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You know, I worked really hard to get to Manchester, Josie. I worked my factory job in the day and did an access course at night, and lived on fucking beans so I could afford our rent near college. And now I’m about five billion in debt. And guess what? I don’t have Mummy and Daddy to come and bail me out. I’m on my own.


I don’t need your honesty
It’s already in your eyes and I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me
No one knows me like you do
And since you’re the only one that matters
Tell me who do I run to?
– All I ask, Adele.


Yuri swallowed the lump in his throat and blinked away his tears, refusing to cry in front of strangers he’s never seen nor met until today.

It’s interesting how death brings people together.

He hugged the black cardigan closer, attempting to find some sort of comfort in the itchy, over sized material, before giving up and allowing it to drape off his frame like a curtain.

The fake smiles of sympathy meant nothing.

The overused ‘we’re sorry for your loss’ meant nothing.

The fact that his own mother didn’t show up to her own father’s funeral meant absolutely. Nothing.

But the fact that he’d lost the only family he’s ever known, the only person who’ has stayed throughout everything, had just left him with nothing but memories…

That meant everything.

His hands began to shake as his body filled with fear, unanswered questions flew though his mind, his breathing became uneven and his eyes glazed over.

“Yura? Yura-” He tried to answer the familiar voice calling him, but what was supposed to be a ‘yes’ turned into a choked sob that teared through his throat as if it were paper. He fell to his knees and his is face in his hands, allowing the unwanted tears to stain his cheeks.

Seconds later he feels the warmth of someone shifting on the grass beside him. He throws himself blindly into their arms (rather ungracefully at that) and cries into the crook of their neck, inhaling the scent of old leather and spice, a scent that he’d grown accustomed to in these past months.

He spluttered some words in broken Russian to his friend, who simply pulled him closer. The older man kept quiet, knowing that false promises weren’t what Yuri needed to hear.

“Beka… Beka, he’s dead and I-”

“Shhh, Yura. Shhh…” Otabek swayed the blond, moving a hand to comb through the growing strands of his hair.

Dedushka, why did you leave me. I miss you don’t go.”

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More LGBTQ-Inclusive Witchcraft

Trans inclusive Dianic practices

Less emphasis on gender-specific roles and rites

More emphasis on love for self and others

“The Great Rite” no

Large parts of modern witchcraft should not be based upon heterosexual acts and imagery

Inclusion for those who are asexual, agender, or grey-ace

Less vaginal imagery when referring to women

Genitals =/= Gender

“This has masculine energy,” no

Energy tends not to care for what gender you assign it

“But this is tradition,” okay, sure

“But this is the _right_ way,” no

Lots of things were once tradition. That doesn’t make them correct.

I really hope you’re the one. I’m so tired of being wrong.
—  J.M.M

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Do u know what video jihan skyped they miss each other i reeally need to watch it thank you

just wanna clarify that i dno if it was a skype call, all i know is that it was some sort of call to jeonghan bc he wasn’t around but anyway i can’t find the video but i did save gifs of that moment, so here you go!

gifs cr: camera-seventeen (i’ll edit this tmrw with links once i find the gifset and video)

edit: gifsetvideo

Naruhina Month, Day 13

Day 13: Nightmare

Summary:  Hinata and Naruto are finally able to have some alone time. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by an untimely bad dream. Light lime warming.

FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11705776/12/Walking-Beside-You

Day 12: http://spyder-m.tumblr.com/post/137158759502/naruhina-month-day-12

It was late when the Hokage returned home to his wife. Navigating seamlessly through their bedroom with his enhanced sage senses, he collapsed against the bed with a deep exhale, the weight of his body stirring Hinata from her sleep.

“Naruto-kun?” she asked groggily, turning to face him.

“Tadaima,” Naruto answered, his voice slightly muffled against the bedsheets.

“O-okaeri,” Hinata replied, stifling a yawn as she sat up. “Did you only just get back now?”

“Yeah.” Naruto grumbled. Though she couldn’t make out his face as he looked down, Hinata could tell his face was set in a childish pout. “There was a stack of paperwork, and Shikamaru wouldn’t let me use shadow clones to speed up the process.”

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