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I Learnt That From The Pizza Man

It had started out as an accident, a share button accidentally pressed, a drunk fumble to undo his mistake falling short of its intended target. He froze for several long moments, then quickly pulled the bed covers over his naked body on the off chance that Castiel would perform one of his obligatorily unwarranted appearances at the sight of the text. After a few loaded minutes spent waiting for the shit to hit the fan Dean shrugged, and reassured himself with the thought that in all likelihood the angel didn’t even know how to open the text, let alone the hyperlink.

The next time he saw Cas the perturbed look in the angel’s eyes seemed to belie Dean’s earlier assessment of the situation, a slight shift away from their usual intense focus on Dean’s face, a hint of a question that the angel clearly didn’t know how to voice. Oh, he’d seen the message. Dean’s lip twitched slightly at the discomfort he sensed there, but said nothing of it.

That night, with an uncharacteristically evil chuckle, Dean sent off another link, chugging whiskey and grinning to himself as he imagined the frown as the angel received the message, that composed face blushing as he saw what it contained, if in fact an angel could blush. Dean coughed and quickly moved his train of thought away from the details, far too easily conjured, of those impossibly blue eyes, the turn of his lips as he – Dean quickly clicked on a video and ignored the familiar lump that rose in his throat when he allowed himself to go there, to think too much.

He didn’t know why he continued to do it, keep sending the links to those videos, the inappropriate texts late at night when he’d drunk too much to hold himself back. He staunchly refused to see any deeper reasons for his actions, it was a joke, and nothing else. A joke he would never mention to Sammy, or discuss out loud when he came into contact with the angel. A totally normal hetero joke, and the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach every time he saw Cas squirm when they locked eyes were caused by stress, or hunger, or the sport of messing with the angel. That was all. Just a joke.

“Dean Winchester, this is not funny!”

Dean grinned at the phone and struggled to resist the urge to laugh.

“Something up Cas?”

“You know exactly what is up. The gardener is currently ‘up’ the frustrated housewife.”

Dean half choked on a mouthful of beer and spluttered a laugh.

“Stop sending me pornography Dean!” The panic in the angel’s voice only served to make Dean laugh harder.

“Or what?”

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anonymous asked:

reason i don't like hoseok 1) he's always bothering the hell out of yoongi yet ppl ship them together?? 2) he's average at rap but ppl acts like he's the second coming of jay z, pretty sure namjoon and yoongi would rather have donghyuk in the group 3) his dancing is good, but it's obvious he's less good than jimin, all summer jhope said how he was working hard on bme, but then jimin did bme blindfolded on mama? lol weak. 4) ppl pretending he's good at singing orz 5) he brags too much, etc

I can’t even answer this seriously because I feel like you’re still trying to make me angry for no reason and just being petty

1 - Hoseok and Yoongi are obviously good friends and each member of BTS nags on each other all the time. That’s why theres always those compilations of them bugging each other on Youtube, because it’s supposed to be funny. I do it with my friends, it’s a normal thing lol.. It’s called banter, look it up. I’m sure its completely obvious Yoongi doesn’t hate Hoseok and cares for him and they’ve actually had some of their best moments together, like the Don’t Laugh Vlive, where they were just laughing together.

2 - I’m not saying that Hoseok has to be your favorite rapper, or his songs have to be your favorite, but a lot of people really enjoy MAMA and all of his raps on songs and I believe that they’re very good and he always works really hard on them and despite not even coming into BigHit as a rapper he’s done a lot for BTS with his raps.. and I’m pretty sure that’s false since …every member of BTS are each others friends and always support each other but whatever you say

3 - And on the dancing they all have different dancing styles so people like some dancers more than others. Jimin did it blindfolded because it went along with the concept, and he did great you’re right but Hoseok has worked really hard on BME and the members have mentioned multiple times that they look up to Hoseoks dancing skills and that Hoseok helps them and its been shown in like 3 bombs of Hoseok helping them like if he’s not your fav dancer fine but you can’t dismiss the fact that he’s worked hard as a dancer and has helped BTS as a whole with his dancing skills

4 - For a rapper, he is good at singing… That’s why everyone loves I Like It so much…can’t take this one seriously either

5 - This one you obviously pulled out of your ass since he’s always the first member to notice things like fan projects and is always mentioning being thankful to ARMY and is always supporting the other members work and etc but I’ve literally never seen him brag about himself ever. Source?

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PT 2 - so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it's so exhausting. is there any way you'd suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don't know that it's something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn't any bother. take care!

Entire question for those reading:

hiya! your stuff is mindblowingly gorgeous, i just now came across your work and you’re incredibly talented, especially considering your age! without getting too personal/into TMI territory, i was wondering if you’d be willing to give some advice - due to depression and other illnesses, i’ve been practically nonfunctional in most aspects of my life for a couple of years now. what i’d like to know is, i guess, how would you recommend someone go about improving in art when they have to take it so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it’s so exhausting. is there any way you’d suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don’t know that it’s something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn’t any bother. take care!

Thank you! And always remember that you don’t have to stress about learning at your own pace- you’re not less of an artist if it takes you a few extra months or years to grasp a concept or to gain skills.   

For your question now: I’d recommend setting a small goal of drawing a figure a day- or just focusing on sketching a few hands, ears, noses, torsos, whatever- and slowly increasing the amount you draw as time goes on.  If you forget or neglect to draw on one day, don’t let it get to you, and just keep drawing the next day.  People say you have to draw every single day for eight hours a day to be a great artist, but in all honesty it won’t kill you to skip a day.  On another note, draw people that interest you.  Literally the only reason why I wasn’t bored out of my mind studying anatomy was because I wasn’t technically studying anatomy, I was just drawing people that fascinated me and taking small mental notes of their shapes and proportions.  Sometimes I would see a girl or a guy and think, man I gotta put this on paper (not sure where this sensation comes from, but I’ve been noticing it more and more as the years have gone by).

I don’t think I’ll talk about color theory just yet, but if you want to stylize anatomy it’s a good idea to think about two things in particular: 

1, look at the work of artists you admire (that stylize their work).  What makes their figures so pleasing to you, where is your eye drawn, and what aspects of their drawings would you like to adopt?  It can be something as major as overall gesture and energy of their figures, or something as small as the way they sketch fingers.  Maybe theres some softness, or snap, or attitude, or sensualness to the people they depict that you’d like to emulate- consider copying of their work (obviously don’t tell anyone it’s yours) and paying attention as you copy to see what you absorb.  

2, watch people around you in real life (or use pictures if you’d like) and note what interests you about them.  Keep the little things in mind: the way their hair glints in sunlight, the way they slightly lean to one side when they talk to someone they’re comfortable with, the face they make when they’re happy-surprised versus disappointed-surprised, so on and so forth.  You don’t have to throw all of your observations into your art immediately, of course, but when you realize that there are a lot of very minute (and at times indescribable) things that make us seem more human, it gradually makes it easier to stylize and to express little pieces of humanity in your art, and people will begin to connect with it and feel genuine emotions when they look at your works.  

For now, just see if you can get in a sketchbook page or two a day; and take some time to look at people, whether they’re living and breathing, or filtered through the eyes of an artist.  You’ll get some valuable knowledge from these small exercises, and you’ll notice some improvement in due time.

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Can you please write more about Taehyung? My heart is about to explode. This is exactly why I find him so interesting. I wanna know if maybe I missed some things so I like to read your perception. Sorry don't wanna burden you and please do it when you want to of if you ever have the time. It's just - amazing to read. Thank you.

💖 since i’m sick today & feeling emotional, i’m going to FINALLY do this. so here goes, bout to wax some sick poetic about my man. (instead of answering the 985 analysis things in my inbox) 🎻

Kim Taehyung is my 🌏, and lemme tell u why. This man smiles & loves from the bottom of his soul, way past his heart, way past that meditated place where sometimes we tend to go when people are talking to us, telling us things that we’ve heard before and we hear a lot. Taehyung hears compliments a lot….

“…Everytime he hears compliments he becomes shy and thanks people sincerely.” / “he’s very kind.” / “he [taehyung] is my savior.” / “He’s a very bright person.”  

…he receives a lot of love and dedication, but despite this, Kim Taehyung genuinely comes from a place of such beautiful warmth and kindness, that he never takes a compliment for granted, he absorbs love as much as he can and always repays it with as much as he can and yet he still feels like he’s not giving back enough.

“I think I received more love from you than I ever gave you, so thank you….I want to try my best to give more, more, more, love to you…..I’ll try harder and love you [ARMYs] more and more.” X

Ya know, Taehyung really has so much love to give. Explosive amounts. More love in his heart than anyone I’ve ever known. He cries easily, he feels things so deeply, he’s so terribly sorry to disappoint people, he wants to fill his heart with loved ones, he wants everyone to not just love him but love each other and respect each other. Taehyung is the most beautiful soul.

Taehyung who always tries his very hardest to make fans feel comfortable, make them laugh, make them smile, hold their hand. who isn’t afraid to play around and show vulnerable sides of himself too. Despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to like feeling exposed, and despite the fact that recently he’s stated he really truly wants to become a very ‘cool/manly’ person, and tries really hard to become that person. he still shares sides of himself that are uncool, and he still is willing to be goofy and fun with us, even though it’s always gotten him called things like ‘weird’ and go*forbiD ‘alien’ asjdfkljasf.

He who would give up everything he had for others. Who’s first thought when receiving the gift on the recent guest appearance they did, was to pick the food. Everyone laughed and thought; lol, of course, Taehyung WOULD do something goofy like that. When there’s all these cool things, of COURSE he’d pick the random food basket. And then when asked he said it was going straight to his parents. Or during Now 2? I think? when they did the seasons Kings, and he won the 2nd best food item, but he was so happy because it was the one his parents would like. And what he didn’t send he said he would share with the others. Taehyung who spends lowkey thousands of dollars on birthday presents for the other members, who ALWAYS puts other people first. Always. Without a second thought. Especially family and friends.

Taehyung who when he speaks sometimes gets nervous, has bad public speaking skills, constantly says the wrong words, uses the wrong tenses, sometimes speaks banmal on accident, speaks with satoori when he doesn’t mean to, accidentally uses the wrong words and ‘buffers’ (as in he just kind of stumbles over words, stutters and pauses because he’s thinking). This is because people have said that he’s hard to understand and weird, so he tries really hard and has to think a lot about what he’s trying to say. You can clearly tell when he’s feeling nervous even just speaking Korean. Forget abt it when he’s trying to speak English, which he said he wants to learn and has been practicing. But despite this he’s always trying to relate. Even if he can’t relate traditionally, lots of words and conversations. He tries. His Vapps that people make fun of him for, sitting around, eating, listening to music; this kind of thing…people think that he’s being weird. He’s just being himself. He’s trying to share his time with us without forcing himself. 

People like to think Taehyung is an extrovert. Taehyung is 100% not an extrovert. If anything he’s a fluctuating Ambivert. Taehyung isn’t much of a talker. Taehyung is also a rather physically inclined person (much like Jeongguk and Jimin). He doesn’t often speak much in Vlives (which people sometimes complain or like to say that his vlives are pointless) because it’s not what comes naturally to him, and maybe because when he does talk a lot he struggles. I get tired of people asking him to share himself with us, and when he does that in the only way he really knows how, they just kind of think it isn’t enough.

Taehyung honestly….the point I want people to never forget is that Taehyung really never goes anything less than 150%. 

Yet, people think that he’s a flighty, goofy, air headed guy. Despite the fact that he said he did very well in school. That he reads. That he’s an art, film and music buff who spends his spare time watching abstract, poetic angsty movies like sunshine of an eternal mind and knows how to play saxophone, listens to jazz and blues and classical music in his spare time.

Taehyung honestly…is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever seen, and also one of the most misunderstood idols I’ve ever seen. Really truly. It’s like, actually a lil crazy when i think about just how much people refuse to acknowledge in him, his growth, the kind of person he is. I feel like people are stuck with seeing him as the 2013 teenage boy who was a little bit anxious, excitable and goofy, who had an image to maintain who was told to act silly for the cameras and who was just a farm boy who was worried that he wouldn’t fit in, who barely made it onto bangtan as it was and who would have done ANYTHING to stay because he didn’t know it until it happened, but being a star was the life he was destined to have. Who’s parents scrapped up money to get him a fancy jacket so that he’d fit in and who never really planned to have much of any major life besides having lots of kids and a partner and loving his family a lot. But instead his family became bigger and he just embraced all of bangtan, and the staff, and the ARMYs, and random strangers, and random animals. Anything, everything. Taehyung is……..

MaN.. … . . Listen…I really…love…Kim Taehyung. I would cross an ocean to see him smile. Because honestly, he’s a li t e r a l    actual  angel.✨🐯 imma stop, this is literally a novel already. i’ll just continue waxing sweet poetic in the next ask or something. i’m exhausted by my love.

Tales of Zestiria: A Time of Guidance Volume 1 Review

Both versions of Tales of Zestiria: Michibiki no Toki/A Time of Guidance, Japanese version on the left, English version on the right.  Alternate color Sorey and Mikleo dolls commissioned from @moonwhing, Soymilk Armatus wallpaper drawn by @dejinyucu.

Guess what came in today?  My copy of volume 1 of the English version of the Zestiria manga!  (Yes, I love this game enough to actually want a copy of the manga in both languages!)  And no table flipping levels of VELVET RAGE like I did with the Trainwreck, at least, not for this volume.  I promise.  And actually that’s true for the rest of the manga, especially if the translation quality keeps up.  Rest behind a cut because since when have any of my Zestiria related review posts been short?

TL;DR: Artwork is gorgeous, characterization is spot on, events and dungeons may have been skipped/rearranged, but you’re still getting the story and the lore as told in the game.  There’s a few minor nitpicks with the translation itself (I did read this with the original Japanese version next to me as you can see from my picture above) but these are so minor they didn’t really diminish my enjoyment of the story any.  10/10, this is the adaptation Zestiria deserves, totally worth buying both versions.

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cesy  asked:

Thank you for the responses! And yes, any order is fine, and feel free to skip any that don't speak to your muse or whatever. If Nursey joins the NHL after Samwell, what could that look like? Would he ever drop out of Samwell if he got an NHL offer?

((I had to bounce my ideas off a few people so thank @des-zimbits @yoursummerfrost  and @samwell-womens-hockey   for the assist))

This question is interesting because of its specificity. I think since there’s already a canonical narrative in place for Jack finishing up college, we can assume a similar narrative for Nursey quite easily. But what you’re asking is if he’d “risk it for the biscuit” (this is something frat boys say I swear)

Something to consider: is he pre or post diagnosis

lets go with pre first. So he’s a known dreamer. He’s big on making grand fantasies and he’s a pretty capable guy. Being the antiestablishment guy he is, he’s probably been disillusioned by a degree in creative writing. As I discuss in my first post, he has a really hard accepting feedback from critiques. He’ll only listen to so much of it; it sours his mood quite quickly; and in the long run, he doesn’t think it improves his skills that much. He can always go back to school, but the NHL wants him NOW. What if he’s reached his peak and this is his only shot to be a pro athlete? (He thought extreme FOMO was just a symptom of youth, not of BPD) Also, you have that impulsiveness telling him he has to do it, how could he not do it? 

Cue concerned Eric Bittle asking Derek if he’s talked to Jack yet. (Nursey grumbling about how he doesn’t want to be talked out of it)

Here are some gems from the Jack Laurent Zimmermann fatherly “wtf are you doing” talk:

Okay, realistically, how many games are they talking about dressing you for? What if you get sent down to the AHL? How long is your career likely to be? Do you know anyone in this city?

Has an agent looked over your contract? What’s stopping them from paying you to warm a bench all season?

Or worse, NOT paying you to warm a bench all season, but preventing you from playing for anybody else?

So in short: Nursey not knowing he has BPD doesn’t mean that he’s alone. It does, however, mean that his first season would be harder. (Cue SMH crew having his back and him getting help)

Ok now for post-diagnosis options:

He’s probably constantly going back and forth. He still wants it just as much, but now he’s really fucking freaked out about how much of that is him talking and how much is this a lowkey terrible idea spurred by his BPD

at the end of the day if he’s talked it through with his therapist and his parents, maybe it’s not the safest choice, it’s still his adult decision to make. I think there’s a lot there about talking about the lifestyle change and getting him settled and having ways to communicate effectively with a new coaching staff about his needs

Tangent: Nursey’s agent because he’s too good not to talk about 

(thank Lis) 

If Shitty had a spiritual twin, it would be this guy. Idk where Jack found him but:

“I didn’t sleep last night but I now know Everything about you as a player, these guys can’t get one up on us” *slugs a redbull*

“Bob Zimmermann tapped me as your agent yesterday and I don’t have a change of clothes but I did spray myself with Febreze in the airport bathroom, let’s do this”

Aka Derek Nurse’s support system is filled with similarly flawed but highly capable people

Ok and now back to some NHL Nursey with BPD thoughts 

((because I need to give every team some love and because either way, if Nursey’s made it this far, he’s discussed the realities of being signed onto a not as great team))

Cue: Nursey as a Colorado Avalanche. 

Watch his instagram be the most followed account of any NHL player because he’s got those gorgeous mountains and scenery all over the place. He would totally live in Boulder (correction: he would live in Fort Collins if it weren’t so far from Denver to commute there regularly). You yes, imagine your queer hipster Nursey hitting up eclectic shops on Pearl Street. ((I just realized that most NHL contracts probably prohibit snowing boarding, but it’s ok, there are other things t do in the winter.))

Can Nursey be friends with the ladies that dance jog across Boulder every Wednesday morning? I think he can. I also think he becomes a microbrew snob and as long as he doesn’t over do it. 


Because Joe Sakic enjoys fucking me in the ass–Nursey would get traded (despite being their best dman). And yea it would send him through a loop, but he’s got his family, his friends, his “people” and (insert love interest(s) here). So he’ll manage after some adjustment. 

Because I am constantly negotiating the longevity of pro players’ careers in all my fics, I had to ask how long does he stay in the NHL. The consensus was he’d take it one step at a time. He’d have to deal a lot with the uncertainties of being traded and resigned (but he can manage). And he’d get his name on the Cup once or twice (who am I kidding, it’s Nursey. Three times, take it or leave it) 

and then because Lis said “Well I could also see Nursey lowkey expecting every season to be his last and then one day they’re like ‘It’s your tenth season and you’re still going strong!! How’s it feel?’” I responded with “in the most Nursey move ever ‘huh, I have been playing for ten years, well I guess that’s enough of that’”

And that’s how Nursey goes back to college at 32  

Don't Ever Leave, Again;Johnny

for @month-of-june !

Genre: Angst and fluff

Request: Hello there! May I please request an angst turned fluff “the one that got away” type of scenario please! With Johnny please!

A/N: I apologise if it doesn’t go the way you expected it to be , my writing skills are so bad these days i swear . But thanks for requesting and enjoy reading !

You held on tightly to the photo frame in your hands , your fingers tracing the silhouette of his body in the picture .

His arms were wrapped around your shoulders , a bright smile shining brightly on both of your faces . You were staring at him with loving eyes , as though he was your world - as much as you were his .

You placed the photo frame back up on the table beside your bed, the place it never once left , as you tried to stop yourself from thinking of the flashbacks . Yet , they all came back instantly , the way it always did every single night .


“ What’s with your face Johnny , you look horrible ” you joked as you pinched your boyfriend’s cheek , causing him to scrunch his nose and slapping your hand away lightly .

“ It’s because i’m looking at you , ugly ” he teased back , smirking when he saw your smile turn into a pout .

Without saying anything , he pulled you to the tree that was standing tall and big , its branches and leaves long enough to give the both of you shade .

He smiled at you lovingly , then hugging you as he whispered into your ears , “ Happy 2nd anniversary baby , I promise to stay by you and protect you like this tree , forever ”

You couldn’t help but smile , your hands pulling him in for a peck on his lips . He gave a satisfied grin as he took out his phone , reaching out to a stranger nearby , “ Could you please help us take a picture ? Thanks ”

His arms wrapped around your shoulders and yours , around his waist . Your eyes couldn’t leave him and you took in every single feature on his face - he was too perfect for you .

“ One .. Two .. Smile ! ”

The both of you smiled brightly , staring deeply into each other’s eyes as though you were lost in each others’ worlds .


Everything seemed perfect , and everything was going well . Never had you ever thought that the both of you would part , yet time proved you wrong and everything eventually fell .

For the fifth time that week , you attempted to call him , but he did not pick up , again .

Not even a single text from him .

You gave up and laid on your bed , your hands caressing the empty spot beside you .

It had been four months since you last saw each other in person . At first you thought everything was going to be easy , and that being in a long distance relationship was not much of a big deal .

Eventually after two months , he got even busier with his work and video calls with one another lessened . The both of you tried to keep the relationship going , yet nothing seemed to be working out .

As though it felt like forever , your phone finally rang and you immediately picked up the call when you saw the caller ID .

“ Hey .. I’m sorry , work is really putting me off nowadays but how are you ? ”

“ I’m fine .. How about you ? ”

“ Same here , oh , i have some news to tell you too . ”

“ What is it ? ”

“ My company offered me a promotion .. But that means i have to stay another year here .. ”

Your heart sank and your smile turned into a frown upon hearing his words . The emotions you had been keeping in came out instantly , as you broke down and tried to stop your tears from falling even more .

“ Y/N , are you okay ? I’m sorry- ”

“ I’m sorry Johnny , i really can’t do this anymore . I miss you so much yet everytime i need you , you’re not there because of work . I’m tired , why can’t you be here like how you were just a few months back , it sucks Johnny ”

You heard him sigh from the other line as he tried to reply calmly , yet there was a tone of anger in his voice ,

“ Look Y/N , i’m really tired from work and i’ve got no time for this bullshit , can we talk about this another day please ”

You bit your bottom lip in anger as you replied back in a serious tone ,

“ You’ll never have time Johnny . Since this is bullshit to you then what’s the point of carrying on anymore ,”

“ Everything you say is right anyways ”

He hung up right after that sentence , leaving you crying the rest of the night .

It was over , the one whom you ever really love was gone .


You took small and slow steps , your head hanging low . You kicked the piles of dry leaves that had fallen to the ground , as you made your way to the place .

You sat under the tall tree and leaned your head against the trunk , taking in the fresh air around you .

After one year the tree hasn’t changed a single bit , only that some of the leaves were dropping .

“ I miss you … If we were still together it’d be our 3rd anniversary .. How are you doing ? It’s been 6 months since you left . ” you said out loud as you closed your eyes , everything about him slowly appearing in your mind .

“ I miss you too ”

The deep and familiar voice caused you to stand right up , which you were greeted with Johnny standing right behind the tree .

He reached forward to hug you and you couldn’t help but hug him back . Your tears wre already falling and you noticed how much weight he has lost .

No words were needed , the two of you stood under the tree hugging each other , the same way just one year ago .


Rubbing your eyes , you lazily made your way to the kitchen to grab some breakfast . A pair of arms wrapped around your waist from behind , and you could feel his warm breath against your left ear , “ Good morning baby ”

Smiling , you turned around and pecked his nose . You saw him smile to himself , as he took your hand and led you to the dining table , “ I already made breakfast , everything that you like babe ”

You gasped when you saw the amount of food on the table - it was enough to feed the both of you for two days .

“ Why are you so nice to me today Johnny , did something happen ? ”

He laughed as he held your hand tightly , “ It’s our first month together after that long break , here’s to show how grateful i am for you ”

You hugged him and smiled to yourself ,

“ Don’t ever leave again babe ”

“ Don’t worry , this time i promise i really won’t ”

anonymous asked:

I don't even watch LWA but after seeing your last post I can see why you tend to stick with lowkey small fandom ships/rarepairs

Just because certain shippers are acting badly doesn’t mean that LWA is a bad show. In fact, I’d still encourage you to watch it. It’s really good, and it’s just a feel-good show if you let yourself relax and enjoy the ride. Just…tread carefully around the community. Just a glance through the tag search will show you who the neutral parties are, and they tend to be good with content if you just wanna enjoy some good ol’ fanart or shitposting. 

If there’s any good left in the fandom from the ridiculousness, it’s the shitposting. 

As for the fics… well, that’s your own choice, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend them. This is just a personal preference on my end, since I’m used to consuming a certain level of quality when it comes to fics, and the ones out there for this fandom–here, AO3, FFnet–just don’t cut it. I don’t fancy myself as an amazing writer, but I know my own skill level enough to know I could write something far better than 99% of what’s up there right now. But I can’t, because I’m busy with other things, and I’d rather wait until the show is over so as to have a complete picture of everyone’s characterization. 

And Dia///nakko used to be a rarepair, but it’s not anymore, lol. I’ll still ship it, though a little less enthusiastically when I remember that my fellow shippers–certain shippers, to be more exact–are acting so childishly and ridiculous over a Japanese show made by a Japanese studio that is in no way even remotely resembling A Certain American TV Network and Certain American Screenwriters that these shippers are clearly projecting on. 

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noxnoctisangelus  asked:

Caroline goes to NOLA with her college cheerleading team(i don't know if they really have cheerleaders in college) and after the win the whole team goes to Rouseau's and of course Klaroline reunion! (would be perfect if there's also more jealous Cami, loved how you wrote her in the previous drabble :)

We got the awesome @accidental-rambler back for some more jealous Cami (#GuestWritersOnFleek)!

Not That Into You

AN: No baby or Hayley, obviously. No SC either.

Forgive me for I wanted to incorporate more jealous Cami but it turned out to be smut. A lot of smut. Really hope you’ll still like it! Nsfw.

Entering the bar, Caroline had a pretty vivid picture in her head of how this night was going to end.

Of all the colleges in the States, it just had to be Tulane that held the big end-of-year cheerleading competition.

And it would just be her friggin’ luck – at the bar afterwards, celebrating their win with her teammates, she ended up at the one place with the most boring bartender talking her ear off. Caroline wondered how it was even possible, the girl had stated earlier (Caroline had been trying in vain to get away for the past half hour) that she was studying psychology and yet, somehow, she was the one who felt like the therapist.

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Can I ask for if the BMP guys were villains and MC was a superhero? It's okay if you don't want to

Hi nonnie~

Idk who you are (obvs) and idk when you sent this, heck, idek if you’re still following me.

I’m a lil’…okay, very rusty on my writing skills and it has been practically a year since I read my last route but, here goes nothin x3



Wilfred: Wilfred would be a the type of villain that was ruthless, but every time you foiled his plans, he’d leave with a sad smile. Not a smile that says ‘I’m upset you ruined my evil plans’ but a smile that said ‘I’m sorry I’m putting you through this.’ As time went on, you started getting more and more suspicious of him and found yourself getting more and more curious about the reason for his sorrowful stares. It got to the point where you felt your heart wrench at the sight of him because you could tell he was suffering in his own way and his sad smile itself was like a blow to the stomach. So, one day, after uncovering his secret plans to brainwash the nation’s females (and possibly a large proportion of the male population) by using his innate charm and charisma, you followed him. You followed him to his ‘secret lair’ and found him kneeling down at an alter, with two rather friendly faces stood up in frames on top of it. In front of each frame was an urn as well as a bouquet of flowers and you gasped as you watched what happened next.
“D-don’t worry mother, father…I’ll avenge you someday,” Wilfred stuttered, clenching his fists. “I won’t let these people live so happily after what this nation has done to you.” He lifted his head and smiled weakly, his voice breaking, “Aren’t you proud? I haven’t cried yet, I’ve been a good, brave little boy, just like I promised you I would be…and I won’t rest until you can rest in peace. Don’t worry Mama, Papa. I-I won’t let you down!”

“You…Do you really think this would make your parents happy?” You watched as Wilfred looked up and around, bewildered to hear a voice other than his own. Slowly, you stepped out of the shadows and looked him in the eye as you continued, “How can you possibly believe that your parents would want you to live this way?! If you don’t want to hurt the people then don’-”
“You don’t understand! What do you know huh?!” He rose from his kneeling position slowly, trembling as he did so. “I promised them! I promised them that I would be brave, that I wou-”
“That you would destroy your own sense of morals, your own happiness for revenge?”
“You..! You can’t say that to me. What do you know? You-”
“I know that you don’t like being evil. I can see it in your eyes, in your expression every time I leave!” You took a deep breath, continuing in a much quieter, soothing voice. “Wilfred…it’s ok to move one. Just because you want to stop all this and pursue your own happiness, doesn’t mean you’ll be letting them down. I’m sure the only thing your parents want, is for you to be happy…being brave doesn’t mean you don’t cry…it means you let yourself have the courage to pick yourself up and carry on after you do…”

After hearing your words, Wilfred finally did the one thing that he believed would be forbidden to him for life. He cried. Quiet, gentle tears at first, that gradually developed into streams until it was bawling, collapsed on the ground like a little boy who had gotten lost. Carefully, as if you were approaching a deer that could flee at any moment, you moved towards him and began petting his hair, hugging him close and murmuring soothing encouragement to him.

5 years later, the two of you are still fighting crime together, ending each successful battle with a celebratory kiss and, in the apartment that the two of you live in together, are his parents, seemingly smiling even brighter smiles than before, ever since you saved the real victim, their son.

Joshua: Joshua would be the most by-the-book villain there was. He would pull out all the stops, all the stereotypes and, even though each one would make you roll your eyes and laugh a little, you couldn’t help but be in awe of how well he executed each plot. Of course, not well enough to stop you but, still well all the same. However, there was something about him that was, different. All the other villains you fought had some form of reason or motive, you could see how much they enjoyed being evil and how much they loved trying to ‘take over the world’ or whatever…but not Joshua. Every time you beat him, he just sort of, left, as if he didn’t care if he succeeded or not, as if, he was just being evil for the sake of it.

One day, in the middle of a face off, your curiousity got the better of you.
“Why…did you choose to be evil…?” After being mildly startled at your sudden question, Joshua simply continued with the fight while you waited for a reply. He refused to say a single word until..
“…who said it was a choice?” And with one final slash at you, he left in a flourish.

Unfortunately for you, what he had said raised more questions than it had answered and so, you spent the next few days plagued by what he could’ve meant until finally, you met again. 

You didn’t quite understand why, but for some reason, he had ended up in your apartment, waiting for you when you got home, probably to deliver his evil message. However, as he was in the threatening process, you could tell he was just going through the motions and, sure enough…
“What did you mean, the other day, when you said that being evil wasn’t a choice?” Hearing your question, he looked up from his PowerPoint presentation and frowned, as if annoyed that you had interrupted his lecture on how he was planning to defeat you. Sighing, he replied,
“Well, if you must know, my parents were villains. The best super villains of their time, actually. Now, if you look at Figure 5-”
“So?” Again, he sighed.
So, isn’t it expected that their one and only son become the best super villain of his time? Now if you would pay attentio-”
“Wait wait wait. So you’re telling me…that the only reason you’re a villain is because it’s expected?!?”
“…isn’t that what a said? Now turn your eyes to the scree-”
“But that’s ridiculous!” At this, he thew his laser pointer down in despair, clearly giving up on his well thought out presentation as his sat down, crossed his arms and looked up at you expectantly.
“Go on then. Tell my why it’s ‘ridiculous’”
“W-Well…for starters. You should be doing something because you want to do it, not because it’s expected.”
“So you’re saying that if I want to be evil it’s ok?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows.
“What? N-No! Obviously nothing makes being evil ok-”
“Then aren’t you denying that I should do something ‘just because I want to’?”
“W-well no…that’s not what I mea-”
“Look, I’m leaving. Clearly, this is a waste of time. If you won’t listen to my presentation then fine, I’ll just find another hero to educate and defeat.” With that, he rose to his seat and walked over to the window for his exit.
“Wait! A-All I’m saying is, if there’s something else you’d like to do in life that would make you happier than all this, ‘super villain’ business, then do it. You shouldn’t let stupid expectations get in the way of your happiness.”
After a pause, he turned his head to face you, staring straight into your eyes.
“Then let me ask you this. Why are you a superhero?”
“W-Why? …I suppose, because the smiles of the people I save make me happy..”
“You ‘suppose’ huh?” And with that, he flashed the ghost of a smirk  and was gone, leaving you with your heart leaping.

About a month later, you still hadn’t heard from him since the incident, evil plan or not and were beginning to wonder if anything had happened until again, you were met by Joshua casually lounging around on your apartment’s sofa. ‘Oh great,’ you thought, ‘another lecture about his next evil plan. I should’ve known his lack of activity was too good to be true…’
“What is it Joshua?” you sighed.
Abruptly, he got up and walked to where you were standing, stopping just in front of you and gazing into your eyes with determination. Holding your breath, you braced yourself for what was to come.
“I..want to be a professor.”
“I thought a lot about what you said last time and…I want to be a professor. I like learning things, and then teaching and presenting them to others…I’ve always loved giving lectures and educating people.. I’m sorry it took so long, I was getting my degree…” he smiled sheepishly.
“Ah…I see..wait, what?! B-but, it’s only been a month tops! Y-You’ve already got your degree?!”
“Yeah..sorry it took so long…” he grinned, blushing slightly in embarrassment.
“Are you even human…?” You mumbled.
“Hmm? Did you say something?”
“W-what? N-No…” You laughed nervously, “A-anyway, why are you telling me this” You looked up expectantly, not sure what you were hoping for, but certain that he wasn’t all you could think about for the past month just because he was suspiciously quiet.
“Well..I just thought, since you were the one who opened my eyes, I should tell you…plus, it’s always a good idea to tell your girlfriend what you’re up to.”
“Yeah… I suppos- wait WHAT?! G-girlfriend?!?”
“Of course. Think about it, the superhero saves the super villain by showing him the error of his ways…isn’t it expected that they end up together?”
For some reason, you felt disappointment fill your heart.
“Just because it’s expected huh,,,?”
“No…” he flashed you a cheeky grin, “I suppose that’s more of an excuse.”

Roberto: Coming Soon

Keith: Coming Soon

Glenn: Coming Soon

Edward: Coming Soon


If you’re wondering, yes, I did get lazy and cba to finish this headcanon (^ ^”) I’ll write the others some other day…probs…Actually, lemme know if you want the rest…yeah, I’ll probs write it either way but yh, lemme know ^ ^

But yeah, hoped you liked it ^ ^

Stay Beautiful~


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If you don't mind me asking, what reylo fics are you currently reading?

Running through my subscriptions on AO3 real quick (not sure of everyone’s Tumblr URLs so just going with AO3 pseuds): 

A Dream in Twofold by TearoomSaloon

  • An excellent take on the “Rey is Ren’s apprentice” trope. Snoke is genuinely terrifying and the slow burn and Kylo’s conflict are both delicious. 

A Proper Education by SouthSideStory

  • Smut. It’s smut. Kylo-defected-to-the-Resistance smut. 

Amygdala by nerdherderette

  • A LOT of Reylo fics have Kylo as a doctor/surgeon in a modern AU, but I like the way this one approaches it, with Rey doing her residency next to him. It’s almost like a Grey’s Anatomy take on the ship, but done very, very well, which is good since I’ve never liked Grey’s.

Charcoal by luvkurai

  • I think most people know this one. Unstable/obsessive artist!Kylo. Badass engineering student/art enthusiast Rey. It’s unsettling but you just can’t look away.

Children of Violence by america_oreosandkitkats

  • Set against the backdrop of the Soviet-Afghan war in which American Kylo has defected to the Soviet Union. Very mysterious with heavy political intrigue and well-done modern-historical AU.  

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, It Just Joined the Dark Side by frackin_sweet and hato

  • This one is fun. Rey is a drifter who ends up catching a job at a Renaissance Faire, where she also ends up working with renowned actor, stage combat vet, and SERIOUS pain in the ass Kylo Ren, whose family owns the damn thing. The entire cast is well-represented and the humor is on-point. Definitely a good chaser for the heaviness of most Reylo fics.

Errant by pontmercy44 

  • The last chapter of this one just made me REALLY mad and upset so I’m now watching it warily, but until then, it was one of my favorites (and probably will be again… hopefully… please). Rey is the victim of a trafficking ring who witnesses a murder and ends up in the ER attended by Snoke’s personal physician, Kylo. It’s very, very heavy in places and you just want to give Rey a hug, but there are some excellent scenes with Han and Leia and Kylo’s attempts to slot back into his family with Rey in tow. Again, it just took a really, really sharp turn that I’m not too sure about yet, but I’m reccing it for now because it was amazing up until that point.

Ja’ak by Trebia 

  • Dark!Reylo written by the author of “Forms”. You know why I’m reading this. You know why all of you should be reading this. 

Like Young Gods by diasterisms 

  • Probably the best and most comprehensive Reylo(ish) Jedi Academy AU I’ve seen thus far. This could be an EU novel with these characters. 

Nine Lives by on_my_toes

  • I still haven’t figured out if I love or hate this fic. On the one hand, some of the best and most poignant angst you’ll see in a modern AU in this fandom. On the other… it hurts. It really, really hurts. In so many ways. It’s like watching two of your friends who are in love with each other but have serious issues and keep throwing up giant barriers and creating issues so they’ll never get together, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m just hoping that all of the pain is worth it as the fic draws to a close.

Opia by t0bemadeofglass

  • Serial killer/cop AU with a ton of dark mystery and excellent writing. I’m a fan. There is some Reylux and Kylux within this work, of which I am not a fan, but they’re optional side works that don’t conflict with the primary narrative if you’re not into that.

Reflektor by ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething)

  • This one’s just starting, but I’m intrigued. Captured!Rey in the hands of Kylo with some interesting interplay thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Retreat by ms_qualia 

  • I’m in love with this fic. Seriously. Spy Thriller AU, political intrigue, dangerously unstable Kylo and completely badass Han and Leia. Has a very strong dystopian feel to it that the author captures perfectly. 

She Who Would Be Queen by sasstasticmad

  • Historical romance/Regency-esque AU. Updates can be slow, but it has strong writing and atmosphere. 

The Death of Kylo Ren by nymja

  • The Force Bond is a very common trope in Reylo fics, but this is one of my favorite takes on it, and an unsettling examination of the negative consequences of it. Kylo Ren’s characterization is also some of the best I’ve ever seen. 

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween. by Silvershine 

  • Most of you guys have already been reading this one for awhile, but I just got into it recently. It’s the only fic I’ve seen where Kylo and Rey have a child and Kylo is decidedly not redeemed (and his dynamic with Rey is decidedly unromantic), so it’s a very interesting examination of some common tropes.

The Proof of It All by machinewithoutfeelings

  • This is kind of the opposite story to the above, where Kylo and Rey end up having a child and she is his redemption, in a way. I’m actually not a fan of fics where K&R have children, at all, but I’ve strangely loved the way this fic has handled it since day one. It helps that the author is exceptionally skilled and handles the entire narrative with very deft hands.

The Purest Place in the Galaxy by ClockworkCourier

  • Kylo, Rey, and the Force ghosts on Dagobah! Kylo is miserable, Rey is a badass, the slow burn is both slow and burning, and the turn from humor to drama has been perfectly executed. 

The World In Its Dark Grace by  tyrantsandcreampuffs

  • This is another one that’s just getting started but seems very promising. Arranged marriage AU in a historical fantasy setting. 

Tomb Reyder by IAmLokiLocked

  • In which Rey is an archaeology student on a summer excavation in Greece, and Kylo is Hades (poorly) taking human form. An interesting twist on the Hades and Persephone myth in a modern setting. 

Hope that helps! I’m always open for more recs, and I’m sure there are others that I poke around with that I’m forgetting, but those are some of the fics that I’m reading at the moment. :)

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You sure you want to be popping up on my front page? Tumblr telling me to ask your a question? Well here's a question. Why are you so shitty? You're fucking awful. I guarantee my fanfiction is way better than yours solely because of the fact that you show your disgusting face. I have a face too. Big whoop. Really special, right? I don't flaunt mine around. If I'm flaunting around anything, it's obviously my skills with fanfiction and art. Hell, I doubt you even make fanfiction. Fuck off.

Haha this was my favourite of the “WHO ARE YOU, YOU SUCK” messages you get when EVERYONE ON TUMBLR is invited to ask you a question!  But I wanna give you a real answer even if you just wanted to sass a stranger (and his… face?) on the internet.  Let’s talk about fan fiction!  

Fan fiction happens when someone says “I like a thing and I’m gonna do something with that thing” - writing your own story, drawing your own comic, whatever - even though that thing is not a thing you created.  And it’s a great way to write!  You get to do character work: and more importantly, your character work can be WRONG, since everyone knows who the characters are SUPPOSED to be, so you have to get good at it fast.

I think fan fiction often gets looked down on by people (though not by you; yours is the first “pfft, who are you?  I bet you don’t even write FAN FICTION” message I’ve ever seen, and that’s amazing).  And fanfic getting a bad rap is too bad, because writing is writing, and fanfic doesn’t change that.

You could also make the argument that doing a licensed comic (like I’ve done with the Adventure Time comics) is writing fan fiction, since you’re playing with characters that aren’t yours and which you didn’t create.  I think there’s some important differences: you have an editor, you have corporate stakeholders that have ideas of what they want this thing to look like, you have access to behind-the-scenes information the general public doesn’t know about yet, and you enjoy at least a quasi-canonicity status - but if you were to point at a licensed comic I wrote and say “that’s fan fiction” I wouldn’t say “NUH-UH”, mainly because I don’t see “fan fiction” as an dirty word.

Heck, carrying that reasoning along you could say every Batman writer is just writing fan fiction - since it’s all based on the work of previous Batman writers, right?  You can take it even further and look at literary inspirations and say “wow, The Lion King is just furry Hamlet fanfic”.  And sure, go nuts!  I’m not sure what that gains you, but I can at least see where you’re coming from.

Anyway!  This is all to say, I CAN make fan fiction - there’s some Star Trek TNG stories I wrote as a teenager that thankfully are LONG LOST - and I wish you the best of luck with your *checks your blog* …drawings of Undertale characters wearing giant diapers.

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I love your blog my three words Kai bulling you , happy ending , more than 3 XD lol sorry

Shot in the heart with the love bullet.

Member: Kai ft. EXO (mentioned)

Words: 2175 words

Genres: Drama, Romance, Mafia! AU, Angst


kim jongin kills me inside, literally. this gif will be the death of me, WHAT ARE YOU DYING WITH THAT MOUTH OF YOURS. THAT SMIRK ADASDKF. -explodes-

anyway, i have one thing and only one thing to say. i just kept writing and writing this and didn’t stop once. literally, i can’t even- it’s like out of hand. haha. noonie, i’m pretty sure this isn’t what you wanted because when i think of bullying and happy ending i think of high school! au but i was in the mood for something darker so this is what happened. i have no regrets. lol. 

i hope you enjoy it anyway~ and thank you so muchh i’m so happy you love my blog ;3; 

01.  Kai

Kim Jongin. Many knew him as the pretty boy, the skinny boy who loved to dance. He was always dancing his heart out along with his friends, and he was President of the Dance Club. It seemed both him on stage and off stage were the exact same people. He overflowed with charisma, instantly creating fan girls (and their little clubs) with a single glance. He was sexy, confident, and tantalizing. He could have any girl he ever wanted, and he did. The whole school knew that. Jongin never stuck to a girl for long. The chase was always short: the girl would give in immediately upon his request. It was what he often did to entertain himself, you could say. He did okay in school. His grades were satisfactory, nowhere near as excellent or great as Joonmyun. That was a whole and completely different level.

Kim Jongin had friends, strange and quirky ones that he wouldn’t lose for the world. There was Yixing: daydreaming dancer, Sehun: tall and gangly limbs, Kyungsoo: master chef, Joonmyun: doting mother of the group, Tao: martial artist master who was really a softie on the inside, Jongdae: mischievous cat-like troll, Chanyeol: the always happy boy (who seemed too much like a dog eagerly waiting to be acknowledged?), Baekhyun: eyeliner-wearing diva, Minseok: wise older brother, Yifan: leader (? Jongin wasn’t sure how to describe Yifan), and Luhan: don’t-call-me-pretty-I’m-manly.

Kim Jongin seemed like the normal student.

He had a normal life, normal friends (if you could even call them normal), hobbies, habits…

Kim Jongin was like an open book. There was nothing people didn’t know about him.

What they didn’t know was that Kim Jongin also went by the name of Kai: expert assassin and marksman of the infamous mafia EXO.  

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When EXO Teaches You Martial Arts
  • You: ugh I'm so hungry why isn't there anything in the fri- oh hey Kyungsoo
  • D.O: helloo you look beautiful today 
  • You: oh thanks
  • D.O: *inches closer and stares intensely* 
  • You: ......ok I'm gonna go now 
  • *In the dorm room*
  • You: what the hell??? Where's my shampoo I just bought a new bottle
  • D.O: oh sorry. The smell of it just reminded me so much of you, I HAD to have it 
  • You: ummm WHAT?
  • You: ....no 
  • Extremely creeped out, you go to buy new shampoo when you run into Tao and an idea pops into your head
  • You: Tao! Listen, kyungsoo's been acting really weird lately and It's really scaring me. I wanna learn to protect myself and- TAOO can u stop looking in the mirror and listen!!!! 
  • Tao: ugh so what he's into you big deal. You think I have time to help you? I have to go yell at my stylist because LOOK! She parted my hair on the COMPLETELY wrong side of my head am I supposed to walk around like this 
  • You: I'll buy you whatever you want if you help
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: I'll shower with you
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: when people doubt your martial arts skills, I'll tell them you once did a triple flip kick in the air 
  • Tao: why don't you just tell them I was a really good teacher
  • You: you probably won't be
  • Tao: I probably won't be. Ok let's start. The first thing you have to do is...kick! 
  • You: *kicks*
  • Tao: ugh oh my god I can't deal with this u suck
  • You: well tell me how to do it right!!! 
  • Tao: no u just suck there's no hope
  • Kris: ayo wassup wassup wassup guyzzzz. Whoa what're you guys doing, martial arts? That's so my style. I'm pretty good at that stuff myself.
  • Tao: you don't even have the proper form you have to- 
  • Kris: honestly Tao just because your good at one thing doesn't make you that special ok i can diss you in 3 different languages so gimme some respect 
  • Tao: at least I can take good selcas 
  • Kris: get out. I CAN teach her. 
  • You: uuum look guys I just want some basic stuff in case I have to defend myself ok don't start showing off or-
  • Kris: I CALL THIS ONE THE MEGASWAG BACKFLIP 3000 and-bleugjasbsaaaggghhhhhhh!!!!!! *trips and hits his head*
  • You: how did you just trip 
  • Kris: it's a really complicated move ok 
  • You: I'm pretty sure you tripped before you even attempted it??
  • Kris: I'm pretty sure you need to shut the fuck up . I'll start with something simpler for an amateur like you. This is the fist pump like THIS ! 
  • *bangs knuckle against dangling light* 
  • Tao: *high pitched* aaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooo kris oppaa!!! No pls no 
  • *Tao cups Kris's face in his hands and a tears begin to fall*
  • Tao: I need to get him to the infirmary
  • You: ok it's actually just a cut and I haven't even learned one thing yet 
  • Tao: oh mygOd you are literally SOOO selfish are you really thinking about yourself right now when kris is so gravely injured?? Ugh I'm taking him bye
  • You: (left alone) wow I knew this would be useless 
  • D.O: oh hello jagi
  • You: um nO fucKity BYE 
  • D.O: oh i don't think so. There's something I've wanted for a long time 😏. I was thinking of asking you but...at this point I think it's gonna happen whether you like it or not ohhhh yea this is gonna be so much fun.
  • You: ...uuuuummm
  • D.O: come with me to the movies noona I really don't wanna go alone again 

finndeservesbetter  asked:

I'm not too fond of how Saw was treated in the movie too, how he was painted as an extremist. The man clearly needed help after the empire took everything from him. Also it's yet another example of media where a black rebel leader/revolutionary leader is an extremist in comparison to his white counterparts (like mon mothma). I don't even have to mention that his death was unnecessary, or at least could have been done better.

I didn’t like it either, not at all.

And Mothma calls him an extremist, but we never actually see him do anything particularly extreme. This goes double when you realize that the man is paranoid, then he’s not extreme in any way.

But the movie, with its constant skill for screwing up the story, never takes the time to make that clear. 

Extreme compared to who and what exactly? His guerrillas are obviously a rough bunch, but no more so than any of the locals or really any of the Rebel soldiers we see later on. The tentacle scene was beyond weird - and somewhat unnecessary - but from Saw’s pov not trusting Bodhi or his motives makes every kind of sense, he’s been deceived for real too many times. He has no reason at all to trust Bodhi or that this isn’t a trap. And then there’s that paranoia.

I don’t get why Saw is painted as an extremist by Mothma, apart from racial reasons and to make herself look good. (Which btw she doesn’t)

Because if Saw is extreme, so is Cassian and she’s only too happy to employ him and his skills. She wants the results, but she doesn’t seem to want to know it happens. (Which just makes her a total hypocrite.)

We really needed to have Saw’s version of what happened between him and the rest of the Alliance. 

I think Saw knew this was going to be a dirty, dragged out fight very early on - he fought in the front lines in the Clone War, he’s seen war up close, he knows what it looks like. Mothma only ever saw it from a distance. He’s willing to fight even when it gets dirty, Mothma doesn’t want to know that it happens at all, but still have to use underhanded and unethical means (Cassian). Saw is up front with his methods which apparently “caused a lot of problems for the Alliance”.

She speaks of broken trust? What about the trust she broke with Saw. I need to hear Saw’s version. He needed help, but all he got was Mothma and the rest turning on him, abandoning him and his people to fend for themselves. Yet another thing the movie never addresses.

Actually there’s even a further problem here that the movie never addresses, but those who watched the Clone Wars tv series may realize. If Saw is extreme, it was the old Republic and the Jedi who made him (and his sister who then died) that.

They trained them in guerrilla tactics and how to commit terrorist attacks and now Mothma is getting squeamish because Saw might - I say might as we never see it - be employing that against the Empire because he knows what kind of enemy they are.

Saw really isn’t an extremist, not in any way shown to us, and yeah the movie really screws over his character. It paints a picture - or tries to - of a Black rebel who’s “an extremist” never telling the story of who made him so (if an extremist he is, I’m still not really seeing it).

As for his death it definitely needed better handling. 

If he had to die at all - and let me just say that a character never needs to die, it’s the writer who chooses to do that - then it should have been handled with more care and with some attention to who Saw is and how he works.

As it stands it’s one more thing in the movie that aggravates me like hell. Aggravates isn’t really the right word, it’s not nearly strong enough for what I feel, but I can’t think of another in this moment.

wonderfulandterriblethings  asked:

[answer publicly, please] I understand you not liking Tobirama or Hiruzen, but Danzo is actually a pretty likable character. No, I don't mean likable person. I mean likable character, don't you agree? He is like Frank Underwood (MC of House of Cards) of a show I can't finish because I hate the people in it so much, however, he develops relationships with people in order to do bad things. He would have been so interesting if explored more because he was best friends with Hiruzen.

[Part 2] Hiruzen is worse then Danzo because Hiruzen gave Danzo all his power and even before Danzo did what he did, it was Hiruzen who made life so difficult for the Uchiha they were backed up into a corner leaving their only option for survival to be a coup. He let Orochimaru go and continue experiments and be a double agent for Danzo. The thing about Danzo is this: Itachi. If the relationship between Itachi and Danzo was explored, we would have found the reason that Itachi went straight to him  

[Part 3] we would have found the reason Itachi went straight to Danzo when he was lost and didn’t know what to do. Call it headcanon, but it’s almost like Danzo was Itachi’s mentor.

Thank you so much for the ask! :D :D And for reading that rant… XD.

Omg, I actually was about to post an anti-Hiruzen rant but the app messed it up. Good, I can write about it now :D.

I’ll split this into two parts, if thats ok? A ‘Danzo’ part and a ‘Hiruzen’ part. Since it’s long I might have to write beneath the cut. Warning, it’s very much anti-Hiruzen and anti-Konoha. I don’t know if it’s pro or anti Danzo. It’s just about Danzo.

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anonymous asked:

I'm in psychotherapy for my BPD - but my GAD & Depression are to much on top of my BPD symptoms. It's all too overwhelming, I developed GAD & panic attacks in the past year, I wish I was just BPD now. Everything is TOO INTENSE. Please help - my therapist only want to discuss BPD symptoms and underling causes really & we don't touch upon my anxiety.

Have you told your therapist that you want to work on your depression and anxiety? If you don’t come in asking to talk about something in particular, therapists will often choose a topic they think will be helpful. However, if you request a certain topic, it’s their professional responsibility to try to help you with that topic. Here are tips if you’re having trouble speaking up.

If you can’t tell your therapist or they’re not helping you, here are some ideas that might help you to cope with your symptoms.


  • Coping with overwhelming emotions
  • Know the signs. Pay close attention to what you’re feeling, physically and emotionally, as symptoms come on. Look for patterns. Making a record (eg writing it down) of what you learn is a good idea.
  • When you notice the signs, start using coping skills, and/or reduce triggers/stress (eg leave the room), if possible.
  • Tell the people around you how you want them to respond to your symptoms, if you’re comfortable doing so. Writing it down can help you explain it. You might like to describe how your symptoms make you feel so that they understand.
  • Staying organised with mental illness
  • Try to sleep (second link) and eat well, exercise enough, drink plenty of water, wash yourself regularly, and get enough fresh air and daylight. Here’s something to help (you’d better bookmark that link right away). Yes, all these things are much harder when you’re mentally ill, but the more of them you’re not doing, the worse you’ll feel, including your mental illness. You have to tend the meatsuit.
  • ^ Related to the above: here’s what I’m trying myself - I set myself a minimum number of self care tasks to do in one day (right now, 3). So instead of thinking “I have to shower, but I don’t want to, I can’t, it’s not happening” endlessly and going nowhere, I think “Do I want to shower, OR do I want to validate myself? Ugh I’m not up to positivity yet I’ll shower instead”. It’s been going alright, especially when I really don’t like one of the options, haha. Procrastinate your way into productivity! (But make sure your priorities are realistic, eg I don’t let myself skip meals in this way because no other coping skill can give me nutrition.)
  • On eating well: How to cope with weight gain / How to eat when you have no appetite / Bulimia recovery workbook / Recovering from a restrictive eating disorder / Recovery Record (mostly drawn from this masterpost)
  • Reduce unnecessary stress and bring positive things into your life. Unfollow that person whose posts upset you and put more kittens on your dash. Buy, make or print out something (or things) that makes you happy and put it/them in places you often go, or items you take with you. You don’t have to and probably wont immediately feel better, but being surrounded by positivity normalises it, so that it doesn’t feel so uncomfortable or forced anymore.
  • Try expressing your positive feelings aloud more often, if you can. I’ve found it makes a big difference if I acknowledge that I’m feeling good, or if I share any fond thoughts I have about other people with them. Try saying “I’m having fun” and “I’m happy” out loud when you are. It often makes people around you happier too.

Panic attacks



There are still more resources, many of them local (eg when I Google ‘depression’ I find a lot of Australian organisations and websites), that you can search for. You can also try the #actuallydepressed and #actuallyanxious tags, or look for blogs specifically for depression and/or anxiety.

If you are really unhappy with the treatment your therapist is giving you, you may want to think about whether seeing another therapist is an option. Here’s a post about finding the right therapist.

If you’re just not getting everything you want/need out of therapy because you have a lot going on, I sympathise and I recommend you plan to start learning and practicing coping skills (such as from the lists above) independently. When I do this, I tell my therapist what I’ve been learning, so we can discuss the skill and so my therapist can validate my self treatment.

- Exo

erikaskerzz  asked:

Hey Coralus, I know you might hear this 100 times but, I would like to know your P.O.V: How long did it take you to come this far, to be a senpai on artwork, and being able to make a living with your art? you are amazing and I personally admire you so much. You are the fews that someday I hope I can be as big as you are and, day by day I have the challenge of trying to do my best (eventho my family don't believe in me and I don't study something related to art) just wanna know your opinion! 😊

Awgh dear, I think you can surpass those challenges you had from family. 

For my own way was kind of risky―hard and risky to be honest.
Its gonna be a VERY long explanation, I’ll leave it under the cut–

I haven’t reached yet to what I dream now but I’m certainly liking how it goes now like I recently working as mecha designer from some small game industry, and got spotted by a MARVEL vice president.

From all these years, I only concentrate a lot in drawing, nothing else. Yet this makes my school academics goes failure… I’m sorry but I also have to say, that you will never learn something from school, but from reality of experiences you’ve gained. Even till now, I still concentrate more in working to draw at home than my college animation course―the exchange can be the slow of my graduation. And its really risky. Yet its the only way that could make myself improve quickly and able to do something a lot to earn. (I won’t tell that you shouldn’t do like what I did. You could, but its very risky, you might not end well if you didn’t worked it out good alone. If you’re able to balance both art and studies/job, then you’re gonna be good than me)

Since because of it, I gave my whole time a lot for it, learning & developing styles and skills I wanted. Attempting to take different styles I was inspired to and applies to my drawings. Taking the hardest skills I see and tries to do it on my part as well.

Then I start to attempt to make fan comics and sell them out by self publishing (till now), and even make animations myself alone. Words of wisdom: It doesn’t have to be perfect, the important is you’ve done something. You’ll get better along the way sooner.

Strong, large, supporting and active audiences does help a lot as well because it can bring you anywhere easily, so you have to know how to work that out as well and it’s isn’t easy. You have to make tons of effort and lots of analyze for what kind of work and styles that attracts audiences. (But don’t be something just because people likes it, find some ways that could work on people at the same time its the thing you loved & enjoyed as well. Be who you are)

About for working/make living with art: 
Start with something small first, commission is also a good idea, then self publishing comics/webcomics. Fill up a lot of styles and skills you can do in your portfolio, make your profile open for art job, so it will let everyone know you’re up to work for something.  There’s no problem to dream really big to work for IDW, Marvel, Disney or DC, but don’t let it stop you there to just put a final decision for only one route to it. Make yourself open to other routes (like as an option), like you could work for small comic group, game studio, or probably you might get lucky to find a small job about making robots design(Or it can be something you really enjoyed making)! That can be a nice added experience for you along the way to your big dream. :)

Those big art companies aren’t easy to get into, I tell you. Effort, hard work, socializing & relationship with professional artists/editors/higher ups was needed. Like you have to gather and earn all your expenses for yourself and pack your bags to visit large conventions where those people were on then make yourself surround and impress them. It wasn’t an easy job.

There are sometimes you could encounter chances, such as big art companies opening a portfolio review event, job hiring, or meet and greet of artists. Analyzing yourself in a positive mood, If your work looks skillfully enough to serve for that company, then go for it with full confidence. If you aren’t that much yet, don’t make yourself stop there yet. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough means you are not deserving yet to show your works for it. No. Go for it too, give all the best you had too, who knows they might like the kind of work you had. 

Never make yourself underestimate your works to show them what you’ve got. Remember opportunity knocks once. And you have to take the risk of chances you see.

Also a thing I would want to added: Upon taking risks like these, do not expect something. Never expect that it will always positive. If failure came, accept it, move on, and go back to your own drawings and improve it more better and better, then take another round of opportunities you see. 

Also for the last but not the least, I guess you know how the real animators and comic artists’ life feels like, right? Everyday schedule piled up so much of projects, every clock tics needs to have a new stroke was formed in their drawing. Sometimes the worst feeling of not being able to do something to relax yourself a bit because of work―If you accept that kind work in exchange of something good in the end, then you’re good towards your dream. (This is usually applied as an animator/comic artist under a company. But if it is your own art/comic business, it will be a lot lesser of pressure because you yourself handles everything, and yet, that is not also easy to form up.)

I hope I answered your questions!
I’m very touched to hear that you’re inspired of me. I do sure hope you’ll get in there someday, and will probably will :) Don’t give up and keep finding ways. 

Art is such a huge field, you can be anything for it.

let’s see where this goes

I started this months ago and never really expected to finish it, let alone post it so…here goes nothing. 

There’s an overwhelming sense of fatigue weighing her down. Even with her gaze turned outside the window, she can feel his eyes flick over to her every few seconds, the unspoken worry radiating off him in waves that echo loudly in the silent interior of the Audi. She’d wordlessly slipped her car keys into his hand as they finally trailed out of OSP earlier, after an entirely fruitless day wasted on chasing ghosts and turning up dead ends, landing them two steps back from where they had started at the beginning of the case.

Her voluntary relinquishment of the driver’s seat had left him quirking his eyebrows in a mixture of incredulity and concern, but she’d just shrugged wordlessly in response as she slid into the passenger seat, curling her legs up to rest below her. Laying her cheek against the cool glass, she exhales in muffled sighs, her breath leaving foggy imprints on the window. Outside, the scenery blurs together in a seamless streak of colour as the SUV peels out of the unassuming Spanish mansion and merges into the swell of LA evening traffic.

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