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incredible how fast people can make you tired of things you used to enjoy


As some of you might already know, my country is facing a p bad crisis and I’m trying to save up for both my living expenses here and to possibly move out to a better place. As I wouldn’t consider these as ‘emergency commissions’ I’d still greatly appreciate if you could help me out (either by commissioning me or reblogging this post to as many people as you can).
Thank you very much in advance

- Upfront payment via PayPal only

- The prices Displayed are in U$D

- First Come, First served (Please, be patient);;;

- Will not make any additional changes once the sale is finished (as in don’t come back a couple days or weeks asking me to change something, that’s rude)

- Once I have received payment I will send out a rough sketch of your commission for your approval. After you’ve reviewed and approved the rough sketch I’ll proceed to finish your commission.

- It’d normally take me from 3 to 7 days depending of the complexity of the design.

- You will only have two chances to review and request changes (one after you’ve seen the rough sketch and the other one when I’m done with it, so as I stated before, this is your chance to ask me to change anything you don’t like before we finish the sale. So PLEASE be descriptive with what you want, and if possible provide me any sort of reference). Of course we’ll have full communication with each other, you can ask me anything in regards of your commission as I work on it (just please don’t rush me, I’ll do my best to finish it within the stipulated time), I really want to make sure you enjoy the final product.

- Commissions will be sent via email as a 300 dpi png

- You’re free to distribute and use for personal use, but you can’t re-sell it nor claim my art as yours.

If you’ve got any question please be free to DM me, or contact me via email: 


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Is there some sort of masterpost of all the moments lately of when they've rebelled against management, or shown their dislike for them? I've seen a lot of them but it's nice to see them all together, it'd be a real eye opener I reckon.

A post here


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I wish Celeste still had her observatory, but she would teach you about real life constellations and planets throughout the year (like how everything else in the museum exists in real life). I also think it'd be nice if she came out to celebrate the summer and winter solstices.