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I'm not sure if you're still taking drabble prompts, but here's an idea. Victor grades Yuuri's 'performance' in bed with G.O.E.'s (can be just kissing/more innocent stuff if you're more comfortable w/ that, though o: ). Potentially in public.

I think you’ve got it the wrong way round.  Yuuri grades Viktor’s performance in bed.  ;)  Much more interesting.  Because we all know that Viktor would give Yuuri straight +3.0 G.O.E.s on everything. Because Viktor… he is such an easy sap. ;)

Viktor fell back and heaved a deep breath.  It had been good.  Better than good.  AMAZING.  Wow!  He kicked the covers that had ended up tangled around his calves the rest of the way off and to the foot of the bed.  Covered in a thin sheen of sweat, any fabric felt like it would just cling to his skin.  Summer in Hasetsu wasn’t known for its lack of humidity and how Viktor wished that it was.  “Wow, Yuuri!”  He rolled over to look at his love, finally having enough breath to find words.

Yuuri stretched, his eyes closed and his hands pushing back his hair as he dragged in a deep breath.  He was languid and still so very sexy and if Viktor hadn’t been completely spent, he would have been willing to go again.  He couldn’t get enough of this man.

“It was definitely good.”  Yuuri turned his head and smiled, eyes heavy lidded.

“Just good?”  Viktor pouted.  He knew that Yuuri had enjoyed himself, that wasn’t in doubt, but he’d hoped for a bit more… purple prose about it, he supposed.  

Yuuri chuckled and reached out, his hand skimming over Viktor’s bare stomach and grazing the closely clipped thatch of hair right above his dick which was still semi-hard.  Viktor sucked in a breath.  “You scored a well deserved 101.86.”

Viktor pouted.  That was nowhere near the World Record.  In skating.  Maybe it was in sex?  Should he ask?  Hmmm.  “Could I have done better?”

Yuuri bit his lip before leaning up and over, pressing a line of kisses down Viktor’s stomach.  It was very distracting.  “Your performance was a little rushed and I’d say that your oral execution only received a +2.0 G.O.E.”

Viktor huffed, not entirely sure if it was over the unexpected G.O.E., the note on rushing, or the way that Yuuri’s warm breath felt on his skin as he laughed.

Yuuri hummed.  “Also, you didn’t use my flexibility to its fullest extent, so that definitely knocked a couple G.O.E. points off too.”


Sitting up, Yuuri looked at Viktor and smiled.  It was a bit cheeky, and very adoring.  Viktor could get used to that smile.  Wanted to get used to that smile.  “Your enthusiasm was definitely a +3.0 and your kisses?”  Yuuri leaned close, his lips just a breath away and Viktor had to stop himself from stretching to claim those lips again.

“What about my kisses?” he eventually managed to get out on a breath.

“Mmm.  Definitely a +4.0 G.O.E.”

“Yuuri!”  Viktor reached out and wrapped his arms around Yuuri and tugged him down on top of him, claiming his lips without a second thought and not even sparing a thought for how sticky with sweat they still were.

Jealous [Anders/Fenris]

Insp. by this post: ‘we’ve been fucking with no strings attached but i just saw you go upstairs with another guy and im drunk and following you both upstairs to punch the shit out of him’.

Wrote this a while back and finally decided to post it, since I don’t think I will ever write a second part as I originally intended. I do feel I got it to a good enough stopping point that it stands on its own though, so enjoy!

Fandom: Dragon Age II
Pairing: Anders/Fenris
Rating: PG (no actual sex, but sexual references)
Words: 1892
Content warnings: Alcohol use, jealousy/possessiveness

Fenris growled and downed another gulp of the swill Varric had placed before him earlier that eve. The dwarf had given it high praise as “the only thing actually worth paying for at The Hanged Man” (though he’d later revised his claim after Isabela reminded him that she had a room there). Perhaps Aggregio Pavali had simply ruined him for all other spirits, but Fenris honestly couldn’t tell it apart from the usual piss water they drank on card nights.

He was now three pints in and nearing physical illness, and the shit still wasn’t doing its job. Oh, he was drunk. Perhaps drunker than he’d ever been, but damned if that meant anything. He still hadn’t managed to tear his attention away from the mage. His mage. His mage leaned heavily against an attractive blond human by the hearth fire, face pink from laughter, his amber eyes wide with unmistakable desire for the man at his side.

The drink had all but reduced Fenris’ world to a dizzy swirl of colors and light, but Anders alone remained bright and in focus, like some mortal lighthouse mocking him across a rageful sea.

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Prompt: Oh my gosh your writing literally gives me liiiiife ❤❤❤❤ could you please please please write some negan x plus size reader??? I’d owe you my life honestly 

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,118
Warnings: Making out, swearing, mild body shaming (But Negan puts that to rest)

“He’s expecting you to wear that?” Sherry asked in a cold voice, a mean smile played on her lips.

You were standing in the middle of the room that Negan kept all his wives. The room was well decorated with colour and it had everything a girl could need: pretty mirrors, make up, comfy beds, the whole package. You had just been minding your own business in the corner reading when one of the Saviours came in and dropped off a package for you.

You had some scepticism but you had taken the package onto your neatly folded bed. You were sitting cross-legged, leaning against the cold stone wall. You had looked at the box as if it were a bomb ready to explode.

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Play the Odds - written by alivingfire
By Organization for Transformative Works


Harry and Louis are best friends since childhood who, after a night of drinking, find themselves locked in a bet: first one to kiss the other a thousand times wins. Wins what? They don’t know. Glory, Harry supposes. Bragging rights, though those don’t do much in this economy. All Harry knows is that this is one bet he can finally win. What he doesn’t expect, though, is what happens when he starts kissing his best friend on a daily basis.

Namely, he doesn’t expect falling head over heels in love with his best friend.

Now all he has to do is make sure the bet never ends, so he never has to stop kissing Louis.

Author - alivingfire            Tumblr - @alivingfire

One shot  |  26,963 words  |  Fic published December 22, 2016

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!!

The cuteness of this fic… it knows NO BOUNDS!! From delightful drunken conversations to even more adorable best-friends-maybe-more-that-friends kissing sessions, this fic is top notch. Be prepared to read it all in one go. Its sweetness is highly addicting! 

I genuinely had so much fun reading this. It’s sweet and charming, funny and lighthearted, really well written, and full of good times. If you’re looking for something fluffy with a splash of hotttt chemistry - here’s the fic for you! 

The second marker for my final project thought it lacked visuals and atmosphere and wasn’t ‘romance’ enough and there wasn’t enough description and and and…
So this summer, I’ll finish writing it, spend the rest of the year editing it, send it off to an agent, have it published, watch it become a bestseller, and then send this person the second edition of my book.
Not the first, the second.
Because the second edition will say 'NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER’ on the cover.
I’m not spiteful at all.

okay so the only reason I am posting this crappy sketch is because I know the lineart will kill it but I just drew this hand about twenty goddamn times over and I think I finally got it right and if that’s not a decent success to end this bloody impossible year on I don’t know what is



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What is it about Olicity that makes me feel so good inside? I rarely invest in a TV couple but Olicity has a 'goodness' at its core which, when combined with their chemistry, makes me feel happy about the world. I can't get enough of them. I had a giggle after the finale when I explained to my husband what a 'shipper' was and that he definitely was one. He was most upset they didnt kiss (lol). Love this page and all you are doing :) xx

Thanks!  Glad you’re enjoying the page.  :)

I think there’s a ton of reasons people who have never shipped a ship ship Olicity.  I think it’s clearly a relationship built on mature, adult qualities like friendship, trust, loyalty, honesty, etc.  I think those are very attractive.  It’s not a “lust”/sex thing.  Yes, there’s attraction (obviously!) but the qualities that radiate from their relationship are deeper.  Oliver and Felicity are not built to feel like “once they romp in bed, they’re over.” Sex for them would mean something.  Sex for them would be a huge step.  A commitment.  Heck, a kiss between them would be monumental.  Because there is such a lovely establishment of their relationship, I think people respond to their chemistry, the type of relationship they have and when they look at Oliver and Felicity they (as Marc Guggenheim recently said) see Love and not sex.  That’s important, not to mention very, very hard to do.

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Shut your fucking mouth you dyke! Hook died for Emma and Emma told him she loved him. Stop making shit up and twisting canon.

First of all let’s address your word “dyke”. Clearly a derogatory terms which is meant to what? Hurt my feelings? Honey I’ve been called worse by homophobes like you! It also makes the assumption that I am a woman and that I am a lesbian. And finally it simply adds to the reasons why Swan Queen shippers’ first assumption (or very soon after) is that those who don’t ship it are homophobes. It’s because of people like you leaving hate like this in our inboxes. I don’t think for one second that all anti swan queen shippers are against same sex couples but I fully understand why some do. It’s because their only interactions with anti SQers are people like you leaving hate like this in their inboxes or in their friends’ inboxes. 

Once again however you are right. Hook did die for Emma, and Emma did say she loved him. She did however also become the dark one so Regina could get her happiness. Regardless of what you believe or who you ship - you can’t deny facts. Emma and Hook did exactly as you said - however I am not “twisting canon”. I am in fact acknowledging what is canon, unlike you who is omitting it to fit your ship. 

Also by all means have your views about the show - and sadly yeah gay people, but don’t come into my inbox and spread your hate towards me because I don’t want nor deserve it. But perhaps you know that and that’s why you did it, because  Emma said she loved Hook and then sacrificed herself for Regina anyway. The “canon” you are trying to hard to protect isn’t good enough for you and you feel its threatening your ship? 

Who knows how your mind works - and quite frankly I don’t care so please just leave me alone. Go into your tag and enjoy and complain what the finale gave you and your fellow shippers instead of coming into ours and stopping us from doing the same.