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Inside Choices: It Lives in the Woods

BOO! Halloween’s almost here, and we at Pixelberry love celebrating the spookiest time of year. We’ve got pumpkin carving, tons of candy, and a new horror book! The newest Choices book It Lives in the Woods is a nightmarish look at past and present terrors. Can you fight off the monsters that lurk in the woods? And will your friends survive the encounter? It’s all up to you in It Lives in the Woods!

I followed the sound of eerie, haunted wails to find the writers all crouched around a single laptop in the woods. To find out what the writers behind It Lives in the Woods have to say, keep reading… if you dare!

It Lives in the Woods is the second horror book in Choices. What is this one about?

Kathleen: Okay without spoiling too much, It Lives in the woods is a lighthearted woodland romp full of fuzzy friends and cool nature facts! It’s fun AND educational! …LOL, JK. Do not go into these woods. There’s something in there. Something old and powerful. Something you and your little friends should never have toyed with. Now it’s reawoken, and it wants you to come back to play…

Are there any new gameplay features in It Lives in the Woods? What’s the deal with Nerve? More specifically, are we all doomed?!

Kathleen: The major one is Nerve Scores, which are basically a measure of how well a character is at dealing with the terrifying stuff happening to/around them. Nerve scores start out high, and are gradually chipped away over the course of the book as things get scarier and scarier. I think horror stories are most compelling when you can see the toll that the scary events are taking on the characters. With Nerve, we’re trying to incorporate that feeling in a way that’s realistic, but still gives players some control over the outcome (certain choices you make can boost those scores back up!). Other than that, we’ve got some awesome animations, and a sick new inventory system that I’m really stoked about :D

This is basically standard procedure for Inside Choices at this point, so you know what I’m gonna ask. Who can we date in this book?

Kathleen: So many people, hahaha. We’ve got guys and gals, tough rebels and popular kids, all super cool (and hot) in their own way.

To be honest, I was pretty freaked out playing the first two chapters. (I may have screamed in the office.) Do you ever scare yourself when you’re writing?

Chelsa: Very few things scare me, except for like repaying my student loans and, in general, dolls. I will say I got chills playing some of the scenes in these first few chapters and there was some screaming involved, though less of the scared kind and more of the ‘YAAAAASSSS’ kind.

Kathleen: Never, except for those times when I was mid-spooky scene and you suddenly tapped on the window that’s right next to my desk because you are an EVIL PERSON, JESSICA.

#SorryNotSorry, Kathleen! So in this book, you’ve got both friends and foes. Who is your favorite character?

Brandon: Ava is really fun (snarky characters all day every day). I’m also enjoying writing for Andy a lot. In general, it’s just pretty cool to write for such a diverse cast as It Lives has. It can feel a little scary sometimes—putting these characters through the unsavory stuff that pops up in a horror story, while still trying to be inclusive and respectful—but it’s also super important. It’s exciting to explore the kinds of characters and subject matter that videogames don’t tackle very often.

Chelsa: Ava hands down. Around the office we’ve been describing her as 'if me and Kathleen had a baby’ but somehow more sarcastic? I also really love Britney, but I will never say no to writing a mean girl.

Kathleen: Hahaha, I was gonna say Ava but I had a feeling everyone else would pick her too so I’m gonna talk about someone else. I have a special soft spot for Jocelyn, partially because physically intimidating women are so rare in fiction, and partially because she’s a much-needed source of comic relief in a pretty dark story. Here’s hoping she learns the error of her ways and stops being such a jerk to people.

What’s it like to write for a horror book as opposed to a series belonging to a different genre?

Chelsa: When I first started working for Choices I was asked what my dream book to work on would be and horror was number 2 on my list. Up until now I’ve been leading The Sophomore, so working on It Lives was definitely a change but one that I couldn’t be more excited about! It’s been really fun branching out and working in the romance genre, but working with these guys on It Lives feels like getting back to basics.

Brandon: So, when I wrote for The Crown & The Flame, one thing I think I leaned on pretty heavily was a lot of big florid event texts and descriptions. In practice, though, those don’t work very well in a horror game, as they really kill the momentum. So that shift has entailed a lot of adjustment. And red ink. And sobbing.

Kathleen: I’m just stoked that I get to use modern slang in dialogue. Writing in fantasy-speak all the time is hard, man.

Sounds like It Lives in the Woods will be the ultimate test of courage. Any final advice for players?

Chelsa: For the maximum spooky experience, PLAY WITH YOUR SOUND ON. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kathleen: Be nice to your friends <3

Brandon: (frantically scribbled in blood) RUN

Yikes! To those reading along: What do you think of the new horror book? With the holidays on the horizon, we’ve got plenty planned - including a brief return to Rules of Engagement with Newlyweds, a holiday special epilogue, and other new books that might just be set on a certain mysterious island…


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Who is finch ?

This bean over here. I purposely don’t spread much information about him, but what you guys can know is that he is part of WorldView universe create by @alainaprana​. You can learn about the official cast of the story on her blog @worldviewcast​.

Finch is a magical skeleton that had lost his left leg a long time ago and have been replaced by a prosthesis as he’s quite of the sporty type. His magical ability is enhanced Endurance and he absolutey LOVE parkour. He’s pretty close of an adrenaline junky and a MASSIVE trouble maker, always causing mischief wherever he goes.

He jumped from a foster home to another as he was too much of a trouble to handle. He doesn’t know what respect is most of the time, yet he’s the kind of character that have a large heart of gold however and that would listen to your worries and try to cheer you up.

Finch have been. Through. Stuff.

Baby Daddies

Requested: idk why but i’m having some serious baby fever. could you something with a character(s) of your choosing with kids that’s super fluffy and amazing like the rest of your writing?

(you have two children with two different baby daddies lol bye) 

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Issac Lahey x Reader 

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            anyway just a quick shoutout to  @creatied@blastyexplodo @phantomkept  !!  maddy,  effy,  bel are three of the absolute sweetest  most wonderful people  i just want them to know how much i love  appreciate each  every one of them because i do, a whole heck of a lot  ( not to mention, they’re all such incredibly talented people  &  i love everything they do— everything they write, every muse they make, everything we’ve ever or will ever plot together ; they’re just amazing  they deserve all the love in the world, thank you ). ♡♡♡

prompt: A Reunion Kiss 
fandom/ship: fma // edwin

This is my first ever FMA fic…i’m ok…i’m not nervous…hi

The tracks shreeked under the train as it rolled into Resembool Station. It had barely come to a halt when Edward was halfway on the platform, tripping over his left leg and only managing to keep his balance because his suitcase was large enough to prevent his fall. 

His insides were about same as steady. To say he was nervous would have been a cruel understatement. Out of all the complex, fascinating and troubling thoughts occupying his mind, one currently outweighed the others and turned him into a scattered mess: his automail was a wreck

Not even the final moments of his departure, now so long ago, or the many phonecalls (where he had wisely refrained from revealing too much about the state of his artifical leg), or the prospect of finally seeing Winry again face to face after all this time could console him about her impending wrath. And then, after that wrath, the Feelings issue lurked. Maybe he preferred the anger. At least that he was familiar with.

All the knowledge he had gained and accumulated and analyzed, all the things he was excited to share had–for now–fled him and left his mind blank. 

Ed was quiet as he walked across the platform and towards the exit. There was no one to greet him. He hadn’t told Winry. 

While she did know he was back in Amestris and on his way back home, he’d preferred to schedule his return on his own time. Besides, he was looking forward to the expression on her face. Happy tears, alright. They were the only tears he wanted to see from her ever again. The only tears he liked.

With every step he took, his automail made a Very Bad sound, and Ed ground his teeth. Not good. Not good at all. It was true that none of the mechanics he’d unavoidably had to consult during his journey had been able to even come close to Winry’s work, but the fact that he had gotten into a … tiny dispute just before getting on the train certainly had not helped matters along. At all. 

From the feel of it, the entire thing could fall to bits and pieces any moment now.

But the Rockbell’s house was approaching on the horizon. 

Despite his fears, pleasant anticipation gripped him.  

He was home. 

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Come Find Me VIII

So, I hope you like this chapter.

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Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII

Roman wished he could say that he’d been able to sense that something had been wrong, and that was why he had chosen to go downstairs in the middle of the night. However, the truth was that he had simply been restless, unable to sleep after all the uneasy realizations of the day.

As such, he had decided to go and make himself some hot chocolate, hoping that the comforting treat would ease his troubled mind. However, after he’d placed his mug in the sink and had turned to go, he heard a noise.

It sounded like a whimper, or a choked off groan. Concerned, Roman paused, listening carefully. After a minute, there was another sound, a muffled smack, followed by a soft curse. Now, having figured out where it was coming from, Roman made his way to the downstairs toilet.

The door wasn’t locked, or even closed, so Roman was easily able to see the dark figure inside hunched over the toilet.

“Anxiety,” he called softly, but not without urgency. “Are you well? What has happened”

Anxiety groaned.

“Go ‘way, Princey, ‘m fine,” he mumbled, a statement that was rendered much less effective by the fact that he still had his forehead pressed against the rim of the toilet.

“If you seriously think I’m going to believe that, you’re as delusional as you always accuse me of being,” Roman informed him stepping closer. “Just tell me what happened.”

“Nothing, just leave me alone.”

Anxiety’s tone was plaintive, but Roman had no plans of heeding his request. Instead he crouched down next to the other side.

“Did you throw up?” he asked, voicing his suspicion. Anxiety didn’t reply, but his grimace as he turned away was more than answer enough.

“This can sometimes happen,” Roman was quick to reassure him. “And you hadn’t eaten in quite awhile. I do find myself somewhat surprised though, I hadn’t though any of the foods I’d prepared would have been heavy enough to upset your stomach.”

He then paused. Wait. He’d been too tired and worried to question it, but why Anxiety downstairs this late at night?

“Anxiety,” he began carefully, not wanting to sound to accusatory, lest Anxiety grow angry and refuse to answer. “Did you come down here for something to eat?”

“So what if I did,” Anxiety snapped, and well, so much for not making him angry. “It’s a not crime. Beside, I though eating would be a good, thing all things considering.”

“While I am happy that you seem to be recovering your appetite,” Roman replied, “the fact remains, that you are not out of the woods yet, and as such, maintaining a proper diet is more imperative than ever. Now, what it exactly was it that you ate?”

“Leave me alone,” Anxiety growled, or at least attempted to. He sounded a bit too miserable to really pull it off. Roman was unimpressed. Still he did want an answer.

Then a burst of inspiration struck.

“Tell me and I’ll help you back upstairs,” he offered with a sly grin. Judging by Anxiety’s current state, there was no way he could make it back up the stairs on his own, in fact, Roman was surprised he’d even made it down them. So, unless he wanted to be stuck here all night, he had to accept Roman’s offer.

Anxiety glared at him.

“I don’t need your help,” he hissed.

Roman rolled his eyes.

“You obviously do,” he pointed out. “I mean just look how badly you’re shaking. So unless you still want to be here when Morality comes down to make breakfast and have him ask all sorts of awkward questions, you should probably just take the deal.”

“I hate you,” Anxiety grumbled, but as Roman continued to stare at him, he finally gave in.

“Fine,” he muttered, before glaring even harder, “But if you ever tell anyone about this-“

“Death and torment till the end of my days,” Roman said idly, “I get the picture Doom and Gloom. Now wrap your arms around my neck.”

With that he easily scooped up Anxiety into a princess carry. And after a slight bit of finagling to turn out the light, he made his way upstairs and to Anxiety’s room.

As he set the other side down on the bed, Roman ran a quick eye over him. While Anxiety didn’t look quite as bad as when Roman had woken him up in the morning, he still looked awful, far too pale, tremors throughout his body, and and an overall pallor of exhaustion. Not to mention he looked slightly nauseous, likely from his stomach’s recent upset.

“So,” Roman said casually, “What food did you make the poor choice of partaking in?”

For a minute, he thought Anxiety was going to back on their deal as he bristled, but after a moment he deflated, turning his head to the side before mumbling.

“I got some pizza from the fridge and a can of Sprite.”

Roman’s brain stalled for a moment, trying to process the frankly ludicrous sentence he has just heard.

“Pizza and Sprite!” he spluttered. “Those are some of the worst choices you could have made! You need food that stays in your stomach, not heavy greasy foods like pizza. And soda! Why on earth would you think that was a good idea.”

“It was Sprite” Anxiety replied defensively, “Isn’t it supposed to settle your stomach?”

“That’s ginger ale,” Roman said with exasperation. “Although I suppose on hearing that little mix up, I can forgive you for that choice at least. The pizza, however, still shows exceptionally poor judgement. What were you thinking?”

“Well, I didn’t know I was going to throw up,” Anxiety said. “I’d already gotten food in my stomach so the worst of it was over. It’s not like I’ve ever had this much trouble before.”

Roman opened his mouth to continue his lecture, before the last bit of Anxiety’s sentence gave him pause.

“What do you mean before?” he asked suspiciously. “Have you done this more than once?”

“I mean, not this bad,” Anxiety muttered. ‘But you know, I miss meals ever so often. Shit happens. I’m just used to it.”

“But why?” Roman knew he sounded like he was begging, but at this point he didn’t care. Something was deeply wrong with Anxiety, had apparently been wrong for quite some time, and he didn’t understand how none of them had noticed. “I just don’t understand. Why hide yourself away? Why skip meals? Explain it to me.”

Anxiety scoffed.

“Like you fucking care,” he said, but before he could say more, Roman cut him off.

“Yes, I do,” he said insistently. “I really do. Because, Anxiety, this isn’t okay. You know that right? That this isn’t okay? Because this isn’t healthy.”

Anxiety was staring down at his clenched fists.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he finally replied.

“Then explain it to me!” Roman implored. “Maybe I can help.”

Anxiety gave a huff of disbelief.

“You can’t help,” he said, his words resounding like a cold statement of fact. “You know why? It’s because you’re too damned perfect. Always happy, always off on some adventure. You live off in lala land where your biggest problem is figuring out what new fun thing you’’re going to do that day. So what could you possibly know about me, or about how I feel? Let’s face it, Princey, you couldn’t understand if your life depended on it. So just go be someone else’s hero. At least you’ll be able to save them.”

Roman felt cold as Anxiety’s words washed over him. He sounded so sure of what he was saying, and so resigned to it. Roman knew if he walked away now, he would never be able to get though to Anxiety never again. This was his one shot.

Keeping that in mind, he mustered up his courage, took a deep breath, and looked Anxiety dead in the eye.

“That might not be as true you think it is.”

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - FINALE

Originally posted by ariesw1493

Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar. You are recruited for one mission only. You are trained and put to the test. With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the one thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: swearing; violence; angst; FLUFF 

Word Count: 3.5k+

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”

A/N: Oh my god! Thank you so much for reading my story (literally my first fanfic EVER) and thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback! I’m sorry that this is long overdue but it was worth it. Your love for “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” makes me so grateful and blush-y. I hope you enjoy the finale and read my future fanfics! I love youuuu! xxx


“You’ve got to take it,” Bucky stated, running his fingers through his hair as he leaned off the edge of the bed. You whipped your head at him and stopped pacing, staring at him in pure astonishment. You had been thinking about this decision for two days. The decision was ultimately yours in the end but Bucky’s opinion was very important to you.

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Okay, I heard someone say Burgerpants and I came running. My man. My main man. Face of the customer service revolution. On a scale from one to Sans, how many emotional breakdowns do you have in a day? Actually, a better question would be do you need a hug? Too bad, you're getting one anyways. Shh. Don't fight it. Let it all out, BP.

“What?  Someone came running for me?  This has gotta be some kinda joke, right?”

“In times like these, I have to play it cool.  I’ve been called a cool cat.  Once.  In a dream.  During the day.  A daydream.”

“Shit, I’m rambling, I’m totally blowing this.”

“Emotional break-downs?  Little Buddy, my entire life is just one big emotional break-down!  I’m barely holding it together!  Take it from me; it’s easier not to have dreams!  Then you don’t have to worry about life cru–”

He pauses.  You’re hugging him.  He wasn’t expecting that.

Slowly… his arms lift to encircle you.  He’s vibrating with excitement.  

Oh wait.  He’s purring.

“Can…. Can we stay like this?”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Thank you for making lovely comics and art with skill and care, it really shows! ^-^ I had a question about P. Crane. Does his height change at all when he adopts the look of an au's local Sans, or is it purely a color/face thing? I know he's somewhat tall, but say there's a particularly short Sans in an au. Does he get a bit shorter too, maybe by an inch or two? Thanks again! You have been, and are, very inspiring to me on my own artistic journey. Keep up the good work! ~Q

That’s a pretty interesting question ! The answer is no, Crane cannot change height that easily. For that he need to lose matter AKA get injured like lose an arm or something. He would reform into a much shorter version of himself until he gather back the material he lost.

Your nice words are so sweet… I’m really glad to be able to inspire people and I hope that no matter what, you’ll keep draw and grow, keep it up too~<3

A/N: Another lost to the black hole, why do you people even like me, it seems I do not finish your requests. This is an Aedion x Dorian crack-ship piece requested by  @highladyofidris

- - - - - - -

Aedion was not sure if he wanted to push the crowned prince into the hedge of rose bushes or to kiss him. He had always felt a pull towards the prince and many nights he fantasized what it would be like, if their childhoods had been different. Before the fall of Terrasen he could have loved Dorian.

The hell with it, he had already lost too much, he deserved a sliver of happiness, even if it was just in this single moment. Just a moment before the prince rejected him and in turn crushing his adolescent fantasy.

He pulled the prince close to him, hovering an inch above his lips. His heart nearly jumped out of his skin when Dorian gently pressed his lips to his own. As if to disprove his earlier thoughts, the kiss was soft and gentle. He let the warmth of the kiss, of Dorian’s body fill his cracking soul. It felt right, right enough that the guilt that should have encased him had no room for purchase.

He wasn’t sure how long they had kissed for and honestly he didn’t care, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

- - - - - - -

Dorian was breathless, “Me too, ever since you smiled at me for eating like a princess.”

He looked up at the General, the wolf. His heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He was lost in the brightest turquoise eyes that were ringed with gold, Ashryver eyes. Aedion’s eyes were solemn at the mention of the memory, a time when he was a prince in a great kingdom, long before he became the whore of another. Aedion’s eyes reminded him of another set, they were just like Celaena’s the night she played the pianoforte. He couldn’t breathe. You will always be my enemy.

In a voice so low that no human ears would be able to overhear, “Aedion you have to go, we have to go.”

“Go where?”

He motioned Aedion to follow him, the general complied and followed him to Celeana’s room. In a voice barely audible, “Meet me here at ten tonight, pack light.”

- - - - - - -

They boarded the ship in the cover of darkness. Aedion’s patience was waning, but something deep in his core told him to trust Dorian. That wherever he was taking him, it was for his safety. So night after night he pulled Dorian close to him. Day after day they shared companionship. They were like long lost friends, but more than just friends. For the first time in ten long years he did not feel alone. He felt like he had finally found a home.  

- - - - - - -

When they finally landed in a port outside Varese two weeks later, Aedion’s heart broke. He never wanted to return to this place, to him Wendlyn was a grave and a reminder of the family that had failed him. They trekked through the beautiful country side, he knew where to go. When they arrived in Varese, he expected Dorian to start walking towards the palace, but instead Dorian started asking street vendors about a girl often pointing towards him. After what seemed like hours and endless charm, a female vagrant told Dorian that the girl left with her friend, a silver haired fae male. When he asked the direction that they left for, she pointed towards a street and told Dorian that they were most likely headed for Mistward. He paid the vagrant enough for both her information and her silence.

They found a cheap inn and a guide for their trip to Mistward.

- - - - - - -

Dorian almost had to laugh at the situation he found himself in. The Crown Prince of Adarlan was currently staying at a cheap inn located within his enemy’s territory looking for the lost heir of Terrasen, another enemy while tucking himself into the arms of a prince to both enemies. Even Chaol would have to laugh at the situation the prince had found himself in. It was time to tell Aedion why they had fled and who they were looking for.

“I’m looking for Celaena Sardothian.”

“You’re looking for Adarlan’s Assassin? I thought she was in the salt mines of Endovier?”

Dorian told Aedion all about the trials, the dances, the monsters, the friendships, everything. He could see dawn approaching as he finished his story.

“Are you telling me about her because you are trying to let me down gently?”

What? No. You’re my heart.

He chuckled as he nuzzled himself closer to Aedion. “Gods no. I won’t lie, there was a time that I thought I loved her and would have made her my queen.”

“Then why exactly are we trying to find Adarlan’s Assassin?”

“Because ten years ago, Celaena was found on the frozen banks of the Florine River by the King of Assassin’s.”

Aedion was not sure he was breathing. Was Dorian saying what he thought he was saying? The princess, his cousin, died ten years ago.

“She has your eyes.”

Aedion chocked back a sob. Aelin was alive. An assassin. Gods.

“You could be twins and honestly your bravado must run in the family.”

Aedion couldn’t help but laugh at Dorian’s assessment. It was certainly a family trait or at least one learned from Rhoe.

- - - - - - -

They arrived at Mistward late into the third night. At first it seemed like the guards were going to turn them away. It was not until an older fae warrior came to inspect what the commotion was about that they were given entry. The older fae’s nostrils instantly flared when he scented Aedion. He had no idea what the male scented, but something about Aedion gifted them at least a night stay.  

Malakai asked, “Are you hungry?”

Dorian held back a laugh, Aedion was always hungry and instantly stated yes. They followed the older fae into a warm kitchen. It took all of Dorian’s being not to jump when Aedion exclaimed, “You’re mates!”

Malakai smiled, “This is my mate Emrys, and this is his kitchen. Emrys this is Aedion and Dorian. Have you seen Rowan?”

“Prince Rowan?”

Dorian was not sure who this Prince Rowan was, but he could feel the excitement wafting off of Aedion. Malakai simply nodded his answer. Emrys responded to his query, “He just came down for more broth and bread, he should be back in his room with Elentiya.”

It was Dorian’s turn to be shocked that is an Eyllwe name. Why would this Prince be with someone from Eyllwe?

Malakai looked to his mate, “Would you consider me a coward if I asked for Luca to get Rowan?”

The old man smiled at Aedion and then to Malakai, “I’ll go, he’ll see me as less of a threat.”

Aedion saw the confusion in Dorian’s face, “Prince Rowan Whitethorn is a prince of Doranelle. He is a legend, stories of his victories were told over many camp fires over the centuries. If he recently came down for broth and bread that means he is protecting another fae. Malakai as a warrior would be viewed by Rowan as greater threat than Emrys a gentle cook. Rowan in his drive to protect will see anyone, especially other males as a threat to whomever he is protecting.”

Aedion could sense the ire coming from the stairs before he even saw the warrior. Gods he was huge, taller than him if only by an inch. This male, was not like the fae in Terrasen, no he was a warrior. The stories of him did not compare, in his mind he would have never envisioned what stood in front of him. The warrior smelled of pine and snow and something else. Aelin. It was hidden deep, but Aelin was intermixed with the warriors scent.

Emrys broke the tensed silence, “Rowan this is Aedion and Dorian from Adarlan.”

“I am not from Adarlan, I was born in Varese and raised in Terrasen.” Even with the prince whom he loved so dear, he did not want to be considered from Adarlan. He may be her whore, but that is not where his heart longed to belong.

The warrior prince simply nodded, as if he already knew that and more. “If either of you move to harm her, I kill first and ask questions later.

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Originally posted by dailyskyfox

Sorry, I really don’t mean to push da feels on everyone. It’s just Who Killed Markiplier is still stuck in the back of my head. I know it shouldn’t be, but I really really want answers, and the fact Mark is on tour, and Jack’s on tour causing him to not upload anything (which would help me take my mind off the WKM feels), it’s been sinking in. I gotta vent out da feels somehow. 
So yeah, sorry for bringing the feels and also sorry for the WKM spamming reblogs. No hard feelings. 
Hope you have a good day/night. :)

Goodbye to all of you

By the time you all read this post, it will be too late.

I have decided that this painful and tragic life has been too much for me to bear any longer. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances I have decided that this is the end of my life.

I would like to thank every single individual on here and online whoever reaches this post for the influence they have had on my rather short lived life. Please know that I am now in a better place free from the pain and tragedy called life.

I have tried to stay strong after a few suicidal attempts but now this is the end.

Auf Wiedersehen,


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Dear God---it's only Thursday! Never have I been soooo excited to see a show. I mean..Seriously! I've never been a fan of any show before. I might have to join one of those groups that meet in circle an confess they are fan of Outlander. Luckily, my bf has become an addict himself. God..It's so addicting! They really should have a warning that YOU might get addicted to the show. Thursday! For freaking saks! Time to get back to work. Stay off the internet might be the best medicine 4 me.

Hiya addicted Anon! Thanks for dropping by.

I said before 3x05 that I felt more excited for that than even the the premiere, so you can imagine how incredibly anxious I am to FINALLY see 3x06! Our babies have been separated for far too long. It’ll be flailing galore this weekend!

I don’t think any one of us had any idea just how much this show would take over our lives. Like Cait said: Ignorance is probably bliss in this situation lol. I’d say that Tumblr was a sort of AA for fangirls – Fangirls Anonymous – but really, instead of helping cure you of the addiction it just makes it so much worse 😂 

HUGE points to you for getting your beau addicted! My motto always is: if I have to drown in feels, I’m taking you all down with me. That has yet to spread to my IRL people, so you’re one step ahead of me in that category xD Has he seen all the other eps yet and is he prepared for the intensity of A. Malcolm?

Laura Prudom of Mashable tweeted this out yesterday:

Don’t fight the productivity downward spiral, Anon. It’s inevitable. Just make sure you’re squeeing all the way down 😂😘


Do you remember how much I freaked out when I hit 50 followers not too long ago? Well, now I somehow managed to reach the double of that and I don’t know what to say. Nah, that’s a lie. I have a lot to say!

This tumblr has become an outlet for me where my otherwise compressed creativity can blossom through a passion that I share with so many other people who have been nothing but kind and amazing to me. My biggest aim is to create a place of positivity and happiness on here - for me, but especially for you. If you come here, you see happy families where nothing extremely bad happens - and I think sometimes, that’s exactly what we need. 

You make this website a joyful place for me. Every single one of you who reads this and follows me. I see you, and I value you. You matter to me, okay? Even if I might not interact with you frequently, I still know you are there, supporting me. And that means you’re doing something meaningful. Your help makes my small simming den such a beautiful place to be for me.

During the last weeks I have somehow been followed by all of my biggest inspirations on here and I couldn’t be happier about that. The people I mean probably noticed because I sent them a fangirl message and freaked out in a good way. I’m scared to tag because I’m sure to miss someone, but just be sure that every single one of you made me gush to my boyfriend about how “XYZ has followed me AAAAAGH”. 

So, tldr; Thank you. You mean a lot. And if you think that you’ve done nothing right today or ever or maybe you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, maybe it helps you to know that you put a big smile on my face everyday. Simply by being you.  😘

//really in a bad headspace right now. maybe that i’m not feeling well plays a factor my mood as of late. or my mind is tricking me again. when i come on this site….i just don’t feel the same anymore. i hate to say it but i feel like a ghost on here—— not on Nat, but on my all my rp blogs. my muse to write and my activity….hasn’t been all there. some days i feel like i’m on the blog too much, just refreshing my dash and doing nothing but lurk from afar, though i may have replied to some threads or put them on queue. so this is me announcing, that i’ll take a day off (or a couple days i don’t know). starting tonight or tomorrow it has nothing to do with my dash and the people i follow because you are all great, i’m just not in a good enough mood to be here at the moment. i would say talk to me on discord but that’s a bust (like i knew it would be) so i’ll see you guys later…?

anyway here’s a list of unrelated 5* characters I’ve gotten off the dancer banner: Mist, Camilla, Olwen, Linde

I’m extremely frustrated with the way summoning is set up (as are we all at this point) and I even sent in a customer complaint about it lol

I brought up that it would be better to have different rates for focus heroes v other 5* heroes, and also that since there are WAY too many 5* characters it would be a good idea to start lowering the ranks on characters who have been in the game a long time

There are characters like Ike or Hector or the CYL heroes who are obviously quite strong and probably should be rare.

But why is Camilla a 5* summon? Why is MIST a 5* summon? What does she have to offer? Why is Gray a 5* exclusive? Even Lyn, as much as I love her, could stand to be 4* instead.

idk if anything will change but if shit keeps going the way it has been, I won’t buy any more orbs. I admit I’ve spent a fair bit of money up til now, but there’s no fucking point if the summoning system is this badly balanced.

codie10  asked:

You've been posting a lot about Uncharted and recently, you mentioned that you were watching the Last of Us. I am aware about both but know very little about them. I'm trying to watch the Last of Us but the youtuber makes me cringe a lot when he plays. Because even though I don't play with controllers much, the way he's playing is making me want to just not watch. Do you have any youtubers that you would recommend for watching Last of Us?

uhm im not sure about english youtubers tbh. I think jacksepticeye has played it but it’s like, one of his first videos and it’s not as animated as he is now. 

Yogscast Hannah is another youtuber that has been suggested to me but never watched their videos tbh

I watch a spanish youtuber, vegetta777, cause he is very meticulous on what he does and he is very good at playing too. 

if anyone has a suggestion, it will be much appreciated

Honestly Caitlin/KF is the only reason to watch this show now. The amount of cringe in this episode. First of all, how is Iris suddenly an expert on the suit Cisco made? What the actual fuck. They wanted to throw us that bs “Iris saves Barry through intercom by saying for the millionth time how much they love each other (bc nobody gets convinced otherwise)” and bc that would have been too “miraculous”, they decided to make her a “tech expert”. This show is hurting and it’s bad.

Hey @taylorswift ,

You probably don’t remember me and I don’t blame you because I rarely post pictures of myself on here! I have been on here and Twitter (@autumnnswift) for about 5 years now. Honestly you have no way of knowing if I am a teenage boy or some random stalker so I would like to tell you a little bit about myself!

I am 18 years old and I recently moved to NYC to go to college at NYU (where @karliekloss goes!). I am originally from Florida and I actually moved to NYC earlier in the summer before school started to do an internship with a celebrity stylist. To be honest you honestly inspired me to do that. I always followed your style and that led to my obsession with fashion. I loved the job so much that I am working there during the school year too! You have always been a huge idol to me and I love you so much. You are kind, generous, hardworking, talented, among many other amazing qualities and I always know that you are on your fans side. ❤️❤️❤️

I used to post pictures of myself on here and Twitter around the time with 1989 was coming out but people from my school would see them and think I was weird and also I was a little overweight back then too so that didn’t help either hahaha. I kept coming on here but I never really posted pictures. Now that I am older and in college I think I am ready to post pictures again! I mean if people think I am weird for posting pictures that they think you won’t even see then they don’t know what it means to be a swiftie :)

First here are a few pictures of me back around when 1989 was coming out!

And some pictures of me now during my senior year and over the summer in NYC!

Love you so much,

Brian 💜💜💜

@taylorswift @taylornation