but it's 4 am and i want to sleep

  • me @ midnight: it's ok I didn't get to bed as early as I wanted this is still pretty early for me every little bit helps when it comes to fixing sleep schedules this is fine
  • me @ 1 am: ∠(ᐛノ ∠)_
  • me @ 2 am: ∠(ᐛノ ∠)_
  • me @ 3 am: ∠(ᐛノ ∠)_
  • me @ 4 am: _(⌓̈ 」∠)_

Imagine Kevin Day.

But laughing the biggest laugh he’s ever laughed after witnessing something the foxes do, and being startled at it because he never thought he’d ever feel free enough to let himself.



This just happened
  • Brain: Pssst
  • Me: *sleeping*...what do you want now
  • Brain: Donald is seen dressing the boys in life jackets at least twice in the released material so far
  • Me: ...so?
  • Brain: He is obsessive about this
  • Me: your point being?
  • Brain: He is very afraid of the thought of them drowning
  • Me: if you are going where i think you are going-
  • Brain: And guess what, the first adventure Scrooge takes them on is that journey deep underwater, and he's keeping Donald in the dark about it
  • Me: stop
  • Brain: What if it was because Donald believes Della drowned 10 years a-
  • Me: reported and blocked. Get the hell away from me

I couldn’t sleep so at 4:40 AM I kissed brad on the cheek and he immediately sat up and said “it’s donut time” and we got dressed and drove to get donuts. I didn’t want to get out of the car because I was cold and it was raining but Brad went in. A few minutes later the donut shop owner ran outside to my window and I rolled it down. He handed me a fresh hot glazed apple cider donut and ran back inside. It was magical.

Big Bright Beautiful World (Part 4) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

I feel like it should be known that I initially wanted to add genetically modified dinosaurs in sort of a Jurassic Park meets League of Assassins kind of scenario here, but they wouldn’t let me.

But! I am actually more than content with what I did instead.

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Words: 948

You slide your copy of Sleeping Beauty back in its place on the bookshelf with all of your other fairy tales. With a sigh you flop onto your bed. What kind of life is this? Sitting in a guarded room in a tower reading the same stories over and over again has grown dull. Would you ever get to leave? What if someone swooped in and stole you away from this dreadful place?

As soon as your mind wanders to the possibilities of a rescuer, a rush of wind and a soft thud cause you to glance toward your window.

Where a tall dark figure is suddenly blocking the sunlight into the room.

You bolt upright with a startled yelp and grab the hairbrush from your nightstand and hold it in front of you like a weapon. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Come with me.” His voice is deep and menacing, and when he takes a step forward you scramble further back on your bed.

“No! Do you think I’m stupid or something? Even if you’re not here to kidnap me yourself the assassins will kill both of us before we escape. Plus, you never answered the ‘Who are you?’ question. What are you supposed to be, anyway? What’s with the pointy ears on the cowl thing?” You gesture at his vaguely bat-like ensemble with your hairbrush.

The man gives a heavy sigh and walks closer to you. “I’m Batman.”

Just then your bedroom door busts open as three assassins make their way inside, weapons ready to attack.

“And right now we need to go.” He picks you up with one arm and runs back to the window as the assassins lunge at where you had been sitting on the bed.

“Hey, wait! What are you—” Your question is cut off by your own scream as this Batman jumps out of your window. When you notice the ground rushing toward you, you wrap your arms around his neck and tuck your face into his shoulder, and his grip around your waist tightens.

But then suddenly your feet are on the ground. And you’re not dead. At least not yet.

But you’re afraid you will be soon.

The two of you have landed in the main courtyard, and Talia al Ghul is standing in front of you.

“So nice you see you again, Beloved.” She purrs. You raise an eyebrow slightly at the man by your side. Talia makes it sound like they are a couple. But if they’re a couple why is he not on the side of the assassins?

“Talia.” His voice sound even more menacing than before, and you suddenly understand that they are, in fact, not an item. But everything in Talia’s body language suggests otherwise. “This obsession of yours has to stop.”

Talia takes a sultry step forward, and Batman’s form stiffens. “It is not only my obsession, my love. It is the will of my father.”

“Yeah, well, your father’s a creep.” You say out loud before you can stop yourself. Immediately you regret speaking, as Talia’s attention suddenly turns from Batman to you with a sickeningly threatening smile.

“I see you found our little caged bird.” She glances back at Batman. “What would the Bat possibly want with our bird?”

“She’s a captive, Talia. That shouldn’t need an explanation.”

“Hmm. What if I make you a deal?” Talia smirks. “I’ll let the caged bird free if the Bat takes her place.”

“That’s not an option.” Batman reaches into his belt and pulls out what appear to be bat shaped shuriken. You look around and notice that dozens of assassins are closing in and circling up around the three of you. You cling closer to Batman’s side as he takes a fighting stance against Talia.

“Of course you want to play this game.” Talia’s flirtatious behavior is suddenly soured by a scowl, and the glint in her eye sends fear down your spine. “I will have you one day, my love. Just wait and see.”

Apparently just noticing how many assassins are encircling the two of you, Batman pushes you behind him in a protective gesture. As if it will do any good. You close your eyes and lean against your ‘rescuer’ and try thinking of happy thoughts, like pink ponies and happy skies, in an attempt to push away the fear crawling up your throat.

But when you open your eyes and see the assassins lunging at you, your immediate thought is that you are going to die.

You don’t notice the chorus of dull thumps on the ground all around your feet until smoke pours out of dozens of small metal balls, quickly obscuring your vision in a white-gray cloud.

“RUN!” A new, young voice yells from beyond the smoke, and Batman sweeps you off your feet and soars through the air just as an assassin’s blade sticks in the ground where you had been standing.

Somehow under the cover of the chaos caused by the assassins and smoke, Batman lands out of the fortress grounds. When he lands on the ground he runs into the trees, all the while holding you in his arms.

A slight rustling startles you for a moment, and you think the assassins have caught up with you until a young boy in very colorful clothes starts running alongside you and Batman.

“Robin, I thought I told you to wait with the plane.” Batman says with a side glance at the boy.

“Yeah, well.” When you glance at the boy you see a mischievous smile on his face that tells you this kind of thing happens frequently. “I chose not to listen.”

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Lance and gang finds a planet with an ocean and goes down to swim etc. the next day they have to leave, but lance realizes he has a lot of water in his ears but figures it'll work its way out. A few days later he can't sleep because the pain is too great but doesn't want to mention it to anyone cause "it's stupid to feel this bad over a little bit of water". Cue sound sensitivity and being irritable (maybe ear infection? Double?) (literally just my situation rn btw it's 4 am and I'm in tears)

Aww, poor baby! I’m so sorry that you’re in so much pain! I really hope you feel better soon!

But as a fic idea earaches are A+