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Not All Wounds Heal (Part 5/?) (Stark/Rogers x reader)

Part 4

“The doctors say he shattered L4 through S1, extreme laceration to the spinal cord.  Probably would be looking at some form of paralysis,” Tony explained to Natasha quietly as the two stood overlooking the compound lawn, “but she fixed it.  She fixed it and almost gave her own life because it’s what I wanted her to do.”

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100 Ways To Say I Love You

Dean x Reader

#12. Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.

#80. Is your seat belt on?

A/N: Fic moved from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

You didn’t want to talk to him, you really didn’t, and hoped that the crossed arms and set jaw would be enough to communicate this much.

Glancing at him as your feet scrunched the mat of multicolored leaves, it became evident that he had received the message, loud and clear. He wasn’t joking to break the tension, he wasn’t complaining, or doing anything that wasn’t walking quietly at your side, having probably made peace with the idea that you would be angry for a while.

When you sat in the car, your body language didn’t change, and the plan was to keep it this way, at least till you had found a good reason to make up and move on.

Only a few seconds had passed when Dean turned the key in the ignition and, even without looking his way, you knew, being familiar with his habits, especially the stupid ones. Would it kill him to put the damn thing on by his own initiative just once?

You tried to resist because he deserved the silent treatment for a few more hours, and you repeated this to yourself, once, twice, three times. Then you gave in.

“Is your seat belt on?”

“Oh, you’re talking to me? So soon?” He inquired with sarcasm.

Your eyes, previously busy looking at the leafless trees at the side of the road, were now turned to glare at him, as you reiterated, “Put it on.”

“No, thank you,” he replied, like a child that couldn’t let you win.

“Just do it.”

Dean put both hands on the steering wheel and looked in front of him, letting out a long sigh. “You don’t even wanna talk to me. Why d’you care?”

“You pissed me off, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just need a few hours to get over it. Now can you put it on?”

He gave you a quick glance while the sides of his lips slightly turned up, and he finally obliged.

The drive was long but silent, the only exception the stereo that sang Dean’s favorites on repeat, but more quietly than other days when you two had been in better moods and interested in singing along.

“Still mad?” Dean asked halfway through the drive, without looking your way.

“Yeah, I’ll let you know when I’m not.”

He gave you a nod and nothing else. If he sighed, you didn’t notice.

When you got to your destination, he stopped at the side of the road, the Impala’s engine warm and running, contrasting the temperature outside, that became known once you opened the car door, a chilly breeze making its way through the street and automatically making you move your arms closer to your body.

Then, before you could get out, Dean took off his jacket and handed it to you, “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

“No, thank you.”

Having recognized the tone you had just used, he scoffed silently, and pushed the jacket into your hands, “Just take it. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

You listened to him this time and let the jacket hug your shoulders as you went out, providing warmth and surrounding you with a smell that was all Dean. You wished they would bottle this one, to have it around you all the times.

He was waiting for you to get inside the building, so he frowned when you slid back in the seat. “Forgot somethin’?”

You quickly kissed his cheek and gave him a smile, “Not angry anymore.”

Then you ran out of the car and into the building as Dean drove away, his smile matching yours.

So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

Originally posted by sf9

He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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Whispering Wall

Originally posted by hobisu

A/N: As I promised here is the Hoseok fic! It’s also my debut piece on this blog as a new member ^^

This is specially dedicated to the creator of this blog. I wanted to write something for her, to thank her for everything she has done for me. I hope I did you proud Soul Partner! <3

Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff :P

Warning: Mentions drinking

Word count: 3,536 (give or take a few words)

The Whispering wall was a place you frequented to study, even write your papers for school. Being a college student was stressful but somehow this wall made it easy to write. You were always more focused here than anywhere else. Some say this wall was magical, some say it was just a wall full of vandalism.

Other students like you came to confess secrets, let out some stress, write love notes. Every now and then you’d find an actual conversation, replies upon replies. You found it entertaining to read these. Before starting on your astronomy essay, you took out a fine tipped sharpie and wrote on the wall.

“I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.”

You smiled to yourself. ‘Yesterday’ was your favorite Beatles song. It always brought a smile to your face, unlike your class partner Jung Hoseok. He wasn’t a total pest but he did his fair share of teasing and distracting you in class. For the most part you ignored him. You couldn’t risk getting your grade lowered over his actions.

The sound of someone approaching the wall brought you back to the present. They looked sheepishly at you before pulling out a marker of their own to write something. You looked down at your blank paper, trying to think of what to write.

Why do I love astronomy?

Your fingers hovered over the keyboard of your laptop for the slightest second before quickly moving. You had always loved astronomy; it was one of the things in your life that had a deep meaning. All that the skies had to offer were tranquil, but at the same time they could be quite scary. You loved the unknown and mysterious aspects of the galaxies and stars. You found it truly fascinating. You were on such a roll with this essay before being interrupted.

“I see my favorite classmate is working hard, as usual. You’re such a nerd.”
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Hoseok sat down on the opposite side of the picnic table.  

“Well its better than leaving everything to the last second like you do. At least I manage to show up on time and take notes.”

He laughed. “Like I said, you’re a nerd.”

Peering over your laptop to glaring at him. “I’m not a nerd for taking my studies seriously,” he deadpan looked at you.


“Whaaat?” you asked while trying to resume your essay.

“You’re a nerd.” he said once more making you irritated.

“If you’ve got nothing better to do, just leave.” you huffed.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry. But I actually did seek you out for a reason.” he claimed.

You sighed and closed your laptop. It was obvious that you weren’t going to get anything done with him sitting in front of you. “What could Jung Hoseok need from a nerd like me?” you asked putting quotations around the word nerd.

“I need you to take notes for me on Thursday. I won’t be in class." He stuck out his bottom lip and batted his eyelashes at you.

"Don’t try to act all cute. It won’t work. And why aren’t you going to be in class that day?” you quizzically eyed him.

“My best friend Yoongi is coming to town and I haven’t seen him in a year.” he seemed sad. “He’s been traveling for his music.” his eyes finally met yours. For the first time ever, you felt that this was the real Hoseok. Someone who wasn’t always so hyper and annoying.

“I suppose,” you started to say when he squeezed your hand to say thank you. “But you owe me,” you narrowed your eyes at him and took your hand from his. You gathered your laptop and notebook from the table getting ready to leave.

You turned to him one last time “Call me nerd one more time and I’m never doing anything for you ever again.” The sound of his laugh growing smaller and smaller as you walked towards your dorm.

“Thank you!” he shouted after you.

After you reached your dorm, you had managed to finish half of your essay. You stood up and stretched, flexing your fingers feeling relief from having sat in the same position for so long. The tired feeling started to seep into your bones. Well no wonder it’s late you thought to yourself as you checked the time. 11:37
pm. You slipped on a hoodie before taking your toiletries to the shared bathrooms. You brushed your teeth and washed your face before heading back to go to sleep for the night. The image of Hoseok gripping your hand and his smile played in your brain, making you grin as you drifted off to sleep.

The week passed rather quickly. You jotted down notes on Thursday’s class for Hoseok. You had finished the essay for your astronomy class, so you turned it in a few days before the deadline. You could practically hear Hoseok calling you a nerd.

You found yourself once again at the Whispering Wall this time to draw in your sketchbook. You loved taking a blank page and turning it into a piece of art. Making the various colors blend in with each other, creating the most beautiful images. You were always told you should major in art but your true love was what the skies contained.

You sharpened your pencil before letting it touch the surface of the page before you. A thought popped into your head. The Wall! You looked over to the spot you had written on; utterly shocked that someone had answered your quote.

“Yesterday love was such an easy game to play.”

You’ve never smiled that hard before as your heart soared. Someone else loved The Beatles!  Finally someone your age showed the same interest in the same music as you. Finally someone with taste!

You grab a sharpie from the pile on the table when someone pulls out one of your earbuds, making you yelp. You didn’t even have to turn around; Hoseok gave himself away with his obnoxious laugh. “Hoseok I swear to-” you turned around and stopped talking. He had someone who you assumed was his friend, with him.

“Swear to what y/n?” he teased. You didn’t want to be rude in front of this stranger so you didn’t say anything back to him.

“Y/n I’d like you to meet Yoongi. My friend that I told you about.” he stated.

“The one who travels for music?” you asked looking at Yoongi. Taking in his mint colored hair, leather jacket that hung off of his frame, even the sleepy look on his face. He reminded you of your roommate; she rarely showed her emotions and always looked like she was tired.

“Yoongi I’d like you to meet y/n” he looked at his friend who smiled at you.

“Ahhh so this is the girl that yo-” Hoseok elbowed him in the side to shut him up. “I mean nice to meet you,” he shook your hand and smirked.

“Likewise Yoongi,” he smiled and tucked his hand into his pocket. “So what’re you guys up to?” you asked as you settled onto the picnic bench.

“Not much just showing him around. Probably dragging him to a party.” he replied.

“Ahhh well I hope you guys have fun.” you told them. And you meant it.

“Woah! You’re actually being nice to me?!” Hoseok exclaimed as he clutched his chest, stumbling back into Yoongi.

You groaned. “Do you always have to ruin my mood?”

“Who? Me?” he asked. “You wound me y/n.” he wiped a fake tear from the corner of his eye. You rolled your eyes at him, making Yoongi laugh at the exchange between you two.

“It was nice meeting you Yoongi.” you plugged your ear buds in and motioned for Hoseok to scram. Yoongi nodded at you before they turned to walk away.
You smiled to yourself. He knew how to get under your skin. You absolutely hated it but only acted this way with him.

Your attention returned to your sketchbook. You let the music take you away. After a while a familiar face with gorgeous eyes and a set of full lips developed on the page. You hadn’t realized you were drawing Hoseok. Was it possible you were crushing on him? No. No way. You slammed your sketchbook closed trying to shake the feelings. You returned your supplies to your backpack, all except for one sharpie.

“Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday.” you wrote in your signature loopy handwriting.

The person who replied had fairly sloppy but readable handwriting. It had to belong to a guy. You contemplated who this other person could be. There were so many students on campus, the possibilities were endless. Sighing to yourself you decided to go back to your room.

You were surprised to see you roommate awake. “Wow you’re actually awake?” you didn’t mean for it to sound so sarcastic.

“I know I’m surprised myself. I got invited to a party. Wanna go? I know it’s not either of our scenes but I don’t want to go alone.” you were honestly shocked.

“But you never want to go out.” You stated.

"Yeah tell me about it. But I feel like free booze tonight.” she shrugged as you laughed. “I’m leaving in a half hour if you wanna go.”

“Well it wouldn’t hurt…” you say more to yourself than to her.

She mumbled a ‘cool’ before slipping out of the room to head down the hall for the bathroom. You looked through her wardrobe after deciding that your clothes were too boring.

By the time your roommate returned you still hadn’t decided what to wear.
“Move, I got this.” she nudged you out of the way to rummage through her clothes. Meanwhile you quickly applied light make up. “Here,” she shoved a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a plain white tank top, and a flannel shirt into your arms. “It’s not a formal event. Plus it usually gets really hot at these things with all the bodies packed into a tiny space.” You quickly dressed pairing the outfit with a pair of black converse. Your roommate opted for a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a t shirt with some obscure band on the front.

“Ready?” She asked after she laced up her boots.

“As I’ll ever be.” you replied.

You walked arm in arm with your roommate to the frat house. The faint sounds of music grew louder and louder with each step you took towards the party. Excitement coursed through your body. Even your roommate seemed excited to be there, it was such a change for her usual attitude. You liked it.

Upon approaching the front steps she dropped your arm only to grab your hand, pulling you through the entryway and through the lingering people by the door. Once inside you assessed your surroundings.

“Let’s get a drink!” your roommate shouted over the music and you gave her a thumb up. You followed her into the kitchen, only to find Hoseok and Yoongi leaning against the counters.

“Y/n? What’re you doing here?” Hoseok questioned as his eyes looked you up and down.

“My roommate invited me.” you answered as she handed you a plastic cup filled with foul smelling liquid.

“Cheers” she said as she touched her cup to yours. She downed it before you even brought it up to your lips.

“My kind of woman,” Yoongi spoke with a smirk on his face. You laughed to yourself knowing he would like her.

The four of you chatted in the kitchen for a little while before someone from your English class pulled Hoseok away. “Namjoon needs to speak to me. You good Yoongi?” he asked.

Yoongi eyed your roommate up and down while licking his lips. “Yeah I’m good Jhope.”  Jhope?

You stood there and watched them shamelessly flirt in between sips of alcohol. You refilled your cup with a mixed drink and wandered off. It wasn’t long before you found a familiar face surrounded by a small group of people.

“Y/n! Come sit with me!” Seokjin exclaimed. He patted the only other empty spot on the couch. You’ve known him since your freshman year at the University.

“Hey Jin!” you said as you sat down next to him. “How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve talked.”

“I’ve been good. I made the Dean’s list this year.” he beamed with pride.

“Congratulations! I’m happy for you!” you told him nudging his shoulder. “You were always the smartest one in class. With the lamest jokes!” you giggled feeling the alcohol working.

“What do you mean? My jokes are legendary! ” Jin scoffed at you while simultaneously putting his arm around your shoulders.

“I didn’t know dad jokes were funny” you retorted.

“What do you call bears with no ears?” he asked trying to hold his laughter.

You groaned at the opening of the joke. “I dunno, what?” you asked as you took a sip of your beer.

“B!” he answered laughing. It was his windshield wiping laugh that made you cackle. Not the joke.

“That was,” you paused as he looked at you. “So, so stupid!” you laughed as you swatted his knee. “I’ve got a better one.”

Jin cocked and eyebrow at you. “I don’t think so y/n, I am the king of jokes!” the people surrounding you guys laughed along with him.

“Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?” you replied knowing he was going to find it hilarious. He shook his head and took a sip from the dark glass bottle he held. “Great food! No atmosphere!” He spat his drink out, nearly choking on it. “Oh gosh are you okay?!” you pat his back as he recovered from the coughing fit. His face was tomato red when he looked at you.

“That was a good one!” he said once he calmed down.

This game of telling jokes went on for a good hour or so when you hear Hoseok call out for you.“Y/n?” you looked up to see him looking at Jin’s arm which was still around you. “Have you seen Yoongi?”

You got up and said your goodbyes to Jin and promised to hang out again soon.

“Last I saw him; he was in the kitchen with y/rm/n. They were getting pretty cozy with each other.” he laughed. “Why is that funny?” you asked as you led him to the kitchen.

“I’ve never seen him this way. Normally he’s closed off to people” now it was your turn to laugh.

“Funny cause so is she.” you snorted. As soon as you turned the corner you both made sounds of disgust. They were all hands and lips.

“Ew guys get a room,” Hoseok spat. The two broke apart with big grins on their faces.

“You interrupted. For what?” Yoongi glared at the two of you.

“Food? I’m starving. Let’s go.” he said not caring that he was interrupting them.

Yoongi leaned back into y/rm/n and whispered something into her ear which made her scoff. “Yeah right D boy.” she replied and he smirked. “Are you ladies going to join us?” Yoongi asked.

On cue your stomach growled. “Whelp I guess that answers for me.” you said patting your stomach. You turned to Hoseok. “Where to Jhope?” both you and Yoongi snickered at that name.

“Watch it y/n” he warned, but the look on his face conveyed that he didn’t care. “Only my Soul Partner can call me that,” he said and gave Yoongi a fist bump. “How about the diner right outside of campus?”

“Food is food,” both y/rm/n and Yoongi said at once, they burst out in laughter.

“Well that’s creepy,” the sound of Hoseok’s voice saying the same thing as you made your eyes go wide. “Can we stop with all this weird shit and go?” he said amused. 

The four of you left the party and went to go refuel and sober up. Two am quickly approached as you guys left the diner feeling full. You were surprised that you actually had so much in common with Hoseok. Yoongi told stories from their younger days. He wasn’t as bad as you thought, it just so happened that his hyper personality got in the way of getting to know the real him. He was actually a pretty sweet guy.

You and Hoseok walked together talking while the other two fell behind laughing and goofing around. “Is anything going on between you and that one guy from the party?” he questioned you.

“You mean Seokjin?” he nodded his head. “No. We’ve been friends since freshman year. That’s it.” you glanced at his profile. “Why do you ask?”

He shrugged. “Just wondering.” You noticed a smile form on his lips. You never noticed that he had dimples; dimples that you wanted to reach out and touch. “So, Yoongi leaves in a few days. Would you mind taking notes for me again?” you were approaching the university.

“Sure. But you still -” you went to say but never got to finish.

“Yeah I know I still owe you from last time. Maybe you can let me take you out on a date?” he made it sound more like a question than a statement. “I mean that’s only if you want.” he playfully tugged on the sleeve of the borrowed flannel shirt. His hand met with yours, fingers slowly intertwining with yours. The warmth of his hand sent shivers down your spine.

“A date? With Jung Hoseok? Gee I wonder why I would want to partake in that.” you felt him squeeze your hand. “But I guess. I mean you do owe me.”

“That I do,” he flashed a brighter than sunshine smile at you.

Without realizing where your feet were taking you, you both ended up at the Whispering Wall. You pulled him over to the spot you checked almost daily.
“What are we doing here?” he asked as you let go of his hand.

“I wanted to see if anyone replied to what I wrote,” not bothering to look at him as you answered. “Apparently not.” you sighed. You turned around to see him eyeing you skeptically. “You see, I wrote a line from my favorite Beatles song on here. I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer, but someone did.” he nodded, urging you to go on. “They replied with the next lines. I did the same, I was hoping they would have replied by now but they haven’t.” you frowned.

“I’m sure they will soon y/n.” he said as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and looked towards the ground. Why is he suddenly being shy?

You opened your mouth to say something but someone beat you to it. “JHOOOOOOOOOOPE!” Yoongi startled you both. It had slipped your mind that you weren’t alone. In the lights of the lamps that dimly lit the area, you could see the hickeys that y/rm/n and Yoongi had given each other while you and Hoseok were alone.

“What do you want Yoongs?” he groaned at the loudness of his friend.

“Thank you for introducing me to her. She’s fucking amazing man.” you all laughed at his outburst. “I’m telling you she’s my soul mate. Your my soul partner but she’s my soul mate.” Yoongi claimed as he snaked an arm around y/rm/n’s waist.

You looked at each other rolling your eyes as the two of them started making out again. “I’ll walk you to your dorm room,” he offered. You took his hand in yours and led the way.

He walked you right up to your door. “Hey that reminds me, what’s your number?” you eyed him. “I mean how am I supposed to take you on a date if I don’t have your number?” he smirked.

“Valid.” You told him your number as the other two caught up with you guys.

“So I’ll see you in class on Tuesday?” he said and surprised you by giving you a hug.

“See you Tuesday Hoseok.” A squeal from y/rm/n broke you two apart. Yoongi smacked her ass. “Those two I swear,” you shook your head.

“Good night Agust Dick” she said and walked into the shared room.

“Good night Y/n,” Hoseok spoke, barely above a whisper moving closer. He kissed your cheek softly, making heat rise to that very spot.

“Good night Jhoooope,” which earned you a laugh from him. “It was nice meeting you Yoongi, ” you waved to him and he nodded in response.

You closed the door and leaned against it. Your roommate had already undressed and was mostly asleep. “See it doesn’t hurt to go out and have fun.” she said before letting out a big yawn.

“No, no it doesn’t.” you said as you got into your pajamas. Your phone buzzed as you slid beneath the blankets of your bed. It was a text from an unknown number.

“Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.” You’re not
the only one with good taste in music you nerd ;)

It was Hoseok this whole time. You smiled to yourself in the dark before you drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Thank you for reading! Its so cheesy I but I hope you liked it!! I hope I was able to make my Soul Partner proud! <3 And a special thanks to @jeylovestoblog who helped me come up with the plot for this story!


Prompt: Reader has been hunting erratically with Sam every since Dean died at the end of 3x16. What happens when he comes back?

Reader Gender: Female

Character / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural

Words: 7,886 (I originally posted this as 4 separate chapters on FanFic and AO3)

Warnings: Nothing really… angst & fluff I guess.

“Go ahead. Underestimate me. I dare you.” Your fingers flex around the handle of the machete. Having been dipped in dead man’s blood, it would poison the vampire the moment her skin was broken.

She sneers, exposing a row of razor sharp teeth. “You think you’re bad ass, don’t you?”

The muscles between your shoulder blades are rigid. The nest had been infiltrated easily enough. The vampires that lay at your feet were freshly turned, less than a month judging by the amount of bodies that had been showing up at the morgue. Now, only one remained. The ring leader was standing in front of you. She was older, more experienced than her fallen brethren, but that didn’t mean much. Not when she was facing a hunter of your caliber.

You arch a brow as you twirl the blade expertly at your side. “I don’t want to brag, but yeah.”

“Allow me to put you in your place.”

This moment right here is what gets your blood pumping. You love the rush of adrenaline, the way it makes you feel. All of your senses are heightened, your hunting instincts kick into overdrive until there are no more bad guys, until they’re lying dead at your feet. And then, when the effects have worn off, you’re left wanting more. You crave the next rush, the next hunt, the next kill, the next injury.

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Philip Hamilton x Reader - "Angelica Happened."


A/N: Oh my word, I actually did a Philip fic! This was so fun to write, I hope you guys like it so I can make a part two.

TW: Swearing

The pouring rain hammered down onto the rattling windowpanes, tree branches scratching and knocking. You sighed; the storm had been non-stop for over two days now, and you needed to get home.

Your father, a New York politician, had been discussing Mr Hamilton’s debt plan, and was forced to take you with him. Your mother, a formidable yet kind woman, had been taken ill and wanted you out of the house. Huh! As if you were some silly little child who needed supervising at every waking moment.

Oh well. You had befriended the Hamilton’s son, Philip, and his little sister, Angelica. Philip was slightly older than you, but was a decent conversationalist and shared many of your views. Mrs Hamilton was a dear, offering you tea and refreshments, but you were taken in by her son. He was tall, with a sturdy build and, quite frankly, adorable freckles that dotted his face. Completed by a cheeky grin and a flirty demeanour, what else could you ask for?

Hoisting yourself up into the voluminous armchair that resided next to the softly glowing lamp, you made yourself comfortable and opened the large book that was settled in your lap. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. You adored Shakespeare, able to lose yourself in worlds of fairies and pixies, in romances and tragedies, in comedies and daring adventures. While the world outside seemed to be turned upside down with turmoil and discord, you were warm and tranquil, lost in a world where even pixies, fairies, and men with donkey heads could find love.

Time passed; the grey sky turned to black, rain and wind continuing to throw itself down and make chaos. You were almost at the end of your book when the door to the library was slammed open. After almost jumping out of your skin, you recovered your composure and looked over to the source of the noise.

The sight that greeted you was so comedic that you couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle. Philip, decked out in frilly pink bows and soft ribbons, stormed into the room, his cheeks red in embarrassment and – and makeup?

“Oh gosh, Philip, what happened to you?”

Rolling his eyes, he roamed the room in search of the hand mirror (that was placed on the table next to you). “Angelica happened.”

“What do you mean?”

Philip, having spotted the mirror, made a beeline for you and was a little too close for comfort. “Dad just had to give Angelica a makeup set for her birthday. I mean, talk about favouritism! But no, she couldn’t test it on herself, it had to be me.”

“Oh dear. Well, I must say, that’s certainly an interesting predicament.”

With the mirror now in his grasp, Philip began to frantically pull at the bows that were tied in his curls. You smiled softly. “Let me.”

Huffing, the extremely feminine-looking Philip placed himself beside you, allowing you access to the ribbon and metal grips. You started with the biggest bow that had obviously not been tied properly and was now sagging. Gently undoing the material, you placed it onto the table, straightening it out and turning back to the pouting Hamilton. After methodically removing the assorted hair accessories and sorting them into piles, you let your fingers simply run through Philip’s smooth curls, untangling any knots.

You felt him relax against you, and, despite your silent protests, your body tensed up as your cheeks flushed. The room was quiet, so you decided to strike up some sort of conversation.

“So, uh, what did you mean by ‘favouritism’? Did you ask for a makeup set on your birthday?”

You smirked as Philip turned red in indignation.

“O-Of course not! What I meant was, dad dotes over Angelica, always helping her with her piano practise, and whatever. Meanwhile, all I get is a glance and my hair messed up.”

You paused for a second, your fingers still, before continuing your ministrations.

“I’m sure he loves you just as much as Angelica, or any other of your siblings.”

“Doesn’t seem to show it.”

“Hey, I know how you feel.”

“What do you mean? It’s not like you have a million and one siblings like me.”

“Your father is a busy man, as is mine. Especially with his debt plan. You should hear what people say about him! I’m certainly glad my father is with him.”

“Ha, I’ve heard just about every slander, snub or dig at my Father there is – twice. New York isn’t exactly known for its compassion.”

“True.” People had the nerve to insult your Father’s views to your face, frequently commenting on his closeness to Mr Hamilton, or even Senator Burr.

“But still; even though he may not show it, deep down, your Father cares. I mean, he comes home every night, before leaving every morning – and then coming back home.”

“Almost every night.”

“It’s better than nothing.”

Philip sighed. “True, I guess.” He stood up, your hands falling to your sides. Yawning, you looked over at the mahogany Grandfather clock in the corner of the room. The hands showed it to be around half-past eight.

“Hey! I have an idea.”

Oh dear. A particularly mischievous look spread over the Hamilton’s (handsome) features. “Oh yes? What idea would that be?”

“Just you wait.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . .

“Are you sure of this?”

“Yes, I’m sure of this. You’ve asked five times.”

You bit your lip, still unsure. The two of you were boxed together in Angelica’s wardrobe, after Philip had come up with the ‘genius’ (stupid) idea to hide in her wardrobe, while Mr Hamilton asked her to fetch something. When she came up to her room and opened the doors, then “BOO!”

Weak, yes, but the storm continued to rage on outside, and you felt as if you had read every book in the voluminous library. Anyway, your close proximity to the Hamilton meant anything could happen…

“Besides, we got my dad’s permission. If he thinks it’s a good prank, then why not?”

Mr Hamilton had been taking one of his rare breaks when Philip had cornered him. Making sure that Mrs Hamilton was out of earshot, he had explained his plan, and Mr Hamilton’s role. He had raised an eyebrow, and suggested a different prank for next time (would there be a next time?), but he had agreed.

Now, all you could do was wait.

“Hey, [Y/N]?”

Well, and talk.

“How well do you get on with your father?”

You appreciated the way that he said ‘father’ instead of ‘dad’.

“Well, we get on enough. He doesn’t particularly support me going out alone at any times, but we compromise. Usually, my mother is the peacekeeper.“

“Oh yeah, I’ve met your mother. She came over, what was it, ‘bout two months ago?”

Even though he couldn’t really see it, you nodded in confirmation. “Yes. She enjoys conversing with your mother; says she is well educated and sweet. I can now support that statement.”

“Yeah, my mom’s the best. Don’t know how she’s put up with my Dad all these years, the amount of times he gets into fights with other politicians.”

“My father’s probably too afraid of my mother to get into too much of an argument with another.”

“Wait, is your mom scary?”

“To most people, yes. She doesn’t really have the best first impression, but once you know her, she can be a great laugh.”

“Talking of laughs - did you know that I’m a poet?”

This was new.

“You’re a poet? That’s, well, that’s amazing!”

The Hamilton blushed, looking away. “Yeah, well. I used to write these little song-raps, and sometimes I would perform them. Don’t really remember most of ‘em, except my first one.”

You smiled. “Would you mind doing one last performance?”

“Sure! Only one last time, though.” Oh, you couldn’t wait to hear this. “Uh, just saying, my mom was beatboxing for me the first time.”

You learn something new everyday.

“Uh, here goes. Just saying, I was nine.”

My name is Philip,

I am a poet,

I wrote this song just to show it.

And I, just turned nine,

You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine!”

You couldn’t get the image of a small, freckled Philip out of your head.

“I practise French and play piano with my mother,

I have a sister but I want a little brother.

My daddies tryinga’ start America’s bank!

Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!”

“Bravo!” You had to admit, for a nine year-old, that was pretty good. Philip’s face was warm, and he looked away, blowing his hair out of his face. “I can’t believe you asked your parents for a little brother.”

“Honestly, neither can I. Especially with the amount that I have now.”

You breathed out, suddenly nervous. The conversation had grinded to a halt; should you say something?

“Hey, have you heard of a ‘George Eacker’?”

“George Eacker? Yes, I believe I have. Um, why?”

“He’s a right old prick. He spoke on the fourth of July this year, calling my father a ‘Monarchist’ and other things like that.”

“Really, a Monarchist? Even I could come up with better insults.”

You were pleasantly surprised when Philip creased up laughing. His curls bounced as a grin occupied his freckled face.

“Oh, I’m sure that you could.”

“Don’t think too much into it. Your father has impossibly thick skin; almost everything bounces off him.”

“That’s what my mom says. But still, late-night conversations can reveal some interesting things. For example, they’re already trying to find ‘suitable suitors’ for Angelica.”

“Wait, really? Isn’t she a little young?”

“My parents don’t seem to think so. I mean, my mom was married when she was only one year older.”

“I hope they find someone where the love is true. Unrequited love can be heart-breaking.”

“Haven’t heard them discussing any plans for marrying me off, though.”

“Wait, really?” You were shocked to hear this. Philip Hamilton, the one who schedules threesomes and flirts worse than a drunk Thomas Jefferson (don’t ask), was single?

You could work with that.

“Yeah…” Philip sighed wistfully. “Maybe they think I’ll find someone on my own.”

“Well, have you?”

It was now that the Hamilton looked away – was he blushing? The dim light obscured your vision. Your face felt hot. When was Angelica going to appear?

“You see, well, there is one girl who, uh, has appeared to run off with my heart, so to speak.”

You felt your stomach drop. Philip liked someone?

Really, you shouldn’t have been surprised. A suave demeanour, completed by handsome looks and flirtatious remarks – who would pass up that?

“Uh, what about you? Has your father tried to marry you off yet?”

If you didn’t know better, you could have sworn there was a hint of resentment in his voice.

“No, no one for me. My mother has been nagging, saying how she always wanted grandchildren and all that, but they haven’t forced anyone on me – yet.”

The atmosphere in the cramped closet seemed to change. You flushed as Philip moved closer to you, his body warm, smelling slightly of cinnamon.

Your heart thudded in your ears as you looked up into his watchful eyes. Nothing else seemed to matter as you stared into each other’s eyes – not even the footsteps thudding up the stairs.



“Tell me to stop at any time.”

With that, Philip leaned down, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. You could finally understand why people said ‘they took my breath away’. Hundreds of emotions flooded you all at once, ranging from bewilderment, to confusion, to pure euphoria.

Suddenly needing more, you reached up and grabbed Philip’s collar, bringing him down so you could kiss him once again. You felt him smirk as his hands circled your waist, holding you protectively. Letting go of the now slightly-rumpled collar, you placed your hands on either side of Philip’s face, once again marvelling at how many freckles dotted his face – especially up close.

The kiss gradually became more heated, as hands started to wander. You knew that you were safe with Philip, and-

The door swung open, the baffled face of Angelica peering in. You froze, watching as a malicious grin appeared on the girl’s face. Before you could move, or even make a sound, she ran out of the room, screaming, “I’m telling mom!”

A beat passed as you tried to process what had just happened. You were startled as Philip ran after Angelica, shouting frantically. Left alone in the empty room, you slowly walked out of the door and down the grand stairs after the siblings.

A shout rang out from the kitchen.

“Mom! Mom, you’ll never guess what!”

As you peered in from the doorway, you saw Philip gesturing wildly at his sister, but she paid no heed as Mrs Hamilton raised an eyebrow at the ecstatic child and the pair of dishevelled teenagers standing in the kitchen.

“Dear lord, Philip! Whatever happened to you and [Y/N]?”

A quick look was passed.

“Angelica happened.”

Hold me - Sam Imagine

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: “just hold me”

Warning ⚠️: SMUT (this is my first official smut Idk what i’m doing srry if it sucks),unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP FELLAS),oral (male receiving),Swearing & fluff

A/N: could be made into multiparts if shown interest

Sam had been the closest thing to heaven. Well at least in my mind, I always thought about how great my life would be if I had him in it. Sam and I were let’s say “friends with benefits” every night he’d come visit me we’d play around and he’d leave right after which always sucked.

I began falling hard for him the moment we slept together for the first time,he slept beside me and held me all night long. I had wished every time he came over he’d do it again but those times never came sadly.

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colinoslayme  asked:

22+CS? :)

I had a lot of fun with this one, I hope you like it, too! (lowkey based off of a conversation I had with @caprelloidea once about Killian being superstitious because of his time at sea)

22. “Excuse me if I don’t believe your psychic friend.”

When she’d met Killian Jones, it hadn’t taken her long to figure out that he was superstitious. Sure, Emma’s perceptive, but there was also the fact that one time he’d walked all the way around the block to avoid crossing paths with a black cat.

Apparently, when you’ve lived on the sea most of your life, you tend to believe in things like that. Or, maybe it was just Killian. Either way, over the years, Emma had learnt to live with his beliefs, opting not to put the salt shaker next to his place on the table during their weekly dinners. Unknowingly, she’d adjusted her life around her best friend’s fear of supernatural casualties, and she couldn’t really bring herself to mind.

Which is why she blames herself for Killian bursting in through her apartment door at nine in the morning on a Sunday. He’s always been an early riser, the Navy man in him refusing to quit, but he knows better than to bother her before the midday.

“Swan,” he prods her while she’s attempting to sleep. Emma pulls the covers higher over her head to block him out. “Swan, where do you keep your tape?”

Emma tries to tell him to go away, but it comes out in an incoherent mumble; the only way she’s able to form sentences without her caffeine.

Killian sighs heavily, and she hears him beginning to open up drawers. “Bloody hell, does nothing have its place around here?”

She manages to crack an eye open to watch his blurry form rummaging through her things. “Your place is not here this early,” she gets out. Words in the morning are hard.

“It’s an emergency, love.”

“A tape emergency?”

He stops what he’s doing and looks back at her. There’s a soft expression on his face, but she blinks and it’s gone, and she can only believe she imagined it. “Something of that sort.”

Emma props herself on her elbows. “Killian.”

“Swan,” he replies.

“Come on, what’s going on?” She pats the place next to her on the bed.

He hesitates but then comes to sit beside her, his hand reaching to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. “You’re going to think me mad.”

“That’s nothing new,” she says teasingly. He doesn’t respond, instead keeps watching her closely. So she reaches for his left wrist, noting that he’s forgone his prosthetic today. “You can tell me.”

“I had breakfast with Merlin this morning.” Emma makes a sound of annoyance at the back of her throat, but Killian continues, “He told me that someone very important to me will be hurt soon.”

Emma furrows her brows. “And you’re here to find tape to seal his mouth shut?”

That gets a small smile out of him, even if it doesn’t last long. “I’m here because there’s no one more important to me than you, Swan. And because you’re terribly clumsy so I thought I’d bubble wrap the corners of your tables, especially that bloody glass one in the living room.”

She watches his mouth move but her brain is stuck on the fact that he’d just called her the most important person in his life. She shakes her head a little to snap herself out of it, and tightens her hold on his forearm. “Killian, nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“But Merlin said–”

“Well, excuse me if I don’t believe your psychic friend.” He opens his mouth but she cuts him off, “I know these things are important to you, and you’re probably going to make sure I don’t walk under ladders, or whatever, but I’m fine. I’m going to be fine.”

He doesn’t seem convinced at her words, but nods nonetheless. “At least,” he starts, and then stops to bite his lower lip in thought. “At least keep this.” He pulls out a long chain from under his shirt, a ring hanging at its end. She knows the story; it was his brother’s but it was given to him. Killian never takes it off. “I’ve always believed this is what kept me alive out at sea.”

“Killian, I can’t take that. It’s too important to you.”

He shakes his head, and drapes the necklace over her head and around her neck, fiddling with the ring at the end of it. “Not more than you. Please, Swan, for my peace of mind.”

She sighs, still a little off balance by his words. “Okay.” His whole face lights up, and its moments like these that make her want to screw it all and just reach out and kiss him. But she doesn’t, instead she kicks him out of her room and demands he make breakfast for waking her up so early.

And if she smiles too wide at the sight of his necklace around her when she sees it in the mirror, then that’s for her to know.

want a drabble?

Running to Stand Still

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned), Castiel (Mentioned), Billy the Reaper (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned), Amara (mentioned)

Warnings: Angst, so much angst, but I make it better, I promise, Major Character(s) death(s), Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, grief, description of a car wreck, violence, language.

Word Count: 1,910

A/N: This is my first ever Angst fic! I am leaving this open for a possible second part, if you would be interested in reading more of this story please let me know. Feedback is always appreciated! This was inspired/ co-written/beta’d by @mamapeterson aka @mrs-squirrel-chester. Special shout outs to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for helping me come up with a title and to @kayteonline for helping figure out a way to make this hurt a little less. Flashback’s are in bold

Tags at the bottom

She knelt on the double yellow lines of the deserted highway, knowing that if someone came along, they wouldn’t be able to see her in time. She knew that people never paid attention to speed limit signs on backcountry highways at 3 o’clock in the morning. That’s what she was counting on.

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A Fateful Encounter

Summary: Ganon found a little something on patrol duty that would change his life forever.

Chapter 1/?

Words: 1104

Ganon- 22 yrs

Link- baby age

Author’s note: So I have written a few fics already, but you still have no idea how it all started! Well, here it is! ~Mod Roy

The desert wind roared loudly in his ears, kicking up sand into his eyes. Being royalty in the Gerudo tribe didn’t mean squat when it came to patrolling the borders. If it was your turn, you do it, no matter the weather. Ganon squinted towards the horizon, and hand unsuccessfully shielding his eyes. His scarf around his face did little to stop the sand from entering his nose and mouth, but at least he could breathe.

A sigh escaped his lips. “Nothing’s here. Maybe I can go back now?” He turned around to head back to the valley and out of the sandstorm, but then he heard something he thought he would never hear so far out in the desert: a baby’s whine.

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Honestly, the only things that soothes my Jasmine & Debbie loving heart is knowing that in real life, Jenna Coleman and Charley are still great friends. So knowing that in some form Debbie and Jasmine ( albeit through their portrayers 😄) still talk and hang out and love each other and probably get up to mischief on nights out etc is better than the nothing at all ED gave us in the end! 😜

learning this information healed me anon

not how this works - calum hood (part 2)

if possible this is even angst-ier than the last one so get ready lol, dedicated to @whatifmichaelclifford and @assholemalums for the original fbw!inspo 

part 1 / part 3

‘You know if you leave now I’m not going to come running after you?’

Ever since Calum had said those words to you they’d been crawling under your skin, tangling under your fingers every time you tried to text him to apologise, clouding your eyes whenever you passed him on campus. Slowly they’d been consuming you till they were all you could think about. And the worst part was you couldn’t even go to your friends like you usually would, no one had known about you and Calum apart from Luke because Calum had insisted it would only cause “drama”. You realised now it was just another way for him to avoid any consequences or later implications.

'Y/N, you wanna come out with us tonight?’ your room-mate stuck her head round your bedroom door, interrupting your thoughts about Calum.

'What were you guys thinking of doing?’ you asked idly, fairly certain you couldn’t be bothered to find the energy to be cheerful for a whole night.

'Well that guy Ashton is having a party, you know the one who thinks you’re cute?’ your friend teased with a grin.

'Yeah but he’s also a cocky asshole.’ you laughed, remembering who she was referring to quickly as the guy who always unsubtly flirted with you in your art history classes.

'Come on, cocky asshole is your type right? I mean you are best friends with Calum Hood.’ she laughed, coming over to sit on your bed.

'Yeah but Calum usually likes to be the only cocky asshole in the room.’ you rolled your eyes. 'Wait do you know if Calum’s coming to the party?’ you asked, an idea starting to form in your mind.

'I don’t know, I don’t think they’re particularly good friends.’ she shrugged, looking at you quizzically before pausing. 'Y/N, you’ve got your scheming face on.’

'Shut up I don’t have a scheming face!’ you protested, chucking your pen at her.

'Shut up you totally do!’ she laughed, throwing her arms up to protect herself. 'What has your petty ass got planned for these poor boys?’

'Only what’s coming to them.’ you shrugged with a smile. 'Make sure Calum’s at the party okay?’ you said, pulling out your phone to see if you’d ever saved Ashton’s number the multiple times he’d given it to you.  

'I’m just glad I’m not either of them right now.’ your friend sighed. 'Have that petty ass dressed by 8 okay?’ she said over her shoulder as she left the room.

'I think you mean perky ass!’ you called back.

'Yeah that too!’ she replied with a laugh.

You shook your head with a smile, already wondering how you could get her to help you out. Probably with the aid of some alcohol you thought. You managed to locate Ashton’s number in your phone under the contact 'art history fuckboy’ and typed out a quick message.

'So I hear you’re having a party tonight?’


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Saint Baints (Harry Styles x Reader)

A year, that was for how long Harry and I had been together. But as always good things never last for me, little fights turned into massive screaming bits, sleeping in different beds, going days without talking to one another. Those were the worst parts of fighting. After a while the final day came, the day we fought and instead of him yelling it turned into him being completely calm as he sat down and told me the words I feared the most in the world. “We should break up” It had felt like someone ripped my heart out and broke it in pieces. I was too shocked and hurt to fight, to say no, to plead to try and work things out that all I said was a simple “Okay” and started packing all my things before heading to a friends where I now live.

It took two months for us to actually talk again. Noting that before we started dating we had been best friends. So we went from ex’s to friends, to good friends and within a period of a year back to best friends once more. It was great, having my Harry back but not actually him being mine. We laughed about the things we had fought about after realizing they were completely stupid things. Now after two years I had been invited to join Harry and his family for the holidays at Saint Baints. Of course I was excited specially knowing he wouldn’t have to go at the last minute because of some gig or something in the lines of that. Also being able to see his family again was great, but there was just one little detail. Kendall. Before I got there they had already been there for a few days so when the photos of Harry and Kendall wrapped around each other with too much PDA for my liking surfaced the web I felt my heart sink once again.

It’s pitiful how even after two years I still love him, so much and so deeply that just reading this was like a slap to the face. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and try to enjoy the holidays.

Getting here was not so easy but totally worth it. This place is amazingly beautiful. As I walked into the hotel I gasped seen as even the hotel was beautiful. After check in I walked to the house the Styles where staying at, yes you heard me this hotel is by houses not rooms. After opening the front door with my key I yelled a simple “Hello?” To see if anyone was here after closing the door and setting my suitcase down.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I said as I start walking around

“Boo!!” Said someone coming to view making me scream


“Oh My Lord, Gemma. Don’t do that ever again” I said laughing while we hugging hello

“Hah sorry I just felt too tempted not to” She shrugged pulling away

After talking for a bit she told me which room was mine and helped me get settled in. We went to the balcony watching the crystal clear water in front of us just relaxing for a bit.

“So.. Have you seen the pictures?” Gemma asked after a while

She was the only one who knew about my feelings for Harry. I sigh before replying.

“I would love to say no but yeah..” I said looking over at her “Have you seen them.. You know..” I said not wanting to say the word kiss out loud

“Yeah..” She said understanding what I meant “It’s disgusting. I mean not even when you two were together did you show so much PDA” She said trying to lighten the mood

“You know that’s never been my thing” I told her smiling a bit

We kept talking until Anne and Harry came back from wherever they where. After greeting them we decided to go out later for dinner. Nothing fancy or anything. I went to my room and put on a lilac dress that went just above my knees. Putting on white flats I grabbed my purse and headed out the room to come across Harry.

“Hey (Y/N)” He said looking me up and down making me blush “Nice dress” He said a little sarcastic making me frown

“Excuse me?” I said a little offended

He walked closer to me, leaning down till he was next to my ear “I bought you that dress love” He whispered making me shiver

He chuckled knowing my body a little too well for my liking and straighten before saying “Shall we?”

“Yeah, let’s go” I said walking past him ignoring his stretch arm for me to take. The car ride to the restaurant was more than tensed. Me avoiding Harry every time he tried to talk to me. Once we got there and inside I felt like punching Harry for whom was sitting in our table waiting for us.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me being early.” Said Kendall getting up and greeting everyone but me

“Oh you must be (Y/N).” She said with an obvious fake smile on her stupidly perfect face

One thing that had hurt more the first time I heard Harry and Kendall were dating a few months back was that I felt like shit for it. I mean if you would put someone to pick between me and Kendall they would pick her a million times more before even considering picking me. She is super tall something I am not even close to since I barely get to Harry’s chest on flats, skinny which all though I do like my body I feel like hers is just more toned and nicer by a long shot, plus she is like super rich. Me being a YouTuber I do make good enough money but don’t have even half the amount of money she does. There are just so many things better about her that make me feel like shit knowing I could never compare nor compete with someone like her when it comes to Harry’s love.

As dinner started Harry and Kendall sat together, right in front of me much to my dismay. I watched as Harry would get close to her, whispering something into her ear making her giggle as I felt a knife being slowly buried into my heart as I remember that was us a long time ago. Gemma tried to talk to me and help me ignore them but I just couldn’t ignore them. Finally after 20 minutes of them being like that the worst happened. I saw Kendall turn Harry’s face just a bit as he was already looking at her and lean in kissing him. Right there I knew that if I stayed everyone would see me cry and I didn’t want that.

“Um.. I’m gonna go. I’m not feeling very well, sorry” I said getting up and heading out the door as I felt the tears starting to burn my eyes

Calling a car I waited until I head a too familiar voice call out my name. I whipped the tears that had fallen but it was to no use because they just kept coming. I didn’t turn around not wanting him to see me cry but as the guy he is he turned me around making me see him.

“(Y/N)..” He said once he say my tears “What’s wrong” Are you okay?“ He asked concern

"Yeah” I said faking a little laugh “I just don’t feel very well. Maybe ate a little to much before getting here.” I said looking away from him

“You’re lying” He stated simply knowing me a little too well again

“I’m fine Harry don’t worry about it” I said turning around “Wouldn’t want to ruin your little date” I said under my breath but for my luck he heard

“What?” He asked coming around to know be in front of me

“Nothing” I said looking around to see if my car was here yet

“No, tell me. Why did you say that” He pushed

“For nothing okay?” I said annoyed “Why don’t you just go back to your little girlfriend and make out with her some more? Seems like you enjoy doing that a lot lately” I sigh of relief left my mouth once I saw the car coming my way

“You.. You’re..” He said trying to connect the dots

“Yeah Harry. I’m jealous, beyond that if its even possible. Lord you don’t understand do you? I love you, I’ve never stopped loving. And it breaks my heart to see you with Kendall knowing she is a hundred times better for you than I ever was.” I said as tears went down my face looking up at him

“(Y/N).. I-” He started but I cut him off walking pass him

“Don’t Harry. And don’t worry about any awkward tension around because I promise you I’ll be out of the house by morning.” I said as I opened the car door “I should’ve never came here” I said before getting in the car and closing the door.

As I put all of my things back into my suitcase crying like crazy while I did I couldn’t help but look down at what I was wearing remembering the day I got it. It had been me birthday and I didn’t really feel like celebrating so I spent it all day inside with Harry watching movies and eating junk food. At around 7 pm Harry got off the couch and headed up the stairs telling I had to close my eyes. After a little bit Harry came back and sat next to me telling me to open my eyes. I looked down to to see he had a gift on his hands.

“Harry, you didn’t have to” I said as he handed it to me

“I know but.. I just say this the other day and thought of you” He shrugged smiling at me

I opened it to pull out a beautiful lilac dress.

“Oh Harry. It’s beautiful. Thank you” I said as I kissed him

I tried taking off the dress right away but the stupid zipper got stuck not letting me take it off.

“Stupid dress, stupid memories, stupid Harry. Lord! Why do I have to still love him? Why couldn’t I just stopped him when he told me we should break up?” Started to say as I sat down on the bed pulling my knees up to my chest “Why can’t I just be good enough for him” I asked myself as I cried even more

I stopped once I heard the door to the house open then close. Not giving it much attention as I guessed it was probably Anne and Gemma coming back from dinner I laid down facing the big window as I could perfectly see the ocean out side. Little sobs escaped my lips as once again memories of being with Harry came flooding into me head making me cry harder. What stopped me was my door opening all of a sudden. I jumped and looked to the door, finding Harry standing there.

“Ha-Harry” I chocked out “What are you doing here?” I said in a very low voice

“How can you do that?” He said ignoring my question “How can you just say something like that and just walk away like it was nothing?” He said getting closer to the bed making me move closer to him until I was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of him “You.. You didn’t even let me say anything” He said finally looking down at me

“There is nothing to say.” I shrugged looking down at my hands 

“Yes, there is.” He said pulling my chin up so I was looking up at him “(Y/N).. I love you”

“But- But Kendall..”

“Kendall was just a distraction. I thought that maybe if I was with someone else I would start to move on from you.” He moved and sat next to me “But seeing you in this dress.. It reminded me of everything we’ve been through and everything I want us to be in the future”

He put one of his hands that were holding mine on my cheek and started leaning closer, I could lightly feel his lips on mine sending shivers down my spine only wanting them fully on mine. Not being able to take it any longer I put my hands on the back of his neck and closed the small space between us feeling like I was on fire. He hugged my waist pulling me closer, out lips molding together like perfect puzzle pieces.

“I love you so so much” He mumbled into the kiss making me smile

“I love you too, so much” I said as we pulled away looking at each other

Being this close to one another, we just smiled. There was no need for words because in that moment I knew my Harry was mine once more and this time I wasn’t letting him go.



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“Ya know we need a maid. Maybe one with that short black skirt and big- Or hey even better, (Y/n) could clean this and I’d find her a unifrm for sure. Just imagine-” Dean did not complete his sentence as the sight he came face to face with, as they tounded the pile if books, made his eyes.

“No” Sam breathed out as he looked at you laying down on the floor.

“(Y/n) no. No no no!” he rushed to your side in an instant, he picked up your motionless figure “(Y/n), (Y/n)! No” Dean breathed out.

“No damn it no” he felt his heart tighten inside his chest insufferably to the point he could hardly breath.

He did not know how you’d gotten to this point, nor did he care. All he cared about was for yoh to open your eyes and just look at him and prove to him that you were alright. It was all like a nightmare coming true. A nightmare he’d had numerous times and every time he woke up sweating and barely holding his screams you would be there, having rushed to his side in an instant. Even if you were not sleeping there next to him. The reason was just because you and him where only friends.

It was true that Dean had feelings for you but he was not known to be a man of words so as expected he had not said anything and even if he wanted more than anything he was not with you.

“(Y/n) damn it!” he gritted his teeth, trying desperatly to hold it together. His grasp o your shoulder got tight as he shook you.

He knew he should have checked your pulse immediately but he was too panicked to even think what was logical or not at the moment.

Silence followed and could literally hear his heart drum in his ears as he cup your face. His eyes roamed it as he awated for even the smallest flutter of your eyelinds but above all for them to open.

He held his breath when-

You woke up with a startle as if being brought back to life, taking in a deep breath.

Dean let out a big sigh of relief, his eyes closing involuntarily.

“Hey” you said in a raspy voice.

Dean although still shaken clenched his jaw and glared at you, taking firm hold of both your shoulders “What the hell where you thinking!?” he snapped.

“I was searching for a spell but found a wrong one that uh… stopped my heart for a little. Like… temporarily killing me” you hesitated to say, knowing that Dean’s reaction would not be the best.

Although you had to admit nothing made you feel better than Dean showing how much he cared for you. Even if he probably did not feel the same way you still vould not stop that small spark of hope within you at its possibility. Besides you were more close than friends would ever be and the bond you shared was certainly impossible to describe.

“You- You- Are you kidding me!? What the hell (Y/n)?! Do you have any fucking idea how much you scared me- us!?” he all-but-shouted at you.

“Sorry” you mumbled.

He let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand down his face “Just don’t do that again” he said in a low rough voice and crashing you into his arms.

You were sorry for worrying him, both actually, but you could not help a small smile at Dean’s in particular concern.


hi tumblr! i just finished eating dinner and there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal! 

i’m currently just fixing my stuff for school and everything else in my room cause school starts for me again tomorrow! sure, our new schedule is amazing just because it’s monday up till wednesday lang but ofcourse it had its cons too, for example, making me feel like i’m in vacation mode forever

but anyways, i hope you guys had an amazing weekend and if you’re out tonight? take care and have fun with whoever you’re with now! and if you’re like me who is at home, taking a breather and just relaxing, hmu! i’d love to get to know you guys better!

ace!harold snippet

“It’s not a good idea,” Harold says, resigned.

It’s not a no, so John kisses him again. Harold kisses back, just barely, opening his mouth to let John in, a breach of boundaries that has John dizzy with the sheer amount of possibilities it suggests.

Then Harold pushes him away, holding him at arms’ length, resolute. “I really can’t.” His mouth firms. “I won’t.”

If John’s honest, Harold has a lot of reasons not to sleep with him. John goes for the most obvious one. “Do you think I’m doing this out of obligation?” He raises his eyebrows. “Because you’re not that pathetic, Harold.”

“Thank you, I’m aware.” By the sudden frost in Harold’s tone, that wasn’t his main concern.

John sighs and changes tack, nuzzling Harold’s neck. “Then what?”

Harold doesn’t really respond to the contact. His hand hovers over John’s shoulder, close enough for John to feel its warmth. “You’re a passionate man, Mr. Reese. I’m not.”

John draws back. “Are you saying you’ve been toying with my affections for nothing, Harold?” A faint smile rises to his lips. “I thought you were better than that.”

“So did I,” Harold snaps, with a frustration that seems unwarranted. He takes his hand back, dropping it stiffly at his side. “John. No.”

As simple as a command to the dog, and as effective. John moves away. He’s already making plans: he may have lost the battle, but the campaign is ongoing, and John’s got some experience with guerrilla warfare.

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