but it wouldnt upload

The life of an unaccompanied minor in L.A.
Gaspar Marcos is an unaccompanied minor in Los Angeles. This is his story.
By Los Angeles Times

Gaspar Marcos is an 18 year old immigrant from Central America and this is his story. It has been shared more than 140k times, and this video has gotten over 7 million views on facebook alone. 

A gofundme was created to help him pay for his college tuition!


Between war & murder.

Because Tumblr’s a shitter, here’s the full. res if you want to see it : x

24 genji icons for anon- all 110x110px! mostly the young genji and default skins, but there’s also two extra icons (+ bg recolors) with the sparrow and carbon fiber skins. 

credit isn’t necessary, but it is appreciated! please do not use these icons as a base for your own editing purposes.

you can find all of the icons on imgur.

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Thanks for the clip! Can't wait till its up? But what's the matter why isn't it not working maybe we can help

idk it wouldnt upload on my phone so i have to email it to myself & change the format but it should work in a few minutes i swear im gonna post it lol

i just had to restore my phone. LUCKILY I had a feeling last night and downloaded about 70% of my pictures to google drive. But I know I lost a fair amount of them. All of my videos since they wouldnt upload. And I don’t keep track of any of my passwords for ANYTHING so its gonna be annoying logging into everything for a while. AH I’ve had a good run with apple so far and haven’t ever lost anything or had to do a restore. I’m just hoping the icloud has whatever I couldn’t save, I know it filled up a while ago but I think I downloaded the recent stuff to google drive. I will cry if I lost photos and videos forever :(

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wheres the video u and fionn did??? i cant find it

it wouldnt upload bc its too big so im gonna cut it in half when i get back home and upload it in chunks haha