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I really wish sites like allkpop would stop posting things talking about how some Onew fansites closed down. Like yes some did, but most of them gave other reasons besides the whole controversy going on right now. Others are just on a break until things clear up and they have every right to do that. Stop trying to scare people and make them more anxious and upset than they already are

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KISS PROMPT!! #10 + pinkberry :3c

Brooke hikes up her dress, swallowing the curse in her throat as she adjusts the layers of tulle spilling out of her arms. It might’ve taken her a few months, but she’s definitely regretting her choice of open-toed pumps for today. Cute? Yes. Expensive as hell? Oh, for sure. But based off the blisters already forming on her heel, they’re weren’t really made for walking.

Or, in this case, escaping.

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Do you abuse yourself in any way known?

Apparently I don’t recharge enough. 

To hear Knockout and everyone talk, you’d think I do it on purpose. I fly though, and that’s refreshing.


You are made not of honey, but of sage and mint,
Of herbs that bite, and at the same time, heal.
Your laugh is brighter than any of your vintage earrings,
Your voice is as low and sweet as your father’s cello.
You say you sound like someone who smokes a pack a day,
But all I can hear is the sound of a warm summer evening.
You condemn the blueness of your frost-cold hands,
Treat the art they create as something to be hidden,
And yet I know that everything I show to the world
Can never be as exact and marvelous as your “worst” talent.
Your secrets and sins that your tears laid bare beneath the stars
Are so alike to mine, I say that my legs are disgusting and you,
Somehow knowing more than I’ve ever told you or anyone,
Say they’re something amazing, something to be loved.
You love me too much for me to tell you everything.
And one day, I hope you can forgive my betrayal,
But before any of that, you must forgive yourself.
—  a traitor’s prayer (r.w., 2017)

That feel when it’s good to play a villain muse and he shows his true colors to other muses gets my blood going idk about you~

Tag Game!

Shout out to @plutodeservesplanethood for tagging me (I love your url btw)

Rules: tag some followers

Name: Rose

Nickname: Rosie, other variations on Rose, Grandma, Rosema, Fuzzy,

Zodiac Sign: Libra!

Languages: English, and a tinsy bit of Chinese

Hogwarts House: Huffleclaw (usually Hufflepuff though)

Height: 5′2″ AND A HALF

Orientation: pan? demi? all I know is that I’m queer af

Ethnicity: white as HECK. I think I’m mostly Welsh, English, and Slavic if you want to pinpoint how white I am

Favorite fruit: Pluots

Favorite season: Fall or spring. You know, when you don’t want to die because of the weather

Favorite Book Series: Either The Lunar Chronicles or The Raven Cycle. Mermaids of Eriana Kwai is up there too.

Favorite Fictional Character: I can’t choose

Favorite flower: … dandelion 

Favorite Scent: Floral scents, campfire, or rain.

Favorite Animal: a l l  o f  t h e m

Favorite Band: I listen to everything, so I can’t really choose. I’ve been listening to a lot of Nothing But Thieves recently though

Coffe, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate. I’m not fancy enough for tea or coffee

Last thing I Googled: pluots (to check the spelling lol)

Blogs that I follow: 454

Followers: 393
      (omg those numbers are both so nice. so pleasing. same backwards and forwards. also most of my followers are porn blogs :/ so it’s not too impressive)

What I usually post about: Whatever catches my fancy

I tag @sublimesusurrus @ho-tdogwater @thatstupidwallflower @karappoz @rihs-rice-rhys @spacebilance @wzarding and @evilsnootlord

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Hii this isnt a ask,wcif,request or anything like that I just wanted to tell you that your really awsome,super friendly,really kind and nice and I hope one day we can be friends and I really really really love your blog <3 and I hope your having a good day or night and if not think of things that make you happy! *sends gentle hugs and chocolate chip cookies* <3

This literally made my day yesterday when I read it for the first time and now it’s making me feel so much better again and I just don’t know how to thank you because I don’t deserve this ;-; thank you so much!

I Think I Know what suit-lady Sounds Like
Listen to I Think I Know what suit-lady Sounds Like by suit-lady #np on #SoundCloud

Look, I’m sorry that y’all gotta see this again but fuck tumblr tbh I wanted the post to actually work so here it is in link form love you xoxo

A huge thanks to the lovely Kenzi, @tomfooleryholland. This is our brainchild together, so bless her. Also, I am so sorry for the length.
Also, the title is from the one scene with Childish Gambino when he goes, “I think I know what a girl sounds like.” We thought it was cute.
I know you probably don’t care about all of this, so… Intro begins at 00:32, Typical Accent Stuff begins at 00:50, Get to Know Me begins at 03:22, and Tom Holland Stuff begins at 07:12.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy listening to my voice for ten million years. xoxo

Also, I’m putting everything under the cut bc this post is a year long

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