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David Tepper's Appaloosa just dropped about $1 billion on 4 pharma stocks

David Tepper’s Appaloosa went big on pharma stocks in the fourth quarter. 

The fund took big new positions in Teva ($183 million), Pfizer ($156 million), and Mylan ($125 million) in the final three months of the year, according to a 13F filing. They were the fund’s biggest new positions in the period. 

In addition, Appaloosa raised its stake in Allergan by 250%, increasing its position by around 3 million shares to a stake worth $894.9 million. The additional shares are worth around $660 million, and Allergan is now the firm’s top holding. 

The combined investment in the three new pharma positions and the increased Allergan stake adds up to around $1 billion.

The quarterly filing, called a 13F, lists the long stock positions of investment firms. The positions are current as of 45 days ago, so it is possible that Appaloosa has since changed its positions. 

Bloomberg analyzed the data based off of a regulatory filing that the firm filed February 14. According to the 13F, Appaloosa’s biggest moves in the fourth quarter were:

  • A new position in Teva valued at $183.2 million
  • A new position in Pfizer valued at $156.2 million
  • A new position in Mylan valued at $124.9 million
  • Appaloosa increased his position in Allergan to $894.9 million

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The Russian Czar Tank

World War I was known as the war which introduced the tank to warfare.  However tanks were new technology, and the first designs were extremely odd compared to later designs.  The Russian Czar tank is certainly no exception.  Designed around 1914 and 1915, the Czar tank didn’t have caterpillar treads like most other tank designs.  Instead it was more like a gigantic tricycle with two 9 meter diameter wheels at the front and a single 1.5 diameter wheel at the rear.  Each of the large wheels had its own 250 horsepower engine.  Overall, this large monstrosity stood at 8 meters high and was 12 meters wide.  The Czar tank was to be armed with 3 large guns, one six pounder on a 360 degree traversing turret at the top of the tank, and two 9 pounders located at ports on the side.  A number of 7.62mm machine guns were also to be mounted around the tank.

The Czar tank was tested in August of 1915, when its many design flaws became readily apparent.  First and foremost, the small wheel at the rear was very prone to getting stuck in mud, soft ground, trenches and ditches.  Secondly, that Czar tank made an excellent target for artillery due to its large size and slow speed.  Only one prototype was ever built, which was taken apart for scrap in 1923.


The Jaguar Project 7 Returns to Shelsley Walsh

Jaguar’s F-Type Project 7 is set to return to Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire, England, home of the Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb, this Sunday (July 19th) as part of The Midland Automobile Club’s Jaguar Celebrations.

The Project 7 concept car was filmed at Shelsley Walsh before its unveiling at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed in 2013. This fastest and most powerful production Jaguar ever built, will be back in action on the hill driven by one of Jaguar’s professional drivers on Sunday.

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Teotihuacan | Pyramid of the Moon (foreground), Pyramid of the Sun (top left), and the Citadel (background), all connected by the Avenue of the Dead 

Teotihuacan, Mexico, main structures ca. 50–250 CE

At its peak around 600 CE, Teotihuacan was the sixth-largest city in the world. It featured a rational grid plan and a two-mile-long main avenue. Its monumental pyramids echo the shapes of surrounding mountains.

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These kids just broke a very Harry Potterish World Record!

WORLD BOOK DAY - Children at Tanbridge House School in Horsham, UK celebrated the World Book Day in a twitch of a wand, as they successfully broke the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Harry Potter.

The school administration was anticipating about 250 of its pupils to dress up like Harry Potter to break the record, but they managed to surpass the number when they gathered 512 participants.

Photos c/o Guinness World Records | More updates at @thebookmania