but it wont happen probably

I really miss Lena, is she doing okay?

Last time we saw her: 

Edge blamed her for poisoning children.

Everyone believed him and blamed her too, including herself.

Had to step down from her two companies.

She was shot at and she didn’t get physically hurt but someone did, because of her.

Had to stay at Sam’s.

Got drunk and had an emotional meltdown.

Her self-loathing and guilt increased. 

Got pushed to her limits and almost killed someone who deserved it

Got hit in the head, for the third time in less than a year and got put on an plane destined to crash. Let’s remember she’s afraid of flying.

Almost dies again.

And yeah, her last scene was super cute. Her two friends showered her with love for a second…

But after that:

One of her friends became a villain. And the other got her ex back just to get her heart broken again

And we haven’t seen Lena since then…

I just want to know! How is she doing after all of that? What happened after that hellish nightmare? Is she doing okay now? Is she back at Catco and L-Corp? Is she eating well? Is she staying hydrated? Does she know what’s going on with Kara and Sam? Is she sleeping okay? Is she having nightmares? Is she finally seeing a therapist? Is she still homeless? Has someone apologized to her for judging her once again?

It’s been two weeks and we probably won’t see her next week and I just need to know that she’s okay and hear her voice and see her beautiful face in my screen at least just once. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny scene of Lena taking on the phone I just miss her

Realization that everything always gets better. Like most things, its just a matter of time. It happens gradually so you probably wont notice it happening until one day you’re outside thinking bout how beautiful it is out and how beautiful life is…how lucky you are… and it’ll hit you…just how far you’ve come. 

While I am LOVING Karamatsu’s portrayal in S2 so far, am I the only one who misses his painfulness? Indecipherable speeches, glitter shooting out of every orifice, the wild fashion. Summer Kamen was very great, but y’know.

This Kara is good; he’s strong, he’s vibrant, he has come a long long way and he deserves the new, positive attention, but I can’t forget the boy I even fell for in the first place.

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everyone knows the REAL way to deal with bullies is to let the resentment rot within you and never understand what you did to deserve that kind of punishment and fantasize abt meeting them when youre well adjusted and doing great and telling them how horrible they were and then never think of them again bc youre so over it

hell yeah

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ethan you have a really nice singing voice! would you ever consider doing music stuff?

Aw thanks! eh, maybe at some point, but I dont think I’m all that great of a singer so it probably wont happen :P Just not mah thang!

Millie Ramsey and Iris Jones are about the same age apart. Im not saying that theyll be a mentor/mentee relationship there, but I sure am hoping.

Millie talking to young Iris- “yeah, as my dad would say the people working here are chucklefucks.”
Some AH- “Millie!”
Millie- “Sorry, sorry, Jack and Jeremy are cool”
Iris- “What about uncle Geoff?”
Millie, trying to contain her laughter- “Um, he’s something”

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Pleasepleasepleaseplease write a friends-to-lovers with Hobi if you have enough free time! Your other ones are so amazing, you write the boys so well and just OH MY GOD I CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTENESS. I really love all of your imagines, and that Tae friends-to-lovers one has a special place in my heart. YOU ARE SO AMAZING, I HOPE YOU'RE FEELING WELL <3<3<3

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi | taehyung 

  • you meet hoseok at a party,,,,,but the thing is you’re not supposed to be there 
  • like literally,,,,,you don’t know whose party this is it’s just that you’d heard music from downstairs and when you’d checked it out the door was open and some tipsy girl had let you in
  • and inside it was dark, messy, and crowded but you could smell free food and possibly free drinks so. why not
  • but you didn’t expect someone to go “ive never seen you before, how d o you know jungkook?”
  • and banging your head on the roof of the fridge as you stood up you saw a boy,,,,with a smile that radiates like the sun looking at you
  • and you,,,,with your hands full of a stack of pizza slices, an unopened bottle of cola, and three popsicles went: “oh i know him from college”
  • “jungkook isn’t in college.”
  • “,,,,,we meet at summer camp in the 8th grade.”
  • “jungkook’s never been to camp.”
  • “,,,,”
  • “,,,,”
  • you’d contemplated just making a run for it but that’d be awkward to push back through the crowd so sighing you just admitted. you had no idea who jungkook was. you were trying to get some free food. you are a good person just a broke good person right now.
  • the boy’s smile had only widened and he laughed out loud because honestly,,,,,this isn’t even jungkooks party. it’s taehyungs. he knew you were lying from the start 
  • you’d got embarrassed and went you tricked me!!! and he was just like hey you’re the one holding all of my friends food and you don’t even know him so -
  • and you were like good point ,,,,, and that’s when he’d introduced himself as hoseok and helped you carry the rest of the pizza back up to your apartment 
  • and,,,,since then hoseok had become sort of a friend,,,,
  • his friend taehyung lived in your building so you’d see him around frequently and every now and then you two would chat or whatever
  • and hoseok always,,,,has this good vibe around him
  • like this positive energy that makes you feel comfortable and at ease even though he’ll call you pizza thief on occasion and you’ll be like SH what if taehyung hears and hoseok just laughs because he’s pretty sure taehyung doesn’t remember what happened yesterday,,,he probably wont remember pizza you stole months ago
  • and it’s not like you and hoseok are super close,,,,,you don’t text or hang out you just know each other because of that one incident 
  • and you mutually like each other as people so it’s like ,,,, really casual friends
  • until one day you’re walking home and it’s poURINg RAIN 
  • given it’s summer so it’s warm outside,,,but still the rain is coming down and ur flimsy umbrella is about to break so you’re thankful that you’re almost home
  • but as you pass to the front door you see someone standing out in the rain,,,,hair and clothing drenched and you realize that it’s hoseok
  • and you’re like dude??? come inside i have keys
  • but hoseok just smiles and shakes his head and is like the rain is nice and you’re like ????
  • hoseok chuckles and is also like taehyung isn’t home yet so i thought id wait outside,,,,it started to rain but i kinda liked  the feeling,,,,,its freeing you now??
  • and for a split moment you think that his smile,,,,warm like sunshine,,,,and his prefrence for standing out here in the rain,,,,it’s really something
  • but you just shrug and you’re like suit yourself- when hoseok reaches out and pulls you back and he’s like “i bet you’ll enjoy it too?”
  • and you’re like hoSEOK and he’s like “c’mon what do you have to lose?”
  • and for some reason,,,,hoseok’s charming voice and face are enough to make you close the umbrella and the rain on your skin,,,,,doesn’t feel so bad 
  • hoseok takes both your hands and starts twirling you around and you’re like giggling but you’re also like what are you doing??
  • and hoseok stops just to slip his hand around your waist and the other lifts your other hand up and you realize he’s leading you in a dance
  • and you’re like “what is this ,,, dancing in the rain???” 
  • and hoseok is just grinning,,, at this point both your hair is plastered to your faces and your clothes are heavy with water
  • but none of that annoys you like it usually does,,,,, just being with hoseok makes it totally fun and enjoyable
  • and you’ve never realized it fully but hoseok’s got some sort of magic in the ways of making weird situations feel good,,,,,doesn’t he?
  • and as you’re laughing,,,,swaying in the rain with him 
  • hoseok suddenly pulls you in close and your noses practically touch when he mumbles that even the rain cant make you look bad
  • the wet hair, the wet clothes, the little goosebumps on your skin,,,,,,you still look gorgeous to him 
  • and you’re stunned at the sudden words,,,,but you can only say that you feel the same way
  • that even now,,,,he looks handsome 
  • and the dancing stops but hoseok’s eyes flicker between your lips and gaze and it doesn’t take him long to slip a hand onto your neck, tilt your head a bit so he can kiss you under the rain
  • and it’s,,,,,,more romantic than you expect,,,,breaking away from each other you ask what it is that made him want to kiss you
  • and hoseok shrugs and says that maybe it’s because you’re the only person he’s ever met that willingly danced in the rain with him 
  • and also the only person he’s ever met that came to a party just to steal food,,,,,,
  • you shove him playfully and tell him that isn’t a reason to start liking someone but hoseok begs to differ,,,,,,he thinks it makes up your charm hehe