but it's his own fault for not dancing it well


A/N: I don’t know what the hell this is – basically, I have a tendency to imagine Captain Swan’s first time as being super romantic and intense, but then I remembered that the best sex can be a bit awkward but gets even better if you can laugh about it. So this happened.


They could be so intense sometimes that she’d forget who exactly she was dating. He was a pirate, after all.

Desperate, argument-ending kisses and heartfelt “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you”s had clouded her judgment, to be fair. She didn’t think she was too out-of-line to suspect that he’d be one of those guys who never broke eye contact during sex and told her he loved her as he came down.

And in the end she was right on both counts, but what she hadn’t prepared for was how utterly, visibly, unashamedly delighted he was to have her in his (well, her) bed. Sex was both serious business and absolutely not to be taken seriously, and he switched so quickly between the two that it gave her whiplash.

It started simply enough, him sneaking into her chambers after that remarkable day of horseback riding through the fields of Camelot. Too many prying eyes (her parents, dear God) had prevented him from giving her a proper goodnight kiss, and she was eager to recapture the easy, languid feeling they’d enjoyed in those fields of flowers.

But then she’d started pushing his coat over his shoulders and he was wrapping his hand around the small of her back and pulling her against his hips, and she could hardly breathe as they devoured each other’s lips, and the whole thing felt like a movie rather than her own experience.

And then she started struggling with the clasps of his vest, and it all fell apart.

The hooks were tiny, and the vest was so goddamned tight (she never thought she’d complain about something like that, but she wanted it off him and she wanted it off now), and she resorted to telling Killian to hold his breath just so she could get enough slack to undo the goddamned things.

And it would have worked, too, if his chest wasn’t shaking with barely-restrained laughter as she fought with the clasps.

“Stop laughing.”

“I’m not.” His eyes danced with barely-concealed mirth.

“Seriously, stop! I need to – “

He cut off her words with a lilting kiss, his hand gently easing hers aside as he deftly released each clasp on his vest with the skill of a man with – well, centuries of practice.

His jacket and shirt went easily enough, but her dress posed its own set of challenges.

She cringed as she heard stitches ripping when Killian helped her slip the garment over her head – it was Camelot’s own damn fault for not inventing zippers, as far as she was concerned. She was left standing in front of a shirtless Killian in nothing but a chemise and a front-laced corset.

She thought it would sexy to have him unlace her, but it took so goddamned long that she couldn’t help but roll her eyes halfway through.

“Is something funny, love?” he asked, pressing his forehead to hers as he slowly removed the laces, giving her more room to breathe but tightening her chest all the same.

She grinned against his lips. “Just wishing I could get naked faster.”

He chuckled. “Not every realm is so thoughtful in their choice of undergarments.”

“What, there aren’t thongs and bras in the Enchanted Forest?”

“What the bloody hell is a thong, love?”

He looked so adorably confused that she couldn’t stop herself from bursting out laughing. She was half-dressed in the chambers of her bedroom in fucking Camelot and her honest-to-God pirate boyfriend doesn’t know what a thong is and she’ll have to explain it to him, and holy shit how did her life get so ridiculous?

Her goofy, giddy feeling didn’t subside, even as he guided her to sit on the bed and tried to remove her boots. His grin nearly split his face now that she was finally bare to him, and she couldn’t help but giggle at his expression, the feeling so contagious he couldn’t help but look at her with anything other than unrestrained happiness.

“What’s so funny?”

She grabbed the sides of his face, a tease rather than a proclamation. “Nothing. I’m just…”

He surged up and swallowed her words with his lips, starting strong but pulling back so quickly that she chased the feel of his lips on her own for a brief moment before she remembered herself.

He raised one infuriating eyebrow. “I understand, love.”

“Shut up.”

He did not shut up, which worked out well, as neither of them were able to contain themselves when he had to throw his entire body weight into yanking off her boots. She only stopped teasing him about it when he slid into her, a wicked grin on his face.

Even then, they couldn’t stop laughing, the sheer giddy joy overwhelming even the most basic of instincts.

All Sweetness and Light - Solas x Lavellan post game

They called her Keeper now, it was a title she’d let go of years ago, when she’d awoken in Haven to find they’d named her the Herald of a God she didn’t believe in. Then months later, when she’d had him remove the Vallaslin, she never thought her clan would welcome her back.

It seemed however, that children were more forgiving then most.

Those few around her were all that remained of the Lavellan clan, and were therefore more precious than all the jewels and rare metals of Thedas to her. They’d welcomed her back with open arms, only two of their mothers had survived, and so Wren had become a mother to those left, taking care of them and bringing them to Skyhold without a second thought.

She stood now, laughing with them as they raced back and forth around the courtyard, chasing bright balls of light she summoned with ease. If one of them caught one, they’d squeal in glee, grinning wide, gap toothed smiles as they sprinted back to her, carrying the small flowers they’d turn into, where Wren would add it to the flower crown she was weaving.

Another giggle rose from her throat as she pushed one of the orbs higher into the air, one of the children trying to jump as the orb of light bounced above. The child turned with narrowed eyes, glaring across the courtyard at her smiling keeper.

“Keeper!” she whined, stomping her little foot as she came back to Wren’s side, throwing herself down to the grass, crossing her arms.

Wren chuckles, running a hand through her hair before leaning down to put one of the flower crowns on her head. “Try again Da’len.” Wren whispers to her, watching as her eyes light up with wonder as one of the orbs float down, touching her gently on the nose.

“Mamae!!” A voice calls, followed by a small giggle

Wren looks up with a wide smile, standing to scoop her Da'Enansal into her arms.


Solas starts at the small tug on his sleeve, his head snapping to the source, eyes widening in shock as he meets the curious stare of a small Elvhen girl. She stares up at him with stormy grey eyes, thick eyelashes trembling with every blink.

“What are you doing?” she asks incredulously, raising a petite eyebrow as he chuckles. The girl is small, the top of her head only just brushing his waist, but with long golden hair that twists into ringlets, which she pushes back from her eyes every so often, a gleam of annoyance brushing through those familiar eyes.

“I was curious.” He says simply to the girl, looking back down to where Wren still plays with the children of her clan, a wide smile on her lips as a small child places a flower crown over her head. “They call her Keeper now.” He sighs, crossing his arms as he looks back down at the girl.

She furrows her eyebrows, looking down at the Inquisitor and then back to him. “Of course they do, she’s all they have left.” Solas smiles at the girl, she’d said it as if it was common knowledge, so simple, but her words spoke of her wisdom, even at such a young age.

“What’s your name Da’len?” He asks, crouching down to meet her gaze. He starts a little as she turns to him, seeing Wren’s dimple etched into her left cheek, the freckles peppering her nose and cheeks. The girl doesn’t notice his discomfort, only clasping her hands behind her back and looking over him, deciding if he was trustworthy.

“Well Mamae calls me Enasala – but Aunt Cassandra and everyone else calls me Ennie.” She states, pursing her lips. Blessing, Solas thinks, noting her name. She did seem like a blessing, she was a smart child, but looked playful at the same time, looking up at him coyly through her lashes, much like Wren used to do.

“And who is your mother?” He asks, fearing the answer already. Had she found someone else in the time he’d been away? She’d most likely moved on, it had been seven years after all, and even though his heart still longed for her, he supposed that after he had broken her heart, she would not hang onto the memory of him forever.

Enasala giggles, turning around and bolting down the steps towards the courtyard. Solas chuckles as he stands, before his eyes grow wide as she runs down towards Wren, calling out for her. Wren turns with a wide grin, love etched into her eyes as she bends down, scooping Enasala into her arms, holding her close.

Enasala talks animatedly, throwing her hands about like her mother does, eyes twinkling as she tilts backwards, laughing as Wren peppers kisses across her cheeks, laughing into her skin as she does. Solas smiles, feeling his heart tug at the sight.

He wanted nothing more than to be there with them, to hold Wren in his arms, to have a family. But the things he’d done, what he’d done to Wren… he’d broken her heart and left her for so long, he didn’t even know if she held love for him in her heart anymore.

“Ennie’s eighth birthday is coming up.” Comes a voice from behind him. He doesn’t turn as Cassandra steps up beside him, her arms crossed, guarded, but a small smile sneaks its way onto her lips as she watches the Mother and Daughter in the courtyard.

Solas looks back down, the child would be eight this year… if she was that old, then had Wren really found another, or?

He cut himself off, looking down at the pair as it came together, feeling his heart swell as he looked down at the small child, the little blessing Wren had carried and brought into this world alone, half her …. And half him.

“If you’re planning on leaving again, I wouldn’t get too close; her father is a sore subject for Ennie – for Wren as well.” Cassandra says her voice hard as she stares at him accusingly. “Wren thinks its her fault, that if she had loved you more, if she had found another way you wouldn’t have left. That way of thinking has rubbed off on the child as well – she believes her father didn’t want her.”

Solas feels his heart shatter, fingers trembling as he looks back down at the laughing pair, their shared glowing golden locks dancing in the breeze, they’re both so full of light, bright stars all their own, all sweetness and light as they draw those around them near, so curious was the rest of the world at their beauty.

“I do.” He whispers as Cassandra turns to walk away, admitting it more to himself than her as he stares at his child, watching as she pulls her mother’s flower crown onto her own head, giggling as her mother holds her close.

He wanted them more than anything.