw each other, which was seven years ago in a week. “Me Lydia and Stiles were thinking about getting some ice cream you want to come with me? We haven’t hung out in forever!” You said really excited for  this opportunity. Between school, all your sports, and Liam’s pack responsibilities you two hadn’t had time to hang out in over a month.

“I’m sorry I can’t babe I really wish I could but I have some work to catch up on and I really just need some rest.” You understood where he was coming from. It really had been a very busy month.

“Okay that’s fine we can hang some other time.” You said and let go of his hand to go join up with Lydia and Stiles already laughing and having fun with them. What you didn’t see was his sad smile as you walked away.

“Hey y/n, Liam not coming?” Stiles asked and you shook your head. You tried not to be sad about it but not seeing the love of your life for month feels like you’re drowning even though you have all the air in the world at the tip of your tongue.

Lydia hugged you and Stiles put his arm around you. It made you feel a lot better to know you had such amazing friends. You spent the rest of the week with Lydia having sleepovers and shopping expeditions because she was helping you plan Liam and yours seven year anniversary.

At school you saw Liam here and there but he wasn’t the same something changed and it wasn’t a good change. You found him ignoring you and when you grabbed his hand one day he shimmied away and made some lame excuse about needing to go home quickly.

You decided texting him would be your best option.

Hey u coming over Sat. right?

Ya I’ll b there.

Okay I love you bye <3


Saturday Lydia helped you set up and it looked amazing. The whole date was planned more for Liam then yourself but you still thought it was awesome. You had pictures of the two of you all over the room and you made his favorite food for dinner, and you had a movie marathon of movies you both loved. You told Liam to be there at seven and by six thirty Lydia had left and you were sitting in your apartment alone.

Seven went by, then eight, and slowly as nine neared you felt your phone vibrate with a text from Liam

Sorry can’t come tonight maybe another time?

You couldn’t believe him, not only did it take him hours after he was supposed to be there to tell you he wouldn’t come but he was missing your seven years. You were fed up and done with him.


You hit send and turned your phone off. Sitting alone you blasted some  of the most hateful music you had and threw all the pictures you printed out into the fire you started a long time ago. You weren’t crying. It wasn’t sad for you, if Liam didn’t appreciate you he wasn’t worth your time.

Much past midnight you started to fee tired but you wanted to go on a walk instead. You lived near the McCalls so you figured why not walk to Scott’s house and back then you could go to sleep. As you passed his house you heard a crash from inside and knew the danger and knew you needed to help. You’re a werewolf so you weren’t going in there stupidly.

Running up to where you heard the sound you saw Liam in tears on the floor a broken desk next to him and his hand bloody and ruined. Scott looked at you and saw tears already in your eyes so he thought better of what he was about to say and instead left the room to the two of you.

“I’m so sorry y/n really I swear I just its complicated.” Liam sighed in defeat.

“Then uncomplicated Liam, I have put up with you for a month like this. You missed our anniversary and I have been working so hard on that this entire past week.”

“I love you y/n I do I swear.”

“That means nothing to me right now you need too explain yourself.” You said and sat down across from him.

“I swear I never would have done this to you if it were up to me, and let me finish before you say anything. I’ve been getting letters telling me that they’ll kill you if I keep seeing you, I’m trying to protect you!”

You hugged him, although his seemingly stupid reason for ignoring you, it was more proving his love more. He knew you could protect yourself but he still felt the need to take it upon himself to protect you instead.

“I love you y/n, I just want to be able to wake up with you in my arms, give you surprise kisses, snuggle and drink hot coco when  it gets cold, and I want you to be my wife. I don’t have the ring with me but I love you and I want to marry you as soon as we can even if that means right now.” He took each of your fingers and kissed the tips of them before carefully lying your head on his chest and falling asleep together almost engaged.

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I have this headcanon where G5-19 Curie kisses Buttons out of nowhere, because she secretly is crushing hard on him and doesn't understand the complicated social nuances involved with romance and affection. And after a good bit of blushing and flustering, Buttons manages to explain that he already has somebody, and that It's all okay, just requesting that she not do that again. Curie would be upset, reasonably, but after a couple days or a week, maybe, she'd get over it. Just sayin.

While I don’t see Curie doing hasty things like smooching people at random (I think that’s a bit too straightforward of her), I can tell you that Buttons totally has a stupid childish crush on her. Even Meg knows about it :D

Legitimate Zodiac Advice
  • Aries: Just because you're not as strong as you think you are doesn't mean you can't become as strong as you want to be. Just because someone else isn't as strong as you think you have to be doesn't mean they're dragging you down. Let your heart grow; it is new and fragile, but it will make you strong.
  • Taurus: You don't need to be angry to be strong, or right, or interesting or worthwhile. Your anger is choking you, let it go. You are a garden -- find peace and you will bloom in a thousand different colors. It is never too late to realize you are worth more than you pretend to be.
  • Gemini: You don't need to make people like your emotions for your emotions to be important; you don't need to sell your heart for it to be important. Go ahead and laugh without explaining it. Go ahead and cry without apologizing. Maybe try it once or twice and see how you like it first -- it's okay not to like something, too.
  • Cancer: Love is a two way street. You are not the provider, or the nurturer or the damsel. You are not just one thing. Stop shunting people into roles -- we are all so much more complicated than that. You and me and everyone else -- we are all more than the aggressor and the aggressed. Forgive yourself; you do not have to forgive everyone else, but maybe someday you will want to, and then it will be good to have practice. Forgiveness is hard. Learn to forgive yourself first.
  • Leo: You are not perfect, it is okay to make mistakes. People are not always watching. Give yourself room to breathe. Learn to accept the parts of yourself you won't let anyone see. Love the things you keep hidden as much as you love the things you leave out in the light. Smile at the mirror today. It's going to be a good day.
  • Virgo: Whatever I tell you to do, you're just going to do the opposite, but maybe take a bath. Talk about the things you blame yourself for. Talk about the things you blame other people for. Get everything off your chest. You have a tight fist on your temper, but sometimes it's time to let go. If you feel dirty, get clean. If you feel out of control, brush your hair and put your room in order. Don't take it out on other people, and don't take it out on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Scorpio: You don't need to force yourself to be complicated, or to be weird. Stop rebelling against the mainstream for shallow reasons. For once, stand for something other than conflict. Stand for peace, stand for the mist left at the edge of the forest after dawn, stand for beauty and acceptance. Stop trying to control the things you don't understand; stop running away from the person you want to be. It takes work to reach your ideals -- learn to be more responsible, please. Wearing caution tape doesn't make you less responsible for hurting the people you care about.
  • Sagittarius: You're a good person when you want to be. Sometimes it's hard to keep wanting to be, though. You can do it. I believe in you, and your family believes in you. The only ones saying you can't do it are the ones who don't know you. Maybe that includes you -- it's okay if you need to get to know yourself again every once in a while. It's okay if you forget -- just learn who you are again.
  • Capricorn: Stop hiding from yourself. You'll just be more and more frightened of what you'll find the longer you keep the lights off. You have choices to make -- they're your choices. You will have to live with them. Don't make them for other people, make them for yourself. You are not obligated to pretend there is nothing you want; stop hiding. Look honestly at yourself and accept that you're human. It is not a bad thing to be human.
  • Aquarius: Stop falling in love with ideas and then running away before they become real. The real world is intimidating, and sometimes it's disappointing, but don't shut yourself up in cynicism and ivory towers until it goes away. Someday it might go away -- what would you do then? Would you miss it? It might be best not to find out. Ask questions. Think for yourself. Get to know the world before it's too late.
  • Pisces: Get ahold of yourself. At some point, I mean -- it doesn't have to be now. But take a few minutes. What are you upset about? Why does this upset you? Ask yourself what you're here for. Ask yourself what you want. Stop talking about what you've already done and focus on the future for a minute. I know it's scary. But there are a lot of things you want, aren't there?