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otayuri week - day five (late): fears and encouragements

rated g - crushes - wing-woman mila - read on ao3

Yuri has a big fat crush on Otabek Altin. Otabek’s in the same position but has a funny way of trying to confess it. Mila’s happy to be the best wing woman history has ever known and Yuri Plisetsky expert to ever advise Otabek on such a matter.

ilikepi315  asked:

Your style is amazing man! I was wondering what your process is/how you go about painting your art to make it look so clean? Its some good stuff my dude

Aw, thanks my dude! I don’t remember anyone ever asking me before, so it’s really cool reaching the point where someone has! Here are my steps:

for all my mutuals: ily and I think ur art is cool and I wish I could sent you a message but im afraid I might Die so im just going to quietly admire everything u post 🌱 -admin

upcoming fics

not a list of everything but a list of what i’m working on at the moment; not in working on order after the first one. if you’re interested in a particular one then feel free to lemme know so i can figure out some working order for the rest lol.

AJ Styles x girlfriend reader –  the sequel to You Know  – THE PROPOSAL THAT HE’S STILL TRYING HARD TO MAKE PERFECT also touching upon his Sunday (Elimination Chamber) and Tuesday (Rematch Ridiculousness) losses, his Talking Smack appearance, and navigating Valentine’s Day when it’s not only a televised work day, but one of his son’s birthday and an anniversary with his ex-wife.

AJ Styles x female co-worker reader – smut

plot in progress: despite having such a distaste for his “soccer mom hair” for some reason AJ gives her permission to hold a pair of scissors near his head to give his beard and hair a little trim before a big event to look his best, she makes it very hard for him. 

Finn Balor x girlfriend reader – set over the course of three fateful days in 2016; featuring a healthy serving of the three favorites, smut, angst, and fluff

plot in progress: from celebrating with him that night he walks away the winner and wishful believing his shoulder isn’t too bad to comforting him the next night when he relinquishes his title and helping keep the smile on his face to the day of his surgery, “at least we have some crazy stories for the grandkids, huh?”

Nikki Bella x female co-worker reader – smutty friendship 

plot in progress: after a long day of travel and work, relaxing in fluffy robes with some wine leads to relaxing with… well… other pleasures. 

Seth Rollins x female co-worker reader – smut between frenemies

plot in progress: sexual frustration relief comes from the hands and other parts of her greatest source of general frustration after he finds her unable to relieve herself, he insists for purely selfish reasons, it’s mutually beneficial.

Triple “Thick Cock Daddy Hunter” H x female assistant reader – smut 

cheesy-ish plot in progress: on the way back from wherever for work, their car swerves and becomes stuck in the snow… with the tow at least an hour away and their bodies freezing, whatever will they do for warmth?

Triple “Thick Cock Daddy Hunter” H x female employee reader – smut  

plot in progess: when you’re told to tell the king of kings to come to the boss’ office, the king of kings will ignore the context… especially when it happens in an empty locker room and will tell you that telling him to come doesn’t work, you have to make him.

Xavier Woods x female reader – smut after lots of video game talk, mostly ff15 and sims, and awkward situation

plot in progress: bonding over video games are all fun and happy times until he takes the controller and you’re straddling him on the couch… to make matters worse, bonding over video games become all awkward too after someone left their sim selves on free will and the sims of herself and him are woo-hooing. 

anonymous asked:

i have an explaination! the reason why genderbends are transphobic is because what they are usually changing are things that ppl think equate to someone being a certain gender. (breasts/vagina/dick or masculine/feminine features) its more just 'i wanna see this person as strictly cis in another gender' when like a trans woman can possess everything a cis woman can have which is why cisswap is harmful too also if someone is canonically (gender), they can be a trans woman or trans man or nb.

yeah this sums it up lightly! thank you anon