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Hi! Can I request a thug/gang Jung Taekwoon AU? Thank you 💓

here u go angel!!! hope this is ok!!! i also incorporated @mamamochi‘s req for secret flowers, it is a really small part of this but i hope that’s alright! 🌸💐🌹🌺🌷


  • taekwoon is the right hand man in the gang, but honestly he’s even more scary than the leader hakyeon. because at least hakyeon smiles……….. taekwoon does not smile. ever. at least not in public
  • when the gang started out it was really about money because they needed money but once it picked up taekwoon kinda fell into the role and became a lot stonier whereas hakyeon and jaehwan (the other main man) stayed mostly the same
  • he’s only ever seen wearing black and usually wears a white face mask and has dark circles from not sleeping well everyone (who isn’t vixx) in the gang is petrified of him, it’s been said that once a rival gang member heard the name “jung taekwoon” and that was all it took to get info out of them
  • hyuk is still sort of scared of him. he pretends that he’s over it but one time taekwoon tapped hyuk’s shoulder and he shrieked
  • his role in the gang is a lot of planning w/ hakyeon but he’s also really strong and tall and yknow terrifying so he’s been known to interrogate rivals and also sometimes do some physical damage to them
  • but you don’t know any of this!!! you only know the jung taekwoon who comes into your bakery with his niece and sister once every couple of weeks
  • because taekwoon may be a big scary gang member but he loves his family and he especially loves his little niece minyul, so he and his sister and niece spend a lot of time together and it just so happens that you run a bakery right by his sister’s apartment and minyul loves it
  • and he doesn’t talk to you other than ordering their food but you’ve sort of been entranced by this mysterious man since he first came in
  • because at first….. he looks scary, in his steel toed boots and heavy black wool coat and dark eyes, but when he talks to minyul (you know her and her mom because they’re regulars) his face gets soft and it’s like his whole persona shifts
  • and you can’t help but think that it would be nice to be on the receiving end of that sweet stare, plus it doesn’t help that he’s so handsome and has such a nice voice and carries himself like a prince
  • you feel silly, but whenever he comes in your heart picks up a little….. you tell yourself that it’s not like he knows so who cares
  • but he knows!!! because he has to notice when people are staring at him he can’t miss that sort of thing, it might get him killed
  • at first taekwoon is pretty sure that you’re a rival spy and are undercover to kill him because why else would you be staring like that??? but when he tells hakyeon about it hakyeon is like, “idk why they must be crazy but it sounds like they think you’re cute”
  • taekwoon is like: sounds fake but ok

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Secret Idol Relationship With Jaeyoon

-You guys make it super obvious like super. (More like you’re trying to save both his and your lives and does at the end but it’s always dangerous in any situation cuz he just can’t control himself when you’re around). Forgets people are around when he sees you-you could be walking across the music building to the bathroom and he’ll just yell out in the open, “oh! Yah! Over here! It’s me!” And you’re there walking with your head down like IGNORE IGNORE and fans are just like “Who’s he calling to? Definitely not y/n she’s not even looking at him” And at that point he’ll get really upset and pouty because ‘why is she pretending she doesn’t see me :(’ until he finally realizes ‘ohhhh im in public i forgot, the secret thing’

- Even though ya’ll have a secret relationship, he really hates it when alot of idol guys like you and was cool about letting it go at first but once two or more male idols were like ‘my ideal type is y/n’ or ‘y/n’s really pretty, I’m a fan.’ he also went ahead one day and said ‘OH y/n is my ideal type 100% I’M A HUGE FAN OF HER’ on a radio show even tho like jaeyoon noone asked you. Would be really obvious in being your fanboy though. Purposely move himself to stand next to you at a music show ending, or sing along to your part in his sf9′s behind the stage video. He’s such a fanboy, fantasies are so used to it and they’re not even fazed anymore as long as it’s just a fanboy thing and he legit know all of your group dances.

- But one day he messed up really badly where you looked extra beautiful one day during MAMA Awards, and he legit could not peel his away off of you and when you were walking past him in the hallways of the building’s waiting rooms, in the midst of walking past him without making eye contact, he grabbed your wrist suddenly and pulled you back onto him for a hug and U LEGIT HAD TO THROW HIM OFF U like ‘homeboy u serious this is a public hallway! even if there isn’t anyone there could ALWAYS be somebody you feel’ and he’s like not taking it seriously and laughing while  whining really cutely like ‘but you look so beautiful and i miss you so much’ but like you still walked past him because you’re not trying to end your career that day and he will understand.

-Days where you both have days off and are able to see eachother, you guys loveee to go to a cat cafe or any cafe that is dimmed super dark inside where there is a upstairs that is even more darkly lit with like a cute lamp or something to read books and drink coffee on the table. Lays his head on your lap while coddling a baby kitten as he looks up at you, babbling on and on about how one day he will take you out in the actual daytime and do many fun things and you smile rolling your eyes but inside you know he really means it and your lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, hoping one day you guys actually do get to do those things because even though it’s hard dating, you don’t want to leave him at all. ‘the first place I’m taking you is to an zoo/aquarium, we can look at Inseong’s family, the foxes!’ 

-Sf9 had to go on the asia fanmeeting tour and he was devastated because that means no more cat cafe for a while, so every night he would face call you on the phone even when the time zone is different so you legit get a call during practice and everyone like ‘whos that? pick up your phone’ and you awkwardly and nervously laugh like ‘its ok its noone- i gotta go to the bathroom’ and would scold him saying how he can’t call you without warning, and you could hear him pout over the phone but you sigh and tell him you love and miss him alot, which makes him suddenly happy again and he’ll go over his day with you on the phone happily and you can’t help but laugh because you can hear the joy in his voice.’

-After the tour which lasted for weeks, he finally text you to come to the cafe again at 1am so you make your way there. You head upstairs to the room you always go to with him and you see him there silent. Once you make yourself known in the room, he will look at you and smile, slowly getting up. You smile back and you both just stand there apart from each other, exchanging looks until he breaks out into a teethy grin with a ‘did you miss me?’  and you can’t help but start crying but also laughing cuz you look silly right now being so emotional and he’ll just dash to hold you and he does-really really tight.

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another world [listen]

“It was another country. It was a country for the young, a country where you died before you got old.”

a mix for the barnyard dreamland

Thea Cavey, standing at a meager 4′10″ tall, wandered around the empty hallways ringing an obnoxiously loud golden hand bell as she went. After a fair amount of said ringing had gone by, and un-content with the lack of attention it was garnering, the pixie sighed in defeat. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a damned glass of milk around here, huh?”

Turns out, Thea had ran out of milk in her apartment and was trying everything to avoid going to the store to buy more.

pokemon go is honestly such a cultural phenomenon im so glad it exists. i just went outside at 2am in complete darkness to catch a seel. my brother walked the neighborhood at 1am catching pokemon. there were people dressed up as pokemon trainers trying to gain control of a gym on the highway. pokemon go was a good idea