but it would be nice if you reblogged this every sunday

Send Sean Astin your love!

Okay so on sunday Sean Astin comes to Sci-fi con, and I thought it would be nice to give him something lovely, since he has given me (and prob every single one of you neards) so much to be grateful for. Therefore, can’t all of you guys please send in messages to him (via my ask!) and I will print and give them to him? 

I think he would love it, he totally deserves it, and I think many would like to take this oportunity to thank him. It doesn’t matter if the Anon is on or off, but just write whatever it is that you’ve always dreamed of telling him (of course hate messages will be removed)! 

Also - although no requirement - please reblog so other people can join in, you don’t have to follow me or whatevs, although I need your messages before 12e.m on friday (Swedish time).