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I could see this happening every time Flug gets really caught up in his inventions, so like, BH is just throwing little hissy fits after he’s not given enough attention until Flug finally realizes he’s been in the lab too much again.

The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place

do you ever imagine that neil gets into that mood between 1-4am when he’s all giggly and delirious and looks at andrew with his eyes crescents and tongue peeking out between his teeth, completely full of mirth and fondness and andrew just?? stares at him and thinks: if there is one good decision I will make, this is it.

*I had an influx of Inspired By fanfics come my way this week, so I’m making a post to include all of them! <3

The Glitch by @lazy-rain-dancer
I’m actually beta-reading this one, and it makes me happy. <3  

You’re a college student that suddenly ends up in the world of Undertale and ends up going through different AU’s.  However, something weird is going on in the timelines, and if you want to go home, you’re going to have to figure out what it is!  On top of that, something strange is going on with your SOUL…

Willpower and Kindness: The Adventures of Grace and Williams by @multi-coloredwxrld
These are a series of drabbles with some AU-hopping as well!  Be sure to mind the tags.

Falling into the Underground was mistake number one. Mistake two came when they assumed that their actions didn’t have consequences. Mistake three… Well, lets just say that letting a group of skeletons from various universes live with them was the nail in the proverbial coffin.

Star Crossed Lodgers by @punnystars
You guys probably saw this one on tumblr, and now it’s being continued on Ao3. 

It’s set during SSLL, only the Lady finds Chara’s locket… and may end up being haunted by a certain murder child’s ghost.  Genocide run?  Read to find out!

Wait, Wait, Monsters?  by @ohwowie-lookieheere
It’s the skeles as humans!  What’s not to love?

It’s the main 4 AUs of the skelebros we all know and love. Only now, they’re human. They now live with you (and your siblings) and kinda-maybe are falling for you.

& I’m also going to take the opportunity to say if you like Bara Sanses (I know I do), go follow @askbarasanss.  Ask ‘em stuff!  There’s a fic on Ao3 for the one-shots from it.

Being Asian and American can be very strange bc for some reason Americans think that Asia™ is just one Single Culture and squish them all together as if there are no boundaries,, like, in America it doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese (which I am) or Korean or Japanese or Indian or Vietnamese, bc if you’re Asian then you’re Asian™

And when you have been immersed in this Way of Thinking for as long as I have, you start to believe it a little bit too and it’s slightly unsettling

For example, sometimes I’ll identify with something that is Japanese or Korean, etc (which I am not), and I’ll just look at myself and think “I am not of this ethnicity; I am Chinese” but then I feel a strange shrug of “well, I am Asian™”

And this is why I think it’s important for people in America to be educated on the differences between cultures in Asia (and in other places of course!), because in this “Melding Pot” of America (and in general), even those who are members of said cultures begin to lose themselves

tl;dr Asia is full of many countries, many languages, many cultures, and many people, and we are not all one single unit, or “type”

okay for non-Asian people to reblog!

Shark week pros & cons:

Con: Dysphoria-induced insomnia

Pro: Less sleep = more time to get work done

Con: Less sleep = my brain is not working, I can barely splell

@wordsofpoetrydreamsandillusions Will turn this into a full fic sometime soon :B Hope it works for your prompt!

James’ fingers fidgeted with the same restlessness that filled his mind. Fortunately, the nervous tick was concealed by the way his hands were clasped behind his back in the firm stance of any proper naval lieutenant. Despite the months that had passed, despite the unwavering ties he had formed with Thomas Hamilton, the way the man was peering over at him now was more than enough to send butterflies fluttering through his stomach. The weight of those blue eyes made him feel raw and vulnerable in a way he would never grow accustomed to.

It had been a week since that night he had joined Thomas and Miranda at the dinner table alongside Alfred Hamilton. A week since he had brazenly ordered the pompous lord from his own home. Since Thomas had risen from his seat, regarding him with a tender expression not unlike the one he wore now, and returned to him a piece he had never known was missing.

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I know how people ironically say they cry over the existence of band members, but almost daily ~and I’m being 100% serious~ if I think of Mikey Way, Dallon Weekes, Pete Wentz or Petekey, tears come to my eyes, and I have fully cried over Petekey more times than I’d like to admit.

I just queued up some new trans peter art to post at noon today,,, god im just mentally preparing myself for more anon hate lmao