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If I may ask, what's LISA?

It’s an Earthbound-inspired indie RPG that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where women have for some reason or another been wiped out of existence. Its a sad, terrible world full of buff guys who fight eachother. You play as a guy who finds a baby girl and decides to raise her as his own daughter.
That’s all I’m gonna say cuz I love the games too much to directly spoil anything.
The music is great and so is the story. It somehow manages to balance both heart breaking tragedy and really good comedy (If you enjoy dark humor you might get a kick out of it.)
I would HIGHLY reccommend this game to anyone who likes those surreal earthbound-inspired kinds of RPG games. That said, proceed with caution cuz it deals with some really messy subjects.

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What if Juno was a runaway bride who left his spouse at the alter

Oh, there are soooooo many possibilities in this one.

  • Juno left his partner at the altar because he has commitment issues
  • His partner left Juno, giving him commitment issues
  • Juno found out that his partner was cheating on him with his friend’s husband (the one mentioned in Prince of Mars)
  • Juno was the one cheating with the friend’s husband, and coming clean ended the relationship
  • His partner died (possibly at the hands of one of Juno’s enemies?)
  • His partner was one of Juno’s enemies, and it was all an elaborate trap (okay, so maybe I’m dipping a bit too much into my own writing with this one)

At least we have a fairly good idea of when it happened: assuming that this is why he wound up drowning his sorrows at the Valley, it would have been between 12 and 15 years before the start of the series


Room Boards - Leslie @furiouslydecaffinated

So, I had a lot of trouble picking a style for you, and honestly this isn’t REALLY how I picture you, but I used the fact that you’re a Little Panamian as an excuse to make a cute beach house. If I would have done a true to form Leslie room, it would have been a lot of spicy reds and inky blacks. And you ARE pretty spicy after all, but I know you’re also a super sweet person, who has always supported me wholeheartedly, and you always make me feel appreciated and welcome, even when I’m being emo. You’re really the best type of person to have around, and I think everyone in this community loves you so I won’t babble too much more :) (Missing from this photo: My burning hatred for Yuletide.)

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I agree with you and the anons that say C already or probably has written the loving part. In her letter describing the album she said "to the loving, you are even more beautiful than I remember." I do believe this has a double meaning, metaphorically with the stage of re loving oneself but also it seems to indicate a person too. Idk but all these new things are fitting into the timeline. I have a feeling, they're noticing and will try to knock us off.

Of course they will, tbh I didn’t think we’d even have that much Camren material right of the bat - I thought the first single would’ve been straight as fuck and that we’d have to change every “He/Him” for “She/Her” but Camila has been so neutral about it so far, and management is only now realizing it, so their solution is to pack on the straight image by having Camila talking about boys - even though like she said it herself, the album isn’t about boys. God knows Camila could talk about her music and the process of writing her album for hours, and yet there she is, having to talk about something irrelevant to the subject just to try to make people forget or be less suspicious about who the story could possibly be about, and particularly the gender of that someone - the fact that she didn’t say “her” during the BBMAS performance is to me the biggest proof that their plan is to take back control over her image by erasing any possible hint or trace that could lead people to doubt her sexuality.

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When halsey came over to talk to the boys in her bra they were all naturally taking glances at her cleavage but apparently jin was straight up staring straight at her chest. It just made me think about how you always call him the biggest slut of bts and I think he is subtly proving that but no one else seems to notice

1.  If I was there, I totally would have been sneaking looks at her boobs too.

2.  I know I’m pretty much alone in my completely made up, based on no real factual evidence theory that Jin is an unapologetic slut – but I think, eventually, you all will realize I’m right.

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Proposal practice
  • Mr. Krupp: *alone in his office* Edith, will you marry me?
  • Mr. Krupp: Edith, will you PLEASE marry me?
  • Mr. Krupp: Edith, I would be honored if...no, that's stupid.
  • Mr. Krupp: Edith, would you make me the happiest man in...no, that's too corny.
  • Mr. Krupp: Edith, will you spend the rest of your life with...no, no, no, that sounds like a threat!
  • Mr. Krupp: Edith, we've been seeing each other for a long time now...and by 'seeing' each other I mean dating, not as colleagues, which we HAVE been for a long time, a much, much longer time actually but...DANGIT.
  • Mr. Krupp: *practices dropping to one knee* *does it too fast and hurts his back* OWWWWWWW! *bleeped swearing*
Arrow 5x23: Forgiveness, Redemption, and the Ties That Bind

So, I don’t know about you guys, but I thought tonight’s season finale of Arrow was pretty spectacular. While the general plot of the episode was somewhat predictable, the themes running through it and the assorted character moments were wonderful. But it was the episode’s function as both a season finale and the closing of a 5 year arc where it truly and fantastically shined.

Tonight’s episode brought many, many things full circle and connected threads that have been present throughout the season and throughout much of the series. Had the episode not ended on such a cliffhanger, it would have worked as a series finale too. (Though I’m so glad we have more time to spend with our favorite characters.)

If I had to simplify 5x23 into a core group of themes, it would be:

Moving On

and most importantly…

the love of a parent for their child.

And, with great kudos to Arrow’s writers and producers, I found that these themes and the plot lines they were highlighted by simultaneously closed out the journey so far and laid the ground work for Arrow’s journey moving forward.

In my opinion, so many of the things that happened in 5x23 were necessary, not only to close out that 5 year arc, but more importantly to launch Arrow into a new era.

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Dead. E.D

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Warnings: Sexual mentions, Alcohol, Swearing. Requested. Based off of Dead by, Madison Beer.

 “You could be here but you’re there, you could be anywhere. And these day’s I don’t even care. No more.” Ethan, your ever so loving Ex Boyfriend which, honestly, felt like you were still together sometimes. Yes, you had spent days, weeks, months even trying to get over him. But everything leads back to him, no matter how hard you’ve tried. The relationship, was toxic. Ethan being the ticking time bomb waiting to explode. It had started, well because of you. He had never been much of a partier, nor drinker until he had met you. Personally thinking a couple parties, and maybe a few too many drinks would have an effect, well this bad. You, one night had the “genius” idea, as he was stressed one night. Dragging him along despite his protests, wanted him to have a good time. And honestly, maybe, just maybe if you had let him win. And not introduce him to his current lifestyle. He’d still be your Ethan. I’d be lying if I said I hated him. I wanted to. All he did during the end of our relationship is cheat, lie, and abandon me. Did I care? Yes, but not any more. I’ve changed since six months ago. Six months ago when I couldn’t stand the lying, deceit, constant fast pace of what is now Ethan Dolan. “You only be showing me love, whenever you’ve had too much. Whatever’s been filling your cup. No more.” Tonight, had been one of the weakest moments you’ve had so far, He, as in Ethan, who else. Showed up, first. It was innocent, until Ethan had started drinking. When doesn’t he drink these days. He had offered you some, and well, Ethan could tell you to jump off of a bridge, And you probably would. He just had that affect. Maybe it was his sultry charm he possessed, his eyes, could honestly melt just about anyone. Those hazel eyes, often glazed. Often as in daily. I don’t think there’s been a day in this past year, where he has been sober. “Baby, please. One more night. I promise, this is the last one. I’m just lonely” he said as he gently stroked your shoulder. And that, that was your breaking point. Now, you were laid, naked beside the drunken boy. Feeling the intense guilt flood through your veins. “Ethan, we can’t do this any more.” You said. Looking at him, as he laid next to you. The once innocent boy. The, caring, funny, perfect well once, the man you were lucky enough to at one time call yours. Laid next to you, sweaty, and influenced by too much liquor. “I don’t get why, you always seem to enjoy it.” He stated with a smirk. “Last time, E.” you spoke, guilt coating your words like sugar. “No more showing up when you’re not sober, at my front door. Just to say you’re alone tonight. Tryna fuck me and me and my mind up, but reminder you’re a liar and you know I’m right. Why do you say that?” Here he was, exactly a week after, well fucking, to put it lightly. Here he was, same sly smile, glazed eyes. Perfect features, but tonight. You were done, done with him toying with you for cheap love. Something you gave to him at full price, a short six months ago. A love you still had, but now. I think it’s starting to disappear. He was at the front door. Full knowing what he wanted, I decided it was now time. To end it, Yes we ended months ago, but end my pain, my suffering. Just to feel loved by Ethan. Which I knew he didn’t love me, in the slightest. But here he was, the same old story “But y/n, I’m lonely.” Or his most popular reason, “I miss you.” Which, you knew wasn’t true. You wanted it to be, God you would probably give everything up for him to love you back at one point. But he was a liar, a good one at that. He would say just about anything, for a fuck. He knew, just by saying he missed you, you would hop on him. Clinging to him like it was your last moment on this planet. No more, you vowed to yourself, he wasn’t going to fuck you, or your mind any more. “You could be here but you’re not, I give what ever you want. But you just take it and run. But I gave you so many shots, But you’re just drinking them all and you never give it a thought.” You, for once, had forgot all about Ethan. For a while actually, since you denied him the “love” he wanted, he hadn’t showed up. But, deep down, yes you missed him. You’ve given him so many shots. All he does is drink them, and run. All you want is the old Ethan. Hoping, praying, all of the pain he causes you. He will return to normal. You’ve even talked to him about it once. All he did was just say, “The old Ethan’s dead.” And not give it a thought. You were tired, of running, chasing, loving. Didn’t you deserve love, instead of giving, and giving all of the love you possessed. Giving one boy, plethora’s of shots. He didn’t care, he just wanted, not you, just you’re body. “No more showing up when you’re not sober, at my front door. Just to say you’re alone tonight. Tryna fuck me and me and my mind up, but reminder you’re a liar and you know I’m right.” Once again, he was here. It just took a little longer than expected. Two months to be exact. And you knew two things, he was wasted, and “lonely”. “Y/n? Please. I love you, please. Just let me show you how much!” He said, knowing he was full lying, now. “Ethan, stop. You don’t love me. You just want me.” You said. Knowing it was true, but never saying it aloud. As you knew it was true, but didn’t want to face it. “Ethan, last time. I told you, that was it. No more showing up here when you’re not sober.” You spoke, the pain obvious. “Baby don’t say that, what about us.” He pleaded. “Ethan, there is no us.” “Y/n, I cant live without you!” he yelled, and that. Just about made you break. “You say you can’t live without me, then why aren’t you dead yet. Why you still breathing?” “Then why aren’t you dead yet?” you asked. “If you say you can’t live without me why are you still breathing.” You added. Knowing this was one of his games, a game he played well. He knew the exact words to say, the exact words to make you cave. Not anymore, they now had no visible effect. All you wanted to do internally, was kick, scream, kiss him, love him. Just, all of the emotions, Ethan could instantly cause. He knew it, you knew it. And you both knew how it would end, but never again. You weren’t going to be toyed with ever again. “Be careful what you say. Say only what you mean, Mean to me.” You spoke, wanting the truth from him. “You know I love you, I need you, I can’t live without you, without us!” he protested once more. Using the line “I cant live without you.” What a fucking liar. “You’re nice, you’re nice. It’s nice to know you now. Now that it all went down, down on your knees you cry.” “Y/n please! I’ll do anything, for you, for us!” He pleaded, cried almost. This would have made you break, just two months ago. But time changes people, even if it is just a short amount. He cried, pleaded. And you now knew it was all lies, the many lies of Ethan Dolan. “Ethan, we’re done, whatever this is. I’m over you. Now go find someone else to fuck up, because you sure did that to me.” You admitted. And, with that, he lost the battle. And he knew it, well. And with that, he left. He left the house, where many words have been spoke, many memories made. And now, now you have the memory. The memory of you finally getting over Ethan.

Hope you all enjoyed! Requests still open! Thank you guy’s for helping me hit 100! It means a lot!

Here’s the rest of the sketch from that preview. A Lackadaisy/catperson AU Katarina!

Man you can really tell how unused to cat features I was at the top. Blech. xD I had to really go study how the cast of cats were drawn, proportionally speaking, so I could achieve the bottom sketch. Came out much better than the first time around, too! The first time was more of my usual anthro proportions, which was NOT what I wanted for this. So I erased it and tried again, and am much happier with this iteration!

The 1920s era fashion feels right at home for most of my crew, too, really. The core quartet all lived through those times. It makes me want to think about the vampire speakeasies that would have been sanctioned by the Nations. lol


hey everyone!! what’s up?? i got to washington dc yesterday and we’re leaving tomorrow morning. today we took a tour bus around the city and it was Funsies and i took some photos but i’m feeling………… really lazy.

i want to drawwwwwww i want to draw SO BAD but i don’t really have the time, and when i DO have the time i’m real tired to do anything ; ; walking is exhausting and my legs still hurt, my hips especially hurt… it’s hell. but also shoutout to the sneakers i bought, if it weren’t for them i would’ve gave up a long time ago lmao

uuuuhhh what else. ehhh i ate a lot today. a little bit… too much… my tummy hurts but the food is Delicious. i want to go to a candy store and buy sour candy, i really Need It

oh! also reminds me that i’ve been walking around with my 3ds, so if you ever got a streetpass of a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire player called Giuh, or mayor Giuh from Varekai… congrats! you were dangerously close to seeing a real-life cryptid!

i’ll be playing pokefarm til i go to sleep i think, also i’ll be browinsing this site a lil bit longer so if you wanna get in contact… nnnnow’s your chance!

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So thoughts on Bellamy and Clarke? I had pretty low expectations on anything romantic this season because of certain backlash last season, so I've been looking forward to season 5 for something. I am worried that because B thinks C is dead, so he might be with Echo or Raven when we see them next. I'm hoping for a kiss (or at least a confession) around the midseason break.

i was 10000000000% sure that bellamy and clarke wouldnt get together in season 4. i had 0 expectations because they needed to put a season in between her other relationships or it would have been too sudden and they would of gotten even more backlash than they get already. 

the spacing on the show is horrible so i honestly think thats why they did the 6 year time jump. it was the only way to make things change and have so much time pass that no one can complain about bellarke. i mean people still will lol but the writers care too much about what the fans want and there was a period of time where they let the fans shape the story instead of the characters. i honestly feel like bellarke was a huge contribution to the time jump (which was the most insane time jump ever and completely unnecessary but IM FINE)

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Okay but if we were to give Caitlin a girlfriend whoooooo? I like what Danielle said about Sara Lance but I also lowkey vouch for Lena Luthor too. I think both ships could be interesting!

I agree with you.

Sara would be interesting because i don’t think they have much in common, they are almost opposites, but it’s like people say opposites attract. Plus: Sara is almost immortal, she won’t suffer Caitlin’s curse. 

But i’m more inclined to Lena Luthor. 

it’s an idea i’ve been talking about with some friends for a while. If you stop to think about it they are almost perfect for each other: 

Both love science, they want to help people, they have problems with their mom’s (We don’t know much about Caitlin relationship with her mom, but anyway they aren’t close), they were manipulated bc they see the best in others, they are friends with heroes, both are strong, powerful woman who don’t take shit from men or anyone else, haters want them as villains, both actress are lovely cuties who love their characters and promote the idea of Cait and Lena dating girls, plus: both bisexual, talk about representation. Buuut Caitlin’s life would be in danger because of Lillian Luthor.

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So I love making lists. To do lists, shopping lists, lists of songs I hear a mile long to remind myself to look them up and add them to my Spotify. I make lists of things I want to talk about with my friends if it's been a while. Don't wanna miss anything. I have lists on my phone, I have a lil notebook I carry with me, on receipts. Idk, I love making lists so much and when harry said he sent himself emails, it made me feel a bit more validated bc my friends poke fun at me for it all the time.

Omg I make lists too. I have a reaaaaaally dorky one on my phone of little things I think Harry would like about me…. like wtf who am I 😂

Anyway though. Yes. He’d think that was the most endearing thing in the world. AND I think he take your notebook and add little things to it. Like if you had a “to do” list for the day, he’d add “kiss Harry” “cuddle Harry” “make out with Harry” “have sex with Harry” “take a shower with Harry”

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you know, the weird not-love triangle, polyamory thing btw Barry, Iris & SaviBarry makes me think they should have emphasized that for a few more episodes. if they had revealed him earlier, it could have been so that he really wanted Iris for himself and was trying to steal her. that would have been really interesting (more so than what they did). plus he could have kidnapped her for a couple episodes and there could have been more scenes btw her and Savi, with him trying to make her love him

There are just a lot of ways this arc could have better, they waited too long to reveal who Savitar is and then they had to rush the reveal and the reactions. But I’m glad that we got to see so much of him with Iris outside of the suit, Candice and Grant killed those scenes, just imagine what they could have done with more time. 


make me choosevilde and noora or jonas and isak? (asked by @orpheaus)

eres bonita como eres. you’re so cute, thank you so much ❤️ […] but hello, i don’t take spanish, what does it say? tienes que averiguarlo por tu misma, amiga.   


★ Kozume Kenma Wallpapers! ★ (as voted for by my followers)

[Trans] Jelly Magazine - July 2017

☆ trans: cheneunim

Q: Out of the three, who is the most trustworthy member?
B & C: The oldest hyung, Xiumin hyung!
X: For me, also me!
B: Xiumin hyung also knows restaurants well. He orders food quickly… lastly, he knows what to order for us.

Q: Out of the three, who is the most courageous and cool member?
X: I think it’s me!
B: No! It’s me!! I look really cool when playing games.
C: Xiumin hyung is a manly person who’s strong-minded.
X: That’s correct!
B: Also, Xiumin hyung is the type who can plan on his own. He’s manly and feels like an adult. Chen can also be by himself so he’s manly and cool.

Q: Tell something you find cute about the members.
B: Xiumin hyung has a cat. He is very attached to his cat. I’m not sure if Xiumin hyung is raising the cat or the cat is raising Xiumin hyung. (laughs) When he’s taking care of the cat, he never leaves home. It’s really cute how he cares for the cat all day.
X: It’s cute when Baekhyun uses casual language with me, saying “Ya!” or taking out the title ‘형’ (hyung).
B: Of course, that’s my endearment to you.

Q: If you can explain shortly a member’s personality.
B: Baekhyun is like a 'Happy Virus’ who can make those around him happy. He’s versatile and has good sense… He’s good in everything, except sports.
B: (laughs) Still, I can snowboard and know how to play pool, too!
C: But you can’t run, right? Your running form looks weird so it’s very awkward!
B: There was this scene that I shot before, Xiumin hyung and Chen said “Haven’t you ever run in your whole life before this?”
X: Still, Baekhyun is good at gaming, singing and impersonating, so it’s really fun with him around. In EXO, his existence is important.
C: Without Baekhyun, maybe EXO would have been a boring group.
B: Yes, yes. That’s right, correct. (laughs)

Q: Who is the funniest out of the three?
X & C: Baekhyunnie!!
B: Hmm… So it’s me. (laughs)
B: Sometimes, there’re so many funny things going inside my head that I wonder to myself “Ya~ How could I have thought of such a funny idea?”. I’m surprised by my sense. It’s inborn.
X: But there’s a drawback. If he chatters too much, you have to grab him by the nape to stop him.

Q: Is there one thing you want to fix about a member?
X: Yes, I’ll tell Baekhyun.
B: I knew it’d be me…
X: I hope he gets up faster.
B: I have 15 minutes to get ready before going out. But I take 20 minutes to prepare.
X: During that 5 minutes, everyone is waiting. It’s not that he can’t wake up, he won’t wake up.
C: He’ll say “I won’t get up!”. He will stubbornly not get up. (laughs)
B: I’ll talk too! Actually these two didn’t know how to play pool. But they are getting better lately. I hope they don’t get any better.
X & C: Booo~

All It Takes (three)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Be happy Bucky is here to handle everything.

Word Count: 4116 | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. oral (f receiving), face riding, dirty talking, two nsfw gifs, UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang, before you bang!)

A/N: I am just going to leave this for y’all thirsty hoes. But I’m baffled by the feedback I got on the first tow part, so just wanna say THANK YOU!

also sorry for any typos

Masterlist here

All It Takes Part One Part Two 

(*gifs are not mine!)

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