but it's a breakfast cereal

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Mick Rory and Cisco Ramon, 46 for the ask prompt thing.

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

Cisco’s sitting on Mick’s kitchen counter in boxers and Mick’s high school Rugby jersey, eating fucking cocoa puffs while the coffee brews. In the background, Mick can hear the Mowglis singing about how they are in love with love. 

“Morning!” chirps Cisco, actually awake for once. 

“Too early for this shit, ‘roha.” Mick mumbles, fumbling for a coffee mug in the cupboard. 

“It’s midday!” says Cisco, as though this makes no difference to the fact he’s eating breakfast cereal, and isn’t dressed. Its a Wednesday. Cisco should be at work. Mick attempts to glower, but he’s fully aware he fails. 

“Why aren’t you at work? And less loud?” Mick asks. In the background, the Mowglis are losing their heads in San Francisco. 

“Shut up, I’m a delight!” crows Cisco. It goes straight through Mick’s head like the fucking Holy Lance would if it wasn’t languishing in the Oculus Energy in Lenny’s place. “Also I am not at work because you came home drunk as a skunk last night and then I got a slightly frantic and mostly incoherent call from Barry that sounded like he was telling me Len was back but then he wouldn’t pick up his phone and you were out, and no one’s at work, I checked, and I want to know what happened.”

Mick replays the bits of last night he remembers, which is mostly Sara straight-up screaming when they got their Lenny back, and then immediately calling Kendra so she could come back and party with them, followed by what Len will certainly argue was not a cuddle session where Len buried his face in Mick’s chest and didn’t let go. That extended to Jax joining the little circle of hugs, and then Kendra was there and flinging herself at Len, and then Sara had alcohol? Mick vaguely remembers Len, with drunkenly exaggerated melodrama, explaining that he really really really wanted to fuck the Flash but the kid had just sorted his shit out with West and he didn’t want to fuck that up, and adorable cuddly drunk Jax telling Len that both Barry and Iris were absolutely interested, and then drunk Sara suggesting they could just drop Len off to go talk to them, and then - actually, Mick doesn’t remember what happened after that. But judging by Barry’s phone call, he can guess.

“Call Barry again.” says Mick.

“Why?” asks Cisco.

“I need to tell him and West that they should trust what drunk Len was saying more than what hung over, sober, and scared to hell of commitment Len is saying.”

Cisco puts down his cereal bowl. 

“Are you telling me-” he starts.

“Yes, Lenny showed up drunk at the West-Allen house and probably confessed his undying love for them. Finally.” 

Cisco punches the air, and then pulls the carafe out of the now-finished coffee machine. 

“Let me top you up and put some pants on, and then we’ll breach on over and talk them all down.”

Mick situates himself comfortably between Cisco’s spread thighs, and kisses his forehead while Cisco pours the coffee. 

“Mick, baby, I need to get down?” Cisco says, after a moment.

“Lenny’s crisis can wait.” Mick responds, and kisses him again. He can feel Cisco smiling as he does it. 

That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me,that people would choose to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereal based on colour.
—  Paper towns|John Green

Its breakfast time . cereal and milk. cereal and milk .