but it's a lot of fun!

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sorry to bother you! I was wondering if you had a masterpost of the shitty things Harper's done? I am trying to kill a facebook argument with evidence. I hope you have fun at the NDP rally tonight though!

I actually do.

Lets call this the STOP HARPER masterpost:

Its definitely incomplete, but it has a lot of reasons on why Stephen Harper is bad for Canada.

Thank you! :)


Send these to taehyung and let him know my dog is in the background

Emergency Commissions!
To recap, this is the current situation: My computer is currently getting serviced and its motherboard replaced, as well as other diagnostics to find any other problems before it's shipped back to ...

by Nytrinhia

To recap, this is the current situation:

My computer is currently getting serviced and its motherboard replaced, as well as other diagnostics to find any other problems before it’s shipped back to me.  I haven’t been able to work on the last outstanding commission that I have, nor have I been able to pick up any other kind of art-related work.  I’ve been mostly filling my time for the past week working on what I can for Circum, specifically the site design, site map, and outlines for future chapters.  And while I’ve been having lots of fun with graph paper, it means there is no income at the moment to cover bills.

Basically in ten days I need to have made $250.  So here is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to open up a batch of emergency commissions from now to the 10th.  Remember these guys? 

For the next ten days only you can purchase a character bust for $20.  I will offer 15 slots of these, four of which I will reserve for people who do not at present have visual references of the character they want me to draw, all others must have a visual reference.  I am limiting how many commissions don’t have to have visual reference for the sake of speed and delivery time.  The more work I have to do, the longer it’ll take to get them done.  Add $10 to the price if you wish to add a character to a bust commission (i.e. purchasing two separate bust commissions would be $40, purchasing one commission of two characters together would be $30).

ONE person and one person only will be able to purchase a full length commission of a character in this style for $50, akin to something like this:

(I will only accept visual reference for this type of commission)

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TGIT PROMO | Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM Casts Wine and Shine in Slick New TGIT Promo — WATCH
By Michael Ausiello

Thank goodness it’s… almost Thursday again!

ABC has unveiled the first, very fun promo for its wildly successful fall block of Thursday night programming, with stars from Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder all very excited to return with new episodes.

How do we know?

Because they’re dancing. They’re eating popcorn. And they’re drinking wine. A whole lot of sweet, delicious, red wine.

We don’t yet have footage from Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Scandal Season 5 or How to Get Away with Murder Season 2. But we do have Matt McGorry dancing up a storm!

Until these shows all return on Thursday, September 24… that will have to do.

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Why wasn't I following you before and does your Mum really know about Drarry and Tumblr and everything???!! x

Hello, and welcome to the Cesspool of Sin! I love your blog, btw :)

And yeah, my mom is well informed about Drarry. She thinks my love of gay wizard smut is hilarious, & I recently got her to start reading Drarry fanfic, which is very fun. She’s reading Secrets right now, so we spend a lot of time crying about Draco & discussing the inevitable, beautiful love of Drarry 

I Ship Tag

Tagged by mah homegurl 7teenpls (forgive my cringe worthy nicknames)

Rules: Give the person who tagged you a ship with the members from groups that they listed at the end of their post. Answer the questions about you and about your ideal partner so that you can be shipped too.

I ship them with:

Seventeen: Seungkwan, do I even need to say why? He’s one hardworking, selfless, caring, outgoing boy, who looks like he has a good relationship with his mom omg. And just like you he has a shitton of nicknames like I bet the two of you would have a ton of ship names on top of that. Being the patient girl that u are I can imagine him asking you to say stuff in English repeatedly so he can learn it and asdifjeoaidk sorry I could go on..

Boyfriend: Donghyun ay basically says wants to be the perfect bf, you got him wrapped around ur finger already dam. He seems to be very curious too and will probably enjoy learning new things w/ you. 

F(x): Luna bc after hosting a show I think she can handle ordering ur mcnuggets xD + she seems to enjoy learning new things cause her hobbies include watching Chinese movies to learn the Chinese language and Chinese traditional dance

Mamamoo: Whee In - turns out she likes to draw~ 
this one was weak, i’m sry ;-;

About ME:

Chinese Zodiac? Rabbit

Sun sign? Scorpio

Height? 4′11 and possibly shrinking (impossible but it feels like it bc everyone is growing taller but me)

Fashion Style? Massive fan of crop top + high waist combo. Generally sweatshirts, leggings, loose tees, basically anything comfortable. I like clothing items that aren’t too flashy, and will fit in well with my wardrobe. Black/White/Grey mostly. I’ll make room for colors like dark red and a few pastel hues. I like plain to little patterns on clothing so I will have a wider range of options to mix and match with. 

Hobbies? Drawing. Writing occasionally, but v poorly. Casual gaming. Is telling dirty bad jokes a hobby? The rest are uber embarrassing to even speak of. DId I forget to mention Breathing…and Laughing.

Personality? When you’re around me get used to bad jokes, and me laughing at them even if they aren’t funny. I’m someone who’ll try her best to work with any type of person. Focused and driven to complete something I want really bad, and even impatient, but tbh that ain’t healthy. I’m hot-tempered but I try to keep my jets cool as much as possible. I’d say, I get along with people pretty well, but I can be awkward let’s be real. Supportive. I think I talk a lot…maybe too much?? *incoming wall of text* Will definitely listen when I need to, but I am not the best person to come to when advice is needed. Even though I suck at advice, I’ll look out for people who I care about. I’ll take risks if I think they’re worth it. 

Likes? Snapbacks but everyone knows I can’t work that ish. OTL. No BS personalities. Turquoise. When I am called ‘ate’, I think it’s uber cute (it’s basically noona/unnie in tagalog).  Those cinnamon rolls that you can easily approach, omg shoutout to u qt pies. Fencers. Food. Kwek Kwek is 10/10

Dislikes? 2gud4u elitist assholes who think they are the shit. When people can’t care after themselves. Unappreciative of the effort you put for them. Taking things for granted. Procrastinating but let’s be real we’re all a victim of that booby trap. Constructive criticism without the ‘constructive’ part. Wen bias wreckers bein’ disrespectful and makin’ you feel unfaithful, but it’s inevitable. Constipation.

Ideal partner:

What kind of height do you prefer? Height doesn’t matter because there are obviously other lengths to worry about. ;) (i’m jk) *regrets it*

Innocent or Sexy? sEXY, bc, yeah bruh… I’m not saying I can’t work with an innocent partner though. ;) ;)

Turn ons? sOMEONE OPEN MINDED. Willing to try new things. People who are easy to talk to, someone who can keep the conversation going. I love it when someone listens to me. Considerate. Sensitive. Funny. (so they can teach me how to be funny) Witty. Someone who will trust me and open up to me. A++++ for someone who doesn’t mind my dirty jokes. Skinship. Independence.

Turn offs? CLOSE MINDEDness. People who are so quick to judge but also cannot keep it to themselves. Being Clingy or pushy. Ungrateful. Selfish. Being Racist/Homophobic/Sexist/Transphobic. Someone who doesn’t know their priorities. Doesn’t have a sense of direction in life, or a concept of money. 

What type of fear are they allowed to have? Anything really, it would be hilarious to see him scared or to see both of us scared xD

What would be an ideal date for you? The bedroom…oh…TOO SOON?! In that case, I’ve never really thought of an ideal date outside the bedroom because…okay I’ll shut up now.  something like a trip at the amusement park, a beach date, BUBBLE TEA, or any type of date that involves food.  Doesn’t sound too demanding, right? 

I’d like to be shipped with: Seventeen, Got7, BTS

I tag these beautiful people: awoozing, feedtehbubbles, jisooisrusty, jeju-boy-boonon

no offense but a lot of the relationship jokes i see on this site seem like?? really shitty and immature? like idk i guess i really shouldn’t be one to judge but if i told someone i was dating i was going out with friends and their reply is “go have fun… i hope its worth it” like. that relationship is probably over thats a weird controlling thing to say to another person how is that a joke to people 

He texted me this last night while we were sitting on the couch talking.  We’ve had fun going through old photos together and getting to know each other.  I feel like I’ve known him forever and that we’re just meeting all at the same time.  It’s so comfortable but exhilarating. It’s really amazing to have met someone so similar to myself.  Our stories align in so many ways.

The above photo says a lot.  He said, “This has meant a lot to me the last few years.” I’m not 100% sure of its significance to him - other than being willing to look for that one guy and build something with him.  

I’m also not sure of it’s significance to me.  I think now it signifies my ongoing fight to reclaim me and build a life that I’m proud to live - honest, open, and free.  To find that one guy and stick by him.

this is all i could do and i think you could tell where i started to kinda lose creativity i’m never doing something like this again and if you’re mad you didn’t get one well think about me for a sec 3 hundred something people reblogged the post ((i know i probe shoulda worded it differently but still)) i can’t do that many things i’m only one person so here ya go pastel knees​ ok yours was my fav and i made it at school and had a lot of fun drawing it just thought i’d say that  the-ahvengers this one was fun too cecilosissherlocked i like the head on this one @levithewiseone your name doesn’t show up pretentious limericksthebestselling its-a-clover and lastly snaggleroni 

hope you like em

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Where would you recommend somebody start listening to the Shizno podcast? From the beginning, or does it not matter?

You can start from anywhere. Just be aware of which episode we are covering, because we are guessing based on info from that point and back, and obviously wouldnt know things from later.

I find its a lot of fun after a season finishes to listen to our guesses in order from trailer and first episode till the season wrap up.

Actually we may have some news about our season wrap up this  year! Stay tuned. <3

eibhlis97 said: 

(genuinely go you though! It’s better than not watching anything at all) what was it like?

so far it’s been a really good lecture, its just. The teacher has a very mellow voice and he knows how to discuss things in a fun, interesting way, but its also…plodding. I’m struggling to pay attention and that scares me cuz it means my mind wonders to negative thoughts (and I have a lot re: my own storyboarding and storytelling). I’m anxious about watching more, even though I should take into account the pain and exhaustion I was fighting through yesterday. I need to remember that shit’s different and harder for me during the blood moon. 

but yeah, objectively, its a very good lecture about the basics of storytelling. He’s not just focusing on what you should do, he’s also focusing on what you shouldn’t do and why, which is something I’ve had a beef about with other teachers in the past.

I have a hard time trusting and learning from someone I feel doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about and Steve Ahn has proven pretty quickly he knows what he’s talking about. His storyboards speak for themselves, but he speaks for himself as well and I already respect him for that. I wanna learn from him, I just have to get my shit together to do so

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Kizaru sama,It seems that you quite love reading at a young age. Here comes the question : Are you also a scientist of Marine? Could I call you Dr. Borsalino, just like Dr. Vegapunk used to do. XDDDD

Ohh, no not exactly. I just read and wrote a lot when I was younger, mhm. I know a lot of useless thiiings. 

Did you know that a group of crows is called a murder? Or that a crocodile cannot stick its tongue out? 

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ive liked bts since the n.o era (tae was actually my ult at the time) since the fandom was actually tame. like bap level tame. til i was blocked by twelve (i couldnt believe it tbh) close mutuals on twitter because i said, quote, "i didnt really like the i need u/dope era as much as their past eras. i feel like they could do way better (especially the rapper line) but eh" i guess im kinda salty but... its come to the point where constructive criticism = hating on bts (at least on twitter)

Fun fact! 12 is the minimum number of followers I lost last night presumably over BTS. I actually love a lot of BTS’s music and I used to be into them but I do feel like the fandom can be really sensitive to the point of attacking anyone who says anything other than enthusiastic and exactly equal love for everyone in BTS and all of their skills and that’s just…exhausting

ok i’m posting a lot of long posts tonight but it reminds me of when i told someone i journal quite a bit (like, a physical journal) and he thought it was strange (not in a bad way).. just that, like idk i guess he thought it was a weird way of comforting oneself. that’s why i post a lot on here i just like typing/writing my thoughts out.. i have like 3 completely filled journals (the first 2 have some blank pages at the end but the 3rd is completely full) and i’m halfway thru my 4th one right now. it’s probably my favorite coping method. sometimes i think too much and it hurts my head so i need to get it out somehow lol


Got on to do chores and races with Star, who I obviously did not take pictures of XD however I got a new best score on the beach race, right before it will be gone, heh. Or is that just the quests?

Also, even though I have a lot of homework and a long day tomorrow, I decided to do the Moorland Champ before I left, because, you know, its the champ. Col met me there and it was fun.

I got 1st! :D my 5th win so far. I love the Moorland Champ. The reason I usually win if there are a lot of star riders is when someone crashes into those poles. It pays to be good at the pole being race, heh.

Then Col wished me goodbye, and I think Midna (or maybe this is a different horse, sorry ssomistywarrior​ ) decided to give Fion a smooch. Which, of course, he didn’t react to. He’s a Blues man, yea? XD



Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his

Hey, fellas!  So my roommate has been working on this super-cool game for about a year now, and today is its


The game is basically a cute little maze-style puzzle game with colorful robots that is really surprisingly difficult.  I had the chance to play it a few times during its development, and it’s only gotten better since!

It’s currently available on Steam and should be up for purchase through other methods pretty soon!  You can find the game on its website at Huebots.com or on Steam right over here!

Check it out whenever you have the chance!