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a cheesy mistake

summary :  basically dan texts the wrong person saying “ what cheese should i get for the pizza ” and the response is “ i dont like cheese ”.

fun fact : i got the idea for this fic while eating cheese.

word count : 1,394

ao3 link : here 


Dan was currently in the grocery store, his roommates elected him to be the one to buy the food for their pizza making night. Once Dan got to the cheese aisle, he had forgotten what cheese crust and Pj wanted. He thought he knew  Chris’ number well enough to just type it out

+61 455 978 654


Yo, what cheese would be best for pizza ?

To Dan :

Um hi, I think you have the wrong number, perhaps ?  I would help you but I don’t like cheese, sorry !.

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Summary- Thinking you’d never be able to get up again after Bucky goes back under a certain star spangled man makes his way into your heart ,and for once in a long time you find happiness

A/n- Actually really proud of this one, Message me if you think a part two should be a thing (tbh I’ll probably still write it Friday sounds good right) 

Warnings- slight angst, mentions of blood, references if you know what I mean, Smol Steve is smol, not edited 

Words: 1,250 

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The first time you saw him he tried to kill you, in his defense you also tried to subdue him. James Buchanan Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier. It wasn’t the fairytale meeting you had in mind but after months of dating you wouldn’t change it for the world. Bucky never let himself forget but you had told him countless times you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You missed him with everything you had. When he left you had nothing, you were nothing, sure you had the team but they can’t fill the void your ex-lover had left. Well until a certain star spangled man started to wiggle his way into your heart. It had been a year since Bucky had gone back into the ice and you weren’t any closer to get whatever they put in his head out. 

After a year Steve convinced you to go on a date, with him of course. Fast forward 6 months and you were officially dating. You were celebrating your two year anniversary tonight and you couldn’t be more excited. Steve and you had been through a lot with your relationship mostly consisting with you and your insecurities. It took you so long to say yes because you were scared of Bucky, a small part of you felt like you had betrayed him and it still did, even though he specifically told you not to wait for him. 

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Ficlet Friday!

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere (Chris Evans + Reader Ficlet)


Upon returning home from work you slam the front door and drop your bag on the floor on your way to the couch. Falling into the pillows face-first you groan in misery as your feet groan in relief. You sit up just as Chris pops his head around the corner, looking at you tentatively.

“Rough day?” he asks. “Unf,” you reply. He smiles in both empathy and amusement and approaches you. “Turn,” he orders, shifting you sideways and taking a seat directly behind you. His strong fingers work on your shoulders and you gasp. Your head involuntarily rolls to the side. “Ohhhh…” Relief radiates through your entire body.

You unbutton your top and let it fall. Chris’ touch becomes less massage and more caress. His fingertips gently glide across your shoulder and you feel your bra strap fall carelessly to rest on your arm. A flat palm moves down your spine. He applies just enough pressure to crack your back in that one spot he knows holds your tension. You emit a high-pitched mew of release and flop your head back onto his shoulder. He chuckles lightly. “Better?”

“Getting there,” you whisper.

You feel his breath on your skin and hold your own in anticipation. His lips trail your neck and plant kisses everywhere. He slides closer to you until you can feel his hardness pressing into your lower back.

He lifts his head and you open your eyes. ‘Where did my bra go?’

He’s slick.

His hands snake around you and feel incredibly warm as he grasps your breasts firmly. They knead and massage, stopping to occasionally tweak your hardening nipples. You turn your head and nestle his neck. His scent is reminiscent of a Yankee Mountain Lodge candle.

You inhale deeply and sigh as the pressures of your work week quickly melt away.

“there’s a clear record of his decline”

So we’ve been watching season seven, and this is the first time I’ve watched it knowing that, um, Mulder is dying the entire time, and it’s devastating. All over the damn place, all of the time, but in a couple of places particularly: 

- OK so I’d always attributed the Millennium kiss to the fact that he’d been able to read her mind a few weeks prior, and at that point (presumably) obtained confirmation that she was into him. But also…it’s probably his last New Year’s Eve. If he’s going to seize the moment, this is it.

- Teena Mulder killed herself (at least in part) because she had a terminal illness. I just…I can’t even. Poor Mulder. He has to go back into the world knowing that, and in a not-dissimilar position himself.

- He is remarkably chill about learning that Samantha is dead. Like, in the span of what, a week or so, he’s lost his mom and any hope of finding his sister, and he’s just kind of…okay about it. Because he won’t have to worry about it for much longer? (and that tombstone he orders, with the new date of death for Samantha, and for himself and his mom. closure, right?)

- Theef is not a particularly remarkable episode, but that bit at the end where they talk about whether or not Scully would’ve tried harder to save that girl: “I would’ve made the same call, as a doctor, if I was certain that I couldn’t save her life and she was in that much pain.” OH MY GOD WHY DOES HE NOT TELL HER WHY

- That bit of Requiem has always ripped me to shreds - when they’re lying in bed and he says, “There’s so much more you need to do with your life. There’s so much more than this. There has to be an end, Scully.” When it aired I remember being super mad, like “ugh Mulder she’s not going to ditch you, cut it out” but he is talking about how he is going to die soon. And how his death will like, release her to do other things. He is giving her permission and I just a;ijrflsdjiao;fwlsdh;uaiwgoekfs noo

Anyway, this is totally fucking me up. If anyone else has feelings about this I would so love to tumblr-message-chat anytime about the total wreckitude that is me watching this season