but it's a really cool twist

hiveswap positivity post, the shit i loved about it, spoilers obviously:

  • animation was lovely, i loved watching joey dance around
  • the fucking joke with the lone gunbirds, that is a such a DATED reference, but also the way the music got more uncertain and dejected with each birb failure, i was in stitches
  • joey’s struggle to find ways to connect to her late mom, but the way she spaces them out, is incredible and very real and painful
  • the light the entire game cast grandpa harley in holy shit. like there were multiple times i was laughing in that kind of “i need to laugh or i’m gonna be reminded too strongly of my grandmother and break down crying.” and hand in hand with that, while not remotely an excuse, the sort of horrific realization of why grandpa is like this. it’s So Much.
  • jude’s ‘quirk’ honestly was so fucking charming i hate it
  • JOEY IS NOT STRAIGHT. john homestuck remains the only str8 kid in homestuck txt it.
  • all the backgrounds were so stuffed full of tacit storytelling and easter eggs and stuff, i would not say no to having big glossy high res copies of each one to just examine them.
  • dril did some additional writing for the game holy shit lol
  • I NAMED THE SLOTH LUSUS SLUTHUS and to be honest i love the sluthus so much, i was making winded crying noises. the picture of xefros laying on its belly while it hangs upside down from a tree was transcendent. also the sad slow way it tried to move rubble was oh my godddddd i love sluthus.
  • the dammek twist was honestly really cool and interesting and i am DYING to learn more about him. i think it’s very interesting to set up this rebel boy who is all about the Revolution….. except for the guy who is a lower caste than him. that’s some Shit right there, and I want to see the culmination of that, and to see if Jude will have any influence on Dammek for the better.
  • the fact that joey modeled her love of vet stuff in direct opposition with her father’s love of hunting, holy SHIT. /clap clap clap
  • the fact i have to replay the entire game now JUST to rub every object on every other object to see what cohen’s written for all the combinations. i will witness u cohen, i promise.
  • i will buy hiveswap act 2 on release day i am so hype

Beauty and the Beast Fic Rec: Mirrors by @greensearcher

Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. A retelling in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father’s past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father’s debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries.

why danganronpa 1 is a good game
  • theyre trapped in a school so overall its a lot more intense than bein on an island

  • having junko be evil was actually a good plot twist and wasnt overused at that point

  • hangmans gambit was pretty cool

  • sakura oogami? nobody talks about her but she is very good

  • no ouma/komaeda very popular cursed character who has done lots of questionable things with tons of kins and mmds equivalent

  • like. the worst is togami but he hasnt done anything really EDIT I forgot about chapter 2 yeah that was pretty bad tog pls leave chihi alone

  • the least problematic game tbh

  • theyre actually dead and im very sad

  • please appreciate class 78

anonymous asked:

So I'm dming for the first time and I want to create a short campaign that would be about a day long to play. It starts with a young girl covered in blood saying her family has gone missing (she's acting strange). the players have to follow clues to a dungeon where a wizard is holding a ritual. The twist is he killed the girls family, including the girl. When he realized his ritual needed more souls, he raised her body to getmore to come to her rescue and therefore come to him. Is that possible?

Yeah its possible, and its a rad idea!

Ereri/Riren Fanfiction Rec List (Updated!)

This is a huge list. Like wow. This took a while.  Anyway, these are all really amazing fanfics, and y’all should check them out.  As you may be able to tell, once I find an author I like, I tend to read everything they wrote. Also, I know that a lot of these are present on other rec lists, but that’s because they’re just that awesome so I had to include them. I know that lots of these are available on both AO3 and FFN, but I just linked them to whichever site I read it on first. This list will be updated as I find new fics, cause there are just so many wonderful fics and authors for this pairing. 


Completed Multichapter

These are all AU for some reason.  I did not intend for this to happen but whatever. Less tagging for me.

Freedom of the Press- kylar04- 196k- M

Soccer player!Levi and hemophiliac college student!Eren. It’s so cute, full of drama and angst and fluff and wonderfulness. 

Steered Straight- kylar04- 128k- M

Modern military AU. just amazing. And sad. And happy. And everything

Shattered Facade- kylar04- 45k- M

Abusive relationship AU.  Really sad but sweet.

Rebellious Nobodies- PrincessSmutButt- 122k- M

College AU. This one freaked me out a lot but I’m not really sure why, so I guess just nonspecific TW. Unexpected ending and lots of emotional pain.

Crash- ObdurateSinner- 201k- M

The one where they’re both pilots. One of the first ereri fanfics I read and one of my favs.  TW for plane crash.

Danger Line- lunatrancy- 117k- M

Police officer!Eren and Mafia boss!Levi.  Lots of action and angst. It’s wicked awesome.

The Wolf and the Bat- hidansbabe503- 119k- M

Vampire!Eren and werewolf!Levi.  LOADS of errors and weird confusing dialogue where the person’s reaction to a sentence is right next to the sentence so it looks like that character said the sentence but they didn’t.  You’ll see what I mean.  Very sweet college AU anyway.

A Forged Wedding- mistyhollowdrummer- 202k- M

Levi asks Eren to marry him for a month.  TW for referenced child abuse. Some words or sentences that don’t make sense but great story nonetheless.

Threads of a Fairytale- lunatrancy- 88k- M

Cursed prince!Levi and poor farm boy!Eren. All the fairy tails and its adorable.

Sugar on Top- lunatrancy- 123k- M

Sugar daddy AU.  Not as creepy as I thought, with a mildly confusing plot twist at the end.

Temporary Mistake, Permanent Fix- Chappy-the-Bunny- 149k- T

Tattoo shop AU.  Interesting characterization and great story.

Feathers and Follies- Chappy-the-Bunny- 185k- T

Really really cool take on reincarnation AU.  Angel!Eren is the best thing ever.

A World of Our Own- LittleGreenPuppy- 187k- T

Modern arranged marriage. SO CUTE.  A bit of angst but not overwhelming.

Incomplete Multichapter

Not including word count cause that’s gonna change. 

Glitter, Glamour, and Ties- LiveToLie- M

Stripper AU.  Not really what I was expecting but it’s great.

The Change You Wish to See- mistyhollowdrummer- T

Eren is deaf and Levi works at a bookstore. So much fluff.

Why The Fuck Not?- HolyShitIt’sSenpai- M

High school AU.  Levi’s a badboy and it’s funny.


Completed Multichapter

Louder Than Words- TheArtOfWar- 142k- AU- E

Okay I tried reading this a while ago and wasn’t into, but I tried again yesterday and holy shiitake mushrooms. Read it. Really graphic violence.

Monster- loveatfirstsight- 48k- AU- E

Mental institution AU. Not the most realistic portrayal of things but idrk. It’s interesting and well-written.

Come in with the Rain- itsaroosterteeththing- 41k- AU- M

Super ridiculously fluffy teachers AU and I just want to snuggle them but they’re not real *cries*

1994- Vee- 124k- AU- E

90′s AU and it’s so freaking good. 

The Talk- WhiteSilverandMercury- 109k- AU- E

Hands down best stripper!Eren AU I’ve read. Super well-written and the plot twist at the end will fuck you up real bad.

Stowaway- OneWhoSitsWithTurtles- 30k- AU- E

Pirate Captain Levi because what more could you possibly want.

10 Years- appleapple- 25k- Canon- E

Ten years after the war, Eren returns to find the world has moved on.

Hey Lover- wasterella- 228k- AU- NR

Eren is sick of being teased for not having a girlfriend, so he finds a site that gives the illusion that he has one. But Levi is not a girl, and this might be a problem. 

The Intern- Lutte- 399k- AU- E

High school (sorta) AU.  Check trigger warnings.  Much angst but so good.

Beyond The Walls- Light_Within_Darkness- 72k- Canon- E

Wilderness survival.  Jean is just awkwardly there.

The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress In Layers”- shulkie- 30k-AU-E

The one where they’re both teachers chaperoning a camping trip.  So fluffy.

Wanderlust- Sabrinanikkol- 109k- AU- E

Eren gets set up as Levi’s ‘travel buddy’.  They go to France.  Fun.

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read- BlakeBrolovski- 109k- Canon- E

Eren can’t read. Second person POV omg it’s weird but cool.

Placing Faith- OneWhoSitsWithTurtles- 155k- Canon-ish- E

The one where 20 year old Levi adopts 8 year old Eren. So ridiculously sweet.

A Sound Like Breaking Glass- mongoose_bite- 53k- Canon-ish- E

Where they all live by the ocean and Eren longs to join Captain Levi’s ship. Right? Slightly confusing but cool once you figure it out.

Fireside- twisting_vine- 37k- AU- E

Modern Canada AU. The one where Levi’s car breaks down and he has to stay with friendly neighborhood farm boy!Eren. So fluffy.

Holding Hands In The Rain- twisting_vine- 101k- AU- E

More modern Canada AU. Absolutely beautiful and well written. One of my favorites.

Art of War- catsonfire- 53k- AU- E

Modern AU where Levi and Eren are neighbors and have fun screwing with each other.  Figuratively and literally. Cute oneshot epilogue:  Tying Loose Ends

am- loveatfirstsight- 101k- AU E

Great story. Trigger warnings for mental health issues and a boatload of angst.

Junkyard Dogs- acidtowns- 70k- AU- E

Prison AU. Honestly kind of disturbing but in the way that you can’t put it down. TW for violence, mental health issues and obviously, prison.

Haute Couture Love- SailorHeichou- 123k- AU- E

Fashion AU.  LOTS of grammatical errors and weird capitalization of random common nouns, but cute story anyway. 

Deal With It- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- 138k- AU- E

Sweet Omegaverse, one of the only good MPreg fics I’ve ever read.

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid- mongoose_bite- 73k- AU- E

Cop!Levi and Vigilante!Eren.  Really interesting.

Epilogues Are Always Better Than Prologues- ninanna- 37k- AU- T

Publishing company AU.  Where Eren and Levi dated before and somehow end up at the same company. 

Night Drive- shotgunsinlace- 50k- AU- E

Levi is married(?) to Erwin, but no one seems to care.  Plot twist.

Warm Water- KeroseneShowers- 35k- Canon- E

Levi’s shower breaks. Eren attempts to fix it. 

Grounded- appleapple- 22k- Canon- M

Eren gets grounded for a year when he gets drunk and destroys a bunch of stuff.  Cute.

Incomplete Multichap

Again, not including word count.

Sometimes Things Turn Out For The Best- Resmiranda- AU- E

Levi is Armin’s editor and lil mushroom plays matchmaker with his editor and his roommate. Really gud.

Just My Luck- SecretGhostGirl- AU- M

Levi is Mikasa’s boyfriend and Eren has a crush.

Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte- Closet_Cleaner- Canon-ish- E

Eren is not a human that can turn into a titan, but instead a titan that can turn into a human. Really interesting and well-written.

What’s Eating You?- TheSpazzBot- AU- M

I thought this was about vampires and I was *mostly* wrong. This fic is amazing.

Misread- sciencefictioness- AU- E 

Eren has depression and Levi is his boss and they’re both just trying to figure their lives out. Pretty realistic, I think.

The Strange and the Usual- lalazee- AU- E

Levi owns a halfway house for possession victims. Confusing but really good.

Red Heat- Sciencefictioness- AU- E

Probably the best Omegaverse AU I’ve read.  Lots of action and violence.

The Stag in the Dark- shulkie- AU- T

Knitting AU. I didn’t know a knitting AU was a thing but it is and it’s great.

Under The Bed- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- AU- E

Demon!Eren.  There is a portal to Hell. Excellent. 

Shotgun Blues- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- AU- M

Hitman!Levi and photojournalist!Eren.  Awesome. 

Everytime I Poop, I Think Of You- suckaknob- AU- M

Levi and Eren get drunk. And married.  Hilarious. 

Demons and Darkness- Sciencefictioness- AU- E

Demon AU. Obviously. Very interesting.  Violence.

One Shots

Okay I’m a little weird but I consider anything that’s completed with under 20k words a oneshot. So don’t be surprised if some of these have like 12 chapters. These are all on Ao3 by the way.  

Uber Attraction- MicellaneousShenanigans- 1k- AU- NR

“The Uber driver Eren one-shot you didn’t know you needed.”

Acute Myocardial Infarction- missmichellebelle- 14k- AU- G

Doctor! Levi and Eren is so adorable oml. 

Bon Anniversaire, Mon Cheri- Opulence- 8k- Canon- T


Be Good for Me- TheSpazzBot- 15k- AU- E

This is just PWP but its really good PWP.

No-Smoke, No-Gamble-  PresquePommes- 9k- AU- M

Eren is fob from Germany and his inability to English is kawaii as fuck.

Don’t worry I’m weak to you- myoue- 6k- AU- E

Delivery boy!Eren gets stuck in Levi’s apartment during a storm.

Heart of Ink- OnewhoSitsWIthTurtles- 15k- AU- E

Because we all need another tattoo parlor AU, right? 

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is- bfketh- 14k- AU- E

Levi is needs a babysitter for his daughter Mikasa and Eren seems like the right guy for the job. Adorable.

beyond the sea- TheSpazzBott- 12k- AU- E

Merman AU. Really cute. 

Last Customer- mongoose_bite- 5k- Canon- E

After the war,  Levi owns a coffee shop. Such fluff.

Don’t Speak Against the Sun- appleapple- 18k- Canon- M

Erwin thinks Levi and Eren are spending too much time together.  Such a beautiful story. 

Strike Twice- shulkie- 9k- AU- T

At Mikasa’s wedding Eren is tasked with keeping Levi there until cake. Funny and cute.

Hit or Miss- Monsoon- 4k- AU- M

Levi is an assassin who just broke his cardinal rule.  Funny.

Trump-l’œil- appleapple- 11k- Canon- M

He has never minded the bitterness at the bottom of the cup. Wonderful.

meeting people is easy- foreverautumn- 4k- AU- NR

Super sweet and funny. Read it twice and it’s even funnier.

Give The Dog a Bone®- TheSpazzBot- 16k

Hilarious modern AU where Levi’s dog likes Eren a little too much.

The World Has It’s Shine- catsonfire- 7k- AU- T

Another coffee shop AU. There can never be too many.

Grind- TheSpazzBot- 14k- AU- M

Levi owns a tea shop and Eren owns a coffee shop. They become arch nemeses. Funny modern AU.

Bemused!- mongoose_bite- 8k- AU- T

Really interesting idea and super cute story.

Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends- TheSpazzBot- 13k- AU- T

The one where they pretend to be dating. 

Blackbird- inkshaming- 9k- Canon- NR

After the war. Absolutely beautiful story.

Christmas at the Ackermans- zhedang- 8k- AU- T

Levi is Mikasa’s cousin and Eren has to pick him up at the airport. Sweet and festive.

Fan Theories: Types I don’t like

I particularly enjoy the act of creating intricate theories with entertainment I consume. Much like with any kind of mystery; I, and people like me like to be ahead of the curb, predicting the turn of events before it shows up on the screen, just so we can punch our fists into sky and declare;

 “theory confirmed!” 

Over my time making and consuming theories however, I’ve noticed several types of theories that people tend to gravitate towards which I don’t care for, for a variety of reasons. Usually I don’t like these theories because its pretty obvious the show would never go in that direction and/or is laden with logical inconsistencies that are incongruous with 9/10 shows they are applied too. 

I would like to say before I delve into this that this is not an attack on people who have such theories. While they aren’t usually plausible, they do have instances where it actually works, which I will give examples of. Rather the point I’m making with this list is keep an open mind and make sure that this theory you are getting invested in really has merits to it before flame wars erupt online (though it would be best to not flame war over this to begin with but I digress). I’d also like to point out that this is about theories that are specifically trying to predict the course of the canon. If you are trying to predict where the show is going, these theories are probably not going to do it. 

The theories I don’t like include: 

The character was in a coma/dead/dreaming/imagining it the whole time!  

Such happy uplifting theories include things like Ash Ketchum was in a Coma the whole time, Harry Potter was in his cupboard the whole time, Steven Universe was just playing with rocks the whole time, and many, MANY more. Its a very popular twist that people like to lean towards because it adds this artificial level of sadness to it that people just dig. Such theories can disregard any inconsistencies in said theory because of the very nature of the characters delusional state. While most understand this is just sad au talk, I have met my fair share who legitimately believe such a twist will happen. 

Most times such theories are made for a piece of fiction, creepypasta, and more often than not it shrivels under any kind of scrutiny. 99/100 times, this theory is going to be false. 

Are there instances where this theory can work?

Shows like Over The Garden Wall for example could definitely be interpreted in this way and it would be entirely plausible, because the show creators clearly encouraged that line of thinking with both clues during the course of the show and its ending. Shows with such a twist usually leave the breadcrumbs for this answer in far more plain sight than the kind of mental gymnastics that goes behind trying to explain why Ash Ketchum doesn’t age. 


THIS character is secretly THAT character! 

Both applicable in crossovers and inside a single show, there is a never ending stream of theories that speculate that character A is secretly Character B. From the more silly theories like the everybody seems to be Sans variety too Rose/Lion is somehow Pink Diamond, its probably one of the types of theories that people get the most passionate about. They will have their list of evidence on hand at all times, ready to go on a tirade on how they are the only one who sees the “true identity” of whatever character it is. 

Nothing against the people who make such theories, but just understand that, more likely than not, these two characters are ACTUALLY just two separate characters. These theories are really tempting to make too, cause sometimes it would make for a cool twist, but the underlying logical inconsistencies and how they tend to undermine character motivations really show how unlikely such theories actually are. 

Are there instances where these theories can work? 

Gravity Falls has a character who falls under this trope of secretly being another character, and when it was finally revealed it was quite satisfying, because there were clues both kind of obvious and hidden deep in the background that pointed to this being the case. Much like with the previous theory, IF there is such a twist hidden in the plot, the evidence for it will not be nearly as obscure as people usually get for such ideas. If the “clues” are largely conjecture requiring a lot of leaps of logic, its probably not the case. 

This show/series/game takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth! 

I’ve seen this theory for way too many series to count. It is usually attributed to shows with happy settings that do not feature humans or a lot of humans. Logical inconsistencies are largely ignored in favor of some truly obscure pieces of information that really just doesn’t add up when you think about it. Like with any other theory that is going to appear on this list, IF the show has such a twist in mind they will have more than sufficient clues to fill you in on it, if they don’t outright come and say its a post apocalyptic Earth. I’ve seen such theories made for shows where even the SOLAR SYSTEM didn’t function the same as ours and they were still contesting it was a Future Earth. There has to come a point when you acknowledge the refuting evidence, else you become annoying. 

Are there instances where this theory can work? 

Clear and obvious example of a show which employed this trope is Adventure Time. The clues for the “mushroom war” were far and wide from the credits too off handed dialogue long before it was explicitly talked about. It was clearly something they intended for the show from the beginning. When making such a theory (with the specific purpose of trying to predict the course of the show), keep in mind the evidence that is actually on the table and be prepared to acknowledge this isn’t the case. 

 Those are the three big ones I see on a regular basis in a variety of fandoms. Like I said in the beginning and throughout this, a good predictive theory is based on evidence and an open mind to alternative interpretations of the evidence. If you are trying to make a legitimate theory to predict where the show in question is going to go, this is good to keep in mind. 

If you’re just making the theories for fun and aren’t really all that interested in predicting the course of events however, then disregard and have a blast. Nothing tickles my funny bone quite like a clever joke/satire theory, and really, having fun is what these kinds of speculations are all about. 

I’ll Save the Prince (Prince!Ten x Reader)

Rating: PG-ish?

(A/N) How goes it? Are all of you deceased from NCT’s comeback??? I know I sure as hell am!! Before I delve into all the smutty requests coming up, I thought I’d rewind for a moment and give you all some fluffy Ten, which a lovely anon requested! This is a Prince AU, with a HUGE twist. I got really involved with the story RIP

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

The sun was blazing, far too bright for its own good, as it shone down brilliantly on the capital city. The market place was crowded with people on the lookout for deals, trying to make their meager amounts of money last. You felt the familiar weight of coins press against your thigh in your apron pocket, your hand cupping the cool metal protectively as you squeezed between stalls. In your family, money had recently become sparse, so every coin was precious and worth thousands more than it truly was. You had to be smart and calculate the best possible deals, using your sharp mind to its full potential. Market day had been your responsibility since your mother had passed away, your father following her fate not even a few hours later, unable to live a day without his beloved wife. That had been years ago though, and you were stronger know, had a stronger mind, and a tongue that would make a knight quiver in his armor. You were not one to be messed with.

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Karamatsu 11 - Rock Detective Karamatsu

Karamatsu: Detectives, huh… Heh, that’s so rocking! 

Osomatsu: Oi, stop hogging the TV, Karamatsu. 

Karamatsu: P, please wait. It’s about to get to the good part. 

Todomatsu: Ah, that drama is Rock Detective Takatake Hayato, it’s popular right now. 

Ichimatsu: What kind of a middle schooler name is that.

Choromatsu: Don’t you know it? It’s a big hit drama, with ratings of over 30%. 

Osomatsu: No way, is it seriously 30%? They’re raking it in. 

Ichimatsu: They should make it clearer whether he’s a rockstar or a detective. 

Karamatsu: He’s a detective! 

Jyushimatsu:  Hustle detective! 

Karamatsu: A rock detective! 

Ichimatsu: It doesn’t matter anyway…

Osomatsu: You know, in stuff like this, don’t crimes always conveniently seem to happen in places where the detective is? 

Todomatsu: That’s right, you don’t just come across murders normally.

Choromatsu: But you see, this is fiction. If it didn’t do what it promised in its premise, it would be boring. 

Jyushimatsu: The promised twist! The steamy hot springs murder! 

Osomatsu: Ha, that’s a good one. Convenience is king. 

Karamatsu: Can’t you be quieter, brothers. This is a good bit. 

Osomatsu: …Fine. But in return, I’m changing the channel when it’s over. 

Karamatsu: Yeah, you can do whatever you want afterwards. 

Todomatsu: Hmm, Karamatsu-niisan as a detective… 

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Don’t Tempt Me

Peter Parker x Reader

As part of my request a prompt, 300 follower celebration.

Request: Prompt #37. “Don’t tempt me.” For tickle fight that ends up in a wrestling match. (Thank you <3) As requested by: @withinmeloveresides1

Thank you for the request; friggin’ cute idea! This got a little long. Hopefully this is what you were wanting. Enjoy some quality, hard-core nerd flirting. 1.3k words.

It had started innocently enough: a quick nudge of a bony elbow to his ribs, a soft protestation to the joke he’d made on your behalf; teasing you for not getting the name of the particular, heavily forested moon his heroes were traipsing through. The two of you had been watching Star Wars in his bedroom for the past couple of hours; the little T.V. he’d pulled out of a dumpster the week before propped up on an equally trashy table you’d managed to find out on the street in front of your apartment building just for the occasion. The DVD player he’d refurbished wasn’t the best; you’d spent a majority of your time skipping back and forth through some of the most iconic scenes, attempting to work through the heavily pixelated images as the machine stuttered and choked over itself.

“Hey, be nice Darth Parker,” you bumped shoulders with him, your elbow pushing its way under a firm arm, past the loose fabric of his flannel, and into his ribs, “not everyone is a walking Star Wars encyclopedia.” You noticed when he scooted an inch or so away from you, torso twisting, blanket wrinkling as he pulled part of it with him, the warm space between the two of you beginning to cool as he did so. A mischievous grin spread across your lips.

Was Peter ticklish?

“Darth Parker?” He laughed, his head thrown back, curly strands of hair at his neck catching on his collar, eyes twinkling and pinched at the corners, “really? That was the best you could do?” This time you sent an errant finger to tease at his stomach as an accessory to the dirty look you gave him.

He jumped and let out a choked laugh, cutting it off quickly, schooling his features in record time to turn and glare at you.

“Quit it,” he said, cheeks slightly pink, a hand holding his wounds, calloused fingers enclosed over the secret spots your fingers had discovered.

Peter was definitely ticklish.

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Anonymous asked:

I really love all of your designs and concepts for the Spidey-Verse! Considering how cool your Venom redesigns are, do you have any concepts for how Carnage would look and act?

Here’s what I’ve got for ya:

And here’s how it would go down:

Peter realises the black suit is bad news and cuts ties with it. Hurt by the break-up, the symbiote latches onto Eddie Brock, twisting his mind into both hating Peter and believing he is Peter. The symbiote wrestles for more and more control, until eventually is defeated by Spidey, thus freeing Eddie from its grasp. Yet still, the symbiote manages to crawl away.

Having been yanked away from two of its hosts now, it has become too weak to latch on to a new victim. It’s dying, and more desperate than ever to either kill or return to its original host. But without a mind to manipulate, its delusions begin to internalise. It starts seeing everyone as Peter Parker. 

What unleashes on the outside as absolute chaos, on the inside is a broken creature clinging to its last scraps of life and sanity.

Carnage was never quite my cup of tea. I found the prospect of a ‘darker’ version of Venom to be contrived, and Cletus Kasady to be fairly one-dimensional in backstory and motivation.

I wanted this take to have a little more justification in the story, a more natural evolution rather than adding more elements on top (though I doubt my Carnage would ever show up in Makeover-verse canon).

There had always been something that bugged me about Carnage’s original look, and I couldn’t put my finger on it until working on this redesign; he doesn’t have a spider emblem. When compared to Spidey and Venom, I feel like this puts him on a lower tier - makes him look like a lackey/grunt type of enemy rather than the big time. I don’t think I’ve entirely dissolved that vibe in this design, but I did try and imply the spider a bit more.

The hollow, tendrily form was inspired by strangler figs after their host tree has died.

Legends of tomorrow is like really really good like????? Great hilarious characters and strong female characters???? Awesome actors and amazing villains??? The heroes are not 100% good but that ok because they don’t have to be???? Beautiful characters developments??? Cool storylines and super smart plot twists????? Iconic films references??? It has it all and it keeps getting better I love it so much?????

  • Bratz the movie - sentence starters:
  • "Cook? You want me to cook? I burn water."
  • "Watch where you're going!"
  • "Perfection takes time, and I'm worth every single second."
  • "All this time, I thought you were just some cool jock."
  • "You stupid... cheerleader!"
  • "You did not just say that!"
  • "Someday you'll say something intelligent."
  • "You're not as bad as people say you are."
  • "Food fight!"
  • "I'm not a snob, I'm just better than you are."
  • "Don't get your bragas in a twist."
  • "Have you seen my joystick?"
  • "Delete my number from your cell phone, okay?"
  • "I really didn't see this coming."
  • "I'll have MTV tape the whole thing."
  • "He is totally not my type."
  • "Your singing's amazing."
  • "I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, right?"
  • "You can push me around, hold me underwater yet I won't drown."
  • "Step outside the box and be extraordinary."
  • "If you're telling me to stop, I won't."
  • "You see, no is not in my vocabulary."
  • "It's all about me."
  • "Madonna ain't got nothing on me."
  • "You know it's all about me."
  • "I'm like slice of Heaven."
  • "People like me were treated so differently."
  • "Don't worry that you're inferior, it's just that I'm superior."
  • "You've become addicted to me."
  • "This is your lucky day - you're standing in my presence."
  • "Express yourself!"

soulffles  asked:

"you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars" + soma

Hey uh fun fact, this ask is literally about 3 or 4 years old and I haven’t written for Soul Eater since 2015 but??? whatever here is some fresh 2017 SoMa for your SoMa needs

Of all the joys and wonders that come with being an uncle, Soul never thought that bringing a three dollar goldfish to the vet at two in the morning would be one of them. Really, he probably should’ve expected it- this was Wes’ kid he was dealing with here, and any true blooded Evans child will do whatever it takes to get their way no matter what time of the day or night. Of course, that meant driving all over town in search of a vet that was both open at this ungodly hour and willing enough to actually give them an answer as to what’s wrong with the fish and not suggest buying a new one. Gilbert Evans was not a child to take no for an answer and simply buying another fish was not an option- it was like trying to buy another uncle when he got sick and how would you like that? So, Soul had given given into the child currently wrapped around his calf with the best damn puppy eyes he’s ever seen.

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A/N: Firstly, I just want to say thank you for sticking around even though I haven’t been posting at all :’) I’ve been stressing out for my finals and I was also going through some personal matters which meant I couldn’t write this fluffy fic. But I’m back now! Thank you guys so much, once again. ❤

P.S.  I didn’t exactly proofread this so :”)

(WARNING: VERY little cursing)

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Some Ideas

Mabel knows her brain is messed up and is super proactive about doing stuff about it. At first, it’s really scary, but she’s the first one to ask their parents if she can start counseling because certain shades of pink make her space out and she may have had a panic attack because a really cute girl asked her out to homecoming and the words too good to be true wouldn’t stop buzzing around in her head. 

Mabel’s a lucid dreamer. She knows when she’s dreaming and she can control it. It’s a very familiar feeling. She tries to make her dreams into places she knows aren’t real, weird art galleries with twisting blown-glass slides and gold toilets and weird hamster tubing all around. She tries not to imagine people there so she won’t forget and think its real. 

Lucid dreamers are super susceptible to sleep paralysis so she finds out that sucks pretty fast. Sometimes she sleeps in the bathtub with a comforter because it’s something cool and weird and really real. 

Mabel tries to deal with all of this brain and dream stuff and mostly manages to function. It makes her sad that her parents admit they hadn’t noticed anything off at all when she tells them she needs therapy. They ask if they shouldn’t let the two of them go away for the summer again and Mabel tells them she can’t not go. That would make it worse for her. 

Mabel grows up in waiting rooms with outdated carpeting, bad magazines, and those cool slider toys that she refuses to grow out of. She’s very open with her therapist, who takes all the weird stories in her stride, mostly believing that they are parts of dreams that Mabel’s anxiety manifests through. Mabel makes calming jars and blanket forts and all the cutesy stuff, because it’s fun and it makes her feel safe. 

She looks for imperfections when she’s disassociating. Ugly colors, a crooked line of stitching on her clothes, the fraying curtains in the waiting room. She collects the cast off sculptures from her school’s art class and has a weird corner dedicated to them in her room. Uncute things make her feel comfortable. 

When she feels really bad and Dipper’s around, they plan a big dang road trip for when they graduate high school. They’ve been talking about how they’re not going to be together forever, but they’ll work to not lose each other. 

They talk about ugly vans and inviting Pacifica, Candy, and Grenda. They talk about going to the worst tourist traps in the country and all the tacky bumper stickers they’re going to get. They’re scared of a lot of things that are different and they try to talk about that. 

Dipper doesn’t want to go to therapy and that makes Mabel sad. She has him write stuff down and she has mock sessions with him so that she can “learn the art of healing word things” for herself. 

Mabel never has dreams about the road trip. Or about therapy or earnestly ugly things or her family. She dreams colors and ugly-cute and being alone. 

She likes to try to make miniatures of the places in her dreams. Her fear of stop motions long cast aside, she thinks about making stories for those places she builds in mindscape and styrofoam. 

The stories are sad and ugly and alone. And they make her feel a little less of each of those things. 

GOT7 reaction to not knowing if their crush likes them back.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

What would they do if they aren´t sure if their crush likes them back? Thank you!

ok this is more of a what would they do, rather than a reaction, so the gifs might not match, but i really want to do this one :P
thanks for the interesting request ^_^ 
I hope you like it
**Also if any of you have sold anything on tumblr please contact me ^_^ 
~Ahgase Omma

you’d be the recipient of those rare heart melting smiles. he’d look you in the eyes as you talked to you smiling more than normal

he’d be a bit more obvious, actively flirting with you, but with subtle flirting,  smiling, laughing and with winking being the max, he wants to let you know but still wants act cool about it.

he’d but jut as hyper, so it’d be hard to tell, but he would hang around you more often, standing by your side. he’d laugh at someone else’s joke, but look at you to see if you laughed too, cis he loves your laugh

its be hard to tell, but with him its all about the eye contact. he could be talking to someone else, but casually look to you, to see if your interested in the topic. 

the main thing would be him laughing more with you, its be hard going, as it might seem as though he’s laughing at you, but he’s really not. he wants to show that he's comfortable and happy around you.

he’d be more inclined to actively flirt with you, but with a cool twist, probably trying to channel some of his hyungs skills. he’d focus on looking at your face, with the classic of swapping between looking at your eyes then your lips and back again

the most nonchalant flirting but it is active flirting, where he jokes more and hangs on your every word, standing close, but when you notice he likes to be further away. 

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There was nothing terribly special about the house itself, or at least, not the outer part of it. It was a nice, respectable enough house, with two stories plus a basement, hardwood floors, and a good-sized kitchen. It was mostly clean, but comfortably lived in, and contained a great deal of plants and some interesting wall hangings. It was not very old, even by human standards, and to the knowledge of the owners nothing particularly grisly or historical or even mildly interesting had ever happened there before. 

They did not know that their nice respectable modern house had old, old bones, old as the hills. They did not know that the land their home had been built on had a History: not the human sort that got written down and engraved on plaques and discussed very seriously by academics, but the Folk kind of history, a history of hauntings and grudges and legendary deeds, a history which left no mark upon the earth but was known deep-down and never forgotten. They did not know-how could they know?-that long, long before the settlement and construction, before the concrete and asphalt, before roads and cars and shopping malls and neat suburban neighborhoods, there had been a Hill, a gateway from which the Folk came out of their twilight realm to work mischief of one kind or another. The humans did not know, but the land remembered, others remembered, and the memory came up out of the past and rested heavily on the nice respectable house and made it older than it was.

There were things in that house, things that remembered. Sprites nesting in the houseplants, pictsies who made away with knickknacks and spare socks to line their nests, goblins rustling through the patterns in the wallpaper. The ghost of a bard who had wandered through the Hill and never made it all the way out. A house-hob living in the closets and a boggart under a little girl’s bed.

And, of course, him.

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signs as tv shows

aries : American Horror Story 

why : super interesting to watch with some scary parts!! perfect for aries

taurus : Love ( on netflix)

why : because it tunes into taurus’s hopeless romantic side with lots of witty humour

gemini : friends

why : because it puts u in a good mood and is very positive and fun

cancer : stranger things ( on netflix)

why : since all of the characters are sweet and sensitive like u and its suCH a good show

leo : the walking dead

why : because all the leos i know love that show and it keeps u awake when u watch it since its very dramatic

virgo : greys anatomy

why : because everyone likes this show lmao

libra : the bachelor / bachelorette

why : fuck i love this show its so cheesy but its super entertaining and the characters are so terrible usually but its funny

capricorn : jane the virgin

why : its a really good show and there are so many plot twists u guys will love it

sagittarius : its always sunny in philadelphia

why : this show is so fucking funny like u guys and DannY devito oh my god

scorpio : orange is the new black ( on netflix)

why : lol this show is so twisted and dramatic and ugh the friendships and the romances its so gOOD just watch it please scorpio

aquarius : x files 

why : because ya’ll are weird af but still  super cool like this show

pisces : bobs burgers

why : this show is so lighthearted and cute but super funny