but it's finally done ugh


I headcanon Bokuto to be the type of person who is a literal furnace and wears T-shirts all year round, whereas Akaashi has perpetually cold hands.


Can we ignore how late I am for Theyna week and instead appreciate how amazing would it be if Thalia joined the quest to return the Athena Parthenos? 

bonus amazingness if they met like this

Precious Rubella and Tristis from Child of Light, which I first played in May! Jeez after almost 4 month I finally finished this sketch -_____-  way to go me

I like to think that those two are twins and Rubella is older sis, always looking after her gloomy lil bro and cheering him up♥) Seriously this game is beautiful and dreamy and amazing,  I didn’t finished it yet only because I don’t want it to be over~  and rpg games are totally my jam so yeaaah

*да, кстати, Алён, удачного вам пути \^з^/

well I finally managed to finish this goddamn angst, so I’ll be posting it in a little over an hour and then I’m NEVER WRITING ANGST AGAIN


I don’t know if I want to do this alone. I don’t even know if I can.


requested: AU in which Gerard is a model and Frank is the photographer.
[disclaimer: none of these pictures belong to me, only the writing. All credit goes to the owners of the photos used.]

Frank adjusted the lens of the camera, and he could feel Gerard’s eyes flicking over him lazily, roving over the ink that sprawled out from under his sleeves. The model was lounging in the corner of the room, dark hair artfully messed, tie hanging askew, top button deliberately undone.

He met Gerard’s eyes for a brief, fleeting moment. For a split second, Gerard held his gaze, before Frank ducked his head.

He tried to avoid the look he knew Gerard was giving him by busying himself with his equipment, ignoring the urge to tangle his fingers in the other man’s dark hair. Frank bit his lip as he worked, solemn exterior giving no hint that all he wanted to do was to trace that jawline with kisses, lick over the faint stubble, leave dark, tender marks up and down that neck.

As Frank finished positioning the cameras and the backdrop, he felt Gerard’s intense gaze burning into him. Looking up, Frank caught the model’s eyes, and oh god, he knew, he knew, and he was unable to look away as the taller man sauntered over, hands tucked into his pockets, a slow, dangerous smirk playing upon his lips.

more pieces by me: (x) (x) (x)[note: I will turn this into a fully-fledged piece if I receive enough requests/notes.]

But you're my flame

I’d risk my life for two things, love and revenge.
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Lol what if after finding bucky, steve’s like, “but you’re keeping the arm, right?”

and they share a knowing look before bucky goes, “you know what, it’s kind of growing on me”

(and that’s when i’d basically die)

YEAH hence why there has been no left hand challenge stuff or crossember items…

I have a final which requires me to write a 3000-3500 word essay on an ethical hot topic in the tech field… Just finished two other finals (WHICH HOLY COW YAY) within the last week and this last one is due on the 11th. So yeah I am gonna put things on hold till then… Or when this gets done - which ever is sooner.

So yeah this is gonna be fun. Luckily I have all day Friday to also work on this due to having work on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 

But yeah just wanted to update just so then people knew why no crossember things have come out…