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Awakening - Prologue *Eventual Peter x Reader*

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Waking up on a metal slab was not how I expected to wake up, especially in major pain. “Ugh, What the hell?” I groaned. I grabbed my head since it felt like it would split in two. I tried to sit up, but everything hurt so bad.

“Good, you’re up” I hear a child’s voice from behind me and I instantly sat up in panic. 

She sat in the chair, fiddling her fingers and glancing up at me. Confused, I managed to turn to look at her and winced in pain. “Be careful. Your body will be stiff” She whispered, but I could barely hear her around my headache. 

“Where am I? What happened?” I questioned her, and watched as she stood up and walked towards me. 

“They woke you up to kill you” She tells me as she walks right up to me, “Do you remember?” She questioned. I tried to think up how I got here and realized I was kidnapped.

“Hydra. They took me when I went on…….on a school trip? I think….” I couldn’t properly put together memories. Everything was jumbled.

“It might be hard to remember” The little girl sighed and pulled on my hand so I would stand. “They shot you in the head” she explained.

I whipped my head down at her. “What?!” I exclaimed, instantly regretting it when the room spun. 

“I brought you back. Its my ‘gift’.” She told me and pulled me out of the room. I stumbled into the hallway and the flashbacks hit me hard and fast.

Trying to fight them off. Getting knocked out. A van. Being chained up. It all blurred together. It felt to real and I could feel an anxiety attack brewing.

“Shut it out.” The little girl said, “They’re just memories. They can’t hurt you now.”

I tried to focus on her voice and soon the images faded. “ What the hell was that?” I asked her as she dragged me down the abandoned looking hallway. 

“No time. We have to get out. Someone could still be here.” She whispered and then looked up at me. “And you’re supposed to be dead.” 

I rushed with her and soon found a door. Opening revealed a forest, with dark evergreens and silence. “Where are we?” I questioned.

“I don’t know, but we need to find a way to contact your father” The little one proclaimed and started to run ahead of me. Wait, no, she was…..teleporting?

“What…..” I whispered and tried to follow her. “How do you know who my father is?”

“Everyone knows who he is” The little girl giggled, appearing beside me, scaring the everliving crap out of me. “He’s a superhero” 

I tried to remember, but just shook my head. “I can’t remember him. Everything in my head is scrambled” 

The little girl smiled and shivers ran up my spine. I could feel her in my mind, pulling something to the forefront. 

“His name is Iron Man

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This request is for DAI. How would the companions admit that they have deeper feelings for the Inquisitor than just friends?

Cassandra: At first she studiously refuses to act on her feelings. He is the inquisitor, constantly in the public eye, and she was the Right Hand of the Divine.So for awhile it’s only quick glances over the tops of books and reports, with slightly longer ones while they are on the road. (And of course the one time she had accidentally seen him bathing and lost track of more than a few moments before being able to pull herself away). But after Adamant- the certainty of loss if she is not in the Fade and the terror of losing him if she is- the Seeker reaches her breaking point. She goes to his tent and tells him the simple truth: she loves him and that is that.

Solas: He second guesses himself a hundred times once he realizes the depths of his feelings for her, and more than one night is spent consulting long time spirit-friends Eventually he decides to simply be content with the little flame of infatuation burning in his chest and to leave it at that.He has no intention of pursuing her, but after their first encounter in the fade his resolve crumbles. They spend more time together both in and out of the Fade, and the memories made there will -he hopes- be a comfort for both of them when he must move on.

Sera: It hits her- really hits her- the first time they go pranking together. Titles and responsibilities fall away, and for just a moment the archer can see more than just the long road to fight Coryphypiss. The inquisition’s not forever, after all, and when it’s all over they have to go somewhere. They might as well go together.The week or so after that revelation sees perhaps the most extensive pulling of pigtails that Thedas has ever experienced. The inquisitor is pranked day and night, and when she finally confronts Sera in the tavern the Red Jenny hems and haws for long moments before blurting out the truth in an “I like you, yeah? Wasn’t sure how else to get you to notice.

”Blackwall: Even as the first waves of affection blossom within his chest, the false Warden is swamped with guilt. He is living a lie with a dead man’s name and he has no choice but to try and honor that sacrifice with his actions in the Inquisition. But its hard to put aside his longing, and he ruins more than one carving- and nicks a finger or three- with a wandering mind while he carves. Its so easy to imagine a life together- children, a home, a future- b ut everytime he does that guilt blossoms up again, that he’d be living a lie with the best woman he’s ever met. After Revelations, though -when everything is out in the open and the secrets are done- he goes about courting her properly ad never misses a chance to tell her how he truly feels.

Iron Bull: Unlike the other companions, The Iron Bulls comes after he begins a physical reaction with the Inquisitor. He’s fine with giving the Inquisitor what they need -and it doesn’t hurt they they are flexible in both body and mind- so he’s not thinking much beyond that. But after their first dragon kill, when drinks have been toasted and songs sung and the Inquisitor is resting their forehead against his shoulder, Bull finds himself thinking he shoud carry his Kadan upstairs. The thought comes out of nowhere and it shocks him into stillness. And yet it fits perfectly. He’ll have to think about it for awhile, but there are certainly a dragon tooth in his future plans.

Dorian: The first time he catches himself thinking about the Inquisitor with more than just carnal fascination- reading together in the evening or inviting them to share a meal- he is immediately swamped with self loathing and takes himself off to the tavern. Didn’t he learn his lesson too many times in Tevinter? There is nothing more for two men together, no future and no hoping for…for more. No matter that the Inquisitor is kind and caring and seems to delight in asking him questions on every topic under the sun. That way lies heartbreak and shame, and he resolves to treat this like he has his other infatuations: a satisfying one night stand and then back to bland friendliness if they acknowledge each other at all. And if part of his heart is twisted into knots over that plan well, he’s had ears of practice ignoring it.

– Ferel-done

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Honestly I would like to see Midnight's reaction to her s/o doing dorky but sweet things for her. Ex. Leaving a flower on her desk with a note that says I love you, getting her her favorite drink, gets all of her favorite things ready for when she's feeling stressed or frustrated, etc. I don't know I can just see her s/o being a dorky but doting partner. Ah, please take all the time you need.

Ah yes, that would be really sweet! I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

- Whenever Midnight comes home to her favorite dish or finds a drink she enjoys in the fridge, she feels her chest warm with affection, since it meant her partner thought of her and remembered her. Once she ate or drank, she makes sure to go to her partner and whisper a smiling thank you into their ear, before she kisses their cheek.

- One day Midnight opens her bag and finds her favorite flower that has been pressed and encased in hard plastic to preserve it properly and made into a key-chain, she feels a small, warm smile slipping over her face, her fingers tracing over the key-chain.

- Her phone lights up with messages of well-wishes, loving notes and pictures her partner knows she enjoys and Midnight chuckles at her phone, sending her partner a suggestive message back, wrapping the words around her own declarations of affection. She’s sure her partner can hear her grin in her writing.

- When she collapses into the couch and feels her favorite blanket beneath her, smells its freshly washed and when her partner puts on her favorite movie, while pulling her feet into their lap to massage the tension out, Midnight feels herself unwinding with a deep, grateful sigh.

- Sometimes she stands beside her partner and looks at them, while they pick out her favorite food and scented soap and she wonders how she can put all her feelings into words. When she comes up empty handed, she resolves it by showing her partner, massaging them or taking them apart in the bedroom, pressing kisses into their skin while they bath or pulling them against her for a long quality time on the couch.

N: At first, N would have a thousand questions about why a girl was joining the group. Once he realizes that she is there to stay, N would welcome the new female member with open arms. He has older sisters, so when it comes to women N knows how to properly behave around them. He will also be very protective over the new girl making sure that the other members treat her with respect, while also making sure that they don’t constantly act like asses around her. *brain dialogue* “A new member?! And she’s a girl. It’s already hard enough taking care of these kids that I have now”…*sigh* “But I will step up as a leader and protect her all the same.” N would keep it professional and not mix business with pleasure; so he wouldn’t fall for her.

Leo: Not surprising, but Leo would be speechless…. He would try and ask questions on why that was decided, but he would never get around to asking them because he’s just so…speechless. Like N, Leo has older sisters, so he wouldn’t have a problem being around the new girl, although it would take some getting used to you. When necessary, he would also be protective of her; and the minute she asks him for help with her singing, Leo will be all smiles. *brain dialogue* “….a girl member?…like why, how-…hmm” If time didn’t stop when he and the new girl looked at each other for the first time, then he probably wouldn’t fall for her.

Ken: This boy here. He’d fake his reaction to make himself seem shocked or confused when on the inside he’s totally effing excited. Ken is cheeky like that, so he’d be very accepting of the new female member. Ken is the only member in the group who doesn’t have a sister, so he would probably go out of his way to make sure that the new girl felt comfortable and safe around them. Lies. He would be so greasy around her, to the point that everyone will be slipping on it and he would earn stank faces from N. *brain dialogue* “Must keep frowning. Keep it together, Ken or you’ll blow your cover!…But, She shall be mine!” Ken would be the first to fall for her and make it obvious.

Ravi: Ravi would be in complete and utter shock. Jaw-dropping, scratching his head type of shock. He wouldn’t even know what to do with his self. He would keep asking “Why?” over and over again in hopes that someone will give him a very good answer. Whether he receives the answer he wants or not, he would ultimately accept it and immediately go into big brother mode. He has a younger sister in which he is very protective of, so he would team up with N in making sure that she’s properly taken care of. “WHY? Somebody just give me a really good explanation and I will leave it alone…" But do you all realize that its going to be really hard to perform Secret Night in her presence?“ *brain dialogue* "They wanna go and put a girl in the group after I write Secret Night!" She would be like his little sister in his eyes, so he wouldn’t fall for her…unless they’re the same ago or she’s older. In that case, he’d be third in line for her hand.

HongBin: HongBin’s reaction would be priceless. When he first hears the news, he would probably yell out a huge, “WHAT?!” and then start breathing all heavy. He’d probably blush so hard until his sculptured face cracked. HongBin would have a million questions and he would want them answered on the spot. Out of all the members, he would have the most difficult time adjusting to her being in the group. And even though he has sisters, he would still be really awkward around the new girl. “WAIT WHAT?! WHERE IS SHE GONNA SLEEP?! WHERE IS SHE GOING TO SHOWER?! AM I SUPPOSED TO CLEAN UP AFTER HER TOO?! *brain dialogue* "I am not dumping out her tampons.” He’s tripping right now, but he would be the second one to fall for her.

Hyuk: Hyuk would be totally surprised…but he wouldn’t care. He knows the situation is out of his control, but that wouldn’t stop him from putting his two cents in. Hyuk would act totally normal around the new girl member. He would be respectful towards her, but at the same he would try and make her feel like a true member of the group, so she doesn’t feel left out. “Wow, didn’t see this coming.“ *brain dialogue* ”Ha. There’s already enough testosterone in the air, not to mention I’m still a “growing” boy, yet they decide to add estrogen to the mix… this will end up like a drama, I can feel it.” Hyuk is a smart ass, but that will get him far in life. He wouldn’t have to fall for the girl, because she would fall for him first.  

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101 Days of CS Drabbles - Day 16

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042:“My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

Sunlight flooded the cabin of the Jolly Roger spilling onto the couple sleeping peacefully together in the small bed.

The sound of a phone ringing suddenly pierced the silence rousing a disgruntled Emma back to wakefulness. Reaching her arm out from under the snug cocoon of blankets, and a naked Killian pressed solidly against her back, she grabbed the annoying machine and fumbled with it groggily until her voicemail cut in.

She sighed as silence once more reigned and snuggled back under the covers, a smile touching her lips when she felt her boyfriend hug her just that little bit tighter.

“Good morning, love,” he greeted sleepily, placing a chaste kiss on her shoulder.

“It is,” she practically purred as she wriggled her backside against him.

His low laugh rumbled through his chest as he gave a gentle thrust of his hips in return.

“I could make it even better,” he promised as his hand began to wander lightly over her stomach then down.

Emma let out a soft moan and closed her eyes, pressing herself back even more fully against him, enjoying the feel of him, of his touch.

Suddenly, he stiffened against her…and not in a good way.

Opening her eyes, she turned her head to look at him just as he sat up and glanced around the cabin with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her gaze going from him to the room and back again. There was nothing out of the ordinary as far as she could tell.

“What time is it?” he wanted to know, turning his head to look out the window.

Emma began to frown herself and leaned over to pick up her phone to check. It was a lot later than she’d realised.

“It’s a quarter to eight. I must have forget to set the alarm.”

“Bloody hell!” Killian cursed then, before she knew what was happening, he was out of bed and hurriedly scrambling into his clothes.

“What’s the matter?” she asked in confusion, propping herself up on her elbows to watch him.

The blanket slipped down revealing a nearly indecent amount of cleavage that had Killian pause a moment in what he was doing.

“Your father is going to be here at eight,” he all but groaned as his avid gaze roamed over her creamy flesh. Realising his distraction, he shook his head a little and forced himself to look down to concentrate on fastening his, now slightly more snug, pants instead. “I’m teaching him how to sail the Jolly on his own so that he can take your mother away for a couple of days for their anniversary.”

“Oh, how sweet!” Emma enthused as she sat up properly with a delighted smile.

Killian swallowed hard and gave her a pained look as the blanket slipped further down her body, revealing her naked chest in all its glory.

“Please, love, put your clothes on,” he pleaded plaintively before determinedly turning way from the tempting sight of her and bending down to pick up his shirt.

“That’s not what you’re were saying last night,” she commented with a giggle, completely unfazed by her father’s imminent arrival and vastly amused that Killian apparently was.

His retort was to pick up her clothes and throw them haphazardly onto the bed…and her. She pulled her sweater from her head and stared at him with barely contained mirth.

“Really?” she stated in wry amusement. “Dad knows I’m with you. We’re together practically every night.”

“There’s knowing and then there’s knowing, Swan,” he told her primly as he reached for his brace and hook. “And it’s not good form to flaunt one’s personal life in front of a lady’s father. It rarely ends well.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Emma assured him with a grin, still making absolutely no move to dress herself. “I see your good form most nights so I’ll stick up for you if dad starts acting like…well, my dad.”

“Emma,” he groaned in exasperation as he grabbed his boots. “Please, love, get dressed!”

Emma bit her lip to stop herself from laughing outright at the faintly panicked, very aggrieved expression on the pirate’s face and pulled back the blankets that covered her with a flourish.

“Okay,” she acquiesced brightly.

Killian stilled as she revealed her naked form to his hungry gaze, the boot he’d held loosely in his hand falling to the floor with, what Emma considered, a very satisfying thud. She stood up with a natural, fluid grace and her heart began to race in anticipation as he immediately took a step towards her.

“Hook?” came Charming’s voice suddenly, stopping the pirate dead in his tracks. “Hook? Where are you?”

Killian’s mouth thinned in frustration at the prince’s impeccable timing then, with one last heated look in Emma’s direction, he picked up his boot and turned away. The sound of his girlfriend’s throaty laughter followed him up onto the deck where he quickly donned his footwear and fastened the remaining couple of buttons on his vest.

“Oh, there you are,” Charming observed needlessly as the pirate joined him by the wheel. “I was beginning to think you’d overslept.”

“We did,” came Emma’s far too cheerful voice from behind. She’d magicked herself dressed in a blink of an eye and hurried up on deck to make some mischief before she left. Charming’s eyes widened in surprise while Killian’s closed in resignation as she walked up to them both with a big grin and explained helpfully, “I forgot to set the alarm on my phone.”

“I see,” the prince commented in a clipped tone.

“Yeah, so, I’d better run, I’m late for work,” the blonde continued breezily, seemingly oblivious to Charming’s disapproval. She laid her hand on Killian’s arm and he opened his eyes to look at her with mild recrimination. “I’ll see you later,” she told him meaningfully then leaned in and gave him a kiss that was only just barely appropriate considering their audience.

When they parted, she gave him a saucy little smile then went over to her father and pecked him on the cheek. Calling out a goodbye to both men, she then headed down the gangplank to dockside. As she walked away she cast a brief glance over her shoulder and grinned to herself.

Arms folded, her father was glaring at a clearly uncomfortable Killian who, in turn, was predictably scratching at the usual spot behind his ear.

Her grin widened and she turned away knowing damn well he was going to pay her back, but good, that night. She probably should’ve felt vaguely concerned considering the smirk he’d given her after their kiss but on the contrary, to use her True Love’s vernacular, she found she couldn’t bloody wait.

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    Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 62 Spoilers

    ~At Shoueisha~
    Shiono: How old are you?
    Eto: 14….years old
    Shiono: hmm… (Its quite thick, around 500 pages i guess?)
    Shiono: (I still have preparation for that gathering dinner and need to find Yamada sensei to discuss)
    Shiono: You look like someone who can write
    Eto: Yes, please be frank
    Shiono: Let me think. Your expression is a little too long. But, for your age, you are quite good. This is my namecard. If you have any more drafts please contact me
    Eto: ………Wont you read it now?
    Shiono: Do you know how many pages is this, well I dont know but I still have things to do
    Eto: But its only been 15 minutes
    Shiono: In our field, “15 minutes” is a long time… So I will keep the draft first. Thats all for today!
    Eto: Yes…. I understand

    ~In the office~
    Chief: What is this Shiono?
    Shiono: There was a high school girl just now and she brought this draft
    Chief: Can I take a look
    Shiono: Sure~~
    Chief: …… *read through*
    Shiono: its quite good for her age, ohya where should we go for the gathering?
    Chief: Did you read through this properly?
    Shiono: Yes I did
    Chief: Are you stupid!? *dramatically grab on Shiono’s collar*
    Chief: You are throwing stacks of cash into the toilet!!!
    Shiono: Eeh….
    Chief: Go and find that girl right now!!
    Shiono: Yii…. Yes…!!

    Eto: And i thought i could get some money with it. Sigh… *few coins on her hand*
    Eto: Daily salary
    She passes by an accident scene where a police is asking questions of someone who is involved
    Man 1: I told you, its that guy who crashed onto my car first!
    Police: Yes yes I see. Please follow me to the police station….
    Man 1: I have urgent things to do right now!
    Eto approaches the other guy who is in the car
    Eto: Erm… The police is calling you
    Man 2: I need to go too…?! What the hell…. *gets off car*
    Eto steals his wallet *wow LV wallet*
    Man 2: Didnt you ask me to wait in the car….! …..what? You didnt call for me?

    ~At a temple??~
    Eto with two ghouls
    Ghoul 1: Amazing, what can I do to earn this much…
    Ghoul 2: Eto really is different from us…. When she fights those doves she is good too
    Eto: (I need more strength more numbers, else I cant win against “them”)
    Eto: (Mother…) *while reading a book her mum left her??*
    Eto: …..I wont run away like Kuzen (father) did…

    ~Outside Shoueisha~
    Eto: (I need to get back those drafts) What should I do
    Shiono: You! You!! Why didnt you write your contact number on the drafts!! *running towards Eto*
    Eto: (Here comes the stupid one) Because I dont have any
    Shiono: Eh!?

    ~At a cafe~
    : I didnt know you were from an orphanage
    Eto: Yes because I dont want to let them know about this, and I dont have a phone
    Shiono: I see…..alright!
    Shiono: Here! *gives Eto a phone*
    Shiono: I buy this under my name, just this as your contact then
    Eto: Thank you
    Shiono: ….I can see it. Your ability…future!
    Shiono: I will make you into an incredible author!!
    Shiono: I am Shiono Shunji….and you are?
    Eto: Eto
    Shiono: So its Eto chan, how about your last name?

    ~Outside Anteiku~
    Eto passes by. Inside Anteiku, Koma and Irimi are arguing over who makes better coffee and ask Yoshimura
    Yoshimura: Its a hard question, I think…. It should be Yomo
    Both: Eeeeeeh….!
    In anger, Eto twists her novel and throw it on the ground
    Koma/Irimi: Its been a long day
    Yoshimura: Yes, see you both tomorrow
    When Yoshimura is cleaning outside, he saw the crumpled up novel and takes a look at it
    Yoshimura: ……

    ~At Eto’s house~
    Shiono: Sensei. Takatsuki Sense~~
    He opens the door as it wasnt locked
    Shiono: I brought some foods for you. Eh? She is sleeping
    Eto is sleeping on the desk in her office. Shiono puts a blanket over her
    Shiono: You need to lock your door properly~~ You have alot of weird fans you know
    Shiono: Sensei’s working attitude is amazing
    Shiono goes to the kitchen and opens the fridge
    Shiono: ….?
    Shiono: (What are these… Cases…. Numbers? They must be….dates right)
    Shiono opens one of them and it was part of human’s face inside the case. Shiono closes the fridge after that.
    Eto: Shiono kun….?
    Shiono: !? *thump*
    Eto: You saw it right…… *put on glasses*

    ~Interrogation room~
    Sasaki: You may go back now
    Shiono: ……huh……
    Takatsuki: Shiono
    Shiono: Ta…..Takatsuki san…… And I thought you wouldnt come
    Takatsuki: ……sorry! For troubling you. You look so pale….are you okay
    Shiono: Sorry!!!! *gets down on all four*
    Shiono: Sorry sorry sorry sorry….. Sorry sorry sorry…. I…. I….
    Sasaki: Takatsuki san, “15 minutes earlier” he confessed, your room did “contained something similar to human meat”…
    Shiono: Sorry sorry…
    Sasaki: Takatsuki Sen….. No, Yoshimura Eto. I hereby capture you with perhaps being a ghoul as reason
    Takatsuki: Your “eyes” are getting good Young one…but, if you think you can win this, its better for you to first “keep your mouth shut”
    Takatsuki: …..Shiono kun, lift your head up. I never thought of you to keep it in….. I dont blame you…. I dont know if I am “incredible”… But you did make me into an author

    ~Rue Island~
    Hachikawa squad is fleeing
    Hachikawa: Faster faster! We need to get back before the reinforcements are here
    Hachikawa: ……Ayumu! Above you!
    Ayumu manages to dodge the attack
    Seidou: OH-NO. Hachikouuuu
    Ayumu: Takizawa…
    Mutsuki: …. (Owl…!)
    Hachikawa: ….If Houji were to see you like this, I think he would cry out of happiness
    Seidou: Aaaah– Wuuuuuu– Whatttt did you say?
    Hachikawa: Crazy (A second rate original investigator getting his way like this)
    Shikorae: You– *gets on Hachikawa’s back*
    Hachikawa: Ah?
    Shikorae: CHU 🙂
    Shikorae lands a kiss on Hachikawa’s face