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                                                    “I’m so in love with you that it feels like someone                                                                                had emptied a can of gasoline                                                                        somewhere inside me and set fire to it!” 

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If you have time; could you do #10 White Rose? <3

Ahhhh oh my goodness thank you for this! :) This ended up turning into an AU where Weiss is a famous singer and Ruby’s a sweet nerdy engineer~!

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

Weiss sighed for umpteenth time that afternoon.

“Ruby.” She spoke firmly, leaving no room for excuses. “We have to go, you promised you’d come this time.”

Ruby tried her best to hide herself behind Crescent Rose, pretending to still clean and tune the newest precious weapon she had designed. However, she knew she couldn’t avoid Weiss forever, which meant she also couldn’t avoid their plans for today forever either. 

Reluctantly placing Crescent Rose down on her work bench, she looked up at her girlfriend with a pout and whimpered, “Please don’t make me socialize, Weiss.”

“Ruby, what are you so afraid of? They’re just my friends who are all very much excited to finally meet my girlfriend.” 

When Weiss noticed Ruby still looked hesitant, she added, “We’ve been dating for months Ruby and all they know about you are the stories I tell them about our dates. I want you to meet them and get to know them… and I also want to show you off.” The last part made Weiss’s face heat up a bit from embarrassment, but still, it was the truth. She loved Ruby, and she wanted the whole world to know how lucky she was to be with her.

Ruby scoffed. “Show me off to your friends? Weiss, you’re friends are all pop stars! Idols! Famous actors… and I’m just a nerdy engineer who loves to create these cosplay weapons and go to anime conventions.” She sighed and looked away from Weiss. “… I’m not afraid to meet them, I just don’t want to embarrass you ‘cause I’m not famous or musically talented or - ouch!” She yelped and rubbed her now aching forehead.

Weiss had just flicked her.

“What was that for?” She whined.

“You insufferable dolt! Ruby, it doesn’t matter if my friends are famous, it doesn’t matter that you’re an engineer or a cosplayer or even janitor! What matters is that I love you for who you are, what you do, and for what makes you happy. If my friends can’t appreciate that, then they aren’t true friends.” She took Ruby’s hands in her own and squeezed them gently. “But I still want you to meet them so they can know the incredibly beautiful dolt I’ve been dating all this time. I do promise to still keep our relationship under-wraps from the public of course. That can come later if you wish.”

The small heartfelt speech managed to tug a smile on Ruby’s lips. “Okay, I’ll go. But are you absolutely sure you won’t even be a little embarrassed?”

Weiss rolled her eyes. “No, Ruby. I’d never be embarrassed by being with you.”

 Ruby grinned. “Then can I bring Crescent Rose to show off to your friends?”

“Absolutely not.”


@knifeofroses. Here’s the Grumpy Heart General!♥ Listened to some ToA music as I started drawing this for additional feels… and now I miss them a lot.|||orz

I remember how much I drew ToA before. Wow… It was fun drawing the other half of my ToA OTP.

Anyways,this is still open if anyone got any request. I am still in a Tales Series mood.♪

ME : Normalize boys hugging boys, Normalize close friendship between boys.

Also Me : OMG look, they are breathing the same air as each other!! ITS GAY! NOTHING GAYER THAN THIS

the “this is your house I’m not making you sleep on the couch” “yeah but you’re the guest you take the bed” conversation between ur otp right before they share the bed reblog if u agree


# conditional vs unconditional 


Even + Isak’s sweatpants

When you find a great a fic with spot on characterization, great smut and is just everything you need to quench your thirst but then you see that it hasn’t been updated since 2010

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