but it's hell to walk to school in

The Outsiders as real quotes from people I go to school with...
  • Ponyboy: "when I stepped out, into the cold wind, from the odd warmth of the school... I had only two things in my mind. A jacket and a ride home."
  • Johnny: "please... don't... talk to me... ever..."
  • Dallas: "I'm not a tease, I'm a natural, sexual, flirt."
  • Two-bit: "after four years of this hell hole I finally know enough al-gee-braah to hit the poles."
  • Steve: "if you think I won't eat all five of these candy bars before lunch you're wrong."
  • Sodapop: "Fuck this," *slams school computer shut* "I'm pretty."
  • Darry: "I've been teaching for more than ten years and I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest request I've gotten."
  • Tim: "it's supposed to smell like smoke, not Cotten candy."
  • Angela: "if anyone ask, those aren't my nudes."
  • Curly: "no one gives a shit, the janitor caught me smoking weed in the bathroom, she just sprayed some Febreeze and walked out."
  • Cherry: "Yes, I'm a real ginger. Yes, I do steal souls." *points at freckle* "this one is yours."
  • Marcia: "I'm not a lesbian I just really like your boobs."
  • Bob: "That's my pube, give it back!"
  • Randy: "he might smell bad but he's pretty cool."
‘These University Guys’ (Maknae smut- Lie 1)

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A/N: Legit just finished it. Will edit later, lol.

Summary: You meet the devilishly handsome Jungkook while having to deal with your turbulent relationship with Taehyung and the charming Jimin.

Pairings: You x Taehyung, You x Jimin, You x Jungkook (lol)

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Word count: 3583

Trigger warnings: Swear words, smut, age difference relationships (not weird though), hint of a death (barely), sad Jimin

part 2

Jungkook- the obliviously popular University guy. The hot, charming, sweet and shy boy with great hair.

The kind, honest Jungkook.

Well, I guess that was the first lie.

The first of 15.

4 months ago

“Come on, guys. Do you realize how pathetic you sound? You’re literally one of tens, maybe hundreds, of people who are falling all over this guy.” You scoff and stuff another spoon of yogurt into your mouth.

“Oh, please, Y/N!” One of your friends, Kylie, the most logical of them all, pipes up. “Like you wouldn’t drop your panties the second his fingers grazed your shoulder.”

You laugh again and shake your head at the group of girls sitting around the lawn outside the school. Seriously, of all these high school girls, you thought you had befriended the few that weren’t in love with Jungkook.

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What I think of when listening to the Heathers soundtrack
  • Beautiful: School sucks...nope never mind!!!
  • Candy Store: Bow down or get out Bitch!!!
  • Fight for me: Damn boy!!! You single???
  • Freeze Your Brain: Don't kill yourself, have a slushie instead!!
  • Big Fun: Parents are gone let's get wasted!! Wooo!!!
  • Dead Girl Walking: I'm pissed, horny, hot and you're cute! Let's do this!!!
  • The Me inside of Me: Ok, Bitch is dead... let's make her into a martyr!!(Aka Miss Fleming gets too self involved and helps them get away with murder.)
  • Blue: I'm soooo horny!! NO!!!
  • Our Love is God: I am God! We are god! We will kill them all!!! *V freaking out*
  • My Dead Gay Son: My son is dead, gay (shush), and so am I!!!
  • Seventeen: Please can't we just be normal, no more killing. Just you and me.
  • Shine a Light: Kids are dying, this is great for my career!!!
  • Life Boat: I'm a jerk, but there is more to me than that.
  • Shine a Light Reprise: Heather vs. Heather
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: I had hope once, now it's gone.
  • Yo Girl: Run Veronica Run.
  • Meant to be Yours: Come on Veronica, we are meant to be! I just want to blow up the school!!! It's no big deal.
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: Ok, that's it!! I'm done with your BS.
  • I am Damaged: I'm too messed up! Wait no you're not!!! *boom*
  • Seventeen Reprise: I know everything has gone to hell, but let's try and be normal.
Done Chapter 3: Hush in the Room

Alright chapter 3 and once again more shout outs. Thanks to its-moonie-chan for all of their help in the last chapter and for being so amazing and supportive of my writing. Now onto the fic.

read it on a03

Chapter 1/Prologue / Chapter 2

In the castle, most people wake up for breakfast around 7 in the morning. However, unless they all wanted to eat the food goo again, which had quickly become their least favourite non-toxic food in the universe, it meant you could find Hunk in the kitchens cooking up something new for them to eat a little earlier.

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tobeflyhaikyuu  asked:

First words with Daisuga!

I had fun with this!

It was a curse, Daichi was sure of it. Out of every possible word or phrase he could have on his collar bone, he was stuck with “Hello.” It was frustrating; almost everyone he met always said that, so how the hell was he supposed to know if it was his soulmate or not? 

Today was his least favorite day, as far as soulmates were concerned. It was the first day of high school, meaning he would have to meet a classroom full of people. He was excited to finally be at Karasuno, but meeting people, it had lost its spark long ago. 

His journey to school was pretty uneventful, but he knew that much. The problem wasn’t his walk to school but rather being at school. He took a deep breath as he approached the front gate, many as well get this over with. 

The chatter of students filled Daichi’s head as he walked to his classroom. Year 1 class 4, that was the room he was looking for. Once he found it, he sighed, this was going to be fun.

“Hello!” a girl chirped when he walked in. Well, there was one. A fun fact about Sawamura Daichi is that, after realizing how screwed he was because of the lousy “Hello” on his collarbone, he decided there was only one way to make this work. If he was going to have something short and simple, his soulmate was going to have the weirdest, most random sentence he could come up with. 

“Do you think squirrels have families?” he asked, turning to look at her. 

“What?” she asked, her face scrunched up in confusion. 

“Oh, nothing,” he replied, walking over to an empty seat by the window. It wasn’t her, that much was certain. If it was, there would be more realization than confusion on her face. The downside to his system was that it didn’t create the best first impressions, but at this point Daichi really didn’t care. 

“Do you, um, mind if I sit here?” a Jesus-looking boy asked him. Daichi smiled, he liked it when his first conversation didn’t start with hello.

“Go for it,” he grinned, nodding towards the empty desk next to he. The boy smiled sheepishly and sat down. Class began shortly after, the teacher coming in and introducing herself.

“Okay,” she began, clasping her hands together.”Since most of you don’t know each other, I’m going to put you into pairs so you can get to know one another. Fill in these questions with the answers your partner gives you, and hopefully you will find common interests. Okay, when I call your name and partner, please go find a seat next to them.” 

Daichi grabbed a copy of the worksheet and looked at it, drowning out the teacher as she called name after name. It had all the simple questions; what was their name, what club were they going to join, what their word or phrase was. The last one annoyed Daichi, but it also made him chuckle. He wondered what his soulmate had written on him, whatever it was, Daichi figured it would be one of a kind. 

“Sawamura, you and Sugawara will be partners,” his teacher called. Daichi raised his hand, signalling to whoever Sugawara was. A silver-haired boy walked over to him, his smile almost reaching the beauty mark under his left eye. He was gorgeous, Daichi didn’t even try to deny that. 

“Hello,” he greeted when he reached Daichi. Daichi sighed, this again.

“Isn’t it sad that snakes don’t have arms?” Daichi asked, spewing out the first thing that came to his mind. To his surprise, the other boy started laughing.

“Out of all the things you could have said, why that?” he chuckled, grabbing his sides. 

“Well, when you’re stuck with this on your collar, you have to get creative,” Daichi responded, pulling his shirt collar down enough that the dark “Hello” was visible. 

“Oh my God, I’m glad that there is a somewhat reasonable explanation for this,” Suga grinned, rolling up his left sleeve. Daichi froze when he read the dark ink. “Isn’t it sad that snakes don’t have arms?

“Well, I guess my plan worked,” Daichi chuckled, smiling at the other boy. 

“You’re such a dork,” Suga smiled, pushing Daichi gently.

“Yeah, well looks like you’re stuck with me.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but these aggressive gender roles didn’t really start until the 1950s, right? I mean, women in WWII-era America had more freedom and responsibility than they’d ever had before, and I’m pretty sure I remember reading about how it wasn’t until the ‘50s that the media started pushing really strict gender roles and companies started getting into gendered marketing. (All of this had to do with promoting the nuclear family as the focus of the American Dream as part of Cold War-era propaganda.)

That means that Steve and Bucky grew up, went to war, and got frozen and turned into an assassin, respectively, before American society started adhering to what we now think of as “traditional gender roles.” So I like to imagine them being really, really confused when they get to the 21st century and walk into a supermarket for the first time.

“Why is this deodorant ‘For Men’? It has the exact same ingredients are the ‘For Women’ one, but this one is two dollars cheaper??? What??????”

“Why is one half of the toy aisle pink and the other half nothing but trucks and robots?”

“Wait. You mean you literally weren’t allowed to take Shop in high school because you’re a girl? What the hell.”

On the other hand, I also like to imagine them being absolutely thrilled that the US Military has finally opened all of its combat jobs to women. Steve probably cried when the protocol was changed. Bucky, who still has nightmares about a school filled with tiny, terrifying Russian ballerinas, just nods sagely. 

I know everyone us complaining about Ilvermorny bring a singular school/being a Hogwarts expy/etc., but imagine the college town it would have:

  • Older students can live in apartments in the town (reserved for 6th and 7th years + graduate students).
  • Local businesses run by alumni that allow students to take part time jobs because of block scheduling
  • An always packed Internet cafe/phone bank where students can contact family and friends and use their tech (but mysteriously their phone can’t open any camera apps).
  • Music stores that allow Freshbloods (No-maj parentage) to keep up with the music back home.
  • A cinema that shows a mix of classic movies (both of Wizarding and No-maj origins), current blockbusters, and even student films put together with analog film equipment or over student holidays from home (registering to do magic outside of school is a pain but the best films have them).
  • Stationary and school supply shops, because like hell Ilvermorny is providing 1000+ students with pencils/pens/paper for a semester straight. 
  • School pride shops that sell mascot plushies that move and interact with its owner, student produced shirts (though there have been temporary suspensions in this service, most recently a distasteful shirt with the slogan “Smash that Wampussy” written on it and sold during a Quidditch match), scarves, hats, jackets, and whatever else college shops like to sell. 
  • Giant open green spaces to walk dogs and fly their owls (falconry is surprisingly a fun intramural and Thunderbird host monthly tournaments)
  • Chain restaurants that are run solely by witches and wizards if students are tired of school food

Player: William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs 


I used quite a few but I think i missed a few I couldnt fit within the storyline. Hope you enjoy! 💕

Mentions: None.

Warnings: Angst, Fighting, Curse Words.

Preview: What were you doing with your life? You followed William around like a lost puppy dog. You used to make fun of those types of girls in high school. You never thought you would be a girl whose entire existence depended on a boy.

Characters:. 1045 words.

The Masterlist is here. 

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 glanced at the pamphlet for what seemed like the thousandth time. You saw it on the counter at a coffee shop and you don’t know what possessed you to grab it. It was for some performing arts school. You never had any interest in going off to some school but for some reason, you were drawn to it. 

You sat in the apartment, confused but still intrigued. This simple piece of paper was making you question your entire future. You didn’t really even think about it until this moment. You had met Willy his rookie year of playing with the Leafs. You were 18 and straight out of high school. You had decided to take a year off and then figure out what you were going to do with your life. That year turned into a few more years and now here you were sitting on your couch staring at a piece of paper.

What were you doing with your life? You followed William around like a lost puppy dog. You used to make fun of those types of girls in high school. You never thought you would be a girl whose entire existence depended on a boy.

Your days were filled with making sure Willy had everything he needs for hockey, cooking, cleaning. You were basically a trophy wife without the title. You scoffed at the idea. You loved Willy but you didn’t want to be just his wife. 

You couldn’t remember the last time you sang. There was a sudden pain in your heart. It used to be all you did, your house constantly filled with your voice. You glanced at the paper once more, you probably weren’t even good enough to get in. But you had to know. Before you could process what you were doing, you were dialing the number.

Days passed, you went in for an interview and audition. You never mentioned it to Willy. He was on a road trip and you had snuck off by yourself. The school was beautiful and the campus was inviting. There was only one problem. The campus sat four hours away from your apartment, which meant it was four hours away from Willy.

You put it all in the back of your mind, you weren’t going to get in any way. You had almost forgotten about the whole thing, you had gone back into your normal routine. That was until you walked into the apartment and was met with Willy holding a letter in his hand, addressed to you.

“What the hell is this?” he asked lowly.

“What is what?” you walked up to him reading what was in his hand. It was a letter from the school, an acceptance letter. 

“I got in?” you asked dumbfounded. This wasn’t what you were expecting. You couldn’t ignore the excitement bubbling in your stomach. 

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” William looked towards you with a look mixed with hurt and anger.

“I didn’t think I would get in, I thought it was no big deal.”

“No big deal? Its four hours away Y/N! And you did get in! Are you even thinking about going?”

“I…Don’t…know.” you stuttered.

You can’t keep pretending this didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did! You got in and you didn’t even fucking tell me about it in the first place.” He yelled causing you to jump.

“I just…” you started

I don’t want to hear your excuse.” He interrupted.

Suddenly the anger surfaced, why was he being so unsupportive. You did everything for hockey, why couldn’t you have something?

“It’s not an excuse. I felt the need to do something for me for once. Why aren’t you supportive of this?” you asked finding your voice. 

“How can I be supportive of something I didn’t know about?” he chirps

“I just think I need to do this for me. Somewhere along the way, I have lost who I am.”

Willy scoffs at your statement. “I have a game.”

He turns on his heels, grabbing his duffle and heading out the door. Leaving you letter to flutter to the ground. You knew the conversation wasn’t over.

You decided against going to the game, to avoid the girl’s interrogation. You knew the word would travel. The gossip train is very efficient in professional hockey teams.

You sat and waited patiently for Willy to get home. Preparing yourself for the inevitable conversation. He walked through the doors ignoring you and heading straight upstairs. You were trailing his every step.

You sat on the bed watching him change. Are you going to talk to me?”

Willy shot you a look from his place in the closet and continued to change.

“Can we just talk about this. Just talk to me” You pleaded.

“There’s nothing to talk about, you made your decision.”

“Stop pretending you’re okay with this because I know you’re not.”

“You’re right I’m not okay with this. My girlfriend is leaving for some school that is four hours away and I had no idea. You fucking blindsided me Y/N.”

“We can make it work, I just need time to figure out who I am.”

“What if she figures out that she doesn’t want to be with me?” he suddenly questions.

“What? That would never happen?

“Can you promise me that after your time there, you are going to come back here?”

You started to say yes but you knew it would be a lie. As much as it hurt, you knew what you had to do.

“Exactly Y/N.”

“So let’s just take a break, we can be friends, and if after all this we figure out we are supposed to be together then we will be.” You tried holding back your tears.

“A break? We can’t be just friends and you fucking know it.”

“So what does that mean? That’s it? It’s over?”

“If you walk out that door, it’s over.” He states and the look of pure disgust on his face etches its way into your mind.

“I guess it’s over then.”

literal Heathers song titles
  • Beautiful: high school still fucking sucks
  • Candy Store: i'll kick your ass. i'll kick anyones ass
  • Fight For Me: violence turns me on
  • Freeze Your Brain: 7-11 turns me on
  • Big Fun: go home you're drunk
  • Dead Girl Walking: sex
  • The Me Inside of Me: how to fake a suicide note 101
  • Very: spooky heather hell dream
  • Blue: huge dicks have sad smaller dicks
  • Our Love is God: hello naughty children it's murder time
  • Prom or Hell?: guess who fucked up
  • My Dead Gay Son: gay or european but gayer
  • Seventeen: murder isn't cool anymore
  • Shine a Light: well anyway here's my life story
  • Lifeboat: problematic fave turns into cinnamon roll
  • Shine a Light Reprise: literally the worst fucking song in this musical
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: cinnamon roll deserves happiness
  • Yo Girl: surprise bitch bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Meant to be Yours: i'm gonna kill my girlfriend
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: i'm gonna kill my boyfriend
  • I Am Damaged: wait a sec i need to sing a song before i die
  • Seventeen: high school still fucking sucks but slightly less
She’s mine (Dan Howell & Phil Lester imagine!) Part 1!

So a lot of people were begging me to do Yandere Dan and Phil which I love as I feel like we don’t get a lot of Psycho Phil as much as we get  psycho Dan so this should be good!

(However Yandere Phil won’t be in this part but patience..:)..)

Anyways, Hope you enjoy!


I felt a bunch of eyes staring at me as I walked to my desk. I just had to join, right in the middle of a school year, where everyone had their own friends and were up to date with everything they’d ever learnt. 

I was used to it. I had been to nine different schools in the past four months, leaving me with no friends to leave behind. I sat down on my seat and got my equipment out. The room stayed silent as the thud of my textbooks were put on the desk. It’s okay, don’t worry, just breath. I’ll be leaving me in a few weeks anyways. 

Fortunately, a an dressed in a smart suit hurried into the classroom. His eyes landed on me and he clapped his hands together. “Ah, you must be Y/n, the new student!” I nodded smiling politely. “Well, welcome to our school, I hope everyone has been treating you nicely!”

Or at least that’s what I thought he said for when he started talking again, my eyes landed on something much more interesting. A boy, tucked up in the corner of the classroom, hoodie on with the hood up. The hair that was visible on the front of his face was curly. His eyes were deep brown but facing downwards, much more interested a drawing that he was in the process of making. He was different somehow..

“Miss Y/L/N?” The teachers voice echoed my daydream “Ahh, I see you’ve chosen your tour for today!” 

He went over to the boy and forced his hood down, revealing pair of earphones shoved in each ear. “Well Daniel Howell your lucky that someone has chosen you to be their tour for today otherwise you would be getting a detention” The teacher said sharply. Quickly, Dan shoved his earphones into his pocket before looking at me. His eyes widened a little, as if he was surprised to see me. 

After registration, it was time for period 1

Dan was waiting for me outside the classroom, hands shoved in his pockets. He also had his headphones out again. 

That was until he looked up and saw me.

“Come on, let’s go” He said blankly, walking off. I had to run to keep up with him as he was going so quickly.

“Um okay, hi?” I said awkwardly. His eyes were ahead, staring into an empty space. It was obvious that there was a lot going on inside his head. I again was ignored. 

“Why were you staring at me in class?” He blurted out suddenly, still not making eye contact. My heart sped up. He saw. He saw me admiring him! Before I could reply, A black-haired blue-eyed boy split in between me and Dan. He put an arm around my shoulder and pushed Dan to the side, blanking him as if he didn’t exist.

“Well, hello beautiful what’s your name?”  He said cockily. I blushed and spoke “Y-y/n” The boy smirked “I’m Phil, Phil Lester and I think we’ve got the same class together, Biology right?” He asked. As soon as I nodded, He took my hand and dragged me through to the classroom, leaving Dan by himself

………Middle of the lesson…………..

Luckily, I was sat next to Phil for more then half the classes which was great because I didn’t have to make any new friends. We got to know each other a little more, laughing a joking. Until suddenly, he went serious. No laughing or joking. Just pure blank

“Hey, be careful of that boy you were with earlier” He spoke quietly

“Dan?” I asked. He nodded before looking around and scooting closer to me. “Rumour has it that he murdered a bunch of girls that refused to go out with him and he was also caught strangling a boy half to death in the toilets”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Don’t be stupid, Dan’s too shy to even look someone in the eye let alone kill them!” 

“Okay but be careful” Phil leaned down and took my hand. He was sweet but I couldn’t help feel another ones eyes on me… 

Straight after class, Phil had to go to football practice. That left me alone for lunch but again, I didn’t mind seeing as I was moving in a few months anyway. It was a shame really, I was starting to like it a lot here. 

After lunch, I figured that football would be over now, so I went to find Phil hoping he was alone. I walked along the corridor, heading outside when all of a sudden, I heard a loud scream come from the janitors closet. It sounded like Phil! Nearly pulling the door off its hinges, I opened the door to find Phil. However, he wasn’t alone. Dan was there too but with a knife in his mouth and his hands around Phil’s pale throat…


There we go, another imagine done! I’m so sorry this took so long, school sucks like hell :/ Anyways, Hope you enjoyed the start of this series and hopefully you want more!

Thank you for reading!  

Steps to You (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,466 (this was supposed to be a short one…)

Warnings: nudity, mentions of sex

Authors Note: Hello! I thought of this when I was in my stats class on friday, and started it instead of doing my homework… hope its worth it! This is also dedicated to my dear friend @hamilton-noodles for no reason other than the fact that she is the most amazing person ever ( i dont think theres a better reason to dedicate this to her than that) Thanks for being amazing and comforting me and talking to be when im trapped in hell (AKA school) my man. Be sure to check out her amazing writing HERE.

Summary: (ooooohhh new addition to the beginning portion of my fics) Walking down the aisle is hard…

Request: NONE… ok leave me be.


You sat at the vanity, your hands trembling and tracing the white of your wedding dress.

“If you keep gripping at that dress it’s going to be wrinkled before you have a chance to walk down the aisle.” you heard your mom say, but you didn’t stop. It was the only thing that kept your nerves from getting to you.

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Ficlet: Mommy Issues

Yay, another ficlet! This one’s about young Sangwoo wanting to kill his dad and fuck his mom, and just generally being a budding serial killer. No actual incest, because I’m waiting to see if Koogi makes it canon. Bum makes a brief appearance at the end.

Years ago, Sangwoo dreamed of what it would be like if he could have his mom for himself.

He laid awake, in his little bedroom, as upstairs his dad started to shout at her about her failures of the day, what a useless wife and terrible mother she was. She would plead and apologize, and then there were the weak, muffled cries as he hit her.

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Me in May ~
  • Mom: Hoe don't do it.
  • Me: *gets out of car and walks slowly towards school doors*
  • Friends: Oh please no.
  • Me: *bursts through school doors*
  • Teachers: Third time this week...
  • Me: *rips off shirt*
  • Students: ffs.
  • President Obama: It's time for serious measures.
Princess Part 2 - Badboy!Calum

Part 1

Part 3



“Hey Princess,” Calum says, one arm leaning out of the car. You are just stepping out of your house, for your walk to school when you hear two quick pulses of the horn. You  instantly looked up, to see your acquaintance from school, the bad boy.

Calum has done some scary shit. And you know it. From drugs to rumors to being in gangs, he’s done everything. Although rumor is is that he’s gone clean. Some people speculate that it’s because he want’s girlfriend, but you know thats B.S. When a guy can get any girl he wants, why would he ever want to settle down. It wasn’t just Calum’s bad boy attitude that attracted girls, but the fact that he’s really attractive. With warm brown eyes, and a jawline that could kill, who wouldn’t be attracted to him?

“What are you doing here?” You asked shocked.

“It’s supposed to rain,” Calum says back, as an explanation. Your so confused, why the hell would he care if its supposed to rain? You give him a confused look, “Get in,” He says.

You are quick to shake your head. No way are you getting in a car with him! That would make you a madman! You defiantly begin to walk away from him and to the school. Then, just like in a movie it begins to pour. Calum, who was following you in his car gives a smirk, thinking that you were going to give in and go to his car. Defiantly you continue to walk to school. You will be damned if you go into that car.

You hear the car door slam and someone grab your hand. The car is left unattended and Calum spins you around. He doesn’t say anything, but puts you into a fireman’s carry and carries you back to his car, soaked. He sits you down in the passenger seat and buckles the seatbelt for you, like an attending father would do for his child. He then gets into the Driver’s side and drives the both of you to school. You are too shocked to do anything at the moment but sit quietly in his car.

“See you later Princess,” Calum says, after parking the car. He hops out and walks to the school. Leaving you in the Passenger’s side, alone.

When your class with Calum comes around you make sure to sit surrounded by people, thinking this might keep him away. When Calum walks into the room and spots you, you hear a low growl come from the back of his throat. He stalks over to you and give a menacing look to the person sitting next to you. They immediately leap out of the chair and move seats. Calum gives a satisfying grin and turns to look at you. “Hey Princess,” He greets like nothing happened.

“Why did you do that?” You ask, ignoring your rule to ignore him. His eyebrows shoot up, not expecting a response from you, but quickly lower back down.

“What?” He says, playing innocent

“Scare that poor boy away?” You asks, fiddling with you nails. Your head is bowed, not looking at him.

“Look at me,” Calum demands and you find your head shooting up to meet his eyes. His dark brown eyes are sparkling as he looks at you, “You really don’t get it do you?” Calum asks.

You shake your head, unsure what he is talking about. He give a big sigh before demanding, “I’m giving you a ride home today.”

A Different Dual {Hermione x Theo}

Okay, so this is actually a short scene from my fanfiction - which you can find HERE. I hope you enjoy, the Hermione I’ve written is more independant, cunning and brash than JK’s Hermione … but I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing

“Harry, we shouldn’t be out here,” Hermione whispered, trying to keep her voice as quiet as possible so that they wouldn’t get caught.

“Hermione we’ll be fine,” Harry assured her.

“Yeah, all we’ve got to do is meet Malfoy and his cronies. Have a little dual and then we’ll be gone,” said Ron, opening the door to the trophy room - where they were meeting for the dual.

“What if it’s a trick? What if he just goes and tells a teacher?” Hermione asked them, knowing that this would most likely to happen.

“Don’t be ridiculous ‘Mione, Malfoy has too much pride to go against his word,” Ron told her.

“Very well, whatever you say, but when we get caught don’t look to me for help,” Hermione concluded, knowing that this was never going to end well.
After the school had found out that Harry and Ron had managed to defeat the troll that got into Hogwarts, Malfoy and his little gang approached the three of them and challenged Harry to a wizard dual to see who the better wizard really was.

At first Hermione had refused to go with them, she wasn’t about to get caught out of hours because of a stupid little dual between two groups of 11 year old boys, but eventually Harry and Ron persuaded her to go and to be honest she just wanted to be there to witness it when everything went to shit around them.
The boys were guaranteed to be caught and something funny was bound to happen, plus, if the dual got too out of hand then Hermione would be there to make sure nobody got hurt and to break it up if needs be. 

Just as they were about to enter the trophy room Hermione cast a quick disillusionment charm on herself so that they couldn’t see her, after all the rules stated that each dualist was to only have one friend as back up.

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fibro!tsuna and The Management (of stress) (and therefore pain)
  • reborn: you've been staring at your phone for 10 minutes?? what, are you watching paint dry or something?
  • tsuna: *is watching instagram clips of paint being mixed*
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn: .... *sits on his shoulder and watches with him*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i know i said 'on wednesdays i wear pink and watch bob ross reruns in my pajamas'
  • tsuna: but why did all of you feel the need to join me??
  • yamamoto: haha what do you mean all of us? it's just me and hayato.
  • gokudera: stop calling me that!
  • tsuna: that's two of you! two!! that's..
  • tsuna: that's two more than i've ever had over at my house before
  • gokudera: don't worry, juudaime! i'll visit you every day from now on! at every hour of the day!
  • tsuna: no, please don't, that will make it worse
  • yamamoto: make what worse?
  • tsuna: Everything
  • ...
  • nana: welcome home, tsu-kun! how was school?
  • tsuna, in his head: i am literally vibrating with stress. and also pain, but mostly stress. my chest thuds like it's housing a palpitating lovecraftian creature. like the heart under edgar allen poe's floorboards. i feel cold sweat on my skin. i am cold. and tired. i wish to murder something.
  • tsuna, out loud: i could use a nap before dinner.
  • also tsuna: *internally screaming like a banshee from hell*
  • ...
  • reborn: why don't you take a walk and cool your head? exercise is good for you, dame-tsuna.
  • tsuna: *takes one (1) step out of the house*
  • tsuna: *is bombarded with 'dame-tsuna's and 'loser whiner tsuna's and 'faker tsuna's*
  • tsuna: *turns right around, falls back into bed*
  • reborn: ??
  • tsuna: I Cannot Handle The Outside
  • ...
  • mochida: well well well, if it isn't no good tsuna finally showing his face. what's that? are you using your phone during school hours?
  • mochida: that's against regulations. gee, i wonder what the disciplinary committee chairman would say if he knew.
  • mochida: and look, you're even making kyouko-chan complicit with your rule-breaking! you vile vermin.
  • mochida: i bet you're watching PORN, aren't you. filth, how dare you make kyouko-chan look at something so vulgar-
  • phone: *squeaky kitten sounds*
  • mochida:
  • mochida: *hovers behind them, watching cute animal clips over their shoulders*
  • hibari: *in the tree branches above them, doing the same thing*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i Cannot Wait for today to be over and for tomorrow to be here
  • reborn: you're rather optimistic lately
  • tsuna: the stress of not knowing what tomorrow will bring is killing me
  • tsuna: like, probably literally killing me
  • tsuna: i feel like i'm dying
  • reborn: you feel like that every day
  • tsuna: Meeeelting Iiiin My Skiiiiin
Shy Smiles: Chapter 1 | The Wallflower


Genre; Angst/Fluff. Badboy AU! Kind-Of-Criminal AU!

Word Count; 2296. (Wow~)

Warnings; Anxiety is mentioned. Abuse is undescribed but mentioned from personal experience. 


  • This is more of an introductory chapter for the character Y/N.
  • Suga/Min Yoongi doesn’t personally appear in this chapter but is mentioned, please be patient. ㅠ.ㅠ 
  • This begins with a cliche plot because I couldn’t figure out another way to commence the story but I assure you it’ll change afterwards. 
  • The text in italics are statements to take note of~.

Song of The Day; Blood, Sweat & Tears//BTS.

Thank you for reading~!

Originally posted by minseokked

The little chimes of her alarm clock danced a honey-like melody into her ears, a small, genial smile sparking her rosy lips, her eyes still softly shut against the dark blue streaks of early morning that emitted through the gap between the silky curtains hung neatly around the oblong window peering down at her bed. 

Y/N lay like this for a while, her skin tingling against the warm, fluffy material of her mango-tinted duvet covers. Her upper structure surrounded by a sea of puffy cushions and pillows, which made her giggle slightly, the small pair of eyes peeking out from the large mass of cotton that made up her bed lighting up in amusement. Y/N found pleasure in such small, salubrious situations, and it never really mattered if she was alone whilst witnessing them.

Sometimes she liked being alone.

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Not such a Bad Boy - Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Could I get an imagine where Derek is the bad boy and he suddenly bumps into you when you’re walking home alone durning a bad neighborhood and he follows you home, but some time later he hits you up and you start talking more and more.



I was walking back from this awesome party that was held at the popular boys frat house. Drinks were flowing people were grinding and singing me included. I don’t remember the boys name all I remember was that he’s known as the school bad boy. 

Its about 2 a.m and Im walking back to my house. Im walking through a sketchy neighborhood when  I feel a presence behind me. I turn around to see a silhouette of a tall boy. I stop in my tracks and reach into my purse for pepper spray. 

“Why the hell are you following me.” I say my hand on the spray ready to spray my attacker. 

The stranger gets closer and stops. I recognize who it is. It was the same boy I danced with at the party and the school bad boy. 

“Oh Hi. Sorry I thought you were gonna attack me or something.” I say as the bad boy walks closer to me. 

“My question is why are you walking the streets alone at night. I could have easily been a creep.” The boy’s name who I can t remember says with a low chuckle. 

“Its just a shortcut home and none of my friends live close to me.” I say playing with my fingers. 

“Ill walk with you home y/n.” The boy says. 

“Okay but can you tell me you’re name again?” I say slightly embarrassed i can’t remember his name. 

“Derek Luh.” He says with a sly smirk. 

I turn around to start my route back to my house. Derek follows closely behind. It was nice that he was making sure I got home safe. Once we reached my house I turned around but Derek was gone. I sighed to my self for not talking to him longer he was pretty cute. I unlock my door and sneak up to my room. Praying not to wake up my parents.

Its been two weeks since the party and meeting the nice bad boy. I haven’t seen him at school but I do see him in that creepy neighborhood that I walked through the first night. I get home from yet another party and head up to my room. Im getting better at sneaking out and in. I think to myself. 

I unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor leaving me in just my bra in underwear. 

“Damn y/n, you’ve got a nice body.” I hear a familiar voice say. 

I scream at hearing a voice in my bedroom but feel a hand cover my mouth. 

“Honey is everything okay in there?” My mom asks from outside my door. 

I turn around to see Derek I let out a relieved sigh and answer my mom. “Yup just saw a spider but I got it.” Derek chuckles at my response. 

“Really a spider?” Derek asks with a adorable smile. 

“Well when you scare me half to death thats the best I can come up with.” I say laughing. 

Derek hands me a shirt to put on since I am still exposed. My face turns red and I quickly put on the shirt. 

“Do you want to explain to me why you are in my room.” I ask sitting on my bed patting the spot next to me for Derek. 

He sits down but doesn’t say anything instead he just grabs my face and kisses me slow and passionately. I melt into the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck as I move my legs to straddle him. His hands move to my waist and he deepens the kiss. 

He pulls away and mumbles  “I could kiss you forever.” 

I giggle and pull my self into his chest. We lay back on the bed and crawl under the covers. He turns off the light and pulls me into his body. I cuddle up to his side and drift off to sleep. 

I wake up the next morning to find Derek gone but there is a note on the pillow next to me. 

Y/n I enjoyed last night meet me today at the park tonight at 6 wear something pretty. 

I giggle and think to my self he’s not such a bad boy after all.

I Promise.

Originally posted by theultradork

***Thank you to the anon that requested this imagine! Harry Osborn is bae, and even though this is for Peter i still think Harry is hotter ;) (( Gif not mine credit to the owner ))***
Prompt: “Can you do a Peter Parker one where you are a normal person but you ere like best friends with Harry and he attacks at a football game as Green Goblin and you realize it and Peter stops him but after the game you are hanging around and trying to clear everything up in your head and he helps you and fluff i don’t know.. You’re an amazing writer I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully.” 

You let out a sigh of frustration as you turn away from Harrys door.

 This was the fifth day that you’ve came to check up on him, and this was the fifth day that he didn’t answer. 

You tried everything. Contacting his manager, Calling his cell phone, You even called the police to come check on him; but they’d come back telling you everything was fine.

But you knew for a fact that everything wasn’t fine.

You knew Harry was sick, and you knew he needed help that he couldn’t get. Every time you’d come to visit your best friend he’d always snap at you while rubbing his arm or neck. It came to the point where the visits became so violent that you didn’t want to see him anymore. 

In fact you were actually scared to death to visit him.

You were scared that one day you might piss him too much and send him over the roof.
And god knows to never send an Osborn over the roof.

You sigh as you turn away from the door, you flip your scarf over your shoulder and you make your way to the football field.

Theres something about high school football games that bring out the animals in teens.  

Whether its the short temper of the boys who yells at the refs for making a false call, or if its the beer that they slip into their cokes; it didn’t matter because there was always a riot at the games.

You pay for your ticket walk throughout the gates, you pull your phone out of your pocket and take a glance at it.

0 new messages. 

You frown as you put your phone back in your pocket;

“Where the hell are you Harry?” You mumble under your breath.

You look to your right and see Peter leaning against the post near the road, he was all alone and had a black hoodie on the hood pulled over his head.  

You let out a small laugh thinking that he looked like a wannabe thug, he turned his head around to look at you and bashfully smiled.

You return the favor whenever you hear the scream.

And of course people screamed at football games; The over excited dads who are proud of their sons, the soccer like moms who clutch their hands together to pray, and the overly hormonal teenage boys who show up head to toe in blue paint.

But this scream, this scream was different.  

It sounded the a scream of pure horror.

You spin around fast as peter was starting to slowly back away from the pole. 

In the  night sky flying around was some man on a flying machine? 

You turn back around to peter to see if he saw what you were seeing, but when you looked around your shoulder he was already gone. 

You draw your attention back to see the man flying in the air come down a little closer, and you got a better look at him. 

Chills went down your back as you saw his features.

His body was oddly hitched over, and his fingers looked dislocated. His teeth were in every which direction, and his skin was slime green.

He looked absolutely terrifying.

He let out a cackle that hurt your ears before throwing something to the ground that exploded into smoke.

Students were running over each other to get out of the bleachers, while parents were desperately trying to find their child in the crowd of people.

You were shuffling through the crowd of people, whenever you saw the man fly over everyone and stop in front of them.

Everybody came to stop.

He looked at us from left to right while grinning viciously.  

His eyes landed on you and his grin got wider.

“You all act scared? But I’m just one of you,” He says with a crooked grin before throwing another bomb at everyone. 

People were screaming and gagging over the smoke, you started to turn around whenever you felt a pair of arms grab you and lift you up in the air.

You scream as loud as you could and start to flail your legs around, starching the arms around you. 

The man stopped in the air and gripped you so that you were looking at you, at the first chance you got you spit in his face. 

He didn’t bother to wipe it up, but to throw his head back in loud laughter. He brought his head back up and head butted you hard. 

You groaned in pain,  You looked back at the guy about to scream only to have a wave of realization hit you hard. 

You looked into the mans eyes and saw flecks of blue, the blue that you’d always look into. The blue that you grew up with. The blue that you loved, and shared laughs with. The blue that you cried with. 


He looks at you and grin ear to ear before grabbing your neck with both hands and dangling you over his machine. 

You were choking and gasping for air whenever he let out a loud cackle.
“H-H-Harry.. please stop!” you gasp out. 

The grip he had around you neck tightened and your eyes were starting to feel droopy. 

“Harrys not home.”

And with that he let go of you and you started to fall.

The last thing you remembered was hearing his laugh one more time, and seeing red and blue come towards Harry. 

And then everything went black.

When you opened your eyes you immediately shot up remembering everything that happened.

The football game.

The smoke.


It all came back to you all at once, and then the tears kicked in.


Your best friend since you could remember, the person you told everything to, the person that shared his deepest feelings with you, the person that you loved.

The person that tried to kill you.

It didn’t even occur to you that you were in someone else’s bed with someone elses closes on until you heard the door open and Peter Parker enter with a mug in his hand.

He smiled at you and handed you the mug, “I made you some hot chocolate.” 

You accept the drink and sip it slowly, with tears freely falling down your face.

Peter finds a seat next to you in the bed and you scoot over to make room for him.

“Hey hey hey, its alright. why are you crying?” Peter asked you concerned. He leans forward to inspect your face, and reaches behind him for a tissue.

You thought he was going to hand you the tissue, but instead he wipes away the tears himself, slowly and gently.

“That man at the game.. That was Harry Osborn… Harry Osborn is my best friend.” you slowly choke out to Peter.

Peter was quiet while he looked at you with furrowed eyebrows, you take in a sharp breath of air and start to sob. 

“Why Peter? Why would he do that? He tried to kill me! My best friend tried to kill me!” 

Peter quickly takes the cup away from your hands and pulls you into his chest stroking your hair, while you keep mumbling about Harry.

“Hey its ok, i promise its ok,” he whispers to you while grabbing more tissues and wiping away your tears.

Your sobs slowly turn into whimpers as you snuggle more into Peters chest.

Peter sighs and frowns down at you, “That thing was Harry, yes. But at the same time it wasn’t Harry? Do you understand what I’m saying?” 

You didn’t say anything while looking at him, but your puzzled look answered the question. 

Peter drags you over more so that he is now holding you like a baby in his lap.
“Look y/n, i knew Harry as well. And the Harry i knew adored you and thought you were the greatest person alive. He’d always talk about you. The real Harry would never hurt you.” He explained while stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You bring your eyebrows into a frown, “The real Harry? what do you mean the real Harry?” 

Peter lets out a unsteady sigh while closing his eyes, “Harry did something to himself that he shouldn’t have done, and so for right now the Harry that we love is gone.”

You close your eyes and the tears start to fall all over again.

Peter lifts your chin up a little and looks at your eyes, “Harry loved you. He loved you a lot, you know that right?” 

You nodded sightly and sniffled. 

Peter nodded as well and looked down, his hand found yours and held it at an awkward position. 

“And so do i?”

You look up at him confused. 


Before you could finish his lips were on yours slowly moving.

You let go of his hand and bring your hand up to his hair pulling it slightly. 

Peter hissed in response and rolled himself on top of you looking down at you.

He didn’t look for long because your hands made their way down to the back of his neck and dragged him back down for a kiss. 

Peter pulled away causing your eyes to open, he laid down next you and pulled you to your side.

“I’m going to get Harry back, i promise.” 

Anon i read back over this and realized i didn’t put that much fluff in it, so if you’d like me to redo it i gladly will! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!

Spider bruises

Originally posted by marvelsagentofdeeznuts

Okay I don’t know if you do this, but could I have a Peter Parker imagine where you guys are friends at school and you like him and you’re getting suspicious of all of the bruises and marks he has and you know he’s lying when he says it’s nothing?

For Anon

Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1681

There was no spec on which Peter Parker so I’ve done new Spidey, Tom Holland, because I wanted to reference The Avengers. Set after Captain America : Civil War

You greeted him and fell back with your arms crossed onto the lockers so you could scrutinise his appearance.
“Y/N.” He greeted a little too cheerfully and hid his head inside his locker.
“I will miss bio to stand here and wait.” You warned him.
He let out a long suffering sigh at your mothering which echoed in his locker before he pulled his head out and slammed the locker shut. He held out his arms dramatically so that you could survey the damage.

His face and neck were covered in blue and purple bruises and small cuts and scratches. His shoulders and arms were covered by his jacket but you could imagine just from the state of his knuckles that the bruises continued down his arms. After running your gaze over his various injuries before continuing back to focus on his blackened eyes.
“Bit heavy on the eyeshadow there pal.” You joked but your tone was deadpan.  You’d tried to joke, you really had, but the more Peter came into school battered the more fear kidnapped your thoughts.

“Oh haha,” He laughed overly sarcastically and tucked his booked under one arm, “If you must know the guy was huge.”
You narrowed your eyes and pushed yourself from the lockers, “And just who are you fighting, young man?”
“Young man?” He mimicked as you both began to wander through the doors. Classes were about to start and he knew the only way that you weren’t going to cause a scene was if you two skipped class and talked it out.

“Look, its nothing. Just this guy Steve, he was massive but I handled it.” He sounded almost smug as you walked away from the school.
“Steve, where the hell have you met this Steve guy?” You asked dubious, you were fairly sure that he was lying.
“He’s from Brooklyn.” Peter smirked then winced as the movement in his face hurt his bruised eyes.
“Hmm well Steve from Brooklyn sounds made up.” You mused before stopping him mid-step and pulling him by the jacket to face you. He pouted at you but you held his gaze.

“Peter, please, tell me what’s happened? Did your Aunt do this to you?” you asked and for a moment he looked confused.
“My Aunt?” Peter asked you before his expression turned soft, “Y/N my Aunt is tiny, she couldn’t hurt a fly.”
You shook your head, “Bullshit, height and weight don’t mean shit when it comes to ab - abuse.” You swallowed hard stumbling over the last word, “Peter I can help, you can come and stay with me and –”
He cut you off with soft hands on your shoulders, “I appreciate that Y/N, I do. You’re lovely. But Aunt May didn’t do this, she was super pissed I was in a fight but I swear that it was Steve and his friends.”

You stared at his eyes for a moment before you were happy that his words were genuine.

“Okay, well Steve sounds like a dick.” You concluded as you carried on your walk down the street.
“Eh, he wasn’t that bad.” He laughed and dropped his arms around your shoulders to give you a playful squeeze.

Okay, so you were willing to believe that a Steve did exist. And sure, him and his friends could have been massive but what was Peter doing fighting them in the first place?
Peter hadn’t been himself in weeks, always covered in scrapes and he seemed super sensitive to everything and you were sick of it. That’s why you were crouched behind the bushes outside of Peter’s apartment block ready to get to the bottom of it. Alright, stalking your best friend did have a bad ring to it but this was for his own good. You knew Peter and if he had gotten himself into trouble then he wouldn’t want to tell you for fear of getting you involved.

If Peter knew that he was being followed then he didn’t show it, he sauntered down the street ahead of you, occasionally pulling his backpack around so he could check the contents. You narrowed your eyes as you watched him, he was acting suspiciously.

He ducked down into an alley and you followed at a distance, this wasn’t like him. Is this where he was meeting these people that he kept fighting with? Some kind of weedy-teenager-alley way-fight-club?
But when you rounded the alley, he was nowhere to be seen.
The cursed to yourself, where the fuck did he go? It was a dead-end!

Cursing again you made your way back from towards his apartment; it was time for Plan B.

Plan B involved more criminal damage than Plan A.

All you had to do was break in to the apartment and do a little snooping. If Aunt may was in you wouldn’t even need to break in because she was used to you coming and going with her nephew.

She wasn’t in but the spare key that she sometimes left under the plant pot outside their door was, so you slipped inside the apartment and hastily shut the door. It was odd; this place was like a second home to you but being here uninvited made it so unnerving. You snuck into Peter’s room and left the door open out of habit, May didn’t want two teenagers in the same room with the door shut, and set about prying into Peter’s business. You knew what you were doing was wrong and if he caught you then you’d accept his anger but if truth be told, it had gotten to the stage that you were scared for him.

After a few minutes you finally found something of interest, pulling open a drawer you found odd machinery.
Was he stealing these machines from people?

Is that why he was in trouble?

The front door clicked open and you dove into Peter’s wardrobe. God you were in so much trouble, you could hear your heart beat in your ears.
“Peter?” Someone called through the apartment.


Was that a male voice?


After a hard day stopping idiot hoodlums from mugging innocent people as Spiderman, Peter Parker was tired and hungry. The only thing he wanted to do was eat his own weight in food, have a long soak and an early night.

God he was like an old man.

The very last thing he expected was for you to be waiting in his apartment for him to return. Not that he wasn’t always happy to see you but he wasn’t too keen to see you happily chatting away with your company.
“Er what’s going on?” Peter mumbled, hoping beyond hope that you’d not found out about him.

He had no such look.

Tony Stark sat opposite you on the sofa and held his hands up in defence, “It’s not my fault.” He pointed at you, “She lied to me.”
“I’m not the only liar around here, Mr. Stark.” You snapped and crossed your arms and fixed Peter with a scowl.
He held his hands out and rushed, “No, no in my defence. I didn’t lie, I didn’t. I just didn’t tell you. And Mr. Stark how could you tell her?”
Tony pulled a face, “Like I said she lied to me.” He faced you, “Ever want to be a spy? I know a couple of good mentors. Well, one good one and one okay one. Well, one psychotic Russian and one rubbish farmer. Though technically the farmer is in a maximum security jail and it was partially our fault.” He gestured between himself and Peter.

“No don’t tell her that.” Peter mumbled with his hand to his face.
“You’ve met Natasha Romanov?!” You asked, anger suddenly forgotten. She’d been an idol of yours since The Avengers had first come to light and fought off an alien invasion, then years later when all the details of her life had been leaked online when Captain America brought down Shield you’d worshipped her even more.

“If I get you her autograph, will you promise not to kill me?” Peter tried with a smile.
You stood up and shook your head, “Oh no, I’m definitely going to get you for lying to me. Not even Natasha Romanov can save you now.”

Tony, who had pulled a hip flask from the inside of his jacket, smirked at you both, “Oh yeah Natasha will like you. I had no idea you had such a sneaky girlfriend Spidey.”
His face flushed as read as his costume and he tried to stammer out an answer but you cut him off, “He doesn’t.”

His face fell and you stepped around to give him an affectionate hug, “I am happy you’re okay. We can work on the girlfriend thing after you explain everything to me.”
He blushed again and held you close into the hug, he kissed your cheek as you embraced and you wondered if he’d have been brave enough to try to kiss you if Tony wasn’t sat on the sofa smirking at you both.

“Look at that, so cute. Young love, it’s disgusting.” Tony mumbled at you both.
You turned in his Peter’s arms and he rested his head on your shoulder as you pointed at Tony, “Don’t think I don’t know that you encouraged him, you’re in trouble too, Tony.”
He pouted slightly, “What happened to Mr. Stark?”
“You have to earn that back.” You answered and Peter laughed in your ear.
“Yeah Nat will definitely like you.” Peter mumbled and kissed your cheek. He sighed slightly when he felt your cheeks heat up, he knew you had some hard conversations coming but right now he couldn’t bring himself to be mad that you knew.

Merry Miscmas - 2016 Christmas requests