but it's hell of a lot better than what we got

I can’t believe people are getting all weird over Peggy saying that stuff about Violet when Sousa said she broke things off. What did you think she was gonna say? “Well you know she probably had her reasons.” Hell no, Daniel is her friend and he’s sitting there heart broken in front of her, of course she’s going to comfort and support him. And that line, “who does she think she is that she could do better than you” or whatever it was, that isn’t some anti feminist crap, thats her reassuring Daniel that he is worth it. Peggy knows what its like to feel unloved, to be treated like you’re just no worth it, and she knows that Daniel has got that a lot. So she looks after and defends her friend. But she wasn’t exactly going to go banging down Violets door and beat her up, she probably was just gonna go ask what went wrong. And by the way she barely even knows Violet. 

And most importantly, we ALL know that Peggy would have done and said exactly the same thing had it been a female friend, say Angie, who was heart broken. So don’t go saying shit about Peggy Carter when she was just being a good friend.