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Dating Rafael Barba would include:
  • Your relationship would be far from perfect, but you would make it work. 
  • Your first date consisted of a nice evening at a fine restaurant and then ended with a walk in Central Park. 
  • Rafael would be such a romantic from time to time. 
  • You would teasingly ask him, “What happened to my boyfriend Rafael and who are you?” 
  • But you kept those moments close to your heart because when they did happen, it made them extra special. 
  • Rafael would be much happier with you in his life and you couldn’t agree more. 
  • Rafael and you didn’t have to say ‘I love you’ to each other to know, even though you would still say it regardless.
  • “Did you get something to eat? if not I can bring you something if you’re stuck in the office.” This would usually come from you, or you would write something like 
  • “Did you leave the office last night? When you don’t get a response you automatically know that means no. “I’m coming to get you.” 
  • You would receive multiple text messages and if he could squeeze it in a few phone calls, because he wanted to hear your voice. 
  • You would roll your eyes and remind him that you needed to your butt back to work, and that would you see him after hours. 
  • “Don’t work too hard, you might have to save your energy for what I am going to do to you tonight.” Rafael chimed in a snarky voice. 
  • “What the hell is that suppose to mean, Rafael? Are you telling me that…” 
  • He would quickly cut you off with: “You know what I mean, Cariño. Now I have to go. Love you!” 
  • You shake your head and sigh after you two hung up, because then you couldn’t stop thinking about what he said to you. 
  • Your parents approving of Rafael. They think he is the right match for you and that you balance each other. Your dad likes his quickness on his feet with some of his comments. 
  • His mother adores you. You are the right woman for her Rafi. 
  • You go to Church together and try to make it Mass every Sunday and meet his mother. 
  • Sometimes you even go to brunch together. Hands down, Sunday was your favorite day of the week. 
  • That doesn’t guarantee Barba getting called in if the detectives are working on an important case. 
  •  As a ADA he was constantly dedicating himself to his work as he prosecuted and fought tooth and nail to put bad, evil people who deserve to be in prison.  
  • He was your hero. 
  • You would make sure to tell these things, to boost his confidence, even thought he tries to portray himself as this character, he still has his insecure moments. 
  • If you’re not working, you enjoy watching him in court. He is quite entertaining to watch. 
  • You like being there after his win on a major case, and you being the first thing he sees and then he runs over and gives you a big bear hug. 
  • “You did it! Just like I said you would!” You said, after he pecked your cheek with a kiss. 
  • “You’re right, just like always, y/n. I guess I need to start believing you more often.” He said, wrapping a tight hand around your waist, as you both strutted away from the court building. 
  • “Yes but you need to start having a little bit more faith in yourself, Rafi. You’ve been doing this so long now. You should have no problem.” You raised an eyebrow. 
  • “But that’s what I have you for, Cariño. You pick me up again and tell me what I hear. You give me everything I need.” He smirked cutting his eyes over at you for a second. 
  • “Now you’re pushing it. And it’s working.” You smiled wildly. He liked the sound of that. 
  • “What do you want to do tonight?” You asked him, you thought about going out to dinner, but you wanted to hear what Rafi thought. 
  • “How does relaxing and watching tv shows and starting series we will probably never finish?” He suggested with a shrug. 
  • “I like that idea! My place?” You were looking forward to your night in already.
  • “Sounds good to me. I love you, Y/N.” 
  • “I love you more, Rafael Barba.” 
  • “I was going to wait and do this at a different time, but I think this is a appropriate time.” Rafael begins to dig around in his coat pocket, to reveal a miniature black box. 
  • He gets down on one knee and I think you know what comes next. 
  • “Y/N would you do me the honor of becoming my wife, Mrs. Y/N Barba?” He looked up at you with excited eyes and popped the ring bow open. 
  • “Oh Rafael! Yes! A thousand times yes!” 
  • And then you two lived happily ever after.

 The End!

A/N: This was for @yourtropegirl Raul Esparza appreciation week! Which I was so glad to write for!! 

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Prompt List

Here is my prompt list! It is organized and labelled! Feel free to send in requests for the numbers and reblog and use for yourself, just give credit where appropriate ;) Enjoy! (I can always add more categories! But this is what I have for now!)


1. “I like your face.” 

2. “You’re too damn overprotective!” 

3. “Stop being so jealous will you?” 

4. “You’re my favorite.” 

5. “Come cuddle me.” 

6. “I just need a hug.” 

7. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

8. “Are you sure you like me?” “One hundred percent.” 

9. “You’re too damn perfect.” 

10. “Why do you send me porn audio messages while I’m in class?” “So you can meet me in detention and we can try that under the desk.” 

11. “Hold my hand so people know we’re dating.”

12. “Did you just lick the side of my face?” “I claimed you.” 

13. ”Okay but if my parents catch us, we’re dead.” 

14. “So we order a bunch of food and pig out?” “Pretty much.” 

15. “Come sit on my lap.” 

16. “Don’t cry, please?” 

17. “There’s no need to shove your tongue down my throat. I just wanted a kiss.”

18. “Your makeup is running. I think I know a way I could help. “

19. “You know I’m here if you need me.” 

20. “I can try to help you with your homework.”

Marriage/Relationship after wedding-

21. “Are you still sure you love me?” “A thousand percent.” 

22. “I can’t tell you enough how beautiful you look in that dress.”

23. “I can’t tell you enough how handsome you look as my groom.”

24. “So who will be the first to get cake smashed in their face?”

25. “We’re so having fun tonight after the ceremony is over.” 

26. “Just wait until I get you back to the hotel.” 

27. “Thank you for loving me no matter what, even though I piss you off a lot.” 

28. “Do you have to spoon so close to me?”

29. “I like this bed sheet.” “It doesn’t matter for me, you take all of the blankets and mattress space anyway.”

30. “Is walking around naked really necessary?”

31. “Watching you do you makeup still turns me on to this day.” 

32. “I still appreciate your lingerie.” 

33. “Can I help you make dinner?” 

34. “What do you want for breakfast?” “Is it pancake Sunday?”

35. “You’re sick, just chill out and let me clean for you.” 

36. “You mixed the reds and the whites! I’m never letting you do laundry ever again!” 

37. “So how about children?” “You think we’re ready for that?” “I’m ready for anything with you.”

38. “Join me in the shower?” 

39. “I’m taking you out tonight, go get ready.” 

40. “You know I’d do anything for you.” 


41. “So I have really good news…”

42. “So what do we name him?” “Girl…its a girl.” 

43. “I can feel it moving! Get over here quick!” 

44. “I’m really craving salt and sugar.” “I’ll go get you something from the store.” 

45. “Is there a reason you’re hunched over the toilet bowl?” “I should have told you this sooner…but I’m pregnant…surprise?”

46. “I feel fat.” “But you’re perfect.”

47. “This stomach just makes it harder to cuddle.” 

48. “I love the both of you with all of my heart.” “Actually, the three of us.”

49. “Twins? No that can’t be right.” 

50. “I skipped my period…” “What? No no no…” “Oh my god.” 

51. “So these are the pictures from the doctor’s visit?” “Yeah, that’s our baby right there.” 

52. “Every night at midnight I have to pee I swear.” 

53. “I can’t look at food all of a sudden.” 

54. “That sandwich looks really good right now.” 

55. “At least your boobs are bigger.” “Is that too much?”

56. “I hope the baby has your eyes because they’re beautiful.” 

57. “I think my water just broke.” 

58. “Can you feel it kicking?” 

59. “Um…we need to get to the hospital right now. This child is coming out of me.” 

60. “This hurts so much. We have to use condoms next time, you can never plan this pain as much as you plan for the baby!” 


61. “Don’t eat that!” 

62. “Mommy will be mad if you do that!” 

63. “Daddy won’t be too happy if you do that!”

64. “I can make you pancakes or waffles for breakfast.” 

65. “Be nice to your sister!” 

66. “Don’t treater your brother like that!” 

67. “No cussing in this house young man/young lady!”

68. “We can go to the park if you do your homework.”

69. “Mommy, Daddy, I want a little sister or brother.” 

70. “Where do babies come from?” 

Sex/Sexual Suggestions-

71. “So how about we take this…down the hall?” “No.” “Oh come on! Please?” 

72. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

73. “Aww you’re blushing, but I’d like to make another pair blush.” 

74. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

75. “You know you can go faster right?”

76. ”Did you just…really?! Inside me?” 

77. “You’re literally perfect.” 

78. “Did you dress like this all for me?” “You know I did.” “Well let me unwrap you.” 

79. “I could watch you ride me all day.” 

80. “Your head between my legs sounds good right now.” 

81. “If you dressed in a suit I would fuck you as an equivalent to you fucking me in lingerie.” 

82. “You have ten minutes, if my parents hear us or see us we are done for.” 

83. “You’re really cute when you’re bent over and waiting for me.” 

84. “My hand or the belt?” 

85. “Let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll buy you something to eat.” 

86. “What are you doing? That was my favorite shirt, I told you not to tear that.” 

87. “Keep the panties on, I’ve only dreamed of fucking you in that exact pair.” 

88. “Are you sure?” “Yes I trust you with my life.” “Well then get over here.” 

89. “Don’t make too much noise, we wouldn’t want everyone to hear you now would we?” 

90. “Why so much noise? Have you never been fingered before?” “N-no.” “Good let me continue to enlighten you.” 


91. “Why do your eyes look like that?” 

92. “No you can’t be, no no no.” 

93. “So how old are you really?” 

94. “My boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire.” 

95. “How did you do that? I mean you just changed into something stronger.” 

96. “If we want to be together then you have to tell me the truth, that’s all I ask. I’ve been nothing but truthful to you!”

97. “Y-your teeth. What?” “It’s nothing.” “That isn’t just ‘nothing’ what was that?” 

98. “I think its best if you stayed away from me, you’re nothing but dangerous to me.” 

99. “I’ve thought it over…I want to be with you still. You being a vampire doesn’t change how I feel about you.” 

100. “Tell me everything. You know I soak up history like a sponge.” 


101. “What is with all the chains?” “You shouldn’t be here.” “I’m just curious. Is something wrong?” 

102. “No! You’re obviously in pain I’m not leaving you!” 

103. “That’s how you break the curse? Oh…my god.” 

104. “Isn’t this going to cause problems between you and I?” 

105. “Your mate? No way.” “But my wolf desires you.” “You’re crazy this isn’t real.” 

106. “I appreciate you protecting me but isn’t it getting to be a little too much?” 

107. “I’ll keep your secret.”

108. “Y-your eyes…they’re beautiful.” 

109. “How many…people have you hurt since you turned?”

110. “I’m not afraid of you. So don’t think I am.” “You should be, you’re stupid if you aren’t.” “I do a lot of stupid things and falling head over heels for a werewolf is one.” 

I’m going to share the one of the greatest deceptions in this earth, till this day. I hope I reach you and wake you up. This image here is “Cesare Borgia”, 2nd son of Pope Alexander the 6th, Painted by the Roman Catholic church as “Jesus” to decieve the masses. The true agenda of course was to teach the people who were enslaved (Blacks, Native Americans, Mexicans) ((12 tribes of Israel))) , that they were not the children of the promise, to further destroy their Identity.

Psalm 83:2-4 “For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.
3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.
4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.”

Yes the truth was hidden, we are the hidden ones it is speaking of, because we lost our identity through slavery, and false teachings (religions, school systems, etc). The most high God never gave us religion, he gave us laws and commandments. These churches will not teach you this, they are set up to keep you asleep. Christ warned us about this, false christs, and false prophets.

Matthew 24:24 “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

These churches will teach you all are equal, God loves all, through grace we are all saved, the list goes on. Lets see what the bible says. This bible is for the 12 tribes who were scattered throughout the earth, and also brought here on slave ships. We all know history on slavery, but they kept the truth of who we are, and stole our Identity by going into Israel and claiming they are the children of the promise. (Judaism) Its all lies.

Romans 9:6-8 “6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:
7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.
8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.”

So yes you can be of Abraham’s seed, but through Isaac, We are called. The promises of the bible, (ruling over all nations), the land, the kingdom, will go to us at the end. That is why we are to repent from these false teachings (Pagan holidays, religions, sin) etc so that we can be ready for the kingdom to come.

Why do you think Christ told his Disciples to not go into the way of the Gentiles? They mixed pagan traditions into their own religion and still decieve people till this day.

Matthew 10:5-6
“These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:”
“But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

Colossians 2:8
“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

Christ, our forefathers, the angels, Adam, are all Black. So you tell me who’s over in Israel claiming to be the children of TMH with the “Star of David” on their synagouges? The star of David is the star of “Moloch” you can look this up for yourself, its linked to child sacrifice, and yes they do these same things today, believe it or not. I know you all saw the “Pizza Gate” and “spirit cooking” email’s leaked ON THE NEWS. They have been doing this since ancient Babylon. You see why a lot of these presidents are related to each other? Where is your trust? In this system created to destroy you, Or the most high God.

Revelation 2:9
“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.“

Believe or not, they worship Satan. It’s time to wake up brothers and sisters. You see why the Roman Catholic church would remove the Apocrypha from the bible? They are keeping you from the truth of who you are.

Let’s see what color our people are.

Adam - Genesis 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

“From the dust of the ground”. You tell me what color is the soil, different shades of brown, the deeper you go, the darker it gets.

Job - Job 30:30 “My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.”

Solomon - Song of Solomon 1:5 (Apocrypha) - “I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.”

Christ - Revelations 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:” Revelation ( The revealing of Christ )

Christ - Revelations 1:14-15 “His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.”

Hair like WOOL. Feet like FINE BRASS as if they BURNED in a FURNACE. What color is brasse when you burn it in a furnace? It’s Black. If his feet are black, what color do you think the rest of his body is.

Ancient of Days (The Father) - Daniel 7:9 “Daniel 7:9
“I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.”

You see what it means for us to really be made in his image? Male and Female? The Father is Black. Christ is Black. The Angels: Black.

Angels - Ezekiel 1:5-7 "5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.
6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.
7 And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.”

Judah, Also the Tribe of Judah (Blacks in America) - Jeremiah 14:2 “Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.”

People might say well it doesn’t matter, God loves all, yada yada. It does matter if you have been fed lies your whole life. It matters that we have our own Pastor’s out here feeding our people lies, voting into this Government. We have Pastors out here driving these nice whips taking all types of money, and teaching our people lies. It does matter.

Jeremiah 23:1-2 “1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
2 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.”

Our people love hearing lies, things to keep us comfortable, soothing words. People think we can just do whatever right? We can smoke weed, wear what we want, then we can go to church on sunday and it’s all good the next day. Wrong.

Isaiah 30:9-10 “That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD:
10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:”

^ We would rather hear people to speak to us smooth things, feed us deceits and not the truth of whats going on.

Jeremiah 5:31

“The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”

I’ll tell you the truth. Babylon (America) is going to be judged, and purged with fire for all the sin and wrong doings, the lies that have been taught. This world pushes that Homosexuality is okay, Transgender is okay, eating pork is okay, having sex before marriage is okay, legalizing weed, it’s so bad now we have our own people selling drugs on the street. You see why they push everything that goes against the laws of the Bible? Wake up. We have time to repent, study the bible, find out who we really are, and get right before Christ comes.

Revelations 18:2-5 “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.”

“her sins have reached unto heaven” We have NASA out here in space, you ever notice that they name their ships after lesser gods? “Apollo” “Calipso (Calypso)” “Juno” “OSIRIS”… Osiris which is an egyptian god, another word for Satan.

You don’t even have to know the bible to know that America is falling, The nations are being stirred up, everyone is talking about shooting nukes, and missiles etc. If you studied the bible, you would know that these things will all come to pass, The most high is in control.

Jeremiah 50:9
“For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her; from thence she shall be taken: their arrows shall be as of a mighty expert man; none shall return in vain.”

Jeremiah 50:14-15 “Put yourselves in array against Babylon round about: all ye that bend the bow, shoot at her, spare no arrows: for she hath sinned against the LORD.
15 Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her.”

The bible is where the true knowledge is. It has our history, and the things to come. It’s already written. I pray and hope this gives you understanding. The most high tells us that we will live like pilgrims, moving from place to place when the chaos kicks off. If you aren’t walking in truth through Christ, keeping the commandments and worshipping the father in truth and spirit, how will you be ready?

Mark 13:7-8 “7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.
8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.”

These times are coming, its a time to rejoice if you’re in the truth, not look to the system or any other man for hope. People put so much trust into Obama and here we are 8 years later, Trump is picking up right where Obama left off. Where is your trust.

Proverbs 1:7
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Psalms 111:10
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.”

John 14:15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

Faith alone is not enough if you’re in this truth, but by works as well. It is a transformation, unlearning the lies of this world, and learning the truth of the bible, precept upon precept.

James 2:24
“Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.”

Isaiah 28:9-10 “Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.
10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Children are pure, and connected more to the Father than any man on this earth. You ever wonder why children have those dreams, talking about playing with Angels in Heaven etc? why they see things and parents just think they are joking. They are pure coming into this world. Unlearn the lies taught, and read the bible. It is the living word.

Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

The law is not done away with, we are to keep the Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown), and keep the laws and commandments Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

Bless you.

Friday Rundown 4-14-17

On the Docket for the Weekend

  • This weekend is Easter, of course. This weekend I’ll be staying at my sister’s house, which means shaaaaake up! I’ll probably think of a few special posts over the weekend. I know it’s the holidays, but seriously there’s only so much family I can handle at one time so I’m definitely still going to be on social. Just saying! I might just not be able to stalk my Tumblr buds as closely. 
  • No fear, there will be some food shopping and meal prep activity to share with you guys. It will be for the weekend only, with a special “how do lactose intolerant people survive at a house that may as well be a dairy farm” angle. Then, when I return for the week I’ll be able to give an example of what meal prep looks like around here when coming home from a trip. 

The Successes

  • Walking was killer. It was pretty nice this week, a bit cloudy at times–but nice! I exceeded my step goals most days but was able to keep my nutrition appropriate for those activity levels for once, so I didn’t overdo it and exhaust myself.
  • The gym was good, too! I didn’t write many logs this week because I felt it would be redundant to say “did cardio, here’s approximately the same Fitbit log.” I really wanted to get some major movement this week leading into a road trip. Sitting for four hours with maybe only one potty break seems so impossible. I really do constantly move some days. I’m going to be crawling out of my skin. Maybe I should bring dumbbells and do and bicep curls in the car. Am I really going to be that person?
  • NSV. My workout pants are now too large. Particularly, the compression pants. I have tons of other active wear that fit, but I need these for running so I’ll have to go down a size ASAP. I looked at my Old Navy yesterday but they didn’t have any high-waist ones on the sale rack. It’s kind of convoluted, but I need this very exact cut and material to run because of my loose skin. Mid-Rise doesn’t give the support I need. So, I’ll have to look again sometime soon and just suck it up–literally–for a few runs. It’s not super terrible because most of my skin is in my limbs, but it will affect my performance until I get them replaced.

The Not as Successful 

  • Caffeine. I’ve already talked about this one a lot this week, and ultimately it’s not a dire situation. I’m typically not someone who “needs” it to wake up. I still don’t, but I definitely do enjoy it. At least I know I can easily abstain for a while when migraines are flaring up. When I “came off” it two months ago I only had one withdrawal headache, though it was legit the worst migraine I’d had all year. 
  • I am so beyond bloated. You know, that might say something more about exactly how loose the workout pants really are, because I’ve also been dealing with an uncomfortable amount of bloating this week. It’s just–fun female times. It’s making it a pain in the ass to exercise as efficiently, but damn it I’m doing it!

Little Rambles

Ugh, just more porn blog drama. A lot of us know the drill. They reblog your photos and leave those “join me on cam” messages with flapping dicks everywhere. Every time a post of mine starts showing up on the tags I use; dozens and dozens of them start interacting with my account. Every single morning, I block every account with pornography on it and file a report if my face has been reblogged to it. Some days it makes me not want to post pictures of myself, and I’ll never share photos of my nephew because of this bullshit. I complain about this a lot, but I wish Tumblr developers would make it faster to get this kind of crap taken down.

It takes 2-3 days to get each request fully addressed. It’s genuinely the only thing that annoys me about this website. I’ve never had anywhere near the magnitude of these problems on any other social media website as I do on Tumblr, and I use Soundcloud for shit’s sake! I’ll keep going through this charade even if I become the “crazy lady” in the Tumblr support queue. I don’t care. I just what’s left of my privacy respected.

I do find at least a little humor in it now. I mean, after awhile you see so many dicks against your will that it turns from ‘Oh, God. Why?” into, “WTF? That looks like a gourd!”

This is Thursday-through-Thursday because I was a sneaky twat and queued this post last night. A-ha! By the time this goes live my sorry ass is probably sitting in the car. In other news, what the Hell happened to Sunday!? 

To anyone that wears a chest binder...

It doesn’t matter why you’re wearing your binder, if you start to feel uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. Please. Seriously, go without a bra, and just get back to feeling well before you put it back on. 

Also, please don’t wear it to school or work or whatever for the first time that you ever wear it. Try it out on the weekend, maybe an hour on Saturday, a little longer on Sunday, so that your body will be ready to be restrained for however long your school/work day is.

I don’t care if you want to pass all day, please don’t wear it for more than 8 hours at a time or while you’re exercising.

True story, the first day I decided to wear my binder was last Friday. I wore it to marching band rehearsal at 6:45 am (I marched in it for two hours), then I went to school for 8 hours, then I had afternoon marching rehearsal (another hour of rehearsal), we waited until the football game started (2 ish hours), and then I marched in it again, and wore it for 2 more hours until I got home. So that’s 15 hours that I decided to wear it on the first day. That was 5 days ago and I still can’t breathe properly, I have chest pains, and I can’t bend over without my ribs hurting. I’m not going to bind again until I feel better, but seriously, I didn’t think that only doing it for one day would hurt that bad. News flash, it hurts really bad,and every once in a while I either gasp really loudly or I get light headed because my ribs hurt, so I don’t want to take a normal size breath.

So basically

  • Don’t bind for more than 8 hours
  • Don’t bind for 8 hours the first time you wear your binder
  • Don’t exercise in your binder
  • If you feel uncomfortable, take it off, hopefully you brought a sports bra or something else to put on, but please take it off.
  • I promise, if you’re taking care of yourself, no one will judge you for having boobs. People have boobs. Guys have boobs, just some bigger than others, and if people can’t get over that, then that’s their own problem
  • Please take care of yourself

And if you’re wearing a binder right now…

  • Do you feel any pain? Take it off.
  • How long have you had it on? More than 8 hours? Take it off (please)
  • When’s the last time you stretched your back?
  • When’s the last time you took a nice, big breath of air?
  • Do you feel cute? Because you are. You look nice, I promise.
I Didn’t Know (Part 3/3)

Pairing: Sam x Reader (endgame), a little bit of Dean x Reader
Summary: (AU!) Having an affair with Dean Winchester is never a good thing, especially when you’re best friends with his brother.  After getting caught with Dean, the reader must face the consequences.  Sam and the reader’s friendship is changed for forever.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,775
Warnings: asshole!Dean (seriously, he’s pretty ooc), affair, ANGST, some pretty depressing thoughts
A/N: Ayyyye I couldn’t resist with the ending… As always, there is a 23488098% chance I’ll respond with a funny gif/nice words if you leave a comment/reblog with a comment/send me a message!

I Didn’t Know Masterlist


Suddenly, a loud knocking on the front door startled you out of focus. You pulled your headphones out and shut your laptop, surprised at the sudden interruption.  The knocking started again and you heard Sam grumble, “What the hell?” and go to open the door.

“Where is she?” The voice of the intruder shocked you to the core and you ducked out of sight.

“Dean,” Sam said, sounding just as surprised as you.

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Hey beauty lovers! Welcome to LEARNTOMAKEUP

As you might know my name is Valeria and I’m a makeup artist. This is my beauty blog that shares tips, advices, tricks and ways to improve your makeup.

I need to tell you an amazing new announcement and is that I will be posting every saturday and sunday since today. If you enjoy our content stay tuned for that.

I would love to post more than twice a week but it would be a lie. Some days I have events or classes and it’s kinda difficult but I will be able to post new and nice tips and tricks every weekend for you guys.


Let’s see if you can guess it … 

Yes, you are right. We are talking about winged eyeliner.

We love it and we know how beautiful it looks. But the question is why? The reason is that black is classy but still black will make your eyes pop, it will add more dimension by creating depth. 

I have been getting messages asking for a winged eyeliner tutorial and I’m so happy  I can actually help you all.

Now we are going to start with our tutorial! 


You need to know what you want to reach out, here are some products you should consider. If you don’t know why we aren’t mentioning pencil eyeliners here is because they smudge and they don’t last that much so if your goal is to keep that winged eyeliner all night then keep reading.


A perfect everyday look, a thin, steady line hugging the upper lashes and just angling out so adds just enough drama to eyes also they will be will be totally smudge-proof once dried.

Personally, I would recommend this for a daily basis routine as the formula is way easier to  clean and remove at the end of the day.


An effortless application but stunning look. The felt tip makes application precise, secure and best of all it’s so easy.  Excellent color pay-off, quick drying, smudge proof, no feathering, no skipping. 


A unique look, they are both sweat and water proof eye liners, they allow you to make straight lines since they are easy to control, they last longer than liquid liners and they offer a wide range of eyeliner color so you have the freedom of mixing colors to obtain what you exactly want.

Gel eyeliners are a must for any makeup artists because they don’t easily smear. 

You will need an ANGLED  BRUSH if you are wearing gel eyeliner. This brush has angled shaped packed hair which is useful to draw slant lines or even tight lines. These brushes come with a variety of angles: Small angled, Medium angled and Large angled Brushes.

It makes it the easiest cat eyeliner brush, adding the drama with dense lines.


This steps depends on how wide and big your eye is and how thick or thin you want your eye line. However, if you have small or hallow eyes you can create a thick line but you need to be careful. 

Small eyes are the most common ones. People tend to have hallow/sunken eyes and still you can show off your amazing eye line. 

— Here you can see a tutorial for hallow eyes  —

— This is a tutorial on how to apply eye liner for regular eyes ❀ —

— Eyeliner application for almond eyes —

— Like I told you before if the eye is small then you need to do the wing smaller so you can show off your eyeliner. You can see asian people tend to do thin lines and thin long tails. —

— Asian people can wear black eyeliner but as you can see here, bright and colorful eyeliners make asian eyes look so gorgeous. — 

— Check out this double winged eyeline —

— Also you can try out new and different styles ❁  —

You can see that there are no rules when it comes to eyeliner. We can use our creativity and ideas to get a perfect look. Use any color you want and feel more comfortable with. 

This has been all for today’s topic and I hope you can improve your routine with this post. 

*As always I’m open to suggestions and opinions so if you need information about an specific topic don’t forget to tell us! *

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Thank you my angels for everything, Valeria.

So close. (Part one)

Hey guys! So, I’ve decided to write a series of fanfictions and this is part one! I haven’t posted any fanfics in a while, so I hope this makes up for it! 

I’m aiming to mix it up and make this fanfic about more than one celebrity, starting with danisnotonfire in the first! I hope you enjoy! :)

I will try to post one daily, if I am unable to, I will let you know, just check my page!

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Thank you! - Hannah x


“Just friends?” He said, though it was not at all what you wanted to hear.
“Just friends.” You nodded, but you clearly didn’t want that. You and Dan had been close to sleeping together from day one. You’d never quite got there. So there you were, agreeing not to let it happen.
“Come here.” He said, opening his arms to embrace you. You moved toward him and he wrapped his arms around you. What you could have been. You pulled away to look up into his eyes and give a fake smile. He forced himself to do the same.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said, pulling away.
“Oh.. Yeah, sure.” He nodded awkwardly.
“Bye then.” You said, picking up your bag and heading for the door.
“Bye, Y/N.” He grumbled, as you shut the door

You didn’t see him that next day. He didn’t even call. Though, to be fair, you didn’t either. You could’t bring yourself to see the man you’re too scared to admit your love to. He doesn’t love you back. He wants to just be friends.

You didn’t even see him the day after that. Before, you had seen him almost every day, but somehow, everything had changed. However, not everything. You still couldn’t get him off your mind! You tried a number of activities to distract yourself: reading, watching a movie and even cleaning your flat (which you aren’t prone to)! Eventually, you gave up. Instead, you decided going for a walk on the beach was the best way to clear your head. When your mind is made up, you quickly grabbed your coat and bag and rush out the door. You climbed into your old, slightly crappy car, which you loved regardless, and drove a couple of miles south. On your way, you stopped at a little cafe that Dan and yourself have always loved to visit. It was a rather cramped, but beautiful building, with ivy growing up the side of it. There was one single table with two chairs outside. Oh, it was all too familiar. It was where you and Dan first met.

“Mind if I sit here?” He said to you, one Sunday morning. You looked up from your book and smiled.
“Of course. Don’t mind me!” You grinned, feeling rather stupid due to the expression you could feel on your face. Blushing, you looked back down to your book. However, you don’t really read; you’re too busy spying on this man that was sitting across from you. From the corner of your eye, you see him fidgeting in his seat. He seemed incredibly bored, so what was he doing sitting with you, who was about as fun as a dog with no legs.
“So, I’m Dan by the way.” Dan said, reaching his arm out for a hand shake.
“Oh, I’m Y/N.” You shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Daniel.” You had a thing about calling people by their full first name.
“It’s OK to call me Dan, you know.”
“I prefer Daniel. If that’s fine with you of course?” What were you thinking? This man was a stranger, so why were you teasing like this?
Dan smirked. “I like you.” He grins.
“I think I like you too, Daniel.”
“Think we could be friends?” He asked. You became puzzled. He was asking you to be friends?
“Why not?” You agreed. To be honest, you had taken quite a liking to Dan. He was nice, funny and awkward. Although you didn’t like to admit it, he was kind of like you.
“So, tea?” He asked.

You’d been close ever since.
You step inside the cafe and are greeted by the owner, a man you had come to know rather well. “Ahhh, Y/N! I was starting to wonder where you were! And where’s your good friend…um… David?”
“Daniel. He’s busy today, so I came for my usual cup of tea and iced bun on my own. Oh, and a newspaper.” You told him.
“Oh I see. I’ll bring it out for you in a minute, Y/N. Take a seat!” He smiled. You turned and went back out the door to sit at the little table outside. You watched the people walking past; there were so many couples. Kind of depressing.
Antony the cafe owner came out with your order a few minutes later. “Here you are, Y/N! Enjoy!” He grinned. Then he lowered his voice, “On the house.” You smiled sweetly at him and thanked him. He must have known something was wrong. Since the day you met, Dan and yourself had always come to the same cafe on every Sunday morning. If either of you were busy, you just wouldn’t go.
You missed him. You couldn’t concentrate on your paper and left your tea to go cold. Why did you think this was a good idea?

Without saying goodbye to Antony, you left. You rushed along the pathway to the beach, sure that when you got there, everything would be OK.
It wasn’t; for a while. You had tried strolling down the beach at the edge of the water, but still, you couldn’t remove the man you adored from you head. You gave up with walking, so just collapsed where you were standing and let the salty water lap at your legs. You put your head in your hands and gave in to the image of Dan in your head. You sat like this for 10 minutes.

“So, what do you do down here?” Dan asked you on your second meeting. You had taken him to the beach, it was just so beautiful and calming.
“Just walk, sometimes sit. Not much really, but it’s just so nice here. It’s like all your worries are gone.” You glanced up and him and he was expressing a little smile.
“I see what you mean! I’m really glad you took me here. It’s nice to see you again too.” He grinned. You blushed slightly, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
“It’s nice to see you too, Daniel.” You replied.
“There is some way we can make this more fun though.” He winked at you. You were a bit alarmed to what he meant, but mostly intrigued. He started to speed up.
“What are you doing?” You shouted after him, laughing.
“Catch me if you can!” You’re not usually one for these little childish games, but you really liked Dan and you didn’t want him to think you were boring. You chased after him, getting sand in your shoes as you ran. You didn’t care. The only real problem was that Dan was very quick. You tried going faster, but you couldn’t catch up. You began to feel incredibly tired, sat down and shouted, “Fine, I give up! You’re too good!” You heard him laugh and he jogged back to you. When he was stood next to you, you saw your chance and grabbed his leg and pulled him down to the ground.
“Hey! Not fair, Y/N!” He chuckled.
“It is! There were no rules! I win!” You giggle. You were very proud of yourself, it wasn’t like you, but you liked it.
“Fine, you win!” He said, sitting up. You laugh in response.

The memory was interupted by a voice above you. Maybe even familiar.



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anonymous asked:

*taps on window* Emma I just thought of the single cutest thing, you know about adult coloring books right? How they're super calming and relaxing and just ease all of your stress? I want you to think aobut Derek ok? Think about Stiles introducing these to Derek as a "haha jk (no I wasn't)" type of thing, like, he really DOES think they'd relax him but he knows Derek would never go for it, and because Derek can be an asshole when he wants to be he takes Stiles up on the offer just to see 1/?

how he’ll react, except..?? It?? It feels kind of nice???? He doesn’t understand but???? He .. he likes it???? And so it becomes a tiny bit of a thing, when he’s alone, because Stiles left that stupid coloring book and colored pencils there and so when he has time he just sits down and colors flowers and stuff but then he runs out of pages and is //forced// to go buy another one and he finds out that.. that.. THERE ARE NERD COLORING BOOKS!? Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, GAME. OF. THRONES!

(He’s redder than an entire jar of cherries when he buys a stack of them) And it’s just a //thing// and it’s NICE and it makes him feel good to just zone out for a wile and be at peace it’s GOOD ok? And so months later he and Stiles become a couple, Stiles is going through Derek’s dresser one night to get some underwear (because Derek actually in fact //shredded// his ok? *cough*) And he uh.. well.. he finds Derek secret in the form of six completed adult coloring books and one Supergirl one that’s almost half done, and Derek is about to cry from embarrassment, ok? 

Except that Stiles thinks it’s without a doubt the //SINGLE// cutest thing in the ENTIRE. WORLD. and the next morning Derek wakes up to coffee and doughnuts and a brand spanking new Supernatural coloring book with BRAND NEW PENCILS AND EVERYTHING and Stiles beside him with a Harley Quinn book just “Hey I did a thing, nice Sunday morning isn’t it?” and then it becomes a //thing// for them, they spend an hour or  so a day, usually in the mornings, just coloring together where it’s very calm and relaxed and they’re SO HAPPY EMMA and I just had to tell you about it.

Oh my god, I just love everything about this??? 

Can you also imagine though, this being the first nice thing Derek has ever done for himself and the embarrassment isn’t because it’s colouring books but because he feels like he shouldn’t have this really nice thing in his life that makes him feel good and safe and relaxed for a couple of hours every day??

Also though, I can’t help but imagine Derek also discovering he has a talent for drawing?? Like, one day he runs out of things to colour and so he starts doodling - maybe nerdy scenes from the Harry Potter books or maybe it’s Stiles sleeping on the couch - and it starts becoming a habit??? And before he knows it he’s looking up drawing tutorials online and of course, somehow, he stumbles on to fanart and because Derek Hale is such a Harry Potter nerd (shhh, he is, don’t fight me) he ends up drawing fanart himself. 

He doesn’t post any of it because, one, he doesn’t have a scanner and, two, he doesn’t have the first clue how fandom based websites work. 6 months into their relationship Stiles probably comes across all these drawings, loose sketches of the Harry Potter world - the characters, scenes, even some ships (Drarry, in particular) - and he is so in awe and happy and he….okay, he probably should have told Derek about setting him up with a tumblr before he went and uploaded some of Derek’s art to it but he just wanted Derek to feel loved and appreciated and these drawings are damn good. Of course, Stiles reblogs all of them on his own account (which has a large following) and the drawings get so many amazing tags and reblogs and likes and Stiles is slightly afraid Derek is going to kill him but…

Derek is pretty shy about the whole thing when Stiles tells him but he’s not mad, thank god. Stiles takes Derek’s blush to mean he’s actually sort of, kind of, pleased about all the nice things people have said and Stiles goes on to show Derek how to use tumblr and buys him a scanner and everything. Derek starts drawing prompts and taking commissions and it makes him so damn happy because he’s got all this money and he’s never really had to work because of it and between one supernatural disaster and another Derek has always been afraid to actually try to do something. The art gives him a hobby, a purpose, but also incentive to open up a little art gallery in Beacon Hills and, eventually, one in New York for inspiring artists (most of which are online artists he’s met through tumblr and fandom).

And all the while Stiles is right by his side. He used to be the only one who could truly put a large, genuine grin on Derek’s face most days and even though he is kind of selfish and misses how only he could do that, he couldn’t be happier that Derek is so happy when he draws, when someone compliments him or when an artist he has taken on gets their work sold. He loves Derek with all his heart and seeing him thrive is more satisfying than even the tastiest of milkshakes. (Stiles might even go as far as to say it’s better than sex but Derek does get the same dopey, pleased look on his face after sex as he does with his work so that one is still hanging in the balance.)

Small Distractions (Michael/Reader)

Who: Michael/Reader
What: Michael is trying to distract you from your work
Rating: PG-13 because it’s Michael
Author’s notes: Just doing some needless fluffy things to break up the super serious things I’ve been writing. Please like or reblog if you enjoy this. Also HI NEW FOLLOWERS :DDDDDD
Words: 1,000+

You knew you needed to get finished and sooner rather than later. Your favorite curly haired boy was pacing the office behind you. He wanted you to hurry up so you could go out and catch a movie, go to dinner, have a bev and then retire to the bed for the weekend. Or so he’d told you. You knew he’d be in the office tomorrow, or Sunday, to record this week’s Full Play. But you couldn’t wait until the weekend and finish this, no this edit needed to be done today. And Jack had graciously leant you his desk so you didn’t have to hunch on the couch like you normally did. You didn’t have a desk yet; in fact they weren’t sure where they were going to put you. You mostly edited videos for the company, helping JJ out with some AH stuff, but you also did a lot of HR paperwork thanks to your background in office work. You’d only been at Rooster Teeth for over a month, thanks to Michael suggesting you. You’d hated your last company so furiously. Michael loved when you were mad, but right now, he was back there pacing around because he was getting mad.

“How long is this going to fucking take?” You knew he wasn’t mad at you, so much as mad that he was finished and you weren’t. That JJ had to catch a plane to a shoot that Burnie had set up, meaning you were left with the bulk of editing for this week. You didn’t mind being busy, and neither did Michael. But he wanted attention.

You turned your head. “It would go faster if you stopped pacing. Play a game. I’ll be done soon enough and then we can go get dinner or a movie. Or whatever.” You smiled at him quickly before turning back to editing.

Michael was quiet for awhile; he even grabbed a game from the shelf, intending to play. But he was suddenly distracted by you chewing on the end of your hoodie pulls.

“You’re going to end up ruining another hoodie.”

“I do this when I’m thinking. I’ve done it since I was a kid. Shhh…” You pulled your headphones on, determined to finish.

Michael had other plans. He started jumping around, calling your name randomly. Every time you turned he was doing something else. Balancing between his and Gavin’s chair. Standing on his desk. Juggling the tower of pimps pillows. The last time you wheeled around he was laying across Gavin’s desk in a suggestive pose. But his face was just slightly angry looking, his ‘Rage Quit’ face. Bring it. You pulled your headphones off slowly. He didn’t move.

His face slowly slid into a smile, and then you attacked. You were out of your chair before he could pull a leg up to get between you. Your fingers dug into his sides and he was immobilized for the time being. Jerking around until you slid back, he fell from the desk with a loud thud.

“I said let me finish!” You yelled over him. He grabbed onto your ankles.

“Tomorrow. We’ll come in tomorrow please.”

“Noooo.. You’ll be yelling at a game tomorrow and I have to work. And you hate it when I’m editing and you’re trying to play.”

He stuck his lower lip out. “Please.”

“….You’re a terrible boyfriend.”

“I’m the fucking best boyfriend, come on. I let you off the hook. If you can’t edit tomorrow then I will finish it. Come on.” He got off the floor and put his shoulders to your knees and lifted you up with ease. His muscles tensed under your body, but he carried you easily as you squealed out a laugh. He turned to Jack’s desk and saved your work with one hand while the other firmly held you in place. When he finished he slapped you right across the ass and then started to laugh.

“I’m going to kill you once we leave the office Michael.” You grumbled. Trying to fuss your way out of his arms.

“Not if I promise to do that thing you love later.” He ran his free hand down your leg suggestively.

“The dishes?” You smirked.

“Very funny.”

“Lemme dowwwn.” You squirmed.

“Never. I’m going to carry you everywhere from now on.” You could feel his grin against your leg as he turned his head.


“Probably not considering how heavy you are. All those cookies!” He laughed.

“You’re so sleeping on the couch for that.”

“Like you could keep me out of bed.” He shook you for emphasis and pushed the front door open with a foot. He carried you over to the car then carefully set you down at the driver’s side door. As he stood up you took hold of his face and pulled him in. When your lips met his you pressed your body up against his. For the next few minutes you just kissed him. His fingers laced into your hair and pushed you up against the car door. There was the cold car, and then the warmth from his body. Polar opposites had you pinned. Your fingers slid from his face and hooked into the loops of his jeans as you pulled against him as if he had anywhere else to go. Any closer to be. He smiled against your mouth.

“Well, I guess you’re right.” You whispered against his mouth.

“Am I ever wrong?”


“Ha, okay. Let’s get going.” You smiled up at him as he stepped back from you. He put the keys in your hand and you pushed the unlock button. You then watched him go around the car. It was going to be a nice night. Just the two of you. Where you were going to distract the fuck out of him. You unzipped your hoodie just enough to show some skin.

If you got your way, he’d be pawing your knee before you even left the parking lot.

SasuSaku Countdown Marathon Prompt - First

Date: October 10th, 2014
Pairing: SasuSaku
Prompt: First
Title: Groveling for Groceries
Summary: AU. The early bird gets the worm. Unless you’re Sasuke.
Written by: ebondeath
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Author’s Note: To everybody who has read, liked, or reblogged my fics, I love you with the intensity of one thousand youthful Rock Lees.
Linkage: Prompt Calendar | Fanfiction.net Version
Previous Prompts: The Beginning | Back Then | Chapter 695

It’s Sunday, the day Sasuke goes grocery shopping.

At 8:30 in the morning, it’s drizzling outside and Sasuke shakes the water out of his naturally spiked hair as he enters the local market. It’s quiet and not many people are doing their shopping this early in the morning.

He wanders the aisles absentmindedly, picking out his usual fanfare and throwing it into his basket. He bypasses the sweets entirely, opting for plain vegetables, rice, and various fish and meats. For the most part, Sasuke doesn’t particularly care what he eats (with the exception of his dislike of sweets). There is one special food though, one indulgence that he allows himself.


Sasuke is, by nature, a person of extreme self-discipline. Being a pre-law student and a member of Konoha University’s basketball team requires almost every ounce of his attention and dedication. And Sasuke has never been one to do things half-assed. So his diet and workout routine are strict, and his study regimen is intense and focused.

Having finished the rest of his shopping, Sasuke moves toward the fresh produce section at a quick pace. There is a reason he chooses to shop at this grocery market, and it’s because it has the freshest, roundest, reddest, most juicy tomatoes. The price is a little steep, but the quality is superb and Sasuke is not exactly hurting for cash.

Tomato season is almost over, so their stock is not as generous as it usually is. In fact, as Sasuke approaches the display, he sees that there is only one bag left. He smirks to himself in victory as he reaches for it.

Out of nowhere, another hand slaps his away.

“Hands off, bucko, I saw ‘em first.”

Sasuke is startled into looking up at the offending tomato-thief. To his astonishment, it’s a scrawny girl, maybe his age. And…oh god, is that…pink hair? Who has pink hair? Really? Pink hair and really, really green eyes. The kind of deep green-blue you only see in unsullied ocean waters. She’s wearing a purple KU hoodie, denim cutoffs, black and white striped leggings (again, really?), and beat up classic black Chuck Taylors.

He snaps himself out of his inspection and reaches for the tomatoes again.

“I don’t think so. These are clearly mine. I was here first before you.”

The pink chick does not seem to appreciate this answer and tugs on the bag. “I don’t think so. I saw them first, and I’ll get much more use out of them you could. You’ll probably just throw them at passing kids trespassing on your lawn.”

Sasuke splutters. The idea of wasting such delicious delicacies on the punishment of juvenile idiots is inconceivable. Is this girl crazy? He glances at her weird hair and outfit again. Scratch that, she is clearly crazy.

“You are ridiculously wrong. I intend to eat them.”

She raises a pink eyebrow. “Eat them? As in, raw and unaccompanied? Who does that, seriously? You’re weird, and these tomatoes are mine. Have a nice life.” Crazy girl yanks the bag of tomatoes out of his hand and starts walking away.


Now, Uchiha Mikoto raised a gentleman. And under normal circumstances, Sasuke would just let it go and let the lady have her way. But these are tomatoes. TOMATOES. Sasuke’s favorite food. Not just his favorite food, but his favorite thing ever in the history of everything. And under these circumstances, Sasuke has no intention of losing to some crazy-ass (but cute in a kind of weird, off-beat way) chick with pink hair. At worst, he’s willing to compromise.

“Wait a minute.” He follows her back to her cart. She turns around and raises that eyebrow again. He wets his lips nervously (nervous? Since when is Uchiha Sasuke ever nervous? And around some inconsequential girl?) and he can’t help but glance at hers as he does.

“Would you be willing to split the bag? Half and half?”

She ponders his question for a few seconds before laughing to herself.

“You really want these tomatoes, don'tcha? I’ll tell you what,” her eyes sparkle as she smirks at him, “I plan on cooking up all these tomatoes tonight. I’m making spaghetti sauce, home-made pizza, bruschetta, salsa, and some damn good BLTs.”

Sasuke stares at her. “You’re making all that for one night?” He looks down at her skinny frame. “You must have the metabolism of the gods.”

She rolls her eyes at him. “No, dorkface. That’s about a week’s worth of food for me, plus I have moocher friends. Here’s what I’m offering. You come over to my place tonight for a date, home-cooked dinner obviously, and you can have all the tomato foods you like. I’ll even leave you one of the tomatoes whole and give you a jar of my specialty tomato jam. What say you?”

She’s standing there staring at him with her arms folded and this smug expression on her face like she knows he’s going to say yes. She’s even crazier than he thought. And that has the opposite effect of what he’d thought it would have.

“…a date?”

She nods. “Mmhm.”

Sasuke considers her offer, eyes roaming her face. The corners of her full lips are turned up in amusement as if she knows what he’s thinking. Her eyes are full of mirth and mischief, no hint of insecurity whatsoever. She doesn’t even entertain the idea of him saying no.

“What’s your name?”


He shouldn’t be surprised, given her hair color, but he is. Sakura is the name of a delicate flower, and there is nothing delicate about this girl. She’s all bony angles and sharp words. Sasuke decides he likes her name, and likes her.

“Fine. Where do you live and what time should I be there?”

Sakura grins at him and whips out a pen and an old receipt from her purse.

“Just don’t bring any flowers. If you bring anything, bring a six pack.”


Sasuke is standing outside the door of one Haruno Sakura at 6:30 that night. He shakes his head and asks himself for the thousandth time since this morning what he’s doing. He’s agreed to a dinner date with some weird girl who tried to steal his tomatoes (and succeeded). Maybe he’s as crazy as she is.

She answers after the 2nd knock, and as soon as she opens the door Sasuke decides he’s going to marry this girl if her apartment smells like this all the time. The smell of cooking tomatoes wafts to his nose from the unseen kitchen. It saturates the whole apartment and surrounds Sasuke like a warm, comfortable blanket.

Sakura grins at him and beckons him inside. She takes the six pack of beer from him and leads him into the kitchen, and now Sasuke is definitely making plans to move in.

On the kitchen table sit two homemade pizzas. One is covered with meat and tomatoes, the other decorated in mushrooms, peppers, and olives. On the counter sits the bruschetta, grilled bread covered with tomatoes, olive oil, and salt and pepper. As she opens the fridge to deposit the beer, Sasuke sees the BLTs she must have made earlier. To his left, spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove. The smell is heavenly.

Sasuke feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around to find Sakura handing him a glass of tomato juice. A lazy smirk creeps up on his face. “You don’t think this is going a little overboard?”

She snorts and waves her hand at him. “You’re the one who’s obsessed with tomatoes to the point where you’d stalk and harass a girl in the supermarket over it.” Sasuke glares at her. She shrugs.

“Anyway. I’ve got a movie in. I figure we can start with the pizzas and make our way from there. Grab yourself whatever you want and meet me in the living room. It’s down the hall on the right.”


An hour into the movie and many slices of pizza later, Sakura’s head is resting on his shoulder and his arm seems to have snuck itself around her waist at some point. When the hell did that happen? And yet, to Sasuke, it feels completely comfortable. Like they haven’t only known each other for twelve hours.

The movie she’s picked is a horror cult classic, one of his favorites. It’s like between the tomatoes and the movie, they’re already on the same wavelength. Either that or she’s been stalking him. That idea should probably alarm him more, but Sasuke can’t bring himself to care.

He looks down at the girl leaning against him and smirks. Feeling his gaze on her, she turns her face to return the look, her brow raised (again. That must be her trademark expression). Then she momentarily leans forward and away from him to steal his unfinished second glass of tomato juice. She drains the rest of the glass and then stares him down.

“We should make out,” she says, “and then you should probably just go ahead and agree to be my boyfriend right now, because this whole scenario right here is going to be a thing.”

Sasuke doesn’t bother to argue. He’s already kissing her, wrapping his arms around her, and pressing her into the couch. Her mouth tastes like tomato juice, and if that’s going to be a thing too, then he doesn’t think being her boyfriend will be so bad.


Summary: The most awkward things can happen when someone else in your family is up in the middle of the night, but some of the most amazing too.

notes: this was going to go a completely different direction than what it is now. like Naruto went in to depth about his past and all that and i just went “we’ll save that for later”


rating: k

Boruto rolled out of bed. He found his house shoes vaguely scattered around his room and slipped them on, making his way towards the kitchen.

It always happened. Always at 2:36 in the morning Boruto had to get up, and had to get a drink of water. His body just wouldn’t let him go to sleep otherwise. You would think he would have more control of his twelve year old body, but for right now, the only thing on his mind was quenching his thirst.

That is until he reached the stairs. He almost started his journey down them but out of the corner of his eye he saw a light was on.

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I’m having an Emergency.

So I’m from Pennsylvania, and I was invited down to Oklahoma by my friend’s mom, trip fully paid and everything, no problems, no strings attached. I refused a good few times, but eventually broke and decided to come down here. 

Now a month later, I go to a con with my friend (which was really nice, until the last day) and the mom decides that on the last day of the con to buy a bus ticket for a trip that +40 hours to get me home. It departs at 3am, she says. Keep in mind, my legs are killing me, and I’ve had barely any sleep whatsoever throughout the weekend. The bus is supposed to leave Sunday night/Monday morning.

I’m a sickly person, and I have terrible paranoia, and even the THOUGHT of getting on that bus at that time with no rest prior terrified me. I was bawling on Sunday at the con, my makeup was everywhere, it was a mess. So many people were trying to help me though – and thank you everyone who was there and was trying so hard, I love you all so much – but one girl managed and I’m now sitting in her little apartment. 

This means I DIDN’T get on that bus. For the reasons labeled and also because I called my dad to ask his opinion while in a panic, and he told me he didn’t want me on that bus. That was the final straw, and what had me make my decision. 

I told the mom that night while packing what was going on, and how I was going to stay somewhere else, and was going to pay them back for the bus ticket once I get the money, but first I need to focus on getting home in a safer manner. She was alright with everything, said I was blessed by God and everything. But then something happened and she changed her mind, nearly beat my friend claiming I was a liar about my aliments (I do not have photographic evidence of my illnesses with me, but for confirmation you can ask @be-cronus about my issues). My friend came up to me bawling and then the mom came up and switched everything on me and tried to force me to go to the bus station. 

She forcibly grabbed my wrist, and nearly hit me until I rose my voice at her in defense (I have a history of abuse and didn’t know what else to do, I was very scared). That’s when she got even more aggressive, told me to get the fuck out of her house, and even tried to beat me. After some aggressive actions my friend had gotten hurt keeping their mother from attacking me (they are okay now though, I have talked to their grandmother, and even messaged them briefly), and I had gotten thrown outside. The father took me to his mother’s for the night and now I’m at my friend’s, but with no money or a way to get home just yet. 

My friend is working extra hours in order to get more money to help me pay for a plane ticket, but I really don’t want to rely on her money, since taking up offers regarding money is what got me in this situation to begin with. So I’m taking emergency commissions, and I’m willing to negotiate price for what I’m offering because honestly, I’m desperate. 

I have no idea how much a ticket will cost because prices change everyday, but I know I need a couple hundred dollars no matter the date because of the distance, I’d also really like to earn the money to pay back the grandmother (she’s the one with the money, not the mom, and as a responsible adult I want to show her that I appreciate everything she’s done for me) for the bus ticket, which was $220. But getting the money for a plane ticket is more important right now.

I just hit 1,000 followers this weekend, and really wanted to do something special for it, and I hope to at a later time, but right now I really need the money and help because I’m literally stranded halfway across the country right now. 

Every dollar helps. 

My email linked to my paypal is wistfulfictionist@gmail.com and donations themselves would also be a lot of help! Please and thank you for anything!! 

Please reblog this post even if you can’t donate/purchase anything, in order for other people to see it.

Survey 153


1) I have green eyes.
2) I come from a rich family.
3) I have a Deadjournal.
4) I know how to operate a vehicle correctly.
5) I have been in more than 2 car accidents in the past 12 months.
6) I have a motorcycle permit or license.
7) My father is over 50.
8) I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
9) I listen to rap music.
10) I’ve never done anything I say I really regret.
11) I cheated on one of my exes and they don’t know about it to this day.
12) I slept in a bathroom once.
13) My favorite color is neon orange.
14) My school colors were red and white.
15) I wish I knew my mother better.
16) I look older than I really am.
17) I am a Scorpio.
18) I detest spiders with every fiber of my being.
19) I am pro-choice.
20) I consider myself to be an intelligent person.
21) I was alive in 1989.
22) I have a broken heart.
23) I remember a lot about my first love.
24) I will die and bring no secrets to my grave.
25) I hate driving on ice or in snow.
26) I am Japanese.
27) I speak a language most people don’t understand.
28) My vision is perfect.
29) My favorite band is From First To Last.
30) I am left-handed.
31) My favorite drink is Mountain Dew.
32) I am a Grammar Nazi and I am proud of it.
33) I don’t have a twitter. And I’m cool with that.
34) I am single.
35) I am pretty personable.
36) I let moodiness take over sometimes.
37) My mother is well taken care of.
38) My father makes more money than my mother does.
39) I play the lottery
40) I only like dark chocolate.
41) I have eaten already today.
42) I want to conquer the world and rename it something else.
43) I am a virgin.
44) My favorite animal would not make a good pet.
45) I often contemplate throwing my computer out the window.
46) I have a distaste for anything made with cheese.
47) I am hispanic.
48) I hate chores.
49) I am a neat freak.
50) My hair is brown
51) I am short.
52) I am afraid of dying.
53) I love someone very dearly and would give my life for them.
54) My email is not hotmail, yahoo, or aol.
55) I have been seriously depressed in the past.
56) I have had the Chicken Pox
57) I enjoy reading the newspaper.
58) I like online shopping better than going to the mall or to the store.
59) My place of work is less than 20 miles from my home.
60) I have social anxiety.
61) I’m lazy.
62) I am too nice for my own good.
63) I really should be doing something else.
64) I like to debate.
65) I enjoy/enjoyed high school.
66) I think that I am nice-looking or sexually desireable.
67) I clean my room at least once a month.
68) I’ve lived in an apartment.
69) I like the city more than the country.
70) I listen to country music.
71) I am listening to music right now.
72) I’ve been to a rock concert.
73) I like listening to wind chimes.
74) I have been skinny dipping before.
75) I wanted to be a super hero when I was little.
76) I remember being born.
77) I don’t trust politicians.
78) My hair has been dyed in the past year.
79) I have more than 2 piercings.
80) I am female.
81) I love being different.
82) I’m incredibly sarcastic.
83) I like to play videogames.
84) I am lactose intolerant.
85) I keep a journal.
86) I’m sensitive.
87) I cry more than most people think I do.
88) My favorite movie genre is Comedy.
89) I have sang in public before.
90) I enjoy dancing.
91) I’ve gone clubbing with friends.
92) I am 18 or older.
93) I have never tried to do a cartwheel.
94) My dad made me a treehouse when I was younger.
95) My mother drives a truck.
96) I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger.
97) I watch CSI.
98) I want to dye my hair an unnatural color.
99) I have wasted more than 5 minutes on this survey.
100) I watch football on Sundays.

Sherlollipops 100: Don’t Mess With The Mouse

This is dedicated to all my wonderful followers, to everyone who reblogs my stuff and reviews my stories and begs me for more. To everyone who’s ever hit a kudos button on AO3, a follow button on ff.net, a like button here on tumblr. Thank you everyone for making the sherlolly fandom so much fun to inhabit! Thank you everyone, I hope you continue to enjoy my silly scribblings as long as the sherlolly fandom lasts!

This is very loosely based on this tumblr post made about the fork stabbing scene from TSoT. You remember it, right? Tom mutters that he thinks Sherlock’s pissed and Molly stabs him in the hand with a plastic fork and then…this just happened. On ff.net here and AO3 here.

He’d done everything right, just the way Jim would have wanted him to. He had; no one could fault him. No one had caught on, not even the great Sherlock Holmes after he’d made his dramatic return from the dead.

So how had things gone so completely to shit?

He asked Jim that very question, not caring if the idiots around him – the police, John Watson, Sherlock BLOODY Holmes – were staring at him as if he were crazy. He wasn’t crazy; he knew Jim was dead. It just helped, talking to him as if he were still alive.

Especially after a day like today.

Six Months Earlier


“Still not a sociopath.”

“That’s good.”

“And we’re having quite a lot of sex!”

Sherlock blinked. Several times, while Molly chuckled internally. She loved tweaking him a bit now and then. Just to remind him that she wasn’t the stammering little lab mouse who used to worship the ground he walked on. Oh, she still loved him, there was no getting around that, but she’d convinced herself that it was a sort of generalized love rather than a romantic one. After all, she was engaged now – and yes, having quite a lot of sex with Tom Morgan. Maybe it wasn’t the best sex she’d ever had (that honor belonged to the late, unlamented Jim Moriarty who’d been positively inspired the one night they spent together before he strolled off to blow up a bunch of innocent people and nearly kill John and Sherlock), but it was good enough. Adequate.

More than she’d ever get from a certain consulting detective, whom she was convinced was either asexual or possibly an alien who hadn’t quite mastered the art of being human.

The jury was out on which one was more likely to be true, but either way, they were friends now. And she was engaged, so very, very engaged to a nice, rather dull insurance claims adjuster. With a dog and parents with whom they dined every Sunday, and friends who talked about nothing but insurance or football, who drank the same pints every Saturday evening and never seemed to want to hear about her work.

She sighed as Sherlock left (in a swish of dramatic coattails and collar flipping, as usual) and realized two things: she was never actually going to go through with marrying Tom, and she was utterly fooling herself as to her feelings for one William Sherlock Scott Holmes.

She took care of the inconvenient fiancé on the car ride home from John and Mary’s wedding, and resolved to just live with the fact that she’d never ever be able to fall out of love with a man she could never have. She’d tried the expected thing, and look how that had worked out: poorly. Her mother would be disappointed in her for settling, and so would her father, God rest their souls. “No more settling, Molly Anne Hooper,” she scolded herself. Never again.

The Day After The Wedding

Sebastian Thomas Moran (aka ‘Tom Morgan’) was pacing, back and forth, back and forth, scowling down at the nondescript headstone that marked Jim Moriarty’s final resting place. “This is all your fault,” he said accusingly. “Your last words to me were to stick to Molly Hooper, remember? Keep her close, be patient, be clever, and eventually he’d come back. So I did exactly what you told me; I kept her close, I was patient…and she stabbed me in the hand with a fork! In the hand! With a fork! Christ, what kind of a crazy woman is she? Who does that?”

He received no answer, of course, but it didn’t stop him from continuing his agitated rant. “At least it was a plastic fork. She’s a bit of a klutz, you weren’t wrong about that, Jimmy boy. Dropped her salad fork and didn’t want to bother the catering staff, so she just pulls a plastic fork out of her handbag nice as you please! As if everyone carries plastic cutlery with them! Said she had it on hand from her last takeaway, when I asked her. Didn’t apologize, though,” he added with a glower, unconsciously rubbing his hand. It hadn’t actually hurt, or not very much, but he’d let out a startled “Ouch!” when she did it, shocked that his sweet little fiancée (fake fiancée, since he never planned to actually marry her) could be so…vicious. It was the first inkling he’d had as to what Jim had possibly seen in her, and how Sherlock bloody Holmes could consider her a friend or at least an ally.

Now she’d gone and dumped him – him! When he was the one who was supposed to dump her! He’d had it all planned out: he would leave her at the altar, claiming that it was because she was still in love with Sherlock Holmes, and she would be distraught and go to that wanker for comfort, and he was going to shoot them both dead. Why did people always have to mess up such perfectly good plans? Sherlock had messed up Jimmy’s plan and now Molly had messed up his plan and he was going to have to figure out a Plan B. Because Plan A had actually been Jimmy’s plan as well, since planning wasn’t exactly Sebastian’s strong suit.

Sulking, he stalked off, wrapped in the stupid coat he’d deliberately picked because it was so close to the one Sherlock swanned about in. At least it was warm.


“Who is he talking to?” Molly asked quietly, while Sherlock hovered over her, examining her closely for any injuries aside from her bruised wrist (where Moran had grabbed her and attempted to drag her out of the path lab) and the still-bleeding scratch on her forehead (from where she’d accidentally cut herself after slicing Moran’s hand deep enough to show bone).

He shrugged, uninterested in the ravings of a lunatic, far more interested in helping Molly to her feet and getting her safely back to her flat. The scalpel she’d used was bagged up as evidence, John was trying to get her to stand still long enough for him to clean and cover her (admittedly very minor) wound, Mary had discreetly tucked her very illegal handgun away when the police appeared, the paramedics were trying to calm Moran down enough to take care of his bleeding hand, Molly had given her statement, and it was time for this extremely stressful day to just be over with.

Moran was still ranting to no one, even as the police read him his rights and cuffed him (now that the paramedics were done bandaging him). “She stabbed me again, Jim! With a bleedin’ scalpel this time! What kind of crazy woman did you set me up with, huh? First a fork and now a scalpel? You said she’d be easy to deal with!” His voice got a bit higher, mimicking rather eerily Jim Moriarty’s lilting Irish tones. “‘Romance the morgue mouse, you said. She’ll be easy to handle, you said. Well she bloody well wasn’t easy to handle, Jimmy! This is all your fault, and do you know why? Because you have the weirdest taste in women!” That last was practically shouted, and all eyes swiveled to Molly to see how she’d take it.

Without changing expression, she brushed John’s hand away from her (hastily bandaged) forehead, stood up, marched over to her fake ex-fiancé…and punched him in the mouth. Hard.

“Oi, none of that!” Lestrade said, but with a noticeable lack of outrage. “Don’t want to give his lawyer any excuses to get him freed on a technicality, after all.”

“Don’t talk about Molly that way,” Sherlock ordered Moran as he swiftly moved to stand by her side. He barely seemed to realize he’d slung an arm around her and was holding her close to his body. “She’s worth ten of you, and at least five of Dear Jim,” he added with a sneer.

“To put it in words of one syllable,” Molly put in sweetly, “Don’t mess with the mouse. Especially a mouse who’s being watched over by the British government and has recorded every second of your attack on me. Right, Mycroft?” she said loudly, glancing up at the CCTV cameras occupying the four corners where the walls met the ceilings.

Right on cue, all four cameras waggled up and down as if nodding ‘yes’, and Molly gave a cheeky salute before turning her attention back to Sherlock. Who was staring at her very admiringly. “So,” she said nonchalantly as she reached up to toy with the collar of his Belstaff, “now that that’s sorted, would you like to take me to dinner? Or out for coffee? I could murder a cuppa right about now. Or some chips. Or both.”

“That place on Marleybone I told you about makes a decent cup of coffee,” Sherlock replied eagerly. “You know the one, where I helped the owner…”

“And now he gives you extra portions,” she interrupted him with a grin. “Sounds perfect!” Then she tiptoed up, pulled his head down, and kissed him. Hard. Tongue and everything. To hell with what anyone thought; if she never kissed him again, she wanted to at least have done it once, when she could use the excuse of adrenaline if pressed.

Luckily for her, that wouldn’t appear to be a problem, since Sherlock was kissing her back just as enthusiastically. Tongue and everything.

“Bloody hell!” The broke their embrace, both looking over at Moran…but he wasn’t the one who’d spoken, it was John. Who was shaking his head and mumbling something about how he should have seen it coming, while Mary whispered soothingly into his ear…but gave the pair of them a saucy wink and a knowing grin when her husband slapped his hand over his eyes and sighed.

Lestrade cleared his throat, but was grinning as he said, “Right, then, Sherlock, maybe you’d better take Molly home, I’m sure she could use some quality bedrest after the day she’s had.”

“And some quality shagging as well, after months of nothing but ‘Mr. Adequate’ here,” Sherlock added nonchalantly. John sputtered and Moran shouted obscenities as he was wrestled out of the lab, but the consulting detective and the specialty registrar only had eyes – and ears – for each other as they hurried off to the nearest supply cupboard.

After all, why wait till they got to Baker Street to find out if Sherlock was as good as he’d just bragged he was?

Unofficial Downton Abbey Season 7

I really, really, really, REALLY miss Downton.

If there were going to be a seventh season, it would likely start next Sunday, 18 September.  But there will be no Season 7 – at least not an official televised one on ITV.  But I have a proposal that might help a little bit: a fancraft/fanart/fanfic/gif set/photo manip fix.

Besides missing the show itself, I miss all the creativity that new episodes would generate.  It seems that since the show has ended, enthusiasm has waned and the number of paintings, drawings, craft projects, stories, gifs, and photos has dwindled.  So I put forth a challenge to all you creative people out there: an unofficial Downton Abbey Season 7.

For everyone and anyone who wants to join me, here’s what I’m thinking:

Every Sunday for eight weeks, from 18 September until 6 November, post a new Downton-related story, chapter, one-shot, drabble, piece of artwork, photo set, gif set, needlework project, character doll, or whatever.  It can be canon, AU, modern, pre-canon, post-canon, crackfic!, space aliens, zombies, fairy tale characters, or barnyard animals – whatever inspires you.  A penguin Charles doll.  A detective Elsie painting.  A photo manip of Beryl hosting the Great Yorkshire Bake-Off.  Anything at all.  When I say “Season 7,” that doesn’t mean it has to be canon and pick up right where Season 6 left off.  (But it certainly can if that’s what you’d like.)

I suggest posting your work on tumblr (and ff.net if applicable) at about Downton time: 9:00 PM in the UK.  It’s not strictly necessary to do it right at that time – or even on Sunday at all – if that’s not convenient for you, but I think it would be nice to have a flood of new stuff all at once.  And it might be nice to have it at the time we’d normally be watching the show live.  You know … something to fill the void.

Obviously, there is no “commitment.”  Nothing is required or demanded.  There’s no sign-up, and there’s no pressure to produce.  This is just an open invitation to anyone who’s interested.  If you can contribute something every week, great!  If you can manage only a single submission, we’ll take it!  Anything is a bonus at this point.

And speaking of a bonus, if you’d like to cap off your Series 7 submissions with something special for our pretend Season 7 Christmas Special on 25 December, that would be fantastic!

I know there are lots of talented people out there.  Show us your stuff.  Pretty please?

If you’d reblog this to help spread the word, I would appreciate it.  It’s an open invitation.  The more participants, the merrier.  From my own perspective, I’m thinking mostly in terms of Chelsie stuff, but please feel free to share this with friends in other DA fandoms and those on board other ships.

I do plan to participate myself, and I have an idea in mind.  I hope that this challenge gives me a little poke to get moving on it.  Please consider joining the fun.  Thanks, all.

Welcome to the New Year, Better You January 2015 Fitness Challenge. This is a challenge that’s main goal is to help us remain accountable and support each other in our fitness and health goals.


- On January 1, 2015 you will post your goals for the month, the reasons why you are doing this challenge, and tell us a little about your fitness and health journey so far. I want to get to know all of you!

- Every day you will have a challenge. For the challenge you will either post a picture or write something about the theme for the day. Those days will be Motivational Monday, Tempting Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Flex Friday, Self-love Saturday, Successful Sunday. (Challenge post with explanations) You can also find these posts HERE

- I will be posting shorts workouts daily that I will be adding to my own fitness schedule. If you guys would like to join I would love that! I will be posting them HERE

- At the end of every day you will post an accountability post. (you can post both this and the challenge together) This post will be about 2 things. Your fitness: what workout you did that day, if you liked it, and how hard you pushed yourself. Your nutrition: on a scale of 1-10 how would YOU rate your nutrition, what could you have done better, what was your best meal of the day.

- Tag EVERYTHING as #NewYearBetterYou


- reblog this post

- it would be nice if you would follow me (:

- and just participate!

Adriana and I have noticed that the Tolkien fandom has been lacking with edits lately so we’ve decided to dedicate a week to elves in the hope of more Tolkien related content. If this is successful, we will possibly arrange more of these in the future to maintain the activity in our fandom! If anyone has ideas for other themed weeks, feel free to organize a week yourself, because the more the better! We hope as many people as possible will contribute to this.

From Monday the 7th till Sunday the 13th we’ll be posting an edit every day related to elves. Here’s more information about it:

• Your edits have to be elf related
• You can make whatever you want (gifs, graphics, videos, playlists, etc.)
• You don’t have to post every day
• Tag your posts with #elfweek so that we can see your posts

Day 1: favorite male elf
Day 2: favorite female elf
Day 3: elven costume(s)
Day 4: even realm(s)
Day 5: elven object(s)
Day 6: elven race(s)
Day 7: anything you want
(You don’t have to follow this list but it would be nice if you did)

If you have any questions you can either send me or Adriana an ask/message.
Whether or not you’re participating in this, please reblog this to spread the word!