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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Kittypatch - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/10
Fandom: Bandom, Fall Out Boy
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz
Characters: Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Gerard Way, Gabe Saporta, Victoria Asher, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Frank Iero
Additional Tags: Soul Punk Era Patrick Stump, Alternate Universe - Hollywood, Sasstrick, Power Bottom Patrick, Lingerie, Explicit Sexual Content, Opposites Attract, Humor, Hook-Up, Stalking, Public Blow Jobs, Power Play

Hollywood AU. Patrick was the talent agent of an actor’s dream, or possibly, their nightmare. Sanctimonious actors that thought they were above all the work his ass put in for them were the bane of his goddamn existence.

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Compilation doodles + Name explanations for the OC kids in the YOI Future!verse ABO AU

^ Literally the above, because I thought WAY too hard about these for legit months (the twins were conceived in my mind back in DECEMBER and Arisa in January >.>;;) and I want to rant about my reasoning for all of them. :P


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and the above are their kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.




DISCLAIMER: I don’t know any Russian or Thai and my info comes from not-so-trustworthy Google-sensei though I did my best to triple check from multiple sources including non-English ^ ^; I am however native and fluent in both Japanese and English and also consulted a Japanese linguist regarding my kanji choices ^ ^; If I made any mistakes please be gentle, and also understanding that this is a low-stress self-indulgent near-crack AU >.>;;;

Onwards! vvv

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SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017

Are you evil? Like cackling-like-crazy-when-you-can-make-people-cry-over-a-fic evil? 

Do you secretly take pleasure in putting your reader and characters through literal hell? Do you love tearing people to shreds, ending relationships, killing characters bloody? Yeah us too!

Angst is hard to write. It is plot driven and you have to know your characters well to really make people feel what they are feeling. Angst is an underappreciated skill or at least so we think. That is why we have decided to host Angst Appreciation Day.

June 23rd we want to flood tumblr with heart wrenching angst. We want laptops to drown in the tears of the readers. We want to break hearts and cackle while doing so. Who’s with us?

If you love writing angst. If you love making angsty aesthetics. If you love making angsty videos - this is the day for you.

If you are an artist you can make:


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All fics must be posted on June 23rd. Don’t worry about timezones though. If it is June 23rd where you are it goes.

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All pairings, ships, reader inserts, OCs are welcome - it has to be for the SPN Fandom though.

Actor fics are welcome. AUs are welcome. SPN verse character fics are welcome. Anything goes here people.


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Got tagged in one of these and was curious to see how many I could find. Never really looked before, but there’s a bunch it seems! Thanks so much for the love. Even though I’m mostly tied up with commercial work these days, it’s humbling to remember where it all started, here on Tumblr and Instagram, making art for all of you.

If you’ve got pics of you in the sweater send them my way and I’ll post them up, and if you’re in the post above, let me know so I can tag you. For anyone still listening, thank you!

anonymous asked:

some fic recs above 100k?

100k+ Larry Fic Rec

To find even more works that are 100k+ please refer to this list of basic fandom must reads. Those works will not be repeated on this list. The works on this list are all works I have read and they will be ordered by length, the shortest starting at 100k, the longest being 286k.

Resist Everything Except Temptation

The one where Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when he is captured.

Through Eerie Chaos

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

Wings to Break Your Fall

Strip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.

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Welcome to Bokuroo Week 2017 : April 1 - April 7

  • Saturday, April 1: Beginnings & Endings
  • Sunday, April 2: Inside Jokes
  • Monday, April 3: Moon & Stars
  • Tuesday, April 4: Improvising
  • Wednesday, April 5: Neon Lights
  • Thursday, April 6: Transportation
  • Friday, April 7: Tshirt

Bokuroo week is a seven (7) day event dedicated to celebrating the romantic ship of Bokuto / Kuroo by creating and sharing content of them here on tumblr. Any form of content is welcomed including but not limited to: fanart, fanfic, AMVs, fanmixes, gifs/photosets/graphics, cosplay, jewelry making, food, and anything else you could think of! Everyone is encouraged to participate, and participants can interpret the themes above as loosely or as literally as they please, all the mod asks that the content be related to Bokuroo. 

The mod also asks that everyone does not under any circumstances steal or repost another’s work, with or without credit to the original poster, without receiving prior and expressed permission to do so. 

For those participating please tag your posts using the tags “Bokuroo Week” or “Bokuroo Week 2017” so that people and the mod can find them and reblog them! Please tag triggers as well as nsfw if it’s applicable to your work. For those who are unable or wish not to participate please reblog this and spread the word so that people do not miss out!

For more information, please visit the FAQ. 

anonymous asked:

i've been wondering a lot about hoseok and his dance background lately. do you know when he started dancing, what style he started with and which style of dance he has most experience with? also what dance style would you classify boy meets evil as? (sidenote: dance style of lie?) i'm bombarding you bc i know you have some experience in dancing haha sorry 1/ ~F

Also, I often see people saying that hoseok’s only good at street dance/popping and isn’t a versatile dancer (often when they compare him to jimin) but im just???? Yeah it’s true that hoseok hasn’t shown as wide a range of styles as jimin has but that doesn’t mean he’s not a versatile dancer??? 2/ ~F

Sometimes (esp during group dances), he doesn’t show his full potential; however, you can’t say that it’s his limit because he’s not /trying/ to outshine the others. Similar to that, if he isn’t showing you the whole range of dances he can perform, how can you say he’s bad? (I feel like this analogy is confusing. Feel free to ignore rip) Also, were these people sleeping during the spring day choreo or… ???? 3/ ~F

ANON you will not believe the noise i just made when i saw these messages in my inbox !!!!! i’d love to answer your questions fpasdlgh. just a heads up that this is gonna be long; i’m sorry, i talk a lot and don’t know when to shut up & also like listening to my own (metaphorical) voice too much sometimes

1. hoseok’s been dancing since freshman (?) year of high school and started out with street (x) while this is a considered a short time for professional dancers, i’m only exposed to classical art forms, so i’m unsure how that factors into this style (´~`ヾ) and yes, that means this is the base of his technique !

2. i would classify BME as 100% hip hop/street. although they can be seen as widely different genres, it’s a popular style that’s taken off these past few years in the dance community. it’s got street elements in it, but it’s more controlled, more polished. (also: yeah idk what “lie” is………..urban lyrical pseudo contemporary with modern influences?????????? lmao at this point hip hop has grown so much i’d just call it that)

3. fam i’m in the same boat as you! hoseok is a very versatile dancer :o he can adapt to many different styles, given that they’re not asking him to start doing fouettes or something.

  • his main style
  • a subgenre of street called “bounce” although they are both “street”, each subgenre is really different from each other & it’s not easy to pick one up. here, you can see the difference between hoseok and jimin during practice. hoseok goes deeper, lower, lighter, smoother, etc. his arms come up to near his chin when he lunges to the front & there’s no part of the combo where he’s simply arrived @ a position and then stays there; he’s always moving, always milking every step, always engaged 
  • butterfly here, his musically is really strong bc he utilizes every part of his body in order to fill up the counts. you can really see the movement going thru every single muscle: the way his chest caves in, the shoulders, the hands, his head, the fluidity of his arms. as a dancer, you want every single action to be deliberate. you need control of even your fingers in order to constantly extend energy outwards, and hoseok takes that into account
  • arirang medley
  • perfect man (aka my life) is killer bc of the required speed/stamina; there is no break in this piece. if you get off you can’t get back in lmao and you can clearly see some members struggling with to stay on time with the footwork
  • am i wrong
  • spring day i 100% agree with what you’re saying about this piece !!!! there is so much going on here, and after watching all the individual fancams i wanna say that both he and jimin are the ones who shine the most consistently thru the entire dance.

    the slide to the ground? hoseok jumps the highest, gets the most airtime. the roll up from the floor? he really pushes himself and utilizes his back flexibility & holds his core in order to make sure that his head is the last thing that comes up. i was pleasantly surprised to see him tackle this choreography, esp the move i just mentioned, just to see how he’d do. he really pushed himself with this piece, and i’m glad he got the chance to grow as a dancer; probably with help from jimin, as this is more his department.

    the only qualm i have with him is during the wedge part where their left legs are going in & out, he needs to start pulling his left side over more …… he’s no longer square by like? the second step out n his ribs are reallllly swinging open fpfahdgt it’s kinda bothering me lol CLOSE UR RIBCAGE HOSEOK !!!!! i know u can do it

despite all of these pieces being different styles, you can tell that hoseok constantly strives to take the extra step above & beyond. he’s always looking for places where he can add Something More to the piece, even when it’s not given explicitly in the choreography. he gives it his All in hype dances, and that’s what made him stand out to me from the rest.

4. yes yes yes yes yes,,,, thank you for pointing that out! some people shit on hoseok’s dance king title because he doesn’t seem to stick out during groupwork and i’m here to tell you that 1) that’s utter bullshit lmao go ahead and watch all the solo fancams i assure you that he is Up There (debatable for certain dances, but he holds top 1 for fire & bst, no question) and 2) he might not go full out bc he’s dancing in a group.

what some fans forget is that he is part of a group, and the whole point when you’re part of a group is that you “take one for the team” and don’t treat it like a solo; you’re not supposed to stick out. even dance line 2.0 (namjin) don’t draw negative attention bc they bust their asses in order to keep up with the rest of the group !!!!!! BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK OUT !!!!!

the whole point is that ur a cohesive unit doing one thing !!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to look the same !!!!!!! like…………if you’re really on balance during a performance, you’re not going to do six pirouettes. you finish the double like the rest of the corps, and you book it to your next step. groups thrive in unity, and if you can’t even give that up in order to get your limelight, then i’m sorry: you don’t deserve a solo.

this is why professionals always start out in the corps to prove that they can work well with others, handle the roles given to them, dance as a collective, and then use their work ethic/diligence to stand out during classes & rehearsals to show the artistic director that they’re ready to be promoted to a higher ranking. you demonstrate that you can handle a group environment before anything else 

hoseok doesn’t outshine the others because that’s not his job, and that is not what he is there to do. he is purposefully coexisting with the group in order to make the dance look & feel cleaner

5. kinda going off the fourth point: i agree, once again. he still showcases that he’s pushing himself, but not to the point where he purposely outshines the others. the discipline that comes with purposeful restraint is often overlooked, and i would never slander a dancer for doing so. if i know how far someone’s able to go, i can also appreciate how far they reign themselves in.

ofc, there’s the rare moment when hoseok Really lets loose like the iconic extended choreo for fire during MAMA 16 and you can see how much farther/harder/faster/stronger/full out he’s going compared to the rest of the group. there was a comment that remarked how he made the rest of bts look like his backup dancers, and i can’t agree more. lol i ain’t even biased, just watch from 4:43 onward.

when he jumps, he jumps higher than the others. when he turns his knees in, his feet are spread farther apart than the rest of the members, even though the choreo is fast and the wider your stance is, the slower you’re able to move. he makes every step clear. it’s precise, it’s sharp. his arms move quick, but they hit every position. there is no perceived rush that comes with not knowing what’s coming next or being late

the usage of his head, the ability to go move so fast but still remain fluid (rolling through his chest, loose shoulders, placed arms), jumping farther, traveling more, generally taking up more space than the others w his limbs, making things look incredibly energetic, are all key factors that put him up on another level. yes, someone can move their head, but hoseok moves it further, yes, someone can kick their leg out, but hoseok kicks his further (even so that it’s no longer within his center of balance, and i genuinely fear for him)

not to mention!!! 9 minutes into killer choreography and he is still slaying the facials. his charisma is off the charts, and it’s clear that he’s having so much fun???? he engages the audience with his expressions & isn’t afraid to use it to work the crowd, which is something i’m missing from others bc (as with all dancers) they sometimes get caught up too much with technique instead of performance. also his stage-to-audience connection is Insane. it’s so hard to do it right w/o looking like you’re staring someone down or alienating them, so basically

the ability to keep up/go beyond with fast choreo while also making it engaging thru stage presence is incredibly difficult and is another factor that puts hoseok above the rest of bts in dance



All fanworks may be in the form of art, fiction, graphics, meta, cosplay, and more. Sky is the limit! Anyone who likes AkaKuro is encouraged to participate and showcase their creative talents!

Various prompts have been selected for – but are not limited to – the following dates:

DAY 1 (April 11*) - High School AkaKuro Day
Decadence | Home | Normalcy
Bonus: “Welcome back.”

DAY 2 (April 12)
Resurface | Soundproof | Leisure
Bonus: “Breathe easy now.”

DAY 3 (April 13)
Irony | Rebellion | Acceptance
Bonus: “It’s your win.”

DAY 4 (April 14)
Mediation | Probability | Judgment
Bonus: “At one point, I thought he was god.”

DAY 5 (April 15*) - Teiko AkaKuro Day
Transience | Exchange | Mirage
Bonus: “You didn’t forget, did you?”

DAY 6 (April 16)
Temptation | Wayward | Noise
Bonus: “Here we go again.”

DAY 7 (April 17)
Alternate Universe (FREE DAY)

While it is not mandatory to follow the above, there will be a special surprise for the participant who utilizes and interprets the prompts in the most creative way. Those who complete all seven days will also receive a special shout-out!

All posts tagged with #AkaKuroWeek2017 will be reblogged within the period of the event. If preferred, you may also submit your work to us at any time.


For more information, you may refer to the rules or contact us for inquiries.

Into The West (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Have some older Damian angst my dudes! Based on the song Into The West, which is featured in Lord of the Rings and will 100% make a lot of you cry. Sorry I haven’t been updating lately! I’m still here! Worry not! This one’s in third person, I just thought it worked better that way. Damian is 16-17! Listen to it as you read! Seriously, it’s amazing! It’s performed by Annie Lennox.

Warning: Angst, sickness, sadness

Request: Damian angst please!

Tagging: @solis200213 @pinkwitch21 @tigeragathe @gokusanfan @just-a-girl-maybe @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @holywinchesterness @battybe-my-writing @neverlandprincessjaz

She was dying. It was an undeniable truth that Damian refused to face. But it had become harder for him to pretend that everything was fine whenever he looked her in the eye. Because her spark was gone. Her eyes that were once so full of life and full of love now carried a grim tiredness, and above all else a sense of acceptance that made him sick. He could see her skin growing pale and her presence growing weak. He saw the way her fingers trembled and the way her eyes always seemed to be looking beyond, as if part of her had already died. He wondered what she saw when she seemed to stare off into a different state of being. What she saw when she seemed to stare into the distance.

She was living permanently in Titans Tower now, in some futile attempt to prolong her life, and Damian stayed with her, because despite how much he wished he could deny it, her days were numbered. His lover’s life was coming to an end.

He sat with her now, sitting on the sofa in the common area of the tower. She held a book in trembling hands, and watching the effort it took her to even turn the pages made his heart wrench.

His eyes watered as he watched her. He could see the life slipping away from her as if it were some tangible thing. His breath caught in his throat and he forced himself to look away, as if looking away would somehow keep his mind from wandering. He remembered how just three months ago she’d been happy and vibrant. He remembered the pit he’d felt in his stomach when he’d first found out. He remembered how determined she’d been to make the most of her situation and he remembered what it felt like to watch her grow weary of living.

“Why are you crying?” she asked him softly, the book falling down to her lap.

He looked over at her with wide eyes, reaching a tentative hand up to the side of his face. His touch was met with hot tears, and he hurried to wipe them away, but then he took in her hushed tone and the sadness in her eyes and more tears came to replace them.

“I- I-”

“I’ve had a strange feeling lately,” she admitted as he failed to articulate, staring down into her lap. “I’m not going to last much longer. I can feel it.” Her voice was quaking slightly, her volume just barely a whisper.

“Beloved,” he started, barely managing to keep himself from choking around the lump in his throat. “Do not- Do not say such things.”

She shrugged, continuing to look down vacantly. When she looked up, and her eyes met his, chills ran slowly down his spine.

He could see it in her eyes that she wanted the end to come. He see it in her eyes the slow and subtle suffering she’d been enduring. It was palpable. The air hung heavy with an unspoken, sorrowful, bitter understanding.

The rest of the night passed in mournful and awkward silence until she asked Damian to help her get to bed.

He nodded solemnly, rising and walking over to her to help her up. The walk to their room was painfully slow and halfway there, Damian gave up leading her and scooped her up into his arms. She was light. Far too light. He reached their room and set her gently down on the bed before helping her get ready to sleep. He crawled under the covers next to her, pulling her close.

The next day seemed to pass with much of the same mournfulness, and there he sat again that evening, by her side as she read. He could see that her hands were shaking far too much for any of the words on the page to be legible and let out a long sigh.

“Damian?” she asked him, pulling him from his thoughts.

“Hm?” he hummed in response, looking over at him.

“Can you- Can you take me to the roof?”

He knew what her request was without asking, and his breath caught in his throat. He saw the look in her eye. He knew. He nodded silently, walking over to her and picking her up bridal style.

He carried her up to the roof, stopping and sitting down just before the edge, holding her in his lap and running a gentle hand through her hair.

They were looking out across the bay, as the sun set over the harbor, casting an orange glow across the water. The clouds rolled in thin stripes across the sky, absorbing the pale orange and purples of the sunset.

He looked down at her, fighting back tears as the sun cast a golden glow across her face.

Tears streamed down her face as she looked out at the horizon from his arms. She let out tiny shaking gasps.

“Why do you weep?” Damian asked, wiping the tears away with his thumb.

“I don’t want to go,” she whispered, looking up at him, the fear she’d been fighting for all those months finally manifesting in her eyes.

“All your fears will pass, beloved. You are merely sleeping,” he murmured, smiling down at her brokenly. “You are being carried home.”

She shifted her gaze back to the sunset, which had gone from fiery orange to pale lilac as the moon rose over the water, casting it’s silver reflection across the waves. Her eyes held the look he had come to know so well, and she seemed to stare even beyond the horizon.

“Don’t say that this is the end,” she pleaded weakly, looking back up into his eyes, tears still streaming.

“We will meet again, beloved,” Damian reassured her, his voice breaking and cracking as he spoke. “Sleep now. Night is falling.”

Her head shifted to the side, and her eyes shifted in tiny movements to take in the fading skyline. “I don’t want to go,” she mumbled again, quieter this time.

“Sleep,” he murmured soothingly, his thumb brushing across her cheek.

He watched her eyes as the life slowly left them, and slowly her fear was replaced with something else, something more tranquil, as the violet sky cast its pale light across her skin.

He wondered what she saw on the horizon in her last moments. He wondered what she saw as her eyes grew dull and aimless, and he wondered what she saw as grief clouded his mind.

He let out a choked sob as her chest ceased to rise and her still open eyes came to a slow rest. He hung his head in sorrow, bringing her now lifeless body closer to him and burying his face in her neck.

He held his beloved in his arms as the sun slipped below the horizon and night fell around him. The wind whispered of her passing in his ear and the tide sang its song of mourning.

She was a light on the water. She was the sun. Gone into the west.

GOCHI WEEK 2017 – March 12-18

In light of recent discussion, some of the fans of the GoChi pairing have gathered together to hold a special week event celebrating Goku and Chi-Chi as a couple. We’ve noticed other pairings will have their own special weeks of celebration and positivity for their favorite couple, so we decided why not emulate the idea ourselves? Yes, we already have a Son Family week (encompassing GoChi Day 5/7 through 5/10) but this one time we want to do something to focus on the GoChi couple alone.

Please feel free to participate any day you can with whatever art form you can offer. Fanfiction, art, graphics, videos, etc ~ All of the prompts are up for interpretation so go ahead and create whatever you think suits the theme. I’ve included two options for each day. You can go with the first, or the second, or use both. Whatever you feel best doing. They’re pretty general so have fun with it!


1. Fairytales / Triumph

2. Secrets / Longing

3. Butterflies / Anticipation

4. Art / Inspiration

5. Game / Energetic

6. Patience / Stress

7. Future / Satisfied


1 - Pairing must be Goku/Chi-Chi and preferably new work

2 - Not opposed to NSFW content, just make sure it is tagged or placed under a read more

3 - You can interpret the prompt in any way you want

4 - Please no ship hate on any ship

5 - Please tag your additions #gochiweek or submit to @kairi-yajuu (you can also make a post linking to something off tumblr and still tag it)

6 - Try to have your addition posted the day of the specific prompt; it’s okay to be a day late because of life obligations but do make an effort is all I ask :)

7 - Be positive and have fun! ;)

You can flood the #gochi tag and/or use #gochiweek to tag your work so that they show up. I will be tracking the #gochiweek tag and reblogging what I find. (Remember – make sure the tag is one of the first five of your tags, else it may not show up)

Spread this around to gather more people that may be interested. And above all – stay positive and have fun!

-Thanks to @cozymochi and @blauvixen for the collab on the banner - you guys rock!-


Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

Commenting on Fanfic: A how-to guide for not being an asshole. Even unintentionally.

You’ve just read a fanfic that has left an indelible impression, and the siren song of the comment box is calling your name. It begs for you to send your opinion to the author… but should you? Are your thoughts really helpful or encouraging or even all that important?

Well… lets break it down! What do you want to say, and should you say it? And if you should, what should you say?


I want to flail at them because their writing is amazing! My comment would be nothing but effuse praise and adulation.

Full speed ahead, captain! By all means! You post that comment! Write for days! There is not enough positive feedback in all the world if you’re a fanfic author. We drink that shit up like it’s the blood of the innocent.

And if you feel awkward about commenting on explicit fic, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but if you want to say something positive about an explicit work, go for it! We wrote explicit fic. We know why you’re here.

Something to consider: While, “THIS IS AMAZING! FLAILING FOREVER! THANK YOU!” is an awesome compliment to receive, it isn’t the same as positive feedback. If you’d like to have a bigger impact on an author that you really enjoy, comment with something specific about their writing and how it moved you. 

- “I liked the way you decribed <specific thing here>. It made me feel like I was part of the story.”

- “Your word choice here was amazing!” 

- “ *cut and paste a small section of dialogue or action* This was my favorite part.”

This is not necessary by any means. Flail-comments are still the greatest thing ever, and are the best part of any writer’s day. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other. It’s about what sort of impact you want to have on the writer. Praise and flailing are ego and mood boosters and are sure to help us keep writing, and writing more of what you like. Specific positive feedback is a great way to help a writer find and improve their voice when writing. 

And “thank you” is always nice. It’s good to acknowledge that fic writers do this on their free time, and let them know that you appreciate it.


This fic is amazing and I want to encourage updates or ask when it will be updated!

Tread carefully here. While on one hand, you could simply be meaning to encourage a writer to keep writing, but I know a lot of writers (particularly who start publishing before they are finished) that get anxious over requests for updates. Be mindful of your wording, and be sure you tell the author that you’re enjoying the work. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Remember that fanfic authors have lives outside of writing fic. There may be some real world obstacles in the way of their fic writing, and guilting them about updates will not help. And in fact, it may hinder their ability to write. Not everyone responds well under pressure when it comes to creative outlets.

Something to consider: Pair your request with compliments! And avoid outright demands for updates.

Do: “This story is so amazing. I really love your pacing throughout the chapters. The suspense is amazing. I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for writing!”

Don’t: “When are you updating? I’m dying here!” or “Update soon !!!”


Eeek! This fic I really love has a typo/grammatical error! Can I tell the author in a comment?

Pause for a moment! We are now treading into the dangerous land of uninvited criticism. While your intentions are no doubt good, this could very very easily be taken the wrong way. Or just flat unwanted for whatever reason. This is criticism that is coming quite possibly from a total stranger. There are a few things to consider.

First, check the author’s notes on the fic itself. Do they state that it’s unbetaed and invite corrections? Some do! Myself included when I publish something that has been edited by no one but myself. I know I miss things. When this is the case, I always put an invitation for corrections in my author’s notes, and many other fic writers do the same. Or they put it in their author bio on their main page. 

If you see no explicit invitation for corrections, do not do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how egregious the errors are. It is quite simply not your place.

If you do see an invitation for corrections, a few steps are advised. First, go leave a comment on the fic. Make no mention of the corrections there. Just let them know you enjoyed it and thank them for their work. Then, send them a private message, not anonymously, with a gentle wording of the correction. Don’t do this in a comment that everyone can see. There’s no need to be exhaustive if you’ve caught a lot of errors. Sometimes just one or two corrections are enough to make an author go back through with a fine-toothed comb themselves. Then, thank them again in the private message and lay on a compliment or two there as well.  Again… this is not their day job, nor are you their writing professor.

Do: In a private message, “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I absolutely loved your fic “Fic from the Pairing X.” You invited spelling corrections in your author notes, and I wanted to let you know that this word was mispelled here.” *copy/paste line where mispelling takes place* “Your work is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with us! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: In a public comment, “I found errors X, Y, Z, AA, BB, and CC.”

Something to do instead: If you’ve got a good eye for editing, and you’re really interested in helping out fanfiction writers, consider becoming a beta reader. I see requests for beta readers all the time, particularly from people writing in their second/third/fiftyseventh language, and some of the more established fandoms have lists of beta readers. Just know that this can sometimes mean forming a relationship with a writer that goes beyond just comments on their work. Part of what makes unsolicited corrections icky is that they’re coming from total strangers.


The author did not appropriately tag something! Can I tell them?

This is a similar situation to the above scenario with corrections. Even though you may not feel like it be careful, especially with your wording. 

First, consider if there’s something seriously misleading going on? Is the maturity rating wrong? Did they fail to tag triggering material that would have been important to you to know about for safety reasons? 

If it truly is something serious, especially regarding triggering material, very gently tell them using the same method as for corrections. And remember that even though you might be upset, aiming that negativity at the author for what might be an honest mistake or just flat ignorance about tagging is not helpful in the long run.

Do:  “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I really appreciate that you take the time to write fanfiction for our fandom. In your fic, “Character Has a Bad Day” there is a scene that contains XYZ triggering material, but the fic is not tagged as containing XYZ material. Would you please update your tags so that your readers can be aware if they need to be? Thank you again for your work! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: Flame or even shame them in a public comment. Or be rude or angry in the private message. 

Regardless of what the author’s response is, move on with your life. You’re not the fandom police. 


Oh no! I just read a fic and I didn’t like the pairing/ending/a plot twist! I with they had done something else! I need to tell the author!

No, you don’t. 

It’s as simple as that so let me repeat it.

No, you don’t.

Here is where we get into the most valuable tool in a fic-reader’s commenting arsenal. 

Not Commenting.

Yes, it’s true! The option exists to just not comment. You can read something, not like it, and then move on with your life! 

Odds are good the author chose to write what they did for a reason that is personal to them. The idea of changing canon, keeping to canon, shipping a pair, not shipping a pair, or whatever it was spoke to them and they wanted to explore it. Or it was a request from a friend! Regardless, let them do so in peace. 

Or go write your take on the same pairing and write it how you think it should be done. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some fanfic where I’ve gone… “Yeah, I don’t know that I like that. I think I would like this better.” And then I go write it! Or at least bat the idea around awhile until it’s out of my system. Hell… isn’t that what fix-it-fics and non-canon-compliant actually is?

Do: Click the little “x” window. Go read a favorite fic you do like. Leave another positive comment for that author. 

Don’t: Leave negative comments.


That’s the ultimate takeaway here folks. Negative comments are not helpful to fic writers. Full stop. If you feel the author needs to know you didn’t like something, particularly if it has to do with what they chose to write about, or how they chose to portray a character/pairing, I would ask you this:

Why does the author need to know? 

Why does the author need to know about your personal tastes in fandom/fanfiction? Especially if it doesn’t include what they are writing. They aren’t here to cater to you and your personal tastes. That is what fic commissioning is for. That’s what tagging is for. So we all can find what we want to enjoy.

So enjoy things. And let other people enjoy things. And most importantly, let authors enjoy writing the things they feel moved to write about.

This has been a public service announcement.

*vanishes in a puff of feathers and caffeine.*

Oh nice, my mom isn’t speaking to me. Is it because i, 1) bought something with my own money, 2) am bad at focusing on schoolwork, or 3) she’s angry at something else and taking it out on me via the silent treatment

it’s time for a fun little weekly prompt challenge for everyone to take part in

So what’s the big idea?
Every Monday until season 2b airs we will be posting a new prompt on the blog, which anyone who want to can make something creative for. It can be a fic, a playlist, a gifset, the possibilities are endless. The important thing is to have fun, be respectful and remember to tag your work with #shaumondays !

As mentioned above, the prompts will go up on Mondays and you’ll have a week to make something for it. This means that the first prompt will be posted on Monday March 13th and you have until Sunday March 19th to do it. Everything will be posted on the blog during the week, and then there will be a new prompt ready for you all the following Monday.

Follow for weekly prompt updates and to get a fresh load of fandom content directly onto your dashboard every week. Please reblog this post to spread the word so we can get as many people as possible to participate in our little hiatus event.

We can’t wait to get started and see what you all come up with!!

Love, the SHAUMondays squad 


Hello, Voltron Fandom! JusKla here from @justklance​ and I have an exciting announcement! In honor of my main blog hitting 1,100 followers (SCREAMS 1.1K WAT?! thank u forever!!), I am hosting my first ever ship week!! Pidge the Green Paladin + Luki the Unilu kiosk girl = Pidgeki!! Huge shout out to tumblr user @omgwtfneo for letting me use their art for the banner above, which is the picture that made me start shipping this in the first place! If you’re curious on the choice for the Unilu girl’s name, HERE explains the origins of me calling Unilu Kiosk Girl, Luki! Get HYPED for Pidgeki Week 2017!! :D


Most days have two prompts, one more cute, one more adventurous!
*NOTE: anytime it says OR you can also do AND if you can make it work. (for example, if for day 3 you wanted to do a post where they had a sleepover party AND luki was a paladin, you can do that too!)

  • DAY 1 (July 16th): 
    First Time Meeting
  • DAY 2 (July 17th): 
    Punk Rock & Techno or Fighting the Galra
  • DAY 3 (July 18th): 
    Sleepover Party or Paladin Luki
  • DAY 4 (July 19th): 
    Video Game/Movie Date or Lost on an Unknown Planet
  • DAY 5 (July 20th): 
    Confession/First Kiss or Exploring Gender
  • DAY 6 (July 21st): 
    University!AU or Hogwarts!AU
  • DAY 7 (July 22nd): 
    I Love You or I Hate You
  • DAY 8 (July 23rd):
    Bonus Day! Anything you like!


  • Must be following both this account (pidgekiweek) AND me, @justklance
  • Tag it as #pidgekiweek AND #pidgekiweek2017 both in the first 5 tags!
  • If you did tag it, but you think I didn’t see it, you can send it to me on IM!
  • You can do art, fics, gifsets, poems, drabbles, videos, edits, cosplays, ANYTHING as long as you made it either all on your own or only from your work AND official art (ie: a screencap edit, an AMV, etc)
  • Any stolen fan art/fic etc from other voltron fans will be reported.
  • You can submit for any amount of the 8 days, and you can submit for the same day more than once if you make multiple works!
  • This is a pretty new ship, so try to spread this around as much as you can and I encourage all skill levels to participate!
  • THIS IS AN ALL-AGES EVENT, so keep entries PG-13, please!
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!! I hope everyone enjoys the first Pidgeki Week! :D


Is this your first shipweek? No problem! Here is the quick run down! You upload your posts on the proper day above, tagged as instructed and it will be reblogged to this ship week account to be shared with everyone else who shares a love for pidgeki or wants to be a part of the event! Entries can be romantic or platonic, as long as they fit the prompt and again, all skill levels and post types are welcome!


That’s fine! I will be accepting late entries as well! Please try your best to get them in on time, but if you can’t, a late entry is just as good!

…And I think that’s everything :D I can’t wait to see everybody’s stuff :)!!


“I was like, 4 arms? No way! Then I fell for her, simple as that” -Pidge, probably


first and last lines of every Belle and Sebastian studio album from 1996 to 2015 (because we’d all rather drag ourselves across the dance floor)
~ comments, suggestions, or corrections more than welcome ~

Black Eyed Monster Masterlist

Summary: After a nasty breakup between Dean and the reader, she is going through a world of heartbreak. To numb that pain, she makes a drastic decision to turn herself into a demon. A year later, Dean, Sam, and Castiel find her and attempt to cure her of her demonic ways…..

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Demon!Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Random demon(s)

Warnings: angst, language, drinking, injections of blood, description of death, violence, endangerment of life, little bit of fluff

Part 1 - Year One 

Part 2 - Hour One

Part 3 - Hour Two

Part 4 - Hour Three 

Part 5 - Hour Four - 7/27

Part 6 - Hour Five - 7/28

Part 7 - Hour Six - 7/29

Part 8 - Hour Seven - 7/30

Part 9 - Hour Eight - 7/31

Tell me if the links don’t work pls! And if you want to be tagged in this masterlist or in the series, pls message me :) I made the banner above so pls don’t repost. Thank you! 

Forever tag: @jokerspuddincup @jessikared97 @nanie5

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Milkshake Freckles!

A delicate, natural-looking skin detail to add a bit of cute to whatever sim you decide to use it on. Comes in three different variations: moles, freckles, and moles & freckles. Made for all manners of adult sims. (Works really well with heihu’s nen skin.)

This is my first cc, i hope you like it! If you use it in pics, please tag me! And above all, if you’re feeling nice, please reblog/like.

Download <3