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A partial transcript pulled from an as-yet unaired episode of Drunk History:

VN: Hello, I’m Vik–Viktor Nikiforov-Katsuki.

YN: And I’m Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki

VN: And we’ve had–we’ve both had a lot to drink. And tonight we’re going to talk about the–tonight, we’re going to talk about the Romanovs and the disappearance of Grand Duchess Anastasia.

[A pause as YN takes a sip of his drink.]

YN: When I was in college, I wrote a sixteen-page paper on this. Lessgo.

VN: And I’m Russian!

YN: Yes you are. I love you so much.

[Another pause, as VN and YN kiss and whisper something inaudible.]

YN: So anyway, the last Tzar of Russia was this guy named Nick…

Some small details in ch132
  • “Professor Hugues”



  • “Vicar Rathbone”



  • “Sam the shepherd”



  • “Fenian Cycle”




Sam the shepherd is most probably this old guy from ch63 and ch120

and his “grand-daughter” Rathbone mentioned in ch132 is probably this little girl from ch120 :)

(This month’s flashback happened 5-6 years ago, and this girl looks like 5-6yo, so she would definitely fit age-wise!)

which AU versions of midoriya izuku should you fight
  • p&p: debatable. your chances of winning are more reasonable than most, but your chances of having superpowered royals from at least three different countries on your ass afterward will skyrocket. proceed with caution.
  • but you gotta get up at least once more: i have never actually read this fic but i know enough about it to know that under no circumstances should you ever try to fight this midoriya. don't do it.
  • the thin gray line: you could give it a shot. no superpowers, but definitely a code of honor. if you fought him, he probably wouldn't hold a grudge. can't say the same for the local villains, though.
  • daymare: why. why would you want to fight starburst. his life is hard enough without you making him miserable, too. even disregarding his horrifying superpower, you would hurt him and he would be the one apologizing to you, and you would carry the weight of your sins for the rest of your life. worst of all is how disappointed kirishima would be with you. don't do it. there's nothing to gain.
  • my spirit academia: eh, go for it. he's not interested in attracting attention so in all likelihood you'd get away with it, and he needs some sense knocked into him anyway. fight him. maybe that'll get him to listen to reason.
  • erased potential: are you crazy? aizawa is practically his dad at this point, and you want to fight this boy? your funeral, buddy.
  • demolition lovers: you might actually be okay. you'd definitely lose, but he'd probably try not to hurt you too much. he'll only wreck you if you talk shit about shouto.
  • yesterday upon the stair: not advisable. he fights dirty, and the amount of dead people you'll have out for your blood isn't worth it. he's always up for a friendly spar, but any more than that and you'll risk getting on rei's bad side. fight him if you have to, but remember that you have no idea how long the dead hold grudges, or how long you have left to live.

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you are absolutely correct that snape is a miserable trash bag of a human and generally a bad, awful, inexcusably abusive person. but i think the reason that so many people do like him, is that he's a bad person, but he's a good character, y'know? he would probably be less interesting if he were less horrible, because his final choices wouldn't stand out as much. sorry for the discourse, just my two cents.

I kind of agree with this - I do like Snape as a character, I think he’s interesting, but a lot of the problem is how the narrative treated him. It’s not enough for the narrative to pull a ‘oh but he was a good person the whole time’ without examining the fact that he was generally awful to a lot of his students, especially Harry, Neville, and Hermione. The narrative seemed to treat it as though the fact that Snape loved Lily and tried to protect her as though it could redeem the years of abuse he put those kids through for no reason other than him having a grudge against other people and not being able to let go his past.

And, I mean, I can get him not being able to let go the fact that Sirius almost killed him, especially since everyone thought Sirius was a mass-murderer at that point. But that doesn’t excuse his behaviour towards a bunch of eleven to seventeen year olds, as a teacher he should have known better. And the narrative never seems to address the fact that he was a terrible person for six-odd books before we learned the full extent of the situation with Lily.

Not that, you know, the situation with Lily excuses any of his behaviour. She didn’t choose him for good reasons, because he called her the magical equivalent of a racist slur and started hanging out with a bunch of pureblood supremacists, I mean, I’d absolutely drop a friend if they started acting like that.

This…got rambly. Sorry, anon, none of this was directed at you as criticism. Tl;dr, Snape is an interesting character, but the narrative doesn’t really go enough into depth discussing how bad he is, and sometimes treats him as though the shit he’s been through mitigates how shitty he was to his students.



  • Magnus: Who's after me?
  • Yeah. It is.
  • Blitzen: They're after you.
  • You're a good man, Magnus. This is going to be awesome!
  • Annabeth: Unbelievable. I want to strangle him.
  • We'll talk more next time I see you.
  • Hearthstone: Hi.
  • Sounds fun, but we will see you tomorrow. Yes?
  • Alex: Point that rifle somewhere else, or I will wrap it around your neck like a bow tie.
  • This is good.
  • Samirah: Stop struggling!
  • Deal! Air hug.
  • TJ: How you doing?
  • Hmm, Turkish bathrobe.
  • Mallory: Again with the pig's head?
  • We're landing at Vigridr. The Last Battlefield. This is the place where we'll all die someday.
  • Halfborn: Five here. 'Course, Midgard hardly counts.
  • That's not even Midgard. If our ship followed the currents Naglfar would have taken, that means--
  • Loki: Death was an interesting choice, Magnus.
  • No! No, you wouldn't dare! I will never--
  • Amir: Jimmy, how's it going?
  • Our families are planning dinner together tonight. Right now. I didn't know if you would be free to--

I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

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Do you not see the problems with the anarchist ideology? There will always be humans who exploit others, and anarchy would give them free reign to do so. How would you suggest we combat crime in an ancom society when human nature is (sadly) one of self interest and greed. Equally, if everyone was rewarded the same amount for varying levels of work, wouldn't that just weed out ambition because what's the point in working hard if there's no reward. That in my mind would limit progress?

Honestly I always ignore these messages about “human nature,” because this is an absurdly overused argument that is just recycling the same talking points. Like, do you type this out without giving any thought to what “human nature,” actually means? 

Human nature is how people think, feel, and act - the way you people talk, you’d think that human nature isn’t an extremely complex thing that is reflective of the society one lives in. You guys will talk about human nature being so bad in a stateless society but turn around and support a society that gives certain people power over others. So what… this human nature argument does apply here? This hierarchy is supposed to lead to freedom, justice, and fairness? All of a sudden we don’t want to address that argument? 

As far as the next part to your question, this is another common argument that I find to be silly. Think back to when you were a kid and answering the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some children answer “doctor.” Now what’s their motivation behind that? Is it because they are searching for a big paycheck with spiffy benefits? Probably not. It’s because they want to help people. What about the kid who answers “painter?” It likely has to do with their passion for art. Now how does that get corrupted over time? We get taught that the ultimate goal for the future is monetary profit and how that contributes to our current society. 

So what happens when we eliminate the almighty dollar from the equation? Does everyone just abandon their dreams? Maybe some but for the most part, probably not. They’re going to pursue it based off of their passion for helping people or creating things or delving into the unknown, etc. We’re no longer looking at money being the ultimate goal which a lot of people can’t currently fathom because that idea is so ingrained in minds. Not everyone is going to abandon their dreams and goals and motivation to help people or create just because there’s no monetary incentive. 

Like, really think about it. If you were presented with the chance to do whatever you wanted, without any obstacles, what would you do? I always think back to my dad when this question comes up. Everyone has played the “if you won the lottery, would you still work/what would you do” question. My dad told me back then that he would quit his job immediately. He was a machinist who worked 6 days a week, 8-10 hours a day and he hated his job. But then he said he would go to college so he would become a history teacher because that was always his dream. So when presented with the option of never working again, he would have chose to pursue a different kind of work. A kind of work that appealed to him based off of passion, rather than money and I think that’s the kind of response we would primarily see in this type of society. 

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“good morning,” ned greeted catelyn seeing her begin to stir. he had been awake for a while and when he had been unable to lay in bed any longer, he had gotten up only to see that robb was awake as well. the two of them had been sitting on the window sill bench for the past twenty minutes, robb falling asleep against his chest again. while robb pressed against his healing wound sometimes when he breathed too deeply, ned ignored it, instead focusing on the fact that he could sit peacefully for a little while before they would be needed for the coronation in a few hours. 

glancing down, ned gently rubbed robb’s back as he shifted his drawn up legs gently to get the blood flowing in them again. after the wedding last night and the amount of people, it was nice to sit alone for a little while before they were forced to be around people again. “did you sleep well. my lady?”

Imagine helping prince!Hoshi find a good disguise so that he could use it to sneak out of the palace.

"Is that my sweater?" "That can't be legal." Reader x Jungkook + Namjoon (FT. Jimin)
  • Y/N: Are you guys good at anything?
  • JUNGKOOK: You mean other than at singing and dancing in perfect unison and harmony?
  • Y/N: Yeah.
  • NAMJOON: I can slow down my heartbeat to match my blinks.
  • Y/N: Hmm... Something not health detrimental.
  • JUNGKOOK: I can make a chocolate milkshake without any chocolate.
  • Y/N: That can't be legal. It's false advertisement.
  • JUNGKOOK: But for a good cause. You get to taste all the chocolate without the calories.
  • NAMJOON: Okay..part of me want to keep talking about Jungkook's chocolateless chocolate milkshakes but first I would like to know, why are you asking us this?
  • Y/N: I'm have to write an essay based on a friend and I'm trying to figure out which one of you is the most interesting.
  • NAMJOON: Obviously me. People literally call me Kim Smartjoon.
  • JUNGKOOK: Being smart has nothing to do with being interesting. You've got to have a cool tendencies. Sometimes I miss my stop on the bus because I just get so lost in the music that I'm listening to and I end up walking home.
  • Y/N: I did that once! Except I wasn't on a bus and I listening to NPR and I ended up at the zoo.
  • NAMJOON: Well if you're going to write about me, you should write about the time that I proved my "Slumber Study Theory".
  • Y/N: Oh! Now that sounds interesting! What is it?
  • NAMJOON: I basically proved my hypothesis to be correct when I placed a piece of academic literature beneath my place of rest and then proceeded to--
  • JUNGKOOK: --He didn't study for a test and slept with a textbook under his pillow, AND HE FAILED!
  • Y/N: Wait, you predicted it wouldn't work?
  • NAMJOON: I told you they call me Kim Smartjoon.
  • Jimin walks in.
  • JIMIN: Hey guys.
  • JUNGKOOK: Is that my sweater?
  • JIMIN: Yeah. I burrowed it to go on my walk.
  • Y/N: You go on walks?
  • JIMIN: Yeah. Sometimes I just like to wander around, listening to the music of the trees and thinking about how I can solve life's 'What if's" and prove my theories.
  • Y/N: That sounds interesting to me! Jimin, how would you like to be the subject of my essay.
  • JIMIN: I would love to!
  • Y/N and Jimin skip out of the room. Namjoon and Jungkook scoff and sit in silence until;
  • NAMJOON: So can I get one of those milkshakes?
  • ~Armygirl

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Listen if I watched this interview knowing nothing I wouldn't know much about Harry's life or likes or interests. But I would know he loves music, and loves the other boys, and loves his fans, and believes in equality and is overall a good human

Amen amen

“I also don’t know if i would ever take a fruit, or what would happen with me in my future… So I’ll answer you this ask, but i will do it using logic and strategy, more than my own personal taste.

If I was to do a group of people just for the likings, I’d be doing my own personal Harem, instead of looking for a cook or shipwright that are competent enough to survive in the New World…”

“I’ll add to this my own personal rules as well: No Mugiwaras.. and no Shichibukai can be chosen…

That’d be cheating… I’d obviously take Nami and franky… and Sanji, due to their competence in their jobs.“

“I wouldn’t take an Akuma, because too many of the selected crew already have one… And i’d rather have a proper number of people able to swim to rescue those who can’t.”

“I’ve got 2 Logias 1 Zoan and the rest are Paramecia.
I tried to look for all main jobs… Doctor - Cook - Navigator - Shipwright.

I also made sure to have Gyojin or Merfolk in the group, to have an advantage in water… as well as Flying users.

If i wouldn’t be trying to make a proper team, and just taking those I’d rather have as nakamas, I’d be taking other people,mostly.”