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what happened in fandom with teru?

he’s apparently “problematic and irredeemable” because he hit on kiyoko and made her uncomfortable (it’s not like a lot of other characters have done that to her though lmao) and the point of the interaction was to show that terushima thought he could get whatever he wanted, that he was childish, that he wasn’t taking things seriously.

 He was probably on a power trip as captain (i mean he got visibly jealous of how responsibly and more of a captain daichi is) and like??? it’s normal for boys to be assholes im crying, im sure all your favourite REAL LIFE boys have catcalled girls and made girls uncomfortable when they were in their teens while not knowing any better. 

  • being best friends with yoongi is probably awesome
  • random rap battles
  • like anytime, anywhere
  • you teasing him endlessly about his dance in the baepsae dance practice
  • him giving 0 fucks
  • bc he looked cool so whats ur point
  • if he has a crush oh boy
  • u tease him abt it but he probably blocks u until u stop
  • but then one day
  • you’re just watching a movie or sth and he texts u
  • and he’s like “!1!1!! OH MY GOOOD”
  • and thats weird but u ask what happened
  • and hes like “… i saw them”
  • you’re super done with him bc u thought someone got hurt or the dorm caught fire
  • but deep down u squeal and think its hella cute
  • bc omg it’s ur boy and he’s out there liking people and being happy
  • u reply with “cool” and then proceed to rant abt how the fact that he has a crush is adorable
  • oops he blocked u again
  • ok but he spends lots of time in the studio
  • sometimes u wonder if he has like a hidden bed there?? bc u haven’t seen him for 2 days??
  • at some point u just start setting alarms for 3am
  • so u can wake up nd text him to check if he’s asleep
  • and if he replies u call him and start a rant about how u understand how passionate he is
  • but he really has to take care of himself
  • or u’ll kick his butt next time u see him
  • yoongi is usually seen as cold
  • but he literally loves his fans and friends and family so much??
  • sometimes he sends u a random cute text like “i miss u and ur stupid jokes” and you’re like “aw” until u read the stupid jokes part
  • other times he shows up at ur house or sth and u both just go for a walk or he drives somewhere
  • that’s usually when he opens up abt sth that’s bothering him, like lack of inspiration or stress
  • he needs someone to comfort him sometimes too
  • u reassure him and he smiles his gummy bear smile and aw
  • visiting his studio
  • him always being around bc he’s scared u’ll break sth
  • but then u don’t
  • probably getting to listen to little previews of upcoming songs
  • sending reaction pictures all the time bc of the previews
  • if you’re taller than him he might be salty abt it
  • (jimin too)
  • yoongi makes it one of his priorities not to show he’s salty
  • but he is
  • ranting to him about his many hairstyles and the ones you think they should bring back
  • (the grey & mint ones oK BYE)
  • texting him “i don’t give a shit” at some random hour
  • him being rlly done but still texting back “i don’t give a fuck”
  • honestly just texting him lyrics
  • if u ever have a problem with anyone
  • he’ll offer to write a diss track
  • and you’re like “omg yoongi no”
  • “… too late”
  • this means no one in bangtan dares to mess with u
  • bc yoongi shows up out of nowhere and whispers “diss track”
  • he probably brings u stuff from tour
  • he would be that best friend that’s like a brother
  • and u know u can trust him
  • tbh being best friends with min yoongi must be amazing

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My god, I’ve just finished it but still feel its hand on my throat! 

I guess it was the hardest one of all released episodes so far, and also filled with lots of beautiful details, moments and impressions.

That moment about Clem’s period was so unexpected and touching, really. And very realistic, because seriously there were no one before to tell her about it because it was quite early but in current time it could happen anytime. And I was so glad to be here for her as an adult. 

Also I loved how Clem mentioned how she stitched her arm, one more of that heartwarming references to previous seasons which I’ve been noticing through all previous episodes. 

I so much regret I killed Conrad! Wonder what happens if he’s alive. I don’t blame Gabe on telling everyone though, just idk, I can’t. I honestly like Gabe, he is a good boy who really wants to be strong. I was quite indifferent to his crush on Clem but this episode got me. There were so many funny moments with all that looks, words and situations. Especially the moment when they went to get a car and Gabe didn’t want to stay on watch and then Clem asked him and he agrees in a heartbeat and that faces of Javi & Kate on the background, I laughed so hard :D Maybe Clem doesn’t have a crush on him, even definitely for me she doesn’t. She’s like more mature than him, but it’s so pure how he interacts with her on his level and you see Clem like being similar for at least some moment and can pretend that she wasn’t through everything she was, like she has a small break from her reality or something /here I cry, omg/. It doesn’t get me so emotional when I’m playing bc I’m fixed on the plot at the moment and stuff, but now I think about it and it drives me to same feels like that S2 trailer about raccoon in her tree house. 

I also loved to see Javi, Clem and Gabe in action together, they’re such a great team :D

I loved that we finally got an option to hug David!

btw I absolutely love how this game is full of hugs moments! Also loved their flashback. I was standing for David the whole episode. Whatever happened before and whatever I thought before, the ongoing plot changes your opinions so much, and it’s brother.

Lingard made me sad, I mean I absolutely understand him, but on the other hand I couldn’t kill him and didn’t let Clem do it. 

I loved Clem’s flashback and Ava in it showed up as a very good character, also she said David gave that AJ’s drawing and it’s very touching. I think it were his parenthood feels, like he saw how AJ is like a son for Clem and he also knows how it is to have kids, so you understand what I mean I guess. 

And of course huge thanks for listening to fanbase and giving all people who didn’t wanted Kate romance (including me) an opportunity to clearly reject her!

AND THE ENDING OF THE EPISODE WAS THE HARDEST PART because I was panicking and fucked up everything. I was trying to think my actions ahead but the events were turning by absolutely unexpected ways all the time and I guess it’s an example of great writing. And a great villain we had here because after it all I love Joan as a character even more. All that words of her, all her manipulation with people, everything she does is A+, you have my soul for developing such villains because that’s the one this universe deserves. 

@telltalegames congratulations on one more epic release and thanks for my unforgettable gaming & story experience, me and my cat who comforts me after your episodes both love you ♥

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I feel like Even thinks they hate him. Like what did he do? Remember when Isak and Even were laying in bed after his episode he said "you'll end up hating me." I honestly do think it's a misunderstanding with a lot of drama.

yeah i also think its a misunderstanding, that seems to be the theme of this season..he might feel guilty for whatever happened and thinks they hate him, even though sana probably told him they dont..ugh i just cant wait to find out but i also dont want to bc Pain

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tbh I haven't really thought too much about Alyanette. I'd love to see more of that portfolio/slideshow. I'm always open to hear about more ships! <3

you can check out this post for a little collection of shippy moments

how can you not ship it when alya’s entire life revolves around ladybug and she has no idea that ladybug is already the person she’s closest to? 

or when alya being in danger is the one thing that convinced marinette to become ladybug? all of paris was in danger from golems and she was too frightened to act but the second alya’s at stake its “SPOTS ON” (note that she wasnt close friends with alya when this happened. they had just met. there is no heterosexual explanation for this)

plus in alyanette there’s just a lot of relatable stuff for when i was young and discovering i like girls! being the girl who obsessively hoards photos/videos of your favorite female celebrity and looks thru them every single day while sighing softly because she is so talented and cool and awesome and youre just a really big fan okay. and being the girl who isnt interested in any guys because you’ve already honed in on this one celebrity dude who you decided is The One even though you barely know him - such a shame hes completely unattainable but youre weirdly unthreatened by that for reasons.

you know, if cal’s death (basically anything that’s happened, even what happened after the Huntington’s) didn’t feel like it was just a crap soap opera move for drama and actually meant something i’d probably be cool with it, but everything that’s happened since ethan found out he has huntington’s (even the be more cal stuff) is just so much for the views and drama without anything meaningful (like a lot of things on casualty recently, i mean they barely focused on grace which could have been done really well and instead focused on relationships and feuds??) and i get they want views and all the soaps out there do shit like this, but this used to be a good programme before they started appealing to the eastenders and coronation street etc type viewers and now my favourite characters are slowly getting destroyed and this programme has just become so much of an annoyance for me 

“steve and sharon had no chemistry!!!!”
“omg they were OBVIOUSLY flirting at the funeral it’s so crass”

“no one even cared abt the kiss in the theaters”
“ppl BOOED the kiss in theaters”

“no one even remembers that the kiss happened”
*spends the next TWELVE MONTHS making hateful posts abt it thus drawing more attention to it than if they had otherwise ignored it and moved on with their lives*

can y'all antis make up your minds please


I guess I better explain my inactivity.

I won’t go into too much detail and bore everyone but, a lot has happened these past 5 months that took its eventual toll on my health; physically, emotionally and mentally. This blog was created not only to spread the love for a series that I didn’t expect to hold so dear, but as something to keep me busy and leave me as little time as I could to be alone with myself.

However, I didn’t expect so many followers (575 holy shit guys thank you) and so many requests. To be honest I thought about leaving the blog a few times due to personal reasons (mostly consisting of insecurities, not having a computer and having to do everything on my phone, and just overall self-hatred) or handing it over to someone else. But, giving all the happy memories, amazing people, and the fact that both the series and the blog have helped me through so many things not even people close to me irl know, I won’t do that. I’m starting back up if you guys will have me. 

The past few weeks have been rough, especially since I’m starting finals again, but I’ve started the drafts of every request I have on inbox and I’ll try to be more active from now on.

I really look forward to writing for all of you again. I can’t apologize enough for my lack of request output and I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet messages and love you’ve shown to me and my silly writing.

Class starts in a few minutes but during the week and the next I’ll be working on:

> Answering ALL requests and questions
> Heavily editing Rona’s bio
> A Masterlist
> Organizing the blog with its correct tags

That’s all for now my little sinmates.

Now get back in your cells.


About Love and Faith

I’ve been asked what I meant when I said that « love is many things but also an act of Faith » and I find it such an interesting question.

For the record, I did a reading last week for someone who wanted to know if she and her guy were « meant to be ». I sort of refused to answer that question, arguing that identifying soul bonds was not my specialty even if I ponder and explore the topic of Twin souls a lot, and that a relationship is basically going to evolve depending on its current state, people’s feelings, wishes and efforts. I disappointed her though (which is something I deal badly with but anyway), and since then I’ve been pondering. Because I do believe in soul bonds and fated events, having lived through such things myself. And I can say that when something bigger than you wants something to happen, it happens even if you never thought such a thing could ever be. Period. It is very trendy to focus exclusively on human being’s personal power, strength of will and agency, and I agree with it 100%, but I also think that some things are in fact written, and that one’s true will is God’s will, as they say. I’m still thinking a lot about Fate versus Free Will.

I didn’t want to pull a card to answer her question directly, because I myself have defied cards and the interpretation that was given to me several times, because it went against my heart and made me sick to the core, to accept and give up on something that mattered so much to me. I believe that sometimes cards can test you, and give you an answer only to see if you’re going to listen to what you really feel about something, or to an outside voice, even if it’s the voice of an oracle or authority of any kind. So I told her it was all about her heart and his heart and where they want to go from there. The answer is always inside, even if it is sometimes messy and unclear, even if it sometimes takes time to get there.

However, not everything in life is going to happen the way we want it to, because we want it to and no matter how much energy we put into it, as long as we don’t go with the flow of things. To me it’s also what magic is about. This subtle balance between personal power and « all that is ». So, I also believe that Faith is a thing. A difficult thing. Many times we hope and feel let down by life. People get cynical. Atheists claim there is no God because of the horrors going on in the world. But I have experienced first hand the reality, for myself anyway, of a benevolent and rather humorous spiritual force guiding me through a process. And this process, this path that is my life, wants to let me experience that which I truly desire, and it is something I believe. I have faith in that.

As for Love with or without a big L, I’m not going to define it in any way, but for me there’s something of an open heart, of a determination, of a fire inside, and it can feel like the warmest hug or eternity. Sometimes, I do feel so, so deeply loved, and I love so so deeply. Trusting and having faith, in this benevolent force that I mentioned, in a spiritual process, in oneself, in someone else, and in love itself between flawed human beings, is an act of love because we cannot know and control everything. Because we try and fail, because we err, because we lose hope, but when there’s a fire going on inside, I deeply believe that it’s not for nothing and that your deepest wishes can and want to come true. I believe that we are here to do what we’re meant to do, which can be a big thing or all the little things we love, and I believe that we are helped towards that. I believe that we are here to love and be loved, and I believe there can be such an immense and powerful force that binds people together. I believe that you and all the people you are meant to love, will meet and/or be together, and when things are difficult for the moment or not the way we want them to be, the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and others is to have faith in that and in the possibility of a beautiful future.

I'm terrified about trc tv show

So I thought I’d make a list of shit that I couldn’t cope with it not having:
-Blue and Ronan are played by Amandla Stenburg and Reece King
-Noah needs to be a faded glittery ghost child, he needs the glitter that’s the most important part
-the “murdered murdered remembered” scene
-everything needs to be aesthetic and pretty
-Cabeswater needs to look pretty not some ugly cgi shit
-the pig
-the iffy maybe slightly problematic stuff that ronan said would preferably be excluded
-the wardrobe needs to be good, the boat shoes cannot be excluded
-300 Fox Way has to be so busy and cosy and psychic-y
-I want Ronans love affair with his car to be captured in excruciating detail I fucking love Ronan and his car
-it needs to be shown that Ronan is completely and utterly in love with Adam but shown in a soft light and pretty and also Fire and sex and just you know
-Ronan and Noah’s friendship
-When Gansey and Blue kiss but don’t kiss on the mountains I loved that scene so much
-“I’m always straight” “oh man that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told”

what am i doing?

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*flies in like a bat out of hell* What about a fusion between all three? Idk if you watch SU but it's totally possible and makes for super powerful beings with extra limbs or senses. (Usually eyes tbh)


a Disaster™

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

ya real clever guys

on their wedding day viktor decides to wear a traditional haori while yuri wears a uhhhh whatever the russian term for a groom’s outfit is

(the russian groom outfits are really hard to draw cut me some slack)