but it's based on it so close enough

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im writing a novel loosely based on one of my kin lives (its an extremely AU version of canon) and im changing a lot of names, circumstances and appearances, but part of me still really hopes people turn out to be kin with my sister and my girlfriend and my best friend, hell, maybe even the pianist at the bar we went to all the time! it wont be exactly like having those people back, since i changed so much for the book, but still. it would be close enough. i guess im just desperate, haha.

Based on this prompt from @writing-prompt-s:

 “A demon accidentally possessed a tree near by because the body it was going to possess died suddenly and the energy went into the nearest living thing that was strong enough to inhibit it. The tree starts to develop odd qualities, imposing influence on its surrounding, as well as whatever living thing comes close to it, touches it, or eats its fruit.“

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