but it works for the tone

Mayan Astrology Basics

In Mayan Astrology there is the Birth Glyph which is somewhat like a Zodiac Sign, it focuses on growth, transformations, and life lessons.

There’s Day Signs which parallels with Birth Glyphs in meaning but concentrates on the personality and life purpose more.

There is the Trecena which is like a Moon Sign and explores your deeper self. Meanings and symbols seem to cross over from Day Glyphs to Trecenas. 

In Mayan Astrology each person has Signs and Influences in A Life Tree which works similarly to a Birth Chart.

Each person has a Galactic Tone, you could maybe compare this to numerology. This number shows how you are connected to the divine and sheds more light on your own personal life mission.

In Mayan Astrology each person has a Past Sign and Destiny Sign. The Past Sign describes your childhood and influences you when you are young. Your Destiny Sign is a guide into growth and maturity.

There is a Female and Male Sign. The Female describes passive traits that rarely come to the surface. The Female Sign’s traits come out in personal relationships, reminds me of Venus and Mars. The Male traits are obvious and active. The Male Sign is a lot like your Rising, the traits you show to the world.

Mayan Astrology (much like the Chinese Zodiac) has a Sign for groups of Years.

There are The Lords of the Night which describes your hidden self, much like the 12th House. Very little is known about The Lords of The Night.

Everyone has a Tzolkin Birthday which is a day each year that is your “spiritual birthday”. This is a day where your energy is fully active.

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I miss how SU's plot seemed to be actually planned and not some fanfic tier bullshit that was made up on the spot? Like how the red eye was actually peridot checking up on the Cluster or the entire malachite arc. But now its just a very shitty slice of life cartoon about being liberals

tbh? it doesn’t help that the writers antagonize fans who criticize their work and mock them for any criticism they might make making this show a straight up clusterfuck with poor pacing, bad characterization and a confusing tone.

so its like, i respect fans who believe the show can improve but the writers are so far up their asses that it seems unlikely :^/

Richonne Head Canon Bingo

44. Who calls up the landlord when the heat’s not working?

“Are you going to fix it, or am I?”

“I wouldn’t know how to,” he replied lazily from where he lay. “’Sides, we shouldn’t mess around with it.”  

“So, does that mean you’re going to call the landlord?” raising her eyebrows as she dials the number anyway. Rick answers her with a noncommittal noise as he turns his head back into the pillow, and she hits call before burying her cold fingers back in her pocket.

The tone rings on unanswered three times when she’s caught off-guard, feeling a hand gently touching her waist, another pushing her hair away from her neck – she feels the biting cold there, until he brings his lips to the curve of her neck. If someone does pick up at the other end of the line, she doesn’t notice.

“There are other ways to get warm, ‘chonne.”

(written by @lnshrr)

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 23/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 22

“Hey, what are you thinking about?”  

You smiled at the soothing tone of Steve’s voice and rolled over to face him, and despite being next to each other in the same bed again, it was still obvious that the two of you were maintaining a space between you.  In the last few weeks, after finally reaching an understanding with Tony, you and Steve began the work on your relationship again with a renewed purpose to move forward; with the kids back at the compound after their own journey to learn how to cope, the two of you were now taking the time away and doing the same.  

“You,” you hummed softly in reply.

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You know what I miss? When Pixar had the 3D animation and Disney had the 2D covered.

I miss traditional animation so much. I watched Rescuers Down Under yesterday and was so wowed by how pretty it was and how expressive the characters were. Joanna, being a character that doesn’t speak, uses her face an gestures to show how she’s feeling and it comes out so perfect.

With what Disney is doing now you don’t get those exaggerated faces anymore and I honestly think the color tones are really “bleh” looking even if they’re good films like Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, and Zootopia.

Animation also tends to sometimes take risk with styles that I don’t see with 3D. Like Ernest and Celeste had more of a “washed out” look to match the book illustrations and it really worked for it.

Song of the Sea and Secret of the Kells had a GORGEOUS color pallet and the animation would wow anyone. Seriously, Disney needs to take notes and stop getting by on their name alone.

2D animation doesn’t have to be dead! It isn’t outdated! 


Finished up a few commissions for the Eros suit lately! Between making them I also worked on one for a young Viktor cosplay, as I really wanted to do this at some point ;W; 

I made two versions of the suit, one with silver foil lycra under the net, and one with flesh tone lycra under the net (the one I’m wearing is the flesh tone version)  I also experimented some different techniques with the gems on this one using the silver foil lycra instead of hologram lycra to see how they looked and happy with the results so far! Gonna try cast them in water clear resin though if I get time in the future. I managed to style the wig into a high ponytail without too many bumps in the wig! Gonna touch it up a bit though for next time I wear it as it is a little heavy :) 

top photo by Alex K

Young Viktor- Costume made & worn by me

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Heyyyyyy ghost momma. Can I get some advice? So I have a problem with drawing people with different body types and people of different races. I just feel like I'm going to offend someone. Help?

references are ur friend buddyyyyy

just google what it is you wanna draw, maybe even trace (for practice of course, not for finished works) any pictures that are accurate to what you wanna draw because you’ll often pick up on things you wouldn’t have even noticed, and just. practice. ye ye ey eeyey eyey yey eey  ye also for skin tones u can use a color picker 

First Sentence Writing Prompt: 04

An anon asked me to do all the prompts on this list. So here we go! 

04. Why is it suddenly purple?

Titel: The Little Things

“Why is it suddenly purple?”

Bernie looked up from her book as Serena walked into their bedroom, phone tucked under her ear as she began to take off her jewellery. Just by the tone of Serena’s voice, she knew it was the other woman’s daughter on the other end of the phone.

“And why were you dying it grey in the first place?”

Bernie continued to watch her girlfriend was an amused smile. They hadn’t really seen much of each other in a few days, their schedules on AAU meant they only passed each other as they started and ended their shifts. This marked the first night neither of them had to work for almost a week. As she watched Serena begin to unfasten the buttons on her shirt, Bernie’s body reminded her of what she’d been craving all week. As much as she had come to love Ellie, she wished she’d let her mother off the phone.

Despite what her body wanted, Bernie couldn’t deny that she loved to watch Serena when she was preoccupied. She liked to observe all the small things that people tended to miss during everyday life. The way she titled her head when she was trying not to laugh, the way she fiddled with her necklace when she needed a caffeine fix or the way she rubbed at the back of her neck when she was tired - just as she was doing now. She loved to watch her take off her makeup, revealing her glorious soft skin and her rosy cheeks. Serena hated it but Bernie loved seeing her freckles. She was mesmerised when she ran a brush through her hair and it never failed to spark a longing to run her hands through her hair.

“I’ll take you into town to get a haircut first thing in the morning,” Serena smiled. “I promise. Alright darling, good night.” She put her phone down and turned to look at Bernie with a smile.

The thing that Bernie loved the most about her girlfriend was how her face lit up when they saw each other. She’d never had anyone look at her the way Serena did every single day.

“Hello,” Serena said as she made her way toward the bed.

“Hello,” Bernie said as she put down her book and opened for her arms for Serena to snuggle into her.

Berena fluff! 

If anyone has any other prompts then feel free to ask. I’m still accepting even though I’m working my way through this giant list! I’ve got quite a few waiting to be done but I’ll get to them eventually :) 

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I think S4 we'll get more Iris West reporting and working with Flash. (At least that's what I hope). I sense that they're going to tone down Team Flash. I think Caitlin/Killer Frost will be at large. Iris' career better be a bigger part of the crossover in 2018.

I certainly hope the writers realize that the Team Flash dynamic, while fun in the first season, is hindering the story and most especially the development of each individual character.


It’s carnival time in Germany and because it’s still rather chilly outside I chose to dress up as something that wears a coat ^w^ 

It’s a little improved version of my Female!Remus cosplay and it’s also a partner cosplay because my wig has the same color as my dog so he’s my little werewolf form ;) I had to tone it down with the scars a bit because I also wore it to work and I didn’t want to scare the parents.

Also, first time I’ve used a contouring kit so I was a bit too careful and you barely see anything TT^TT 

For the scars I used eyeliner pencils of different colors and Collodion. 

Ok, maybe I’m reading way too much into that classicaloid episode, but I don’t know if Mozart is going to return?
I mean, it makes sense with the tone and gravity of the episode, especially the final minutes. Like, i got the feeling that he was moving on and saying goodbye to everything he had known? The symphony no 25 is in G, which represents sadness in Mozart’s work, so I got the impression that he was bidding farewell or something?
And I didn’t see him in next week’s preview…
I am so worried. Did anyone else get this feeling or is it just me??

Tip #32


  • Cup of (green) tea
  • Cup of coffee
  • Get distracted by tumblr
  • Get distracted by anything eg. put a movie on, work out etc.
  • Hang out with your friends instead of staying at home where temptations are
  • Go to bed early
  • Sip on water - small sips make you forget about your cravings
  • Chewing gum or brush your teeth - nothing tastes more nasty than food that isn’t supposed to be minty
  • Do homework
  • Discipline yourself and don’t give in