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hamilton characters as club penguin bans
  • Washington: Stop screaming children it will be over soon
  • Jefferson to Lafayette: I could kill you right now, no one would hear you scream, I could go back and pretend to be you, they wouldn't even realize you were missing
  • Hercules: Fashion police, you're definitely under arrest
  • Aaron: You're tearing this family apart, god damn why can't you do it right
  • Alexander: 911 what is your emergency, what do you mean you're being murdered, people can't do that.
  • Jefferson: Put it on the menu
  • Alexander: You should jump cos no one likes you lol
  • Angelica: When I see stars I think of you, because you're only beautiful from a distance
  • Peggy: I heard you like the bad penguins, I don't want to brag but, I didn't sign up with my parents permission
  • Alexander: Help I can't swim
  • Angelica: Your point
  • Alexander: I'm drowning
  • Angelica: And I'm reading
  • Hercules: I live a hard life and work a dangerous job, i work as an officer for the fashion police
  • Angelica: That's not a good thing
  • Seabury: Thank you all for coming *no one is there*
  • King George: Have you ever heard of stranger danger
  • Aaron: Girl r u trash bc I want to take you out
  • Alex: I poisoned one of our glasses but I forgot which one
  • John: The way this dinner is going I hope it's mine
  • Madison to Jefferson: What the fuck purple
  • Eliza: Magic mirror, will I ever find love
  • Mirror: Ask again later
  • Alex: I like you
  • Ang: Me?
  • Eliza: No he meant me
  • Hercules: Dora your never going to get there with boots
  • Maria: I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch
  • Hamilton: Can I pay you in swag
  • Eliza: What the flipper
  • Peggy: Why would you swear like that
  • Maria: Was abandoned, is alone and sad
  • Washington: Locked up because my eyebrow game was to strong
  • Jefferson/Aaron: Smooth as butter
the quality of mercy (1/1)

Summary: In which Killian confesses to David and Emma. Spoilers for 6x12.

Rated: T

Warnings: None

Words: ~4.3k

Notes: I had a lot of feelings about the end of 6x12.  Title from The Quality of Mercy by William Shakespeare.  Much love and gratitude to my instrumental wife @ripplestitchskein for reading this through for me.

Also on ff and ao3

The worst of it, Killian thinks, is that for a moment, he doesn’t recall the man’s face.

He was nothing but a liability, standing between his crew and enough riches to carry him from one day to the next, bleeding out a living until he could sink his hook into the crocodile’s neck. And he doesn’t recognize David’s father at first, because he’d been merely one in the stream, one of the nameless voices that whispers to him late at night, or early in the morning, growing louder and louder, until he’s forced out of bed – and out of the endearingly tight circle of Emma’s arms – to wander along the line where the town meets the sea.

Only now, this one has a name, and the longer and harder he peers down at the drawing, the more familiar he seems. Not only from a hazy memory, but from the set of his brow, the swell of his cheeks, features he sees in the man he now calls his friend, and in the woman he longs to call his wife. And here, in the midnight shadows of the home he shares with her, he holds tight to the incriminating pages, a wisp of the darkness still stirring in his heart suggesting he surrender them to the sea.

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each zodiac sign’s secret weaknesses

Aries — Anger: The sign quickest to anger, Aries knows this weakness well. They feel it coming and you see it in their body language. Their posture straightens and they learn forward. They try to restrain it, but it’s so difficult for them. They wear their attempts at restraint in their facial expressions. You can see them grind their teeth and furrow their brow when they are trying to control it. It’s difficult because it’s sparked often.  As the cardinal, fire sign of the zodiac, their energy is always pushing forward and their fiery nature is easily sparked. So, anger is truly their weakness. Life always teaches them to try their best to control it because it leads to fights and bitter relationships. But it is a never-ending battle. There are Aries who always try their hardest to restrain it because they are embarrassed by it and prefer not to deal with the ugly consequences. There are also Aries who just let is flow. But even the Aries who try the least to restrain it, know it often gets them into trouble. Fortunately, Aries cycle through anger quickly and have a generally positive attitude… most of the time!

Taurus — Intolerance: Despite Taurus’ goal of using common sense to hold the highest values, they usually fall short on one value - tolerance. They are sure of what they think and they know what they want. If someone disagrees, that person is simply wrong. This scenario reaches the point of ridiculous when Taureans are intolerant of people who are simply obstacles to something they want. When it doesn’t even concern values or ideals, and it simply becomes Taurus’s inability to tolerate anyone disagreeing with their wants and goals, Taurus’s weakness is at its worst. They are blinded to it and they don’t see it until they find someone who pushes back on them hard enough to stop the Taurus and jolt them out their narrow thinking. This Taurus common-sense thinking can be very black and white. Moreover, Taureans can be downright tyrannical in convincing others they are right and others are wrong. Yet, enough resistance from other people or the world usually widens their view and makes them see that there are other ways to see things.

Gemini — Being Curt: ​Sharp words and insensitive comments are Gemini’s weakness. Geminis’ minds are too active for their own good. The constant flow of thoughts and ideas doesn’t give them much time for sensitivity to feelings and consideration for polite behavior. The speed of their thinking doesn’t allow them the time for anything except the most direct, pithy way of stating things so they can move on to their next thought. It isn’t that they intent to be curt. In their minds, they are just being efficient with their own time and with everyone else’s. They honestly find it hard to believe that anyone wants to spend more than time necessary on any particular point or topic for the sake of feelings or politeness. Yet, time after time, they find themselves hurting someone’s feelings because they were too quick and harsh with their words. They see it when it happens, and it frustrates them because they know it’s a weakness of theirs. They don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, they just don’t operate in a way that allows them time to address feelings.

Cancer — Being Vengeful: This trait is normally attributed to Scorpio, but it is definitely Cancer’s secret weakness. When Cancer’s self-defense mechanisms fail and this zodiac sign gets hurt or betrayed, they seek vengeance every time. Cancer is the most emotional sign in the zodiac and they need a way to deal with their feelings and make themselves feel better. Vengeance does this for them. The difference between Scorpio’s vengeance and Cancer’s is in the style, intensity and longevity of the effort. Scorpio is more patient in planning it, less outwardly emotional about it and they will stick to it for the rest of their life if necessary. Cancer’s vengeance is quicker and sloppier. Scorpio has more emotional self-control than Cancer. Scorpio can suppress the emotions so that they don’t interfere with their planning. Cancer has some trouble controlling their emotions so they need to get the revenge quickly so they regain emotional peace.

Leo — Arrogance: Leos easily fall into the trap of believing no one can do things as well as they can do them. Despite Virgo’s reputation for being the perfectionist of the zodiac, Leo is often the one trying to do everything perfectly. That’s great when it comes to their career, but they go too far when they won’t let anyone help them because they think anyone else will ruin it. Leo’s fixed, fiery nature becomes fixated on bringing their ideas into creation and having them come out perfectly, just like they imagine them. They can’t believe anyone else could care as much, or focus as completely on the task at hand as they can. It’s arrogant of them because they truly believe they are more capable than anyone else. Their focus makes them lose of sight of the talents and abilities other people could actually contribute to their projects. Their arrogance goes beyond work ability. It’s an overall tendency of theirs. Leos work hard at creating a great presentation. Their image is important to them, and they take great pride in themselves. It’s their inability to recognize the talents and contributions of others that causes their arrogance. Leos are so busy trying to shine brightly, they blind themselves to the rest of the people in the world who also shine brightly. Fortunately, their need to be honest and authentic usually brings them back to down earth. When their arrogance is brought their attention, they recognize it and do their best to snap out of it. 

Virgo — Being a Schemer: Even your closest Virgo friend doesn’t want to admit how they scheme. They will readily admit to careful planning and thinking through details, but scheming, no way! Scheming implies crafty, evil intentions. Virgos don’t have evil intentions. It’s simply smart to think about the ramifications of every possible course of action before choosing one. It’s smart to consider what will ultimately result in the best outcome for yourself. After all, they are our decisions and we all need to look out for ourselves. These are valid points, but it’s a slippery slope. Virgo’s ability to think through choices and outcomes is so well developed that they end up orchestrating, not only their own life, but the lives of those around them without even realizing it themselves. They are just so good at seeing the details and knowing how things will play out in the end, that they essentially become puppet masters. Like Oz behind the curtain, they keep their thoughts and plans to themselves. But the little comments, advice and warnings they can’t help dishing out to everyone, end up directing the course of events more than they realize. No, it’s not evil. But just like Oz, they’ll have you wondering until the very end.

Libra — Dishonesty: In their never-ending mission to make the world a beautiful, peaceful and just place, Libras too often take the path of least resistance and ending up lying. So often, it just makes things more peaceful and keeps things happy. There are two reasons for this. First, Libra’s tend to live in a world of their own creation where everything is nice and pretty. When something ugly comes around, they prefer to ignore it. Second, they don’t like to address things in a direct, head-on fashion. Rather, they prefer to keep things nice and find a way to address things that avoids ruffling anyone’s feelings or starts any ruckus. So, lying often becomes their course of action. It’s not because they have any evil intentions. In fact, their intention is to just to keep everything nice and peaceful. Of course, they don’t always choose to lie. Sometimes they realize that lying to kick something down the road and bit is only delaying the inevitable. So, there are times when they do choose to hit their problems or their enemies directly. When this happens, all hell breaks loose. They are perfectly capable warriors when they choose to be. So, excuse their tendency to take the easy way and keep the peace with a lie now and then. They are sparing you for your own good!

Scorpio — Being Petty: Letting the little things go is not an option for Scorpios. Losing sight of the little things is how empires collapse. Everything matters and everything is important. Most often, this mentality is fine for Scorpios. However, it can drive everyone around them crazy, and ultimately, it’s a trap Scorpios fall into without realizing it. They are careful people and much of their success in life is due to the care they take in their decisions. Yet, even they sometimes see themselves from the outside looking in, and they catch a glimpse of the pettiness in their lives. It can take them years to move past an issue, which, to everyone around them, seems trivial, unimportant or just dealt with already. Yet until the Scorpio moves past it on their own, they dwell on it. They spend a great deal of time and energy thinking about it because it festers deep within them. If it’s an issues with another person, it can literally drive the other person away because no matter how hard the other person tries to help the Scorpio move past it, they just can’t. Scorpios don’t realize how this seems to other people. It’s definitely a weakness of theirs, and at times, they do realize how it drags them down. Eventually, they always move forward again, but it’s always a struggle.

Sagittarius — Being a Prima Donna: The Sagittarius whose time is more valuable than anyone else’s is a common find. Sagittarians have no desire to sacrifice for success. They don’t believe in suffering in the short-term for long-term gain. That’s Capricorn’s forte. For Sagittarians, it’s all about feeling good as often as possible and setting up a life for themselves that makes things as easy and fun as possible. It’s a perfectly logical outlook. Life should be enjoyed, and it’s not that Sagittarians refuse to work or put in the necessary time and energy to build successful lives. Rather, it’s that they have no tolerance for doing any work or experiencing any more suffering than is absolutely necessary. It’s a fine line that Sagittarians are willing to walk, and again, it’s theoretically logical. In practice, however, Sagittarians often fall into the trap of becoming prima donnas. When they focus on this mentality so intensely that they constantly qualify the true value of anything they do as to whether it’s worthy of their time or not, it can seem like they believe they’re just better than everyone else. It seems like they think their time is more valuable than anyone else’s. In reality, they don’t think this. In fact, they believe it’s every man for himself. It’s each individual’s own responsibility to look out for the value of their time. So, they really don’t think everyone else’s time is less valuable than theirs, but it sure can seem that way!

Capricorn — Fearfulness: Capricorn is quite possibly the most realistic sign. As the universal, earth sign of the zodiac, it has the clearest view of the harsh realities of life. Capricorn doesn’t sugar-coat the world in its own mind and it doesn’t try to do it for the sake of others. It’s this point of view that also gives Capricorn its secret weakness of fearfulness. Knowing and often even dwelling on the negative, harsh realities of life, makes it clear that the world is a dangerous place. There is a lot to fear. Capricorns are prone to panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behavior, generalized anxiety and depression because they focus on the harsh realities of the world. There are germs everywhere and many of them can kill you. When an airplane crashes, you are likely to die. Yes, something terrible can happen at any minute, but most people don’t dwell on this fact. Capricorns have a tendency to fall into this trap. It’s a weakness of theirs and they suffer with it. It’s difficult for them to move past it because it can be embarrassing and people really don’t want to get dragged down in it because it’s not fun to talk about. Fortunately, it’s that same realistic view that also makes Capricorn fully aware of their fears and give them the understanding that they must be dealt with so they have successful lives.

Aquarius — Being Judgemental: Above all else, Aquarians want to be impartial and level in all of their dealings with people or issues. For the most part, Aquarians are able to do this without much effort at all. As the universal, air sign of the zodiac, they know this is the correct way to behave and think. Yet, they are still human, and although they almost always behave in a level and impartial way, they still have judgmental thoughts. They repress them and try to disregard them before they reach their tongues, but being judgmental is their weakness. It happens no matter how hard they try to avoid it. What’s more, because they aren’t comfortable expressing their judgments, they come off as insensitive and superior when they do. It’s the last thing they want. Yet, trying to uphold the highest moral standards for your own thoughts and behavior and trying to help with rest of the world do the same thing is tough work. Aquarians do their best, but with this world view, they can’t help but see the selfishness and weakness in others and judge it as wrong. This all makes sense, and looking at it this way makes it seem like being judgmental isn’t a secret weakness at all. Afterall, we all do it, but for an Aquarian, being judgmental goes against their own morals and standards. In their quest to be impartial, the last thing they be seen as is judgmental.

Pisces — Being Delusional: Pisces actually prefer to live a fog. When things aren’t completely clear, there’s always room for change, room for error and time to just relax and contemplate. There’s a certain rhyme and reason to this mentality. When we try to make things cut and dry, we limit are choices and our ability to make corrections and changes, which in the end, are beneficial. Yet, this is Pisces weakness because too often, they let it go too far until they become delusional. The delusions can be about how they are treated or how they treat others. Or worst yet, they can be about how they treat themselves. A Pisces can have a delusion about their marriage being healthy, when in reality, they know their spouse is cheating on them or just plain using them. They can have delusions about treating their loved ones fairly, when in reality, they are taking advantage of them. If the delusion is about how they are treating themselves, it can be about not acknowledging how overeating or over-indulging in alcohol is killing them. Or it could be about how they are just allowing themselves to wallow away in self-pity. Whatever forms the delusions take, they are all caused by Pisces unwillingness to face reality. Pisces prefer to float in a pleasant existence that avoids encounters with the harsh ugliness of life. So, they create delusions where everything is pleasant. Often it’s harmless and it simply makes Pisces easy to live with. Other times, it can slowly eat away at relationships or lead to self-destruction. Fortunately, Pisces people usually know when they’ve reach the limit and they need to snap out it before someone gets hurt. They have the ability to see things clearly when they choose to do it.

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can we talj about dan saying "its not our forever home its just temporary" like he totally plans on finding a forever home WITH phil because without phil it wouldnt be a home im emo

god im still thinking about how dan and phil literally solidified the fact that they’re gonna eventually be living in house together for the rest of their lives.. a future without each other is so fucking foreign to them and its hard for me to imagine the possibility of them even being able to entertain the idea of living separately. dan and phil are real good friends with subtlety, but yesterdays video? the way that they announced to the whole world that they would be moving together without even having to address it directly? the way that it was just treated as an unspoken rule? that video was coming out.. and it couldnt have been more dan and phil esque

Culture Shock part 2 (Jungkook angst)

I’m terrified that this is the last time I’ll ever see you.

Originally posted by imaginesbts

Part one Part three Part four

Word count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst


I hope this letter finds its way to you. I know it’s a little weird and out of the blue, but I’m visiting Seoul and I saw you. What are the chances? The one person that I was scared to run into and I saw you in a restaurant with your girlfriend.

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Things I adore about Monsta X
  • Their genuine friendship and the way they care about each other is so beautiful x x x x x x x x
  • You ask them to take a group picture and they do this x x x
  • Every single one of them are gorgeous, every single one x x x x x
  • I don’t know why Starship keeps allowing them to do self mvs at this point x x x
  • They are literally such dorks it’s hard not to love them x x x x x x x
  • They’re all 100% done with each other x x
  • They will find a way to take everything too far x 
  • Their performances on The Remix were so good x x x
  • LISTEN their cover of Mirotic needs a whole appreciation post of its own they slayed me x
  • So they once played arcade basketball. Shownu got angry. Wonho yelled at himself. Jooheon swore. All this for arcade basketball x
  • Hyungwon didn’t understand a game and they got so frustrated, Minhyuk was on the verge of popping a vein x
  • Apparently to Monsta X, switching their parts in songs means going crazy and Changkyun almost bursting a lung x
  • They make the best facial expressions on rides I swear x x
  • So humble and just great people I mean they do so much for the fans and their relationship with Monbebe is amazing
  • They all take so much bs from each other, regardless of age or whatever and yet they still have a level of respect for each other.
  • Every single time they end a video, either they’re pushing each other or saying random shit I don’t understand x x
  • Safari in Monbebe World. No other explanation needed really. x
  • Once decided that piling on top of a sick and frail Hyungwon was a brilliant idea x
  • They won’t stop climbing Kihyun like he’s a tree :( x
  • The concept they have for The Clan trilogy is incredible they just keep bettering themselves
  • Monsta X when they were babies PLEASE x
  • They’re all talented and contribute so much to the group
  • Claimed to be bad at sports but ended up breaking the ISAC archery record
  • They’ll get impressed if you kill a moth I mean x
  • They get so proud of each other’s accomplishments, months after they still listen to Kihyun’s OST, Hyungwon encouraging Wonho to talk about his song, watching Shownu on Hit The Stage etc x x
  • Such weirdos honestly x x
  • They keep toys and gift given to them by fans in their rooms x
  • They have inside jokes that they still remember and laugh about together x
  • They drew pictures and hand wrote letters for Monbebe to congratulate us on our first year
  • Hoo! Monsta X!
  • They are such hardworking, talented, kind, funny and amazing people. They really work so hard and manage to stay humble and positive; not to be as cheesy as Wonho but honestly stanning them is a great decision, the amount of pure happiness they bring is insane.

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Art is the one thing that is mine I'm a very lonely person by nature I hid myself often and deal with a lot of anxiety over trying to be perfect, but the real me is literally a quiet home body with her pencil and sketch book, but I was never allowed to be that in my family, I turn 23 in October and I think I want to pursue art full time and start a business maybe sell on Etsy or something but I feel too afraid of failure and rejection

And she was rejected. Tons of times.

But because she kept trying, you know what happened :)

Give Me One-Hundred Percent

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Pepper, Steve

Warnings: Sub!Bucky (if you squint), smut, swearing, hair pulling, metal ahnd use

Summary:Based off of this gif ;)

Word Count: 1284


Originally posted by fvckmxk

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when you last left me my blood was in a jar | (1/1)

and you kept it on your mantlepiece

She must be doing something wrong that her son thinks the best way to go about proving his fairytale identity is to steal a sword. She must be doing something wrong to indulge this.

Given everything that Storybrooke and this storybook has thrown her way, it must be wrong that Killian being Captain Hook isn’t the worst option.

notes: love it when i’m just scrolling my dash, minding my own business, and a silly prompt shows up and my brain fires in the completely wrong direction where “MY KID SHOPLIFTED FROM YOUR STORE AND I MARCHED HER BACK HERE TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU AU” becomes nearly 6k of a s1 cursed hook au. anyways, glad that i apparently still know how to put words on a page in something resembling a story, hope you enjoy!

also on ao3

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice the sword?”

“It’s not a sword,” Henry grumbles. There’s no masking the disappointment of a ten year old child, and Henry’s mastered the pout. Emma’s not falling for it today. There’s letting him join her for a cup of hot cocoa at the diner when he’s already late for getting…to Regina. But letting him pocket a -

“What is it then?” Emma asks.

Henry simply says, “A replica of Excalibur.”

“The Knights of the Round Table that hard up for money? Franchising a magic sword?”

Henry shakes his head, in that way he does where he sees her sarcasm as something to power through rather than acknowledge. He’s remarkably good at that, too, because when he replies, “No. Emma, you were supposed to read the book,” she actually feels guilty.

“Yeah…yeah, I did. Refresh me though?”

Henry sees her for a liar, liar pants on fire, but he’s mature enough not to say it and Emma’s immature enough to near smile when she looks up at the telephone wire above them.

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can someone recommend me some fantasy books / book series that don’t have super cringey writing? don’t mention anything written by sjm pls she infuriates me

dear wolf 359 fandom

please imagine this post on the hephaestus. no aliens necessary, just: at some point during those first 448 pre-show days, eiffel taped a knife to a space roomba and released it into the empty dark vastness of the station.

periodically it emerges and stabs someone.

s1!minkowski very much wants to kill him over it. eiffel, it is a safety hazard. even if it DOESN’T hit one of us, there’s a solid chance it will trundle off and hit some important machinery. there’s probably a pryce and carter tip about this. she keeps assigning eiffel to go find and neutralize it but he blows it off and/or uses “roomba hunting” as an excuse for why he didn’t get anything done all day.

hera doesn’t really get it? but then after she comes back to life, the space roomba almost seems to seek out a certain science officer? almost like somebody with control of the station’s hardware is directing it? she swears up and down it’s a glitch resulting from the impromptu brain surgery thing.

Surprise Knife Roomba is probably one of the stories eiffel tells lovelace, along with the space mutant plant monster, during that one conversation they had before things went sideways. lovelace thinks it is /fucking hilarious/. during the following couple of months eiffel sometimes complains that lovelace is more willing to bond with the roomba than she is with any of the actual people she’s threatening to blow up. this is completely accurate. she tells him she’s going to take it with her when she leaves.

at some point during the who’s there/pan-pan gap, minkowski has a moment of complete terror when she’s startled by unexpected movement in a room she knows is empty. then she realizes what it is and has to try very hard not to audibly sob about eiffel’s stupid shenanigans. (this is not a good time for anyone.)

kepler might be amused if (lovelace hadn’t laughed so hard at his tiny, tiny flinch) it were not emblematic of the REPREHENSIBLE BREAKDOWN OF DISCIPLINE ON THIS SHIP, etc. stabby roomba is slated to go the way of the space mutant plant monster. but there are a glorious couple of weeks between this order being issued and anyone actually catching the damn thing. this is not helped by the fact that maxwell is charmed by how much HERA loves the stupid little dude and its bad edge-finding algorithms, and jacobi secretly also thinks it is hilarious and bonds with eiffel over this.

alas, eventually it is ceremonially thrown into space. RIP stabby roomba. maybe the aliens will make a clone of it.

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I know what you mean about the Thrawn cover, it's not a good depiction of him. It looks like they were trying day too hard to make him look "alien" and he really shouldn't look all that inhuman aside from his coloring. ~Thrawnisbae

Okay I’m glad it’s not just me!

It does look like that; it looks like they tried to make him a realistic version of his Rebels model, which does NOT translate well. It just looks overly photoshopped and like…an ape.

Idk I just really find it a massive eye sore in every way. 😖

thejojosanctuary  asked:

Hey! Now that requests are open I was wondering how would the SDC crew react to coming home after a long day to find out there S/O has pulled out all of the works (their favorite home cooked meal ready, all of the pillows and blankets have been collected in the room to cuddle with, candles and music perfectly placed around the place)? I just need my daily dose of SDC fluff and I love your stuff! ^-^

Sorry for answerig this so late friend ;-;

Also thank you so much, i love your stuff too aaa <3



When Jotaro comes back home after a long and tedious day, the only thing he wants to do is go straight to the bed. To sleep, of course. His usually bitchy attitude gets 100% bitchier and he only wants to be left alone. This changed, though, when a pleasant smell reached his nose the moment he opened the door. Was that really what he thought it was? 

Curiosity got over him and ,instead of going to the bedroom without even saying hi to his parter, he peeked inside the kitchen, only to see his partner finishing making his favorite meal. “Ah, Jotaro, you’re home already!” He didn’t even bother to return the greeting, but wouldn’t snap to them like he usually does when he is pissed off either. “Come, sit! i have everything prepared for you tonight, you don’t even have to lift a finger.” 

After he is done eating, he takes a shower and gets ready to go to sleep, only to notice the room entirely set up for a cuddle session. (or even something more) He just sighs and lets out the tiniest half smile, “Good grief, you did all this just for me? Don’t blame me if i fall asleep though…. and thank you.”


Unlike Jotaro, one of the first things Kakyoin wants after a long day is just to rest and cuddle with his partner. After he opens the door, he goes with the classic “I’m home!”  and walks dragging his feet in search of his partner. He believes he smells something nice coming from the kitchen, but doesn’t really expect anything, since he knows his partner has been busy too and maybe didn’t have time to even cook.

He is pleasantly surprised though, with the sight of his beautiful partner serving him his favorite dish. “Welcome home, darling.” As they approach him to give him a kiss, he hugs their waist, smiling in the kiss. “Did i ever tell you how much i love you, s/o?” “Hmm, maybe you need to say it more often!” He let out a chuckle as he sat on the table to eat.

After they are done eating and head to the bed, he stares at the room from the doorframe the moment he sees everything so neatly placed, pillows and candles dimly illuminating the room. “You know, i think i must’ve done something really good to deserve all of this.” “Loving me is something good enough, Kakyoin!” God, he really does love them a lot.


“I’m home, my love!” No matter how hard his day was, Avdol would never bring that negative energy to his house, much less near his beautiful partner! What happened happened, what is more importart is that now he finally gets to see his partner. And the biggest smile finds its way to his face when he sees them working on his favorite meal, all while waring a cute apron. “Welcome home, Avdol!”

He offers himself to help them set the table and finish the meal, but goes to sit down when his partner insists him to leave everything to them. It feels kind of awkward for him, to be honest, since he is very used to work like a team with his partner, never letting them do all the work themselves. When the food is done, he enjoys every bite like it’s the last one, and praises his partner a lot! “Mhh, you certainly know how to satisfy me, my love.”

When they are done eating, he will insist on washing the dishes himself. He would ask his partner if they want to take a bath with him and, after the bath, he is surprised to see the bed full of candles and pillows all over the bed. “Ah, and i thought this night couldn’t get better!” he will kiss their forehead and hold their hand. “Now it’s my turn to please you, habibti.”


As angry as he is after the shit day he had, his frown dissapears completely after he enters his house and sees his dear s/o cooking his favorite meal. He approaches them sneakily and hugs them from behind, making them squeal out of surprise “That smells wonderful, mon amour~ can i have a bite?” “Don’t be impatient! Wait ‘til it’s done!” He will pout and sit down, waiting very impatiently for them to finish the dish.

After they serve him the food, he practically devours the whole plate in a second, letting out pleasured groans as he eats. “Good god, this tastes wonderful!” “Polnareff, you sound more pleasured now for eating than when we have sex.” “Shh, it’s a different kind of pleasure.”

When he gets ready to go to bed, his jaw drops when he sees the whole romantic aesthetic his partner worked on the bedroom. As much as they want to cuddle, this whole atmosphere only screams ‘make love’ to Polnareff “Ahh, you did all of this just for me? Hmm, let me repay you, mon chéri ~”


Bad day for this man probably means he will be like a grumpy grandpa, complaining about ‘some damn kids’ probably Jotaro and just grumbling this to himself. And he is ready to unload all of his frustrations with his partner “BAAABE, WHERE ARE YOU?! I NEED TO COMPLAIN!”

“Babe?” He will peek from the doorframe into the kitchen, only to smell and see his favorite meal being prepared by them. “Oh!” He will run like a kid to them, staring at the unfinished plate. “Hi Joseph. What were you saying about complaining?” “Nevermind that! Lemme have a bite!” “Don’t be a kid! Go sit there until the food is done!” “How dare you disrespect your elders like that!” But he will give up and go sit, crossing his arms, drool nearly falling from his mouth. “Is it done yet? Pleaaasee hurry up!”

Like Polnareff, this man will chomp on his food barely even chewing it, and start choking with it. “Please Joseph calm down, at least drink a little bit of water!” He will groan and practically scream with his mouth full “This is the most delicious thing i’ve ever had!!” And s/o may almost regeret their decision of doing this for Joseph. After all of this mess, he gets ready to go to bed not before going to the bathroom and spending an entire hour shitting and looks at his parter with a grin on his face when he sees the room neatly decorated “Hmm, what does this means? Well, i don’t mind having having a romantic sex session now and then, come here!” If they thought they were going to have a peaceful cuddly night, they were wrong. This old man still has a high libido.



Also, this is more long than what i am used to write, so sorry if there are a lot of grammar mistakes here :(


So they had her say it.

They had Emma Swan say that the only reason she knows what True Love is is because of Captain Hook. She said this when she was calm, and reasonable–made it part of her sacred marriage vow.

Now, there was a time, as a viewer, I would have said when a character says such a thing (and in such a way) we must be prepared to believe it. To accept it as incontrovertible canon.

And yet, not that very long ago, the show had a character explain why a certain keychain survived traveling between realms. It wasn’t Neal who made the claim. It was Belle. A sensible character whose words, frankly, we are always meant to trust in. Belle is written and performed as a particularly perceptive character. She understands and sees things we do not.

And so, in that moment of Emma’s marriage, the show’s Neal-erasure became complete.

It’s not just something the show does toward Neal, though, is it? The notion that someone might find/have True Love multiple times makes OUAT a show (ostensibly, but almost never in-practice) about happy endings rilly rilly skittish.

The show seems to believe that if Emma and Neal shared True Love that, then, somehow neuters Emma from ever having it again–even if (as we well know) NEAL IS DEAD.

And in this the show transgresses against Real Life and Real Happy Endings in a way I find it hard to feel okay with.

And as for the show being regressive about its own established-canon? That’s just unacceptable. You pay script advisors to keep track of things like this. There are rules in telling stories. Go back to school. Read a good book. Quit pooping on excellent moments you crafted in the past by trying to turn them on their ear. (*and of course it’s not the first time it’s been done–on multiple fronts)

For someone binge-watching the show, as opposed to watching it play out over six years on-air, it must seem even more egregious. Canon is even fresher in their mind.

can we talk about how important blue night jjong is?? he helps so many of us see bad times as character building and good times as something to be cherished, and even when he doesn’t know exactly what kind of advice to give, he’s just so warm and caring and that in itself means enough..i don’t know…its just when u have person in an idolized position it’s so hard to find ways to relate to themc and oftentimes they don’t even try to relate to us at all, but jjong is so genuinely himself when on blue night that he’s just this perpetual comfort..i just hope he knows how important he and his words are to all of us who listen to him

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) Chapter Eleven

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 11/24

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

Updates: Sunday

Thanks so much to @botanistlester for betaing this giant monster, as she’s been super helpful and encouraging with her little comments and endless excitement. We couldn’t have done it without you <3

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil

For reference, @snowbunnylester is Phil, @ineverhadmyinternetphase is Dan

(AO3 Link)

Chapter Eleven

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Hi Kenzi! (i hope it's okay to use your name haha) I was just wondering if you have any writing tips, because I wanna improve but I'm kinda lost on where to begin...writing is hard...

Of course! (And I actually love when you guys use my name, it feels much more personal and not like I’m just a faceless blogger throwing words at the internet.)

In general:

  • Keeping a commonplace book, which is simply a journal to write down quality writing you may find, is the best way to learn by ‘osmosis’. It’s the same idea as ‘if you want to write better, read good books’, except I like this method better because it’s more concrete, and helps you narrow in on the single best parts of a piece, rather than trying to learn from the whole. Any poems, sentences, or even entire short stories that blow you away, should be kept in a commonplace book for future reference. (I write down a lot of words I like, too: all of the words I zero in on during this Oda piece are ripped straight from my commonplace book.)
  • While reading, look for both the best and worst parts in a piece. No, I am not telling you to tear apart other people’s work, and you should not ever criticize unless someone specifically asks you what needs improving. With that said, finding weak points (and yes, we ALL have weak points) can help you avoid, or find and eliminate, those same weak points in your own writing. When you zero in on a high point, or strength, analyze what makes that part so amazing, and try to apply some of that to create high points in your own writing. 
  • Cut it out with the self-deprecation. Staying humble is important, and if you think you’re the best that’s out there, you’re never going to improve; but saying ‘omgomg this is so bad I’m the worst writer ever’ about everything you write is just as bad a stumbling block. Think of it this way; if you want to make a sculpture, you’re going to buy clay, or plaster, not solidified shit. Even if you carve something magical out of feces, it’s still going to be disgusting because it’s feces. Clay, while it might not be gorgeous at first, can be fashioned into a masterpiece. So, think of yourself as clay-maybe not the best, but not garbage, either- instead of shit-literally the worst ever- and you’ll create a positive mindset that allows for rapid improvement.
  • Keep excellent books in your writing area. When I’m feeling stuck, browsing a page or two of good writing can get the creative juices flowing.
  • Beg for constructive criticism. Does it hurt to have your writing picked apart and deemed insufficient? Absolutely. Swallow your pride, though, and ask what needs reworking, and your writing will improve by leaps and bounds.

In Actual Writing

  • Show, don’t tell. You’ve heard this billions of times, but its importance never fades. If I wanted to be told something straight up, I’d read a textbook. When writing for entertainment, you need to let the readers draw conclusions by themselves. This engages and enthralls them, and they’ll be hanging on your words. If you need help with this: scan your writing for the word ‘feel’. This is usually an indicator you’re telling. Ex: “She felt like she was going to be sick.” Yawn. Try this: “Stomach churning, she leaned against the wall, silently praying for her breakfast not to decorate the carpet.”  
  • Avoid adverbs. No, I’m not one of the ‘death to all adverbs grrrr’ people, but usually an adverb-verb pair can be swapped for a strong verb. Ex: “He laughed scornfully.” Bland, at best. Try: He scoffed, He jeered, or He derided.
  • Go into a piece assuming your reader knows nothing, but is devilishly smart. Not only will this help you avoid telling, and not showing, it also prevents from showing your hand too quickly. Picture that you’re James Moriarty, and you’re writing to Sherlock Holmes. You want to give him just enough information to play whatever game you’ve set up, but not see through and solve it without diving in. You and your readers are playing a game in which you want them to have a hundred ideas what may happen next, but never one, solid prediction. As soon as the reader figures out exactly what’s going on, you’ve lost. (This is not to recommend plot points coming out of the blue. Anything that may happen, or be important, needs to also have a set-up or it’s a cop-out. Play the ‘game’ with your readers, and play to win, but play fair.)
  • Cut out any sentences beginning with ‘There is.’ That construction breeds weak sentences, which you want to avoid with fiery passion. Other things to eschew: ambiguous subjects (i.e. it, that; use a specific object!), passive voice (’The enemy was defeated’; change to, ‘The enemy suffered defeat’), and using the same word in consecutive sentences (Mary was a cat lady. She owned many cats. Thesaurus.com is your best friend when you’re struggling with this.)

Follow these rules, and your writing will improve by leaps and bounds. Keep in mind that the number one rule, even if I didn’t get into it, is to practice, practice, practice. It’s self-explanatory enough that I don’t feel the need to elaborate.

I hope this helps, and good luck in your future writing endeavors!

Silver Silence Part 9

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 2,044

Warnings: Swearing as always

NOTES: feedback is really appreciated, sorry it took a while and sorry it’s a lot of information.

“Miss (y/n), Mr. stark requests your presence in the conference room immediately.”

A voice jerked you out of a blissful slumber, one filled with fantasies of how tonight’s date would go with Bucky. You groaned and rolled over, peering at the red screaming numbers of the clock.

7:13 am

“Tell him I’m on my way.” You mumbled back to the AI, luckily though he caught it and left you at peace. Your voice sounded slightly scratchy and robotic, as if static was clouding the used to be clear audio that was your man made voice.

You lazily stumbled out of bed, throwing on the nearest clean- or semi clean- shirt and pants and made your way down to the conference room.

When you arrived, all the avengers stood like a pack of wolves around a table, pointing angrily at different areas on an electronic map. It wasn’t long until tony noticed you, and spoke up, earning the attention of all other heroes. “Morning sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning.” You replied, but your voice had gone almost completely robotic, causing your hand to shoot up to your throat in worry. Everyone’s eyes were wide and concerned; all except Tony’s who simply smirked.

“Ah, I was afraid this would happen.” He pulled a small box, almost resembling an altiode tin out of his pocket and opened it, taking out a small chip. “Not to worry, iv thought of everything, as usual.”

He walked up to you and without warning, turned your head, moved your hair, and plunged the small square behind your ear.

“I created this little port back here for upgrades, that way surgery isn’t always necessary.”

He stepped back and motioned you to try it out.

“Thanks tony.” You tried, and it was clear, yet it seemed all eyes were still wide on you. “What?” you asked.

And that’s when you heard it, it wasn’t your voice, it was Tony’s, clear as day.

“Please don’t tell me this was your intention, when you said you updated her software.” Steve mumbled.

“Tony! What happened, did you give me your voice!” you shrieked.

“Calm down, calm down. No, although I’m sure you’d love that.” He hurriedly tried to explain. “Think of someone else; think of their voice, their tone.”

“What do you mean think of someone else?!” you yelled in frustration, and your sure if anyone closed their eyes they would think tony was having an argument with himself. “Why?!”

“Think of someone else, someone’s voice, just try it.” He pleaded.

You furrowed your brows but then began thinking of the first person that popped into your head. Unfortunately between your worry and anger that person was still Tony, and you had to force your mind to navigate to another individual.

Your mind went straight to Bucky, you wanted to pretend it was because he was staring at you from across the room, eyes turned in concern, but you knew it was because he was always on your mind.

He was like malice on cheap wallpaper, he was always there and his presence, his thought, his being clung to your mind. You concentrated on his voice, its low hum, its warm vibrancy, and you found yourself captivated.

You mumbled and stuttered until actual words formed, and luckily not a robotic, or stark tone.

“I swear to god if you don’t fix this-“you stopped abruptly. Your voice, it was exactly how you imagined it. It was Bucky’s voice, crystal clear, so much so that a few members of the team looked back at Bucky to be sure he hadn’t said anything. His eyes were wide and his face was drawn into an almost awe struck expression

“There you go!” tony cheered.

“Now what! I want to sound like me!”  The tone of your voice was still low, and you had to remind yourself that Bucky wasn’t actually saying anything.

“Just think about your normal voice it’s not that hard.”

You huffed and forced your thoughts on your own voice.

“why did you make it this way in the first place.” You questioned, surprised to find your voice in its normal tone.

“You lost your powers.” He sighed, and then quickly continued as your eyes narrowed. “- which was a good thing for your health and all, but it made you pretty useless on the field.”

“I was never on the field anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, but I had always planned you to be, you’re a smart kid, I want you to be with us out there.” He paused and fished a small remote device out of his pocket, “here, this will hopefully help with all the controls, the thinking part is more of a last result.”

You took the remote from his hands, and peered down at the light up touch screen.

“What could I even do with this on the field?”

“Your new vocal cords allow you to copy anyone’s voice that you hear. This will be perfect paired with a little hand to hand combat training from Natasha.” He glanced at the red head, who glared at him, then back to you with a smirk. “you can talk to an opponent, get his vocal frequency, take him out, then easily talk through his comms.”

He looked damn proud of himself, only causing Steve’s annoyed expression to deepen.

“and what if that ‘opponent’ is speaking a different language.” Steve interjected.

“Oh!” he grabbed the device from your hands, and fiddled around with it after typing in four different security codes. “There, speak.”

You felt like a dog but did anyway.

“Jo të bisedoni me mua si im një qen.” You covered a hand over your mouth.  (“dont talk to me like a dog”)

“Kjo eshre ajo qe gjuha!?” (what language is that?!)

you where sure that no one could understand you, so its not as if questions was effective, that is until tony looked down, seeming to be reading something.

“uhhh- Albanian.” Tony stated.

“Ndryshoje ate perseri!” (change it back!)
he again looked down at the screen. scanned it and began typing.

“better?” he asked
“god i hope so.” you responded.
He handed you the device again, then began to walk out the door. only then did you notice to translate audio controls he was using.

“We’ll use you on our next mission, try to practice with it from now until then.” He was followed by Steve, Natasha, Thor and Wanda.

You stood there, glancing towards Bucky then back down at the screen in your hands.


That night you spent almost 4 hours picking out the right outfit. You finally settled on professional looking white blouse and black slacks. It was hard to except comfort in wearing a dress, especially for how fragile your body used to be, instead you decided you’d slowly work up to that.

After doing your makeup and hair, you went down to the common room and found Bucky waiting patiently on the couch, his body lined in kaki pants, and a navy blue dress shirt. When his eyes locked on you, he stood.

“Y-you, I uh…” he stuttered, “You look amazing.” You blushed as he then rubbed the back of his neck and quickly grabbed his gray blazer from the back of the couch. “Are you ready?”

You nodded meekly.

It was a funny thing, being so nervous around him, you’d kissed him before, talked to him plenty, and he took an unusually fast likening to you. But still you felt butterflies in your tummy and simultaneously  felt those butterflies flap their wings of fire to cause it to churn.

Nervous, yes that’s what you still are. The whole way there, clinging to Bucky’s arm, and the entire time you waited to be seated.

And then, you weren’t.

You were flying on cloud 9, staring into pools of ocean and laughing with the sound of liquid gold that poured from his mouth.

“You really broke 6 bones while trying to play tennis?” he chuckled.

“Yeah well I was an hyper child.” You replied, but then he stopped for a moment, thinking.

“(y/n)?” he asked softly, peering over the candle light as you pressed a glass of wine to your lips.


“What happened before Tony found you.”

You coughed; choking on your drink and feeling some pour down your chin, but quickly wiped it before it could touch your blouse.

“Sorry, I’m just curious, you don’t have to-“

“No, no. it’s alright Bucky.” You cleared your throat. “Id start at just before they took me in but it probably wouldn’t make any sense.”

“Start were ever you’d like”

You smiled.

“When I was little my dad was always a little… worried, about me.” You gulped. “More so then most parents, but out of anything I think in a way.. He was scared of me.”

“Scared of you?” Bucky questioned.

“My mom died, when I was born. But the doctors never knew why. And I think in a way he blamed himself… but even more he blamed me.”

You took a deep breath and let it out through your mouth.

“As I grew up, he started to notice my frail state. I broke bones so often a hospital room became like a second home, and as such my father spiraled down into debt.”

“So he did the only think he could think of.” You looked up at Bucky, his expression hard and concerned. “He put me up for adoption.”

“How… how old where you?”

“Ten.” You smiled. “Ten, and id already broken every bone in my body at least once.”

“I was an active kid, I loved sports, I loved dares, but when I was put into that home, I was on lock down. A couple times even in a padded cell.”

The waiter came to pick up menus, asking about choices and smiling sweetly at you. But Bucky didn’t remove his eyes from your face, he was frozen.

“Did you ever….” He trailed,

“No. I never got adopted. I was there from 10 to 18 and not once was I even allowed to be interviewed.”

You gave a humorless laugh.

“Defective, that’s what they’d call me. So I felt I needed to prove to them, and my father I could live on my own.”

“So I left, an 18 year old with no money, family or friends, and I got a job.”

This time you laughed, you laughed in good heart and watched Bucky smile softly at the sound.

’Terry’s seafood.’ I always smelled like tuna and grease. But I found a little apartment, and I lived, I lived and I didn’t break a single bone for 2 years.”

“What happened?”

You shook your head.

“The third year wasn’t bad. Minor injuries., the 4th and 5th was just bad relationships and insomnia but the 6th … I was in car crash, broke so many bones I was in the hospital for months, and when I got out… I was so far in debt, so lost in the pile of rent, that I couldn’t get back up.”

The food finally arrived, but being so engaged in the conversation, neither of you began to eat.

“The whole year before Tony found me was hell. I lost my job, my home, everything. It was like a nightmare, because I finally saw my dad in myself. Not even I could deal with me. I was so much baggage; I couldn’t even live with myself.

“And… the blast?” Bucky wondered. But he had the most heartbroken look on his face. One that he got when he wanted to say something but couldn’t. And you knew him well enough to know that it was probably something to contour your inner turmoil.

“I broke my leg.” You wiped a hand down your face. “I broke my leg, and I had no house, no job, and a mountain of debt, I couldn’t go to the hospital, but I also couldn’t walk, which means I couldn’t find food. So I was angry, I was livid. Why me. Why did I have to carry around this burden of glass skin, and then… I just kind of lost it.”

You poked around your plate with your fork.

“I didn’t mean to do so much damage Bucky… I really didn’t.” you mumbled.

“Well I’m glad you did.” He chuckled.


“Well… because we met.”

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Have you read any well written Sonamy fics Greeny? It's so hard to find good fics for this ship without the author demonizing other characters, turning it into an angsty soap opera, or it just being flat out sappy (I'm definitely not against shameless fluff, but sometimes it goes way overboard! x-x); I feel you have a really nice grasp of these two and how they'd function as a couple, so I'd be very interested in reading any fics you'd recommend (if you're okay with linking them of course!)

“Steal you Away”  is pretty amazing. It’s based in the Sonic X continuity but does it’s own thing with some amazing SonAmy-rich additions and it makes adaptations of certain episodes. I strongly recommend it.

“The Wormhole”  is a great SonAmy fic. In short, Sonic and Amy are separated from their friends and have to manage on their own with Sonic in a horrendous state due to injuries from the accident that separated them from the others and Amy needing to watch his back and care for him. It has tense parts, heartwarming parts and one part that really got to me in chapter 7. Just read Sonic’s reflection on what constitutes a “hero”. You might cry.

“In Memoriam”  is a really sweet SonAmy fanfic. It’s not particularly long but it’s emotionally resonant and both characters are portrayed well. The emotion is well done and whilst I’m not a big fan of affording Sonic a tragic past admittedly, it actually works really well here.

“Temperature”  is a somewhat comedic SonAmy fic that is overall well written. Amy finds Sonic passed-out in the snow due to a bad cold/flu and takes it upon herself to make him feel better. Gotta love Sonic’s eagerness to escape XD

All these fics may come-off as sappy on occasion but IMO, it’s not overbearing.