but it's been bothering me for a while

It genuinely bothers me how good an idea Danny Phantom was. The premise of a teenage ghost superhero fighting evil spirits while living in the home of his ghost hunter parents is such a truly fresh idea I’m astonished it happened at all. There were so many problems with the show and I can’t tell if they were the fault of the creators or Nickelodeon trying to keep it too close to Fairly Odd Parents instead of letting this brilliant idea breath and act as its own entity. Can you imagine how amazing this show would have been in a post Adventure Time post Avatar environment that would have allowed it to explore the narrative it was clearly interested in weaving? The potential this show had bothers me so much.

i really hate when “girl group stans” make it a point to let others know that they like every girl group in existence except snsd, like that somehow makes them special or something. you guys do realize that snsd was a huge victory for girls and a gateway group for thousands of kpop fans right? you realize they did what other girl groups couldn’t in an industry that was dripping in testosterone? and that because of them other girl groups could succeed too? its not an exaggeration to say that without soshi, kpop would be very very different today. make sure you know that before you make another snide remark about snsd

Honestly boycotting BAP’s concert won’t do b.a.p or ts entertainment any good. Like its been bothering me for a while, but BAP’s popularity isn’t just dying because of their agency but because of their “loyal fans” that left the fandom during the year bap went on hiatus. Like bap last year did appear on various variety shows, did promote quite a lot like a normal group but the presence of fans were just not as much as bap was before their hiatus. And fans make up a big portion on whether any group decides to keep going with their career or not.

Boycotting BAP’s concert shows that one, you aren’t letting the boys earn their income that they deserve and two, you are also hurting them because BAP would’ve agreed to do the tour but now that many are not going, what would be the point of performing for no one or a little of their fans who want to go and see them.

Also, Yongguk who took hiatus because he has panic disorder, don’t you think Boycotting would make YONGGUK feel worse?

Like if you are supportive on bap’s decision to do a world tour in respect of the boys interest then go to the concert.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: It genuinely bothers me how good an idea Danny Phantom was. The premise of a teenage ghost superhero fighting evil spirits while living in the home of his ghost hunter parents is such a truly fresh idea I’m astonished it happened at all. There were so many problems with the show and I can’t tell if they were the fault of the creators or Nickelodeon trying to keep it too close to Fairly Odd Parents instead of letting this brilliant idea breath and act as its own entity. Can you imagine how amazing this show would have been in a post Adventure Time post Avatar environment that would have allowed it to explore the narrative it was clearly interested in weaving? The potential this show had bothers me so much.
radio rebel | pt.1

Hey, I just would like to request this song to someone who means a lot to me. I love you very much and I hope you know who you are just by listening to this song.

➤ pairing: jungkook x reader ; radiohost!au, DJ!au, college!au
➤ words: 4.1k words
➤ genre: neutral angst, potential fluff in future chapters
➤ summary: jungkook finds himself torn between falling in love with the anonymous radio host of the local radio station and the quiet girl from his english class. because truthfully, they both seem so similar and its bothering him the hell out.
➤ a/n: i’m back,,,,,,,,,,,,,from,,,,,,the dead,,,,, BUT HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET ROASTED POTATO @wastednotions i cannot believe how late i am to give this to you as your birthday gift but you can roast me for my horrible writing in school another time. just appreciate the fact i did this on impulse because u like badboy!jungkook ;). also i’m so sorry for being inactive but i just have been so burdened by work but all is good now:)) hope you enjoy this series which is inspired by the Disney movie Radio Rebel ;))))


“Hey, hey! Its your Radio Rebel in the house! I’m back in the studio and I’m feeling the 80s vibes today, don’t you think so?” Your voice crackles into a light laughter that rips through the still air of the mini studio of the radio station. “Well, lets break down today’s lazy evening with some Bon Jovi kiddos!”

A summery smile graced your lips as you took off your headset, the intense tune of Livin’ on a Prayer playing with passionately throughout the studio, a heavenly wild and energetic atmosphere enlivening the small room. You leaned back against your chair, taking a sip from your mug and you could feel the scalding of bittersweet Americano running down your throat but you down it anyway. Anything to get yourself through this graveyard shift at the radio station.

It was like any other shift that you managed, fulfilling your hours at the local radio station to whip up some cash for college. It was a completely different aura here as compared to the outside. A place where you could be you, where you could talk to people without surrounding yourself to humiliation. There was nothing more than enjoying the enigma of being behind the microphone, walls holding your up and concealing your identity form all the curious minds of who the voice of who this Radio Rebel is. And you would gladly keep it that way.

God forbid your identity as a radio host for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening is discerned to the entire public.

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Dear Roleplayers and Writers in Harry Potter Fandom, 

  • Not everybody can cast a patronus
  • Not everybody can be animagus
  • Quidditch isn’t the only sport in the magical world
  • Not everybody can be a famous quidditch player
  • Not everybody is a good flyer
  • Not everybody can be a seer
  • It also exists fake seers
  • Not everybody is a potion master
  • Not all NEWT level potion students can cook hard potions
  • Polyjuice potion is utterly hard to cook
  • Even if you know how to cook a polyjuice potion, there’s no guarantee that it will work properly
  • The same principle applies to Felix Felicis, Wolfsbane and Firewhiskey.
  • You can buy any of the said potions on a good potion shop, however they wouldn’t sell something dangerous to anyone for a cheap price.  
  • Same principle applies to firewhiskey and other kinds of alcohol
  • St. Mungos isn’t the only hospital of the magical world.
  • Mediwitch/Mediwizard is different from Healer.
  • There’s others jobs on the law enforcement department besides Auror
  • Not all schools follows Hogwarts houses’ system
  • Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are co-ed schools
  • Same goes for Ilvermony
  • There’s magical colleges
  • There’s wizards and witches outside England, by the way
  • There’s POC’s in Hogwarts
  • There’s trangender, non-binary, gender fluid, asexuals, pansexuals any kind of sexuality on Hogwarts and on the wizard world too.
  • Muslins, Catholics, Jews, Presbiterians, hindi…adherents of any religion can be wizards too.

Amy & Signe

So I wanted to talk about the fandom stuff with Amy and Signe, because its been on my mind and bothering me for a while.

Disclosure: I’m not making this post to fight anyone, more to just discuss my personal feelings. I know no one does any of these things with malice or bad feelings, and therefore you shouldn’t feel bad !

So I’ve seen a lot of people, typically under 16 girls (trust me, I get what that experience is like and I dont fault anyone for being this way) making comments that cross some serious boundaries.

For example, when Mark posted the picture of him in his suit a while back, many people went crazy because they were sure he was “marrying Amy,” although it was very obviously for Wade’s wedding. When Mark has in the past said there were “big announcements”, etc, many people automatically assumed and went wild thinking he would propose to Amy.

Others recently after Seán said he would like to have a baby daughter, went crazy to both him and Signe to have a child.

Woah guys.

I cant speak personally for either of them, but that would make me incredibly uncomfortable if I were either of them. Besides, assuming that either Signe or Amy are in the same place as you (are ready for marriage or children) is kind of rude and way over the boundaries. It’s none of our buisiness, either !

They’re all only in their twenties, and Mark and Amy don’t even live together. There’s nothing wrong with them just dating and being young people (because truly, they are), without worrying or anticipating or planning BIG decisions like that.

I get that as fangirls/fanpeople you guys love that they love each other and love seeing Seán and Mark happy. But that deep of involvement in their own personal lives, encouraging/expecting/wanting them to get married or have kids, is really not okay. Both of them have expressed confusion / slight uncomfort with the shipping community of their relationships, because to be frank, that’s not really our buisiness, and a lot of us say things that are very creepy and strange.

I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t love Signe or Amy, but we shouldn’t love them of extensions of Mark or Seán, instead as both artists, amazing, funny, kind women, and creators. And you can love them without pushing unhealthy and weird expectations onto their relationships.

In sum: please respect Amy and Signe’s boundaries. Let them enjoy their boyfriends without going ship crazy. Let them be themselves and live their lives while they are at this point. They’re real people, and their lives progress in a nuanced, original way, not like fictional characters. Nothing is set in stone and we don’t get to choose or encourage how things work out or how time passes. As fans, that’s not our job and we shouldn’t cross personal boundaries like that.

Thanks for reading.


Could someone tell me the significance of this phrase? I can’t quite remember which episode of s2 Sherlock made an offhand remark about it.

 For some reason I thought it was an Ultrovox reference at first but its origin is Liverpudlian slang . 

Is there some other significance of it as to why he said that?


@welovethebeekeeper @1895itsallfine @byebyefrost @inevitably-johnlocked @love-in-mind-palace anyone else who wants to give this a shot.


Protection spell bottles I made because I’ve been feeling like something outside is trying to get into my household. I think also its been watching us outside too, my mom and sister say that they also feel off and my nephew will randomly point in directions and scream “OH NO!” Or just start freaking out in general.

They’re small but if anyone has any idea how to make them stronger please let me know.


Sea salt
Crushed chillie flakes
Black pepper
Chilli powder

While making, chant

“Protection for the windows, and for the doors. No evil may enter, so bother no more.”

Cork the bottles, and lock with wax. Place at the doors, or any place that can be used to get into your home.

Tiny Receipt

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this receipt for a while now. I wasn’t even going to post it because I didn’t want to deal with like a thousand anti’s swarming my inbox calling me a liar. I have told this to a few people who I talk to regularly. Believe me or don’t I’m only posting it because people’s spirits are low because of the baby stuff. ANYWHO…

So a few months ago I went up to NYC to stay with my moms friend. I’m gonna put it out there, she’s rich. Like very very rich, penthouse rich. They live on the upper west side. Basically they have money. Anyways while I was there I was walking around the city with my mother and her friend who we were staying with. My mom is like high key tourist, she’s not a city person to say the least so she asked her friend, “do you ever see any celebrities walking around?” Her friend said that she wouldn’t know them even if she saw them, she doesn’t know who like any celebs are but that they did see jake gyllenhaal at a doctors office once with her daughter. Then she proceeded to say, “but ask (her daughter) because she knows them all”.

I Skyped with her daughter a couple weeks later for help with a resume thing and while we were chatting I brought it up, just curious to see who she had seen because her mom made it seem like it was a few people. She said a few names, one of them being one direction. She then said a few more but of course my ears only heard one thing. I calmly tried to ask questions without being too obvious. She’s a fan, not an intense fan like she doesn’t have a tumblr or anything but she knows who they are. She said one day about a year ago she was running and at the end of her run she was headed back towards her parents apartment when she saw two members of one direction. She’s like “Lauren unless you knew them you would never in a million years guess it was them. The only reason I knew was because I was a fan.” She said at first she spotted Harry because “he’s tall and he didn’t have a hat on but he did have sunglasses, so I could see his hair that’s how I recognized him”. She couldn’t tell at first who he was with. Only that it was someone small, as they were walking on the other side, farthest from the street, and Harry was almost blocking them.

Eventually she noticed that it was indeed Louis. And that they were both very dressed down. She basically said that they were walking down the street very close together, Louis was holding a cup in his hand, she said he looked very tiny and vey cute. They were in a conversation and that she could hear them laughing. At one point Harry took the cup out of louis’ hand and drank from it. She said they looked very sweet and very cozy, like they were in their own little world. I asked her why she didn’t go up to them and she basically said 1) she was gross from running and 2) she didn’t want to bother them because nobody had recognized them and they looked like they were just enjoying their time together uninterrupted. So yeah nothing major but a cute little receipt. Like I say believe me or don’t. I personally trust her, she has zero reason to lie she knows who they are but could care less about their lives. Up until then she thought Harry was legit out of the closet. I had to let her in on a few things. 🙂🙃🙂.

miya-atsumu-miya-osamu  asked:

I love the divine servant au 😭😭😭😭

oh!!!!!1!!!11 well…im not gonna be updating in a while so….(sweats profusely)

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Hello there! I've been trying to get into the SwapFell universe for a while, but I'm still kinda stumped on the character's personalities? People don't draw too much of it, but I'm lovin' the purple universe, and it's a shame I don't know jackshite on it. You seem to know most about it, so if it wouldn't be a bother, fill me in? Thank you!

I’m really glad you’re trying to get into Swapfell (KH)!! Honestly I really love the au myself, but it is indeed pretty hard to get a grasp of. I still have problems thinking about their personalities too and i’ve even had more info about them haha!!
(I also saw floating around people were giving papyrus the nickname Cash, which I thought was really neat ! >w<)

Remember! (KH) Swapfell is a universe set in a post neutral run of Underswap. 

Papyrus is really rude/apathetic to the human, but he’ll help them out with whatever as long as he gets money from them. It’s very important to note that his right eye is in fact blind, as he and sans discusses it. Sans is aware of this.

Quoted phrases/words he uses:
(things he calls the human): “bucko”, “snotface”, “human”
Still very much puns a lot.

Sans is extremely violent, basically the other monsters are scared of the skeleton brothers and Sans especially. Still has a bit of “innocence” in certain aspects. He shows this when he says he’s going to capture you and bring you to Alphys but he doesn’t know what will happen. His guess is decapitation. He also isn’t positive you are a human at first, like in traditional UNDERTALE. Sans isn’t aware of Papyrus’ ability to take a “shortcut”.

Quoted phrases/words he uses:
Doesn’t necessarily swear but uses things like “SCREW YOU”, “FOR HECK’S SAKE”
Always calls his brother demeaning phrases. Papyrus doesn’t really care and humors him.
Hates puns.

Couple things to note… in scripture, at the point where you meet Papyrus in UNDERTALE, is the same place where you meet Sans. Before meeting sans of course, Papyrus comes up behind you.
“Human. Don’t you know how to treat your new pal?
Just hand over your filthy wad of money, that’s all it takes.”
You give him all of the money you have, to which he complains.
“…? What. That’s all you’ve got? Darn it, today’s the worst. Make sure you carry around some more next time, ya little snotface.”

After speaking with him and moving across the bridge, a boulder suddenly strikes down and crushes the bridge. One of sans’ traps Papyrus muses, saying there are heaps more where that came from.

Onto meeting sans:

You hide behind a sentry station instead of a lamp. There is apparently the smell of rotting sandwiches you complain about, which Sans have made for Papyrus.
Papyrus quotes: “Those taste like cheese stuck between dirty socks. Would you believe me if I told you those smell like fruits when freshly served?”
It seems like scent and presentation is important to Sans but actual taste is….. extremely lacking. Figures.
After meeting sans you are able to pay Papyrus money (however this doesn’t make sense because you give all of your money to Papyrus when first meeting him??????????) to skip all of the traps (yes traps, not puzzles.) between this point and the part of the game where you solve the ice puzzle and slide to the right with snow on your head.

Hopefully this visual helps.
Sans is flabberghasted that you got past his traps so easily… and so fast too!! “YOU SLIPPERY SNAIL!”. (I thought him quoting this was rather cute)

If you don’t pay Papyrus, it’s stated that you will undoubtedly die in the next area.

Hopefully this was a good chunk of info that I could give you!!

Daddy? Are You in Love with Prince Charming?

Written for Sterek Week 2017 (and for my darling bud @halesstiles who’s having a bad day, hope you enjoy babe <3)

On AO3

Summary: Derek takes his daughter Erica to Disneyland for the first time to celebrate her 8th birthday. The last thing he was expecting was to find the most beautiful guy he has ever seen dressed as prince charming.

Erica has been a bundle of restless energy and flying golden curls ever since they left the house.

Not like he could blame her, she’s been excitedly waiting for this day since she first learned what Disneyland was. He was planning on taking her a lot sooner than her 8th birthday but with everything that happened with Kate and their battle for custody of Erica after the divorce, there wasn’t much chance to plan a trip to Disneyland.

Now though, after everything was lawfully settled between him and Kate and he has full custody of Erica, it seemed like the perfect time to take the much needed vacation. Especially with Erica’s 8th birthday taking place tomorrow.

When they finally arrived at the resort Erica was practically jumping out of her skin with excitement and pleading Derek to go to the water park inside the resort.

It took less than 5 seconds for Derek to begrudgingly agree.

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Dear fellow artist, please respect others profession.

Hey guys its been awhile. So I wanna write a little something to all artist of all ages,

This is something that has been bothering me a long time that I feel like its high time I should state my opinion.

I have no quarrel with artists, especially for those who pursue in illustration and animators I salute them dearly. But I would like to address to the people who TELLING other fellow artist who took off course while hone their artistic talent to draw a.k.a doctor, engineers, architect and etc DOES NOT MEAN they are making a wrong or wasting their life decision of their future.

It is rude. You are making it sound like in the world of artist that Illustration and Animators are the ONLY far superior among other professions but in reality, Is all just about our art level and styles. We all are humans aren’t we?

I have met countless of artist all and all in their respective style. The course they’d take have aid to make their art styles to their suit. For instance, I am an architecture student but I wish to aim on more perspective, and dynamism. Architecture has helped me that a lot. We have to draw perspective every single day in our lives, even in exams… and now I learn how to draw complex pose and perspective at ease as well as design surroundings.

Here’s more list to exemplify for instance; My friend who takes doctoring, she likes to draw horror type comic, but what makes it really shivers down our spine is by how detail she went into the details of monstrous flesh details thanks to her knowledge of biology.

Another one is an artist who is a chef, she makes cute food art like chibi on the most beautiful macaroons which the macaroons found it very delectable to look at. She is an excellent chef plus she is more expert on decorating deserts. Now shes successfully create acrylic keychain business of her cute food art as well as food clay art as her part time job.

So in conclusion. It is not a waste for artist who takes an off course to their talent. It is their choice but far these people has successfully overcome their profession as an inspiration to their art style. For those who felt regret about taking an off course instead of illustration and animation please do not feel that way, you can still use that course and make an advantage. An influential to your art. If not, just enjoy, keep on drawing, have fun with your art! Take what you learn. Use it to your advantage as an artist. Nevetheless:


If you wish to reblog is up to you as long as you spread the love, no hate. Please remember to respect others so that the artist community can be a more welcoming place for all. Okay?

Frankly, I’m beyond annoyed with the evak stans who are complaining about this season of skam. I’ve seen people continuing to express disappointment that even isn’t the main and some have been whining about this season being “boring”.

I’d first like to point out that, so far, this season has been objectively good with drama already brewing within the girl gang and Sana and Yousef exchanging meaningful glances (god knows I’m already hooked!). The fact that some of you are complaining about how uninteresting the story is despite this is really telling. It’s clear that some of you came to skam for your fix of cute white boys kissing and now you’re unreasonably bitter that they are not the central story.

I’m not denying that isak’s story was important because it was! However, it’s really frustrating that some skam fans are disregarding how important and groundbreaking this new season is! How often do you see a Muslim girl as the face of a globally successful show, having her depicted as a regular teenager going through relatable teenage experiences?

Sana deserves this season and the millions of young Muslim women around the world like Sana deserve this season.

How Long Do We Have?

Painted Table Smut. Also, my entry for smutfest.

A few different requests worked in here- @crazyearthbender , @nic-cage-incognito , @juleswritesdreams , @daenerysromanoff. Sometimes I get a lot of prompts that revolve around the same theme and that’s what happened her. Also, I decided that if someone didn’t write Painted Table smut I would have to write it myself lol. 


Nsfw, smut (nothing too scandalous) etc etc 

She isn’t surprised when Jon finds her. 

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

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