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AAAHHHH i just watched ep 21 of bungou stray dogs and it's AMAAAZING and now i really really really need a fic or some headcanons or whatever you want (sorry to bother you, i just need to share my excitement with someone ><)

It’s too late… but I’m writing this anyways. I hope you get to see it, anon! ;;; no proof reading bc it’s very late and I should be asleep. Shush

Words: 686 

“Don’t you fucking dare jump to that river”, Dazai chuckled, spinning around to face the owner of the voice. “I’ll kill you with my own hands”.

“Chuuya~”, he spread his arms, dramatically, a discret smirk gracing his lips. “It’s totally not a pleasure to see you today. Can I help you with something?”

“No. You can’t!”, Chuuya blew a fist towards Dazai’s face, but he gracefully dodged it. “You can’t actually help me with a single thing. Not even when I told you to take me back after I use my ability like you said, you bastard!”, another fist hit the air.

“Mah, Chuuya-kun~ I was tired too! And I knew you’ll be okay!”, Dazai smiled, looking down at Chuuya. “When am I wrong?”

“I’ll fucking kill you!”, Chuuya lounched to his ex-partner and it was almost hilarious how Dazai caught him in his arms, swirling around to quickly pin Chuuya down into the ground, both of his hands held up above his head by one of Dazai’s hands. “What the- let me go!”

“Chuuya, I know every of your movements. You can’t win against me”, he took a sit on Chuuya’s hips, the latter kicking and squirming like a fish out of water.

“You perv! Get off!”, he growled, throwing more snarky comments. “I’ll kill you!”

“I don’t think so”, Chuuya’s breath caught in his throat when he felt a poke on his side, his body jumped and jolted at the feeling and his eyes grew as big as plates. “Hmm~? It’s still working?”

“Don’t you dare, Dazai. I swear to G-G-ahahad! Stahahap!”, he couldn’t stop the blush spreading on his cheeks when his laughter bubbled out right away from his mouth as Dazai wiggled his fingers up under his unprotected arms. He has always been awful in holding his laughter back. “You can’t do this to mehehe!”

“Now now, Chuuya. You need to relax. R-E-L-A-X”, Dazai drew circles on the hollows of Chuuya’s underarm, painfully slowly, extremely ticklish. Totally tortoreous. Chuuya kicked his legs, banging his heels on the ground.

And he laughed, for God’s sake, he laughed and it was embarrassing. Even when Dazai wasn’t tickling his worst spot he already felt a snort burning on his nosetrils. He tried, -really tried-, to grit his teeth to stop the hysterical noises blowing out of him, but it was useless, especially when Dazai started to rub his thumb directly in the center of his armpit, making Chuuya throw his head back.

“Are you more ticklish than before?”, Dazai teased and Chuuya just shook his head, too engrossed into the sensations, his brain barely registering the cold hand creeping under his shirt, until said hand cupped his side. He gasped, looking at Dazai straight in the eyes, a goofy forced smile taking place all over his face.

“Okay! N-nohot there, Dazai. Y-you know I- DAZAI!”, the shriek leaving him was almost inhuman. He arched his back off the ground, but then let it back down again, his belly shaking with hysterical laughter.

“Ah, so this is still the spot, eh?”, he squeezed up and down Chuuya’s side, having a little trouble with holding him down, so he decided to let his wrist go to take care of Chuuya’s neglected side. He about died. “Oh, yes, this is still the spot~ tickle tickle, Chuuya”. Chuuya felt a wave of heat covering his cheeks and the tip of his ears hearing Dazai’s teasy tone.

“Alright!”; he gasped. “Alrihihight! I am sohohorry!”, Dazai laughed, squeezing and kneading Chuuya’s waist, sending him into wheezing laughter.

“Why are you sorry, Chuuya?”

“I don’t know just stahahap-!”, Chuuya was too exhausted to keep fighting back, so he just laid there, taking the tickling and shaking in silence.

“Hmm, are you going to try and kill me?”, Chuuya shook his head rapidly, gathering some air again and exploding into a new burst of laughter. “You sure?”

“Dammit yes! Stahahap!”, Dazai stopped, -not before drilling his thumbs in this quite sensitive spot righ above Chuuya’s waist-, and stood up, leaving Chuuya a giggly twitchy mess. “I fuhuhucking hate you”.

“The feeling is mutual, partner”.

BTS reaction to them trying to make you love them

Anon said:  Can you do a reaction of BTS when they are trying to make you love them? haha LOVE YOUR BLOG <3 ITS AMAAAZING

- THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU! <3 And I’ll make this as they were teasing you before and you go mad and now they are trying to make you love them again haha Hope this makes sense <3 :D

Jimin: “I knooow I teased you beforee,but I knooow you loveee mee” *you just look at him*
“Ohh come onnnn” *frustrated* *gif*

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Jungkook: “I know you are not mad at mee,I know you love me thought” *gif*

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J-Hope: *gets sick of you being mad at him* *grabs your face*

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Rap Monster: “Well okay..Imma eat this chocolate by myself since you don’t love me anymore” 

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Suga: “I love you,you love me…Why are you mad then?” *gif*

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V: “I knoow you want to kiss theseee lips” *gif*

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Jin: “Do you want some food I made for you? No? Well okay then I’ll eat it” *smiles and winks at you* *keeps looking at you while eating*

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