but it's hard to take you seriously in a zombie outfit :d

AN: Today ends the stony spooky celebration on my blog! Happy Halloween, everyone :D I still have 14 more Halloween prompts, so I’m going to try and fill them all today, but I’m officially not taking any more prompts :)

“It liiivvveeesss,” Tony cackled happily, watching their creation shuffle around.

“Tony, stop yelling,” Bruce sighed as he switched the “life-giving” machine off. “You’re going to scare it.”

When they had started this, neither of them had actually believed they could pull it off. They had been reading Frankenstein in English class at the time, and Tony had been inspired.

“I mean, we would have to give it metal organs because obviously we wouldn’t be able to find real ones fresh enough,” he’d suggested.

“Of course,” Bruce had hummed indulgently.

“And we’d have to find a fresh grave, or decomposition would be a thing,” he’d gone on. “But the idea of using electricity to jump-start it could work, right?”

“On our cyborg zombie?” Bruce had asked. “Sure.”

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