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The assumption that Gillian arranged the paparazzi on both occasions and was able to buy the pictures is just that -- an assumption. Your judgement of her is based on that. If you were to see the situation without that assumption (which might very well be incorrect), how would you feel then?

I have never made the assumption that GA has been offered the pictures afterwards. My judgement is not on her, but on the situation she is a part of. There is no reason for me to make thought experiments and so on. I have no doubt that the pictures were ordered work. Who has ordered them, I do not know? -and I will never get that knowledge!

With regard to Portofino, it could be her agent, PM’s agent, their PR agency, PM or GA who ordered the pictures. The newest pictures who look like a similarly procedure could have been ordered by GA, her agent or her PR agency. But ordered they are! Especially with regard to the last pictures, with her children. How exciting is it to follow a family on vacation? Once you have taken the sweet, beautiful and cute pictures, you stop! You do not sell more of the same kind. Unless they are not to be sold, but ordered work. Remember, to take candid shots, is a work. They must also survive! But to follow a mother with two children for several days, to take holiday pictures, do not give that good a salary and is not that good a scoop. Look at the many times there have been candid shots of DD, his kids and so on (it’s obvious to pick him because we are part of the XF fandom where he is also represented. ) Here we usually see and find 3-4 pictures and in very extreme case we can find 10-20 pictures. And lately, mostly videos. Videos because you can take pictures from that and upload live visual material to webpages.  

Even the royal house that represents the country in which I live, has never had that amount of candid shots. They are extremely popular and also abroad, but they have never had so many candid shots. In addition, Italy is not a mecca for candid shots, Portofino is, but not Italy as such. So ask yourself how can there be over 100 and over 500 images when it’s GA? She is not so popular, even if we all really want her to be that popular. In addition, she is not stupid, she knows what she’s doing and has always known. We must stop seeing her a flawless goddess. She works in this industry and knows what she’s doing, and she has people who take care of her interests and is helping her. Using candid shots is a very common thing. 

Why is it that one of the biggest arguments against Wonder Woman is the fact that there was a romance subplot? Like honestly? It was barely even a subplot. First and foremost, Steve and Diana were friends. He helped her navigate a world she didn’t understand, but her motivations were always entirely hers. And secondly, literally almost every other action movie on this goddamn planet has a romance subplot, except the difference is they had male leads and female love interests, who are almost always damsels in distress. Diana’s romance with Steve never once made her out as someone Steve had to save, or even vice versa. They were friends and colleagues with the utmost respect for each other. No one makes this big of a fuss in male-led action movies with a romance subplot. People just take it as it is because it’s the ‘status quo’ but in order for a female-led action movie to have any merit, the woman shouldn’t have a love interest because that diminishes her strength as a woman. Well, sirs and madames, kindly fuck off. Just because Hollywood has conditioned you to believe that a woman in love is weak and submissive doesn’t actually mean it’s true. Love has always been the driving force of Diana’s moral fiber and strength. If you think her falling in love is somehow an inherent weakness of hers then you clearly don’t understand Wonder Woman to begin with. 


A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.

*sees a skinny Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS  H Im ThERe.

*sees a chubby Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*sees a green/white/brown/gray/purple Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*fashionable Taako/fashion disaster Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe. 

Just T A A K O.

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your collab with keilattes is the reason i'm alive

same, anon, s a m e. kei’s yuuri also saved my life so now we have motivation board #2

ranking of capes in star wars
  1. vader’s cape – of course its the best. its vader. its black. flawless style and execution. also, theme music. ∞/10
  2. lando’s cape – daring cut and color worn by the most stylish man in the galaxy. and what a clasp. 10/10
  3. phasma’s cape – stunning. incredible. its black. its armorweave. its got a tasteful red edge. and on those shoulders!! my only complaint is that it looks a bit like a tarp up close. 9/10
  4. krennic’s cape – nothing special, but its a good solid cape in capable cape-wearing hands. 7.5/10
  5. padme’s white cape thing – i can’t tell if that’s  cape or not. half the shit she wore looked like a cape? why is she defined by her fucking outfits i hate george lucas? damn i keep looking at her tits im so fuckin gay. anyway it looks like a beach towel but other than that, a nice cape. a bit like avant-garde LL Bean fashion. 7/10
  6. the various capes of bail organa – i wish i liked these better. you’re a great man bail but i’m not such a fan of your capes. all dashingly cut, but the dull and drab military-esque colors are heartbreaking. 6.5/10
  7. dooku’s cape – plain from a distance, weird texture up close. nice clasp though. 5/10
  8. grievous’s cape – messy and uncontained, but at least it matches its owner. 4/10
  9. boba fett’s cape – terrible, like the rest of him. 1/10

honorable mention – grand admiral thrawn’s cape, lost in the abyss of the eu.

other notes – robes were not included, obviously, if it has sleeves it aint a cape