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No matter how many panels of genji and mercy kissing or how many voice lines they have together because of chu it will never feel real or make sense. It can't erase the fact that mercy and pharah were basically made to work perfectly together. Making gen////cey feel so forced that I don't think anyone will really ever feel like its truly great writing

I just…can’t see any kind of chemistry?
like neither in the fanarts or fanfics or comics they have that have crossed my dash. There was 0 chemistry between them

also yeah Pharah and Mercy were made to be together

yo hi *pat pat the mic* is this thing on? *clears throat* um so,, this is like a psa 📢 to my followers and mutuals i promise i don’t bite :) haha :) come talk to me, as far as i know my ask box works perfectly so like *clears throat* leave a message you know, i wanna be like friends with you all so, um, yes, come talk to me i promise i know how to reply to asks, ok, that’s it bye *walks away* *stumbles* *smiles awkwardly* *leaves the fuck out of here* *jk comes back and waits for interaction to be made*


Show of hands: how many of you cheated on this puzzle like i did

Updated & Fixed Matresses For Bunk Beds (RE - DOWNLOAD)

For those of you who were no longer able to use my bunk beds, I have updated the mattresses for you. They only come in the standard quilted colours like before. Now has Comfort 10, Energy 10, Stress relief & discomfort relief! They are also updated to work with the monster under the bed.

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A spell to make someone think of you.

I found this spell awhile ago and, after adding my own twists to it, used it previously to attract someone and it worked perfectly. So I have decided to share it with all of you in case anyone was looking for a working attraction spell.

First, set out a dish in front of you. Make a small pile of salt in the dish.

Recite this spell over the salt:

It is not salt I set to fire, but the heart of the one I seek;

let them have no peace of mind until they come to me.

In the spell, replace words like ‘one’, ‘them’, and ‘they’ with that person’s respected gender/pronouns if needed. Think of them whilst saying it.

Optional: Memorizing the spell and repeating it in your head throughout the day whilst thinking of your individual could make it more powerful or fast acting.


This is my last call
for things to get better.
I can’t breathe at all…

Like a ghost with no soul
Like a heart with no beat
You’re claiming control
unable to see
Like a demon in the dark
Like a force with no release
You’re claiming control
but you’re always telling me

I’m too broken to be fixed
I’m too numb to feel the pain
Too blind to see the truth
I’m too weak to walk away

But I’m finding strength
I’m finding strength
I’m finding strength
in the arms of someone else.


despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

‘look at this world Zim, Have you ever seen any place more beautiful that these nature wonders? Have you ever seen so many nature working so perfectly?’
sorry for my hiatuss baes! It’s been a rough period of time in this 2 months xD sigh~ drawing zim and motorcycles relaxes me way better that any massage or mantra ♡ thank you so much for your support. you make my life full of colors ♡

Today, I fucked up... by falling asleep on my girlfriend’s couch

When I was in high school years ago, my girlfriend and I would often fool around on the couch in her parents living room. Her parents would always go upstairs to watch TV in the evening, so this worked out perfectly for us. During this one particular evening, we both ended up falling asleep with half our clothes off (unintentionally) and slept right through until the morning. I was shocked to wake up the next morning to the sound of her Dad’s footsteps upstairs. I threw my clothes on in record time and tried to run out of the house but that plan did not succeed. I did make it as far as the front door just as her Dad was coming down the stairs. Her Dad is clearly surprised to see me. He slowly says to me: “Oh, hello, what are you doing here?” OK, it was 5:30 in the morning, so this is what comes out of my mouth. I say: “Oh, hi Mr. Jones, I’m just going out fishing for the day, and thought I would come say hello to Susan first.” To my great astonishment, HE BUYS THIS EXPLANATION. He smiles, wishes me good luck fishing, and goes to read the morning paper. Susan told me that years later she told her Mom this story, and the two of them still laugh at her Dad for falling for this.

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“You’re dreaming. You know that, don’t you?”


Okay so this was going to be straight up smut but I have had an emotional goddamn day so I ended up getting all mushy at the end (which actually worked out perfectly to also satisfy a request for aftercare so hey) but, anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

- Jack traces over the lines of Mark’s tattoos when they’re lying together in bed, admiring how the art accentuates the definition of his gorgeous body. He leaves trails of kisses over the ink, using it to easily memorize and find every one of Mark’s sweet spots.

- Mark loves to tease Jack, grabbing him by the belt loops to pull their bodies tightly against one another. He leans forward just enough to let their lips brush lightly against one another, the cold metal of Mark’s lip ring sending shivers through Jack’s entire body. One of his hands, snakes around Jack’s waist while the other travels upward, fingers tangling in his mint green hair. The moment Jack tries to move forward, to close the minuscule gap between their mouths, Mark tighten’s his grip and pulls his head back roughly, exposing Jack’s neck.

- Sometimes, Jack likes to wear oversized sweaters…just oversized sweaters. His toned legs peeking out, hands consumed by the enormous sleeves, collarbones and shoulders exposed by the wide neckline, it’s all too much for Mark. He approaches Jack as he’s making coffee, pressing his body up against the younger’s so that he can feel Mark’s growing erection through the thick material. Minutes later, Mark is bouncing Jack up and down on his cock, the hem of his sweater between his teeth to keep it out of the way. It’s beautiful the way he can still blush and fall apart with every one of Mark’s movements, even when he’s on top.

- Things tend to get rough in bed. Mark usually walks away with scratch marks running from the nape of his neck to the base of his back, bite barks and hickeys littering his shoulders, and crescent indents where Jack gripped just a little too hard as he came for the third time. But, honestly, that’s nothing compared to what he’s capable of doing to Jack. Mark throws Jack around like a rag doll, grabbing and holding hard enough to leave deep bruises that last for days. His love bites have been known to draw blood on more than one occasion, and his hair pulling leaves a ringing in Jacks ears and a pounding in his head. And Jack fucking loves it. He dares Mark to go further, encouraging him to tie him up, slap him around, choke him, pound into him harder. “I want you to fuck me into a goddamn coma”

- And after all that, Mark always makes sure to care for Jack. He brushes the hair out of his face, pressing a tender kiss to his forehead, regardless of how sticky and sweaty it may be. He picks him up gently and carries him to the bathroom, sitting him on the edge of the tub while he runs a bath before climbing in alongside Jack. They lazily play with the bubbles, cuddling and kissing while surrounded by candle light and quiet music. Usually they’ll talk, giggling as they reminisce or discussing the latest news in gaming, but, sometimes, Jack likes let it go quiet. If he just lays there, head resting against Mark’s tattooed chest, not saying a word, Mark starts to hum along to the music. And those moments, lying there with Mark and feeling the vibrations of his voice move through his body, those moments are some of his favorite.

Bullet Journal : Last Week Of The Year ;

• It’s the end of the year and i decided to post my bullet journal for the first time and im gonna try post more of these next year too cuz i really love doing them and inspiring people to start doing theirs. 
• I love planning my weeks and i enjoy doing it . I enjoy handwriting and drawing in my free time so everything worksout just perfectly . Journaling calms me down and makes me feel organized and i loveee feeling organized . 
I hope youll enjoy my post and get inspired from it ♥

So I’m actually the customer here but like I guess it’s a fuck other customers story???

Basically I’ve worked in several different retail stores for years now one of which requires pants to be folded so specifically and precisely it was horrible but whatever.

Well I’m in a certain alternative pop culture store and im looking at one of the many shirts on their Tshirt wall because I didn’t see the print on the wall and one of the sales people came up to me after i pulled out the shirt to presumably help me and or put it away, well I’m talking to her telling her I’m looking for a present for my friend and as I’m doing this I’m folding the shirt and placing it back in the pile.

Well this lovely girl and probably tortured soul realized what I did looked at me incredulously and asked if I worked there because it was folded so perfectly. I was like no but I’ve worked in retail and the fold lines are pretty clear. She looked ready to cry and basically said people usually just make it worse or pull out half the pile looking for a shirt and my pile looked like t hadn’t even been touched. She also told me I was one of the nicest people she’s met that day.

So like fuck other customers I guess