but it's 11pm and i need to work tomorrow


It is getting into the wee hours of the morning oooh boy I need to get this til like ten so I can go to bed then wake up and keep working

this is why you prep in advance kids

rather than just saying fuck it its tomorrow at 11pm

ANYWAYS happy AWESOME day continues! Question by me, requested by someone: To Brynjolf: Why’d you marry Illia?

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my puppy is zonked out asleep and its cute cuz i can see her nose and its a little black spot

Guys I need your help. Send me motivating messages so i can get my ass to the gym tomorrow.

I haven’t been in bout 6 weeks. Work took over my life and then I was sick a few times and then i got lazy. I need to do this. I feel motivated now but its 11pm.

joolia  asked:

How do I get into the habit of going to bed at a reasonable time? To get enough sleep I need to be in bed by 10-11pm but literally every night I find myself awake past 1am. (It's 3:18am right now) Are there any tricks to going to bed on time?

There are an awful lot of tricks, and not all of them will work for everyone, but some things that might help:

  • Start your nighttime routine earlier. If you don’t have one, make one. Wash your face, brush your teeth, take your meds if applicable, do the unfuck tomorrow morning list, but start it at least an hour earlier.
  • NO ELECTRONICS IN BED. Computer or tablet off, no messing around on your phone, no TV. If you need your phone for the alarm, put it into airplane mode. Not being able to nlug is one of the most common reasons people can’t get to bed.
  • Set your computer to shut down at a certain time each night. (Obviously, save your work if applicable.) Depending on your OS, Google has lots of instructions for how to do this.
  • Keep a notepad by your bed. If you think of something that would otherwise keep you up at night, jot it down and worry about it in the morning.
  • Make the shift incrementally. If you’re going to bed at 3:00 now, aim for 1:00 for a week, then midnight, then 11. Your body will adjust better.

anonymous asked:

I'm in university and I have an essay due tomorrow and it's 11pm and I haven't even started because I always leave things to the last minute because I'm a piece of shit and every time I would think about working on it I would get so anxious so I'd put it off till tomorrow and now there are no more tomorrows and I'm freaking out I just want to lie in bed and cry but it's worth 25% of my grade and 8 pages and I'm going to get kicked out of school. I just needed to tell someone.

oh man oh man oh man oh man

dude i can feel the anxiety in this message

and im rooting for you


get a redbull

make a kickass playlist

its okay to cry

do work