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Oh my god, I actually drew something!

I’m kinda still riding the hype from finally finishing Sengoku Basara, so I decided to draw my boy Llyud in Date Masamune’s outfit!

Lance: hey Keith
Lance: are you wearing space pants
Keith: ???
Lance: cause your ass is out of this world
Keith: we are literally light years and galaxies away in space you idiot
Keith: and no I’m wearing baseball pants because my ass is out of your league
Lance: why must you hurt me like this

Remember when Jian Yi and Zhang Zheng Xi used to looked like this?

Our main gays that made us fell in love with the great 19 days series. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

That time when we all thought He Tian would be the third person?


And who would ever forget Momo’s nonexistent brows?

We’ve all come a veeeery long way~ 

(Especially Momo, overcoming those under developed brows (♡´艸`))

HEYO one more for tonight. I swear this series makes it. REALLY. HARD. to focus on art stuff I should ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON. Shit.

The Many Faces of Neil Josten + precious boy Andrew Minyard.
Neil looks 5years old with dark hair and eyes.
He has way too many keys ok his key ring is gonna get so heavy in his pocket its gonna pull his sweatpants RIGHT DOWN.
Also I wish I knew what kind of knives Andrew likes. I know nothing about knives.

Just trying to nail down faces that I like for them so that I can pretend to have SOME SORT OF CONSISTENCY moving forward.

ok yo listen this shit is rly cute so

my good long time gae baes @sandybarrens and @frozengrounds both came up to me around the same time all sneaky like and said to me

eyo sass can u gone done and do me up a set of matching icons for me and my boyo but dont tell the other boi about it becuase its a surprise



The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

The Most Beautiful Moments in Life [part 1]

The members of BTS have a lot of moments. some are crazy, some are cute, some are emotional, some are funny, but all of them are beautiful.

titled after their album, here is part 1/?? of a mostly gif compilation documenting truly beautiful moments in BTS’s lives. none are mine unless stated, all credits to rightful owners. 

Starting off with a beautiful shot of the boys and ARMYs. They talk about our relationship with them and their gratitude and love for us all the time, and they’re always so humble, and its seriously so precious. 

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The butterfly pose is one of my favorite pieces of choreography because it is so simple yet so impact, and it visualizes a beautiful concept. However, it only looks right when all 7 members are taking part. Here, they needed Namjoon present in order to look like a butterfly, to work, to be complete. It still would have looked just as off if one of the other members had been missing instead. This moment is beautiful because it visualizes how BTS needs all 7 teammates to be BTS.

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This next one is beautiful to me for 3 reasons: 1.) because duh, it’s Hobi 2) because i usually see jimin getting all the praise for this performance even though j hope killed it as well and 3) it reminds me of hope on the street, which i absolutely love because its hobi talking about and showing us his passion for something he loves (dance).

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This next moment is one shared by SugaMon, which I think is an underrated pairing. Even though they don’t give outwardly affection as much as some of the other members, i think they are very close and very important to each other. They have a lot in common and both share an insane passion for all aspects of music. They have lived together for years, plus you know how we all joke about yoongi being able to fix all the things namjoon breaks haha!

I chose to put jin with jungkook in the next gif because ARMYs always say jin is the eomma…but really this could have worked with any of the other members as well. It’s crazy to think how young Jungkook was when he moved to seoul and started idol training. I know he’s talked before about how he is thankful and that the other members practically raised him, their support must mean the world to him. These boys all look out for each other, and not because they have to. Also, I almost burst out into tears at the explanation of jungkook’s solo song (begin).

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Bangtan are such a lovely bunch of beautiful people, both inside and out. I can’t thank them and all the staff at BigHit enough for all the smiles and laughs on my face, and all the happy feelings in my heart. I love you. 

161130, originally 161021(:

10 things I love about Ten

What’s good hoes, Its my boi Chittaphon’s birthday so what’s more appropriate than to profess my love to him on Tumblr where he’ll probably never see this. 


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Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!



Aren’t you happy? Then show it, you idiots.

Oh my heart. My heart aches full of rainbows and sunshine for this team.


My Seventeen Hi-Touch Experience

YE BOI so ya girl attended the Seventeen Shining Diamonds Tour in Auckland on the 30th of August (so roughly 3 days ago??) and basically I’m still so starstruck by the whole event and felt the need to share my .. interesting (actually more embarrassing) hi-touch experience with you all. (not in exact order but its how I remember it)

okay buckle up folks B)

Hoshi: (My precious lil jellybean AW) He was first in line !! If I had to put into words how I reacted, I would say bOI I WAS DAMN SHOOK BECAUSE BEFORE I KNEW IT I WAS ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE I TRIPPED THE H*CK UP 

okay but nah, I’m usually pretty calm and well coordinated in social situations but the minute I looked at him I was working up a sweat,, it was too much for me, I’m talking about that Seventeen Aju Nice™ type of shook rip me. Poor fella who’d just came to have a good time looked a little confused though and was quick to ask if I was okay (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) so I pulled my shit together and finally gave my greetings and my thanks probably looking like a chubby little tomato lmao great start Turama #winning Oh, and for those of you who’re wondering yes his hamster cheeks are the best thing ever go meet him please

Joshua: All I can say is that he is about 1739058271 times more beautiful in real life but it doesn’t stop there he is so sweet and polite and warm and welcoming like tbh u Jisoo stans are real troopers man I felt like this boy was a siren luring me to my death (he was my original bias along with naega hosh tehe) but otherwise my interaction with him was almost surreal. He has one of those really comforting voices, like even when he was MC'ing I was just so at peace and smiling the whole time really I lov u MC Hong

Woozi: MY LIL WOOJI EEEEEEEE he looked rather exhausted in my opinion (so did Vernon aw) and probably just wanted to go and get some rest by the time I’d reached him (I was at the very back of the Hi-touch queue) but despite all that he was polite and smiled at me and I thanked him and bowed what even was I doing someone hit me (edit: bowing is not a common gesture in New Zealand so I felt a little awkward and you could probably see that in my sorry attempt to be respectful lmfao)

Mingyu: This gigantic nerd was still laughing at my trip to Hoshi’s feet and if it wasn’t for my love for him I might’ve squared up w/dis betch (just kidding I’m 5'4/5" lmfao) but he is honestly just!! a!! big!! huge!! puppy!! he was v bubbly and v happy however I almost broke my damn neck having to look up at him rip. Different story watching him on stage though >_> got me feeling things I aint’ felt before you’re a real switcher upper Kim Mingyu watch urself

Wonwoo: Oh my goodness for some reason I was really nervous meeting him !! He is actually so handsome, like r e a l l y handsome, had to stop and have a break, take five, sip on some water,, like damn boi you are a masterpiece. He was very sweet and quiet, he nodded in response to my thanks and I just smiled so big. So happy to have met him, he really is one of a kind.

Seungkwan: MAN HE JUST STRAIGHT ROASTED ME kind of I GOT UP TO HIM, REACHED OUT TO GRAB HIS HAND AND SAY THANK YOU AND HE KINDA JUST “….your voice ?!” with this sort of “girl wtf were u doing out there” face and I had no idea how to reply and all that came out was “it’s gone” and he just laughed. Honestly Boo, your charisma always has me swooning- even if it’s you laughing at me because I used the last of my voice screaming for you and the boys and greeted you sounding like a 50 yr old chain smoker, I would gladly subject myself to that kind of humiliation for u (just kidding, you’ll catch me at the next fanmeet with classic carat style clapback boi, I’m the sass monster you’d rival in another life)

Vernon: If Vernon was an emoji he’d be a 😎. Literally, the most chill guy I’ve ever met. No nerves, no stuttering, no falling over, just good vibes. He emits the most relaxed and cool-me-down type energy !! (anD HE HAS THE MOST SOFTEST HANDS OH MY GOODNESS) Despite him looking quite exhausted and spacy he was just chill af. Very sweet and really nice, till next time memesol 😎 shaka brahhhhh

Dino: OH MY GOSH MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SUNFLOWER CHILD he was so so sweet and just made me fangirl so hard !! He’s the high school prince of my life like damn he is just too cute for words. He was very bright and energetic and greeting and thanking him added 10 years to my life span no lies had to suck it up and try not to cry goodness me y'all need to quit sleeping on this boy, he’s gonna make it big in this day&age with the rate his visuals and talent is growing at. Got ur back Chan~

Dokyeom: I was centring myself trying to get a grip of reality when I’m suddenly greeted with the most godly smile and a big loud “HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!” ahahahahahaaha awwwww I die every time just thinking about how adorable he was. DK honestly made my life so much more brighter, the atmosphere was just alive with happiness upon meeting him I would seriously cross oceans to be in the presence of that kind of energy again. 10/10 would hold hands with this boy 👌 good shit

S.coups: BOIIIIIIIIII I. AM. STILL. IN. SHOCK. You know the feeling when you’ve had a really rough day and someone wraps their arms around you and it’s just warm and safe and you feel so vulnerable and small pressed up against them ?????????????????????????????? Seungcheol managed to embody that entire feeling in the matter of seconds, I got the full package, the firm but gentle hand holding, the heart-melting smile, the dimples, the giggle because I reached out with both hands to try and support my body before I caved in, he was so so sweet and thanked me and just HOH 😍 he is my bias wrecker FOR. SURE.


Jeonghan: Okay Okay Right, So I’m still recovering from falling head over heals for S.coups so I’ve busted a lip, I’m a little beaten up, a bit shook, ready to cry, then I remember that I’ve still got one more member to greet before it’s over and I look up and he’s already looking at me. The man of my dreams, the light of my life, my moon and my stars, my ultimate bias. I kinda stopped in my tracks and just felt myself welling up because really, I’m a sensitive lil crybaby who gets chest pains just by listening to his voice. It took me right up until he reached out and said hello to even internalise and follow up on the situation. I grabbed his hand and immediately the tears were coming out in steady streams happiness and disbelief. It wasn’t too embarrassing meeting him, he’s everything I’ve ever loved about him. From the shit-eating grin and deep eyes right down to his double jointed fingers and long legs, I quickly interlocked my hand with his because why not and thanked him before looking up again and smiling. Ran out and wept like a child for a good ten minutes afterwards lmfao

Unfortunately, Jun and The8 weren’t there so I was really super sad that we couldn’t see them and say hi. I imagine they’re in good spirits though having participated in such a life changing tour for us international fans, so that’s about it for my Hi-touch experience !! I know, it was a long read, but I thought I’d chuck my two cents in for those who might not have met them or plan to meet them in the near future.

Stay groovy fellow carats~

Whenever Stingy really messes up (like in ‘’Crystal caper’’, ‘’The Greatest Gift’’ and ‘’the Purple Panther’’) and is about to own up for it, he always sounds like hes about to cry 

and im just sitting there like


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The one and only Mamoru Miyano <3 otherwise known as the love of my life 

My edit/gifs

the tags are exploding


So my friend Emilie who doesn’t have tumblr drew these! She loves soft tiger!Arin, and knows I love the best fish boi. I offered to submit them for her for you all to see! You can find her as thatsflash on instagram - she’s a really cool artist and I love her so much

THIS IS WONDERFUL!! arin looks so precious w his lil BEANS!! and I love the floppy fins on Dan it looks oddly endearing uwu 

Tell your friend that I really appreciate her drawing this!! Its wild to think that this au spreads to people who dont even follow me!


I’m not really good with words, but for this precious boy who never fails to make everyone smile, who always gives his best everytime. Thank you so much for always being hardworking, for always trying to make us laugh despite being tired. I always worry about whether you get enough rest, or eating well. Please always be happy and healthy. You always give so much love I wish you receive just as much. 

Happy birthday, Jackson Wang! I hope you know how amazing you are. ♡ #KINGJACKSONDAY