but it'd be kinda funny

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12 and 13, for poe? I think it'd be kinda funny, idk I'm weird.

Characters: Reader x Poe Dameron + BB-8 & Leia Organa

Warnings: none

Prompts: 12: “I’m pregnant.” 13: “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

Word Count: 479

A/N: not weird at all !!! hope you like it !! I feel like this is just more cute than funny, but oh wells.

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You froze as the ship spluttered and shook, and raised your hands above your head. The ship finally stopped, and an eerie silence descended. Poe, who was sitting in front of you, awkwardly looked over his shoulder to look at you, his lips together and his brows furrowed.

“That doesn’t sound good.” he finally spoke. The two of you were in a two seater X-wing and was supposed to be heading back to the Resistance base, except your ship wasn’t starting up. Poe opened the cockpit and hopped out to examine the ship, and you turned to look at BB-8.

“BB-8, send a transmission back to base. Let them know it’ll be a while before we get back.” you told the droid, who beeped in acknowledgment and began sending your coordinates. Poe climbed back up, resting his arms on the edge of the cockpit and leaning towards you.

“Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.” Poe shrugged, and you sighed. “You got BB-8 to send a message back to base, right?”

“Already done.” you nodded, and Poe looked around. 

“Guess we’ll just have to wait, then.” Poe smiled at you, and you smiled back. He leaned over and spontaneously pressed his lips against yours, and you giggled. You and Poe had been dating for a while now, and you knew he loved to just randomly kiss you at random times of the day. Poe climbed back into his seat and you pressed your lips together. 

There was something you were hiding from Poe. You had known for a few days now, but didn’t know how to tell him the news. You figured since you were just going to be stuck on this planet, might as well tell him to pass the time.

You bit your lip, and clambered over his chair to sit on his lap. He wrapped his arms around you waist and smiled at you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just…” you took a deep breath and put your hands on his shoulders. “Don’t freak out, but… I’m pregnant.”

“What?” Poe spluttered, and you raised your eyebrows. “Oh my god. Oh my god!” 

Poe grabbed your face and kissed you, smiling widely. He turned to BB-8, who was beeping with a message from base. 

“BB-8, I’m going to have a kid! I’m going to be a dad!” he yelled excitedly, and you laughed. BB-8 opened the message, and you heard General Organa’s voice.

“Poe? y/n? We’re sending help to fix your ship-” she started, but Poe cut her off.

“General Organa, y/n’s pregnant! We’re going to have a kid!” he shouted, and back at the base, Leia smiled. 

“Congratulations! The two of you will be great parents.” she responded, but Poe was too busy yelling about how excited he was to hear her.

  • Mio: I just want to date someone dependable, you know?
  • Mio: Like someone who's willing to protect me no matter what.
  • Mio: They don't have to be perfect. Actually, I'd prefer it if they weren't. It'd give us the chance to grow together.
  • Mio: They'd be super romantic when it's just us, but get kinda embarrassed about PDA. It'd be kinda funny to watch them get itchy over it. But when it comes down to it, they know exactly how to treat me.
  • Mio: Like I was their princess. And they were my knight. Hehe, they'd have their unique way of being chivalrous.
  • Mio: Oh! And maybe have shaggy hair so I can run my fingers through it when they're sleeping. That'd be cute too.
  • Mugi: You literally just described Ritsu to me.
  • Mio: WHA-! No, I didn't!
  • Ritsu: *runs past them with a wooden sword chasing Yui, who's got a dragon hoodie on* I shall slay thee and claim my fair maiden!
  • Yui: In your dreams, crude knight! *the two start play fighting*
  • Mio: I retract the knight statement.
  • Mugi: It'd still be Ritsu.
  • Mio: Damnit.

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What is Chase's warning was 'Here comes the cackle!' or something like that (cuz a group of hyenas is called a cackle so I thought it'd be kinda funny okay sorryby e)

he’d totally be the type of personality to do that but in realistic circumstances something too vocal would lead villains onto it being a warning then they’d all know to plug their ears or run so I wanna keep it to hand signals or varied howls/barks so only the people that need to know to buckle up are aware

Look, all I’m saying is imagine some poor unfortunate soul (*cough* Jeremy *cough*) makes the mistake of somehow accidentally breaking into the FAHC’s penthouse (He thought it was just a penthouse! He didn’t know it belonged to the goddamn Fake AH Crew! There wasn’t a fucking sign or anything!) And he goes into a room and opens the closet to see if there are any hidden goodies and it’s just a row of blue button up shirts hung up next to jeans with like 20 sunglasses and he finds it kind of funny because it’s just like that gag in cartoons.

He goes to the next room and opens the closet and finds… nothing but identical suits each in their own little dry cleaning baggies. Huh. Weird.

And then in the next room it’s a line of Hawaiian shirts and short shorts, and okay, this is starting to get freaky.

And then it’s like a billion purple hoodies, black t-shirts, and cargo pants and is it like one guy living here who just cycles through this stuff or…?

Gray shirts, blue jeans, and he doesn’t know why any one person would need so many leather jackets with a fucking wolf on the back like really. Isn’t one tacky enough?

Black shirts, blue jeans, yet another type of fucking leather jacket but this time black with blue should…ers… the suits and the hoodies and… shit. Shit shit shit. Fuck. Abort mission, escape immediately. 

These are not just cartoon characters; these are cartoon villains, and he does not feel like getting an anvil to the head today.

“Now it’s REALLY on!”

…What do you mean this isn’t what happened

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2Ps finding out their 1P has a crush on them? (as unlikely as that may be, it'd be kinda funny)



1P: *confesses to his 2P*

2p!america: wHAT *drops whatever’s in his hands* tAAAAKE ME YOU BIG DORK!~~~ *jumps into his arms, snuggles him* I LOVE YOU TOO, EVEN WITH YOUR FATTY FOODS

2p!china: *instant boner* haah… no way… *pushes him down and straddles him* i knew you’d eventually give in to me, yao~ *has always casually wanted to bang him* let’s give in to both of our desires tonight.

2p!england: *blushes* oh… goodness. *fidgets, giggles* but you were always so mean to me, artie… *leans in* now say it again~

2p!france: *unamused* …you love everyone.

2p!russia: *slight grimace* but we’re… of the same person…

2p!italy: *doesn’t look up from his phone* yeah yeah, now go play with some pasta, little boy. *shoos him away*

2p!germany: *jaw drop* y-you’re kidding me right now, you’ve gotta be kidding– ???!!!

2p!japan: *looks down, smirks* …looks like i was never the only one intrigued by selfcest.

2p!canada: *blushes, looks away, pouts* i, uh… *clenches teeth, flustered* i-i don’t know what to say… dammit…

2p!romano: *laughs and pats his shoulder* don’t look so confused lovi, with your other self being so gorgeous, how could you resist? *winks*

2p!austria: ohohohoho, i don’t blame you, roddy~ falling for me was inevitable, yes? *caresses his face, grins and whispers:* become one with the darkness and only then shall we be wed~

2p!prussia: *just about melts to the ground* aah, uh, w-what… *face burns like fire* do you really… mean that… *is so happy and shocked and overwhelmed that he could cry*