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@wordsofpoetrydreamsandillusions Will turn this into a full fic sometime soon :B Hope it works for your prompt!

James’ fingers fidgeted with the same restlessness that filled his mind. Fortunately, the nervous tick was concealed by the way his hands were clasped behind his back in the firm stance of any proper naval lieutenant. Despite the months that had passed, despite the unwavering ties he had formed with Thomas Hamilton, the way the man was peering over at him now was more than enough to send butterflies fluttering through his stomach. The weight of those blue eyes made him feel raw and vulnerable in a way he would never grow accustomed to.

It had been a week since that night he had joined Thomas and Miranda at the dinner table alongside Alfred Hamilton. A week since he had brazenly ordered the pompous lord from his own home. Since Thomas had risen from his seat, regarding him with a tender expression not unlike the one he wore now, and returned to him a piece he had never known was missing.

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Shark week pros & cons:

Con: Dysphoria-induced insomnia

Pro: Less sleep = more time to get work done

Con: Less sleep = my brain is not working, I can barely splell

Ohmtoonz part 1

Hello! So I made this for a lovely anon that asked for Ohmtoonz. I’m not exactly sure if you had a prompt you particularly wanted me to do, so… sorry if you don’t like it? I tried, it was the first time I’ve written for this pairing.

The prompt that I used that wasn’t asked for; “someone walks by your table and drops a folded napkin in front of you, trying to be discreet. It is a note saying ‘Get out now. While you still can.’ ”

Amount of words: 1,289

Warnings! - violence, cursing (but not much). I’m sure there’s other things but I don’t know..


Third person POV:

The restaurant was buzzing with energy, people talking; eating; rushing around. It was perfect, no one would see it coming. No one would notice the slight change, at least not until it was too late.

Ohm’s POV:

It was noon, meaning it was everyone’s lunch break, as I walked up to the doors of a new restaurant that had just opened days ago. According to plenty of people it was an amazing place to get a bite to eat, so I decided to go.

Walking through the doors I felt couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong, that I should leave now, but I pushed those thoughts away as a waitress walked up to me. “Hello, sir! How are you today? How many?” the girl said with a smile.

I smiled back while saying “Good, thanks. Table for one”

“Right this way” said the woman as she turned on her heel after grabbing a menu.

She was a few paces ahead of me, leading me to an empty table, when something caught my attention. Well more like someone. A man with a scar over his right eye who was wearing a red hoodie met my wandering gaze. The previous smile on his face dropped as he looked at me, but I ignored it and that foreboding feeling again.

“Here you are sir” the waitress’s voice rang out “what would you like to drink?”

“A cup of coffee please” I respond as I take a seat.

The woman nods, writing it down, “it’ll be right up”

I watch as the waitress walks away toward the kitchen area, before looking down at the menu. Taking in the different options, not really understanding everyone else’s excitement about this place. It seems like just another normal restaurant.

The waitress comes back shorty after, dropping off my coffee before having to rush off to help a different customer. I don’t really mind, gives me more time to think over my order.

As I continue to browse through the menu options I catch a glance of a red hoodie walk passed my table. I look up just in time to see a napkin fall in front of me. Noticing a bit of ink on it I pick it up to read it. ‘Get out now, while you still can’ it reads. That foreboding feeling coming back stronger than ever as I glance around at the people near me. Not seeing the hooded figure anywhere. Fear courses through my veins the longer I just sit there, so I do the one thing my mind is screaming at me to do. I get up and walk towards the counter, quickly paying for the coffee I got and rush out of the building.

Walking quickly I cross the street, not noticing I’m still clutching onto the napkin, and just as I get a safe distance away there was a ‘boom!’ The road shook and I ducked as people screamed running for safety. Looking back I see the building I was just in cover in flames, glass windows shattered, part of the roof crumbling. Fear nearly overwhelms me as someone suddenly grabs me, pulling me away from the scene. In my shock I don’t protest, letting the person lead me down several different roads until finally pulling me into an empty alleyway.

My brain seemed to catch back up at that moment and I ripped my hand from the person’s, man’s, grasp. Looking directly at him, I take notice of the same red hoodie and scarred face. I freeze as I realize that he was there too, he was the one that warned me.

“Well took you long enough” the man said smirking leaning against a wall, bringing his arms across his chest.

“Who- how- why-” I say unable to comprehend all of this.

His smirk just gets wider “Cartoonz, at your service!” he said while pushing himself off of the wall and giving a slight bow.

My breathing stops for a moment, as I recognize the name, the criminal that has been bombing seemingly random places. I shift slightly, feeling the urge to turn and run, but Cartoonz was faster. Suddenly I was pressed up against the wall beside me, my arms above my head, unable to get away.

“Sorry, bunny. Can’t let you run off now that you’ve seen my face” Cartoonz says with an almost insane smile

Trying to stomp out the fear I feel I ask “bunny?” my voice coming out more steady than I thought it could in this type of situation.

Cartoonz eye seemed to light up “yeah! You’re a bunny! Look at you, you’re cute and small and fragile! Also quick to run from danger”

I swallow nervously as he moves his faces closer to mine, nearly stopping breathing as he gets too close. Which seems to be the reaction he wanted as a smile made its way onto his face instead of his previous smirk.

“Aw.. is the little bunny nervous? Flustered? Am I getting a little too close for comfort, my little bunny?” Cartoonz asks teasingly, pressing himself closer to my body.

Panic races through me and I try to think of a way out of this, but nothing comes to mind. After not responding for awhile, still trapped in this damn position, he pulls away slightly. I nearly give a sigh of relief, but any relief I felt was crushed as he spoke again.

“Well, bunny, what should I do with you? I can’t let you go, you’ll just go run to the cops. And that’s not allowed”

“I wouldn’t.” I try to say, hoping I would get out of this encounter alive and well.

All I get in response is Cartoonz humming to himself, like he’s thinking about it. “Nah, too risky. But I don’t want to kill you. After all why give you that note if I was just going to kill you later? No..” an insane look shines in his eye “you’re going to come with me”

I could feel the fear and panic radiating from myself, “no..” I helplessly say tears coming to my eyes as I panic more, for the first time I try to struggle out of his hold.

His grip on my hands just gets tighter, a frown making it’s way onto his face before changing to pure anger. Raising the one arm, that wasn’t holding onto me, he brings it back before punching me. I could hear a bone break and my cry of pain, blood flowing from my now broken nose. Something changed again in Cartoonz as he suddenly dropped my arms and pulled me close to him. I was shaking, fearing that if I tried to get away I would just get hurt again. So I just stayed there as he rubbed circles on my back and blood stained his already red hoodie. After awhile he pulled me away from him, taking my face into his hand and turned it so he could see the damage. Tears fell from my eyes as I stared anywhere but at him, my breathing shallow. I didn’t look at him directly until he jerked my face towards him, almost like a warning. Meeting his gaze I flinch back and the anger in his eye, closing my eyes waiting for something to happen. But all I’m met with is a small sigh, peaking one eye open I look at Cartoonz again. Black dots dancing across my vision as I tried to focus on his face, I could feel myself getting light headed. Obviously the panic and blood loss starting to affect me. The last thing I see is a slight expression of concern on Cartoonz face as I lose consciousness.


help i cant stop drawin my anime kid aaaAAAA (guess they’re officially an OC now… GDI)


I don’t need your honesty
It’s already in your eyes and I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me
No one knows me like you do
And since you’re the only one that matters
Tell me who do I run to?
– All I ask, Adele.


You know, I worked really hard to get to Manchester, Josie. I worked my factory job in the day and did an access course at night, and lived on fucking beans so I could afford our rent near college. And now I’m about five billion in debt. And guess what? I don’t have Mummy and Daddy to come and bail me out. I’m on my own.

anonymous asked:

sometimes I'm really Gay and Proud and other times it's like Internalized Homophobia City

honestly i mostly live in the City so at least we’re neighbours lmao. but yeah i get that. usually the only thing that helps at all is surrounding myself with lgbt people as much as i can. it’s easy to hate yourself, but it’s a lot harder to hate ppl you care about for irrational reasons. if i’m bad for being gay then that means the people that i love are bad for being gay too, which i know is bullshit. as well as honestly just surrounding myself with happy gay shit as much as i can. books and films and music. anything tangible to remind me it’s not just me. black sails rn obvs but i have there are plenty lgbt films with good messages and happy endings. if you think it’d help at all i’ll make you a list of links for my favourites. apart from that just know you’re not going through this alone. people have felt the same way for thousands of years and they always will. you’re part of a specific group of people who have been around since humans evolved on earth in every place and in every time, in every civilisation or empire. and there’ll be people like you until humanity is finished. you’re just as natural and eternal as the trees or the wind. and millions of people you don’t even know have your back, including me. 

More LGBTQ-Inclusive Witchcraft

Trans inclusive Dianic practices

Less emphasis on gender-specific roles and rites

More emphasis on love for self and others

“The Great Rite” no

Large parts of modern witchcraft should not be based upon heterosexual acts and imagery

Inclusion for those who are asexual, agender, or grey-ace

Less vaginal imagery when referring to women

Genitals =/= Gender

“This has masculine energy,” no

Energy tends not to care for what gender you assign it

“But this is tradition,” okay, sure

“But this is the _right_ way,” no

Lots of things were once tradition. That doesn’t make them correct.