but it'll probably a be a day late

-{Hiatus Announcement}-

-{Starting from the 25th till the 27th, this blog will be put on hiatus. I’m going to a con at the Netherlands for three days. Maybe I’ll be lurking but I won’t be doing any replies till the 28th. It’s my birthday then as well but aside from going to get an ice cream with my parents, I haven’t planned anything special at all. I’ll probably be celebrating my birthday at the con anyway.}-

This is probably on the late note side, but I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrated. I don’t know about your place, but ours was a mess because of all Brenton’s wrapping papers on the floor…the sad part is that I and Seth really did his unwrapping and we just had too much fun with it. What were some of your highlights?