but it will take a long time to make

So I’ve never really done headcanons or AUs or anything but I kinda have an AU in mind for Ashi cuz I can’t stand the thought of her not existing any more

The rough idea is that although she cannot physically exist due to being a paradox, her soul rose to a higher plane of existence basically becoming a powerful deity like Ra, Odin, and Rama are in the SJ universe. These gods teach her how to use her new-found powers and she becomes the guardian of earth, making sure nothing like Aku ever attacks it again. She can also manifest on earth as a more physical being so she can reunite with Jack, but it takes a lot of power so she can’t stay for long periods of time. Jack eagerly awaits her visits from protecting the universe.

I’m working on a Goddess!Ashi design so here’s a rough wip

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Concept: Shawn's angry. Very, very angry.

  • HIs jaw is clenching
  • You can visibly see the way his muscles near his jaw tighten
  • His eyes, normally warm, welcoming brown eyes are darker than usual
  • His voice comes out in a low growl
  • Not a shout, not a whisper, but a growl
  • He’s keeping his distance, he won’t come closer to you
  • When you step forward, he backs away
  • And you’re not sure if its because he’s so mad he can’t stand to be near
  • Or if its because he’s afraid he might do something he’ll regret
  • Either way, it’s almost hard to hear him because he’s speaking so low
  • But you know just from the sound of his voice that he’s angry
  • Very, very angry

Okay - CLEARLY Flug has been with Black Hat for a VERY long time. Assuming Villainous takes place in present time, we can assume that Dr Flug is immune to aging just as Black Hat is. In the “Anti-Gravity Device” episode, there’s a picture of Al Capone kissing Black Hat’s hand with Dr Flug in the background. While it IS possible Flug could have been alive at that point, that would make him old now, considering Al Capone was around early 1900s, that would put Flug at roughly around 100 years old. Dr Flug doesn’t look to be anywhere near his 90s and seems quite able bodied. Thus, my case, Dr Flug doesn’t age and must have been with Black Hat for much longer than it would seem.

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I don't know why you're assuming the tour has been cancelled when Billboard has put out a statement that her team is undecided

i don’t mean to be rude with this response but use your common sense. after what ariana and her fans experienced last night i can’t believe there are people who honestly expect her to get back on stage and continue a tour like nothing ever happened. ariana and her team may not have been affected physically but the amount of trauma that sits with a person after something as catastrophic as what has happened at her own concert takes an incredibly long amount of time to accept, get through, and be able to move on from. cancelling an entire tour is not only a tough decision but a huge step to make, i’m not entirely sure why media outlets are baiting the possibility of her continuing when anyone who knows even the slightest about ariana is well aware it’s just not plausible and shouldn’t be anticipated. ariana, her crew, her team, the families who were victims in this tragedy and experienced it first hand, need time to heal and recover and that isn’t going to happen unless they’re given the space and time respectively. live shows aren’t what needs to be continued, what should be focused on right now from ari’s standpoint is her mental health and well being, you can’t even being to put how she must be feeling into words.

87, E.D

“I swear I won’t have sex with you for a month. Until you kill that eight legged motherfucker.”

You were in bed cuddling with Ethan, it was a normal day really. Nothing too special or terrifying.
You guys had spent the entire day in bed binge watching Netflix. As it was his first free day in a really long time. So you were taking advantage of it, to its fullest.
The whole day was full of just enjoying each other’s company, well like you should.
Until you were laying in his arms as he played with your hair.
“Hey e I gotta get up babe.” You said as you had to use the restroom.
“Fine, bring me a snack please?” He whined out reluctantly letting you out of his grip.
As you exited the bedroom, making your trip to the bathroom. Soon moving on to get Ethan’s snack.
As you were getting a bag of Cheetos from the cabinets, you felt something well. Odd on your hand, scared to look down, you just stood still hoping for the best.
As you looked down to your hand, you saw a spider.
Instantly throwing it of freaking the fuck out.
“ETHAN COME IN HERE NOW!” You yelled out to your boyfriend. Knowing he was equally terrified of spiders, but no way in hell were you about to let that thing touch you ever again.
“Ethannn come on! It’s an emergency!” You shouted once more to him.
He instantly came in running with a bat in his hands thinking someone broke in or something like that, ready to hit someone.
“Ethan why the fuck do you have a bat?” You asked.
“To protect You of course!” He said as he looked around for whatever you could have been yelling about.
“Y/n, why did you scream bloody murder for me, nothings here?” He questioned.
“Over there!” You yelled as you jumped on the counter, as the spider had just hopped onto the floor.
“Ethan! Get it!!!” You yelled once more clinging on your boyfriend for dear life as you sat behind him guarding yourself on the counter.
“Y/n, I’m not getting it. It’s too big.” He said as he began to prop himself up on the counter.
“ETHAN GRANT DOLAN! I swear if you don’t kill that eight legged motherfucker.” You said.
“Youll what? Is that a threat.”
“Ethan if you don’t kill it I’m not having sex with you for an entire month! Now your battle. Kill it and get laid tonight, or don’t.”
“You aren’t actually bribing me are you?” He asked. “Yep. Now get it tiger!” You yelled pushing him toward the spider.
“FOR LOVE!” Ethan yelled as he charged.
Once he got near the spider, it jumped toward him causing him to scream loudly and fall on the floor.
“Ok let’s try this.” He said as he grabbed an oven mit, wooden spoon and pot.
“Ethan we need a dead spider not a four course meal.” You sarcastically said as his plan was playing out.
“Y/n I know what I’m doing, your mans a beast!” He yelled out hitting his chest with both fists, well like a gorilla.
“Ethan, just fucking kill it.” You said tired of the whole situation, ready to just take a nap by now.
Once he neared the spider, he just threw the pan on it. And stepping on the pot once it was fully on the spider. Then he picked the pot up with oven mitts, and scraped the spider off with a spoon into the drain.
“Ethan! We cook with those!” You yelled out laughing at your hilarious boyfriend.
“Okay! He’s dead!” He yelled out victoriously.
“So, about getting laid.” He said wiggling his eyebrows toward you.
“Yeah you might want to take the oven mitts off first baby, you look like a lunch lady.” You said between fits of giggles.
Causing him to blush.
“Ok, off! So how about now?” He said as he continued the action of wiggling his brow once again.
“Ok maybe now.” You said.
And with that, you were dragged off into the shared bedroom. To celebrate his victory of killing the small creature.
Hope you enjoyed!♥️ feel free to send more in!

Our second month with our precious little, rowdy Remy.

stats - Remy now weighs 14 pounds and is measuring at 23.5 inches long. He is the 97th percentile for weight and 98th for height!

feeding - Remy is still doing amazing with nursing, he still latches like a pro and feeds around 8 times a day. We tried him on a bottle this month and he took to it really well! I don’t plan on using a bottle but it makes me feel alot better knowing he can take one in case of emergency.

sleep - Remy stays up with me until I go to bed around 10/11pm, he wakes up at 2am for a feed and then again at 5am then he’ll sleep until about 8:30am. We still co sleep and it working perfectly.

little remy facts

  • a total smiler!
  • loves attention
  • loves starring up at the mobile above the changing table 

Bear, Sacha, Kit and I.

This month has been a whirlwind! Kit had his first weekend away with the band, I had expected/prepared for it so I think I handled the stress pretty well. Bear started speech therapy twice a week and we are giving homework to do at home after each session. Sacha is still as energetic as always but I’ve made sure to put that to good use by asking him to grab nappies and muslins etc. Overall things are going super well and I’m super grateful for it.

if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! catch you later, bye!

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a bap reaction of their girlfriend being so upset with them that she ends up giving them the silent treatment?

I’m so sorry for being MIA for so long. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be able to post as regularly as I would like. I’ve gotten a promotion which means I’m a bit more busy at work these days ~ which is where I get most of my writing done. I obviously deserved the promotion xD

Yongguk: If she’s upset enough to the point he’s getting the silent treatment, he probably purposely upset her because he finds her cute when she’s angry. Usually one to do anything in his power to keep her happy, he’ll take this time to laugh at her childish behavior and quite possibly tease her for being so cute. Later, he’ll make it up to her. BUT! If this isn’t an instance that he purposely upset her, his attitude would be significantly different. More than likely, she would be upset over something that was beyond his control or something he didn’t realize would upset her. Either way, he will do literally anything in his power to make it up to her, going out of his way to do sweet things that he knows she enjoys, because her happiness is his own and there’s no way he’d be able to function properly until things are okay between them.

Originally posted by aleyongguk

Himchan: Here comes Mr. McPouty, trying to guilt her into talking to him again. If that doesn’t work, he’d resort to plan B - tricking her into talking, more than likely this would include some ridiculous action that may or may not be dangerous or just downright petty. If he’d been receiving the silent treatment long enough, he really wouldn’t care much about dignity.
((The gif might not be too fitting… but that pout <3))

Originally posted by kavadzy

Daehyun: Pffft. This won’t do. The silence would practically be deafening to him and knowing it’s because she’s upset makes it all the worse, her yelling at him would be 10x’s better than not talking to him, so his go-to tactic is to annoy her until she breaks. In all fairness, once she snaps and lets it all out, the problem is resolved a lot quicker, so it’s really not a bad plan of action.

Originally posted by jongupssi

Youngjae: He would go straight to rational reasoning to get to the bottom of the problem and resolve things quickly. The silence disturbs him because it’s a reminder that he upset her, and the guilt would eat him alive. Not to mention after so many years with Daehyun (and himself), he’s not too familiar with the concept of silence.

Originally posted by youngjaaes

Jongup: Silent treatment would literally be the worst torture to this guy, especially if he didn’t know the reason she’s upset. Passive aggressive is the wort because he prefers things straight forward. He’ll probably just give her space or wait it out until she’s ready to talk to him about it, but it will drive him absolutely nuts to do so.

Originally posted by jonqups

Zelo: Whine. Whine. Whine. Aegyo and pouts. He’s probably going to be just as annoying as Dae, but his tactic is supposed to be ‘cute’. He hates that she’s upset with him in the first place and doesn’t know how to make it better if she won’t talk to him about it, so he’ll try to use his maknae charm to get it out of her.

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100 word fic: Damaged

After putting the damaged arm on the table, Thomas takes a seat while Guy-Man retrieves the tools to reattach it. 

“So. How’d it come off this time?” he asks, making no effort to mask his tired tone. 

There’s a suspiciously long pause. Thomas fidgets nervously. He brings up his remaining hand to rub his neck. 


If he still had eyes, Guy-Man would’ve narrowed them into irritable slits. 

"What did you do.” It’s not a question - it’s a demand. 

Thomas keeps fidgeting. 

“I don’t see how that’s important right now,” he nearly squeaks out. “What if it simply fell off?”

After waiting so long...

Can we talk about all the little pauses Michael took when he was close to seeing his family.

Before they went into the house, when he stopped to look at Mikey’s drawings, when he stopped at the desk and looked over the pictures.

At the lake house when the threat was so close and they had no time to waste but he still stopped to look in through the window and then called Linc because he couldn’t believe he was seeing his son.

It’s almost like he was scared, because it had been so long, because he does feel guilty for being alive this whole time and never being able to see them.

Michael needed these little moments to collect himself and take it all in. It just makes me want to hug him, and for him to get everything he’s been fighting for all this time, for him to get his family safe, and to be with them in the end.

And you know he won’t take a single moment for granted the second he does have his family back and all this is over.

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pet au where you teach the boys an activity or a sport and they're just so touched that you're putting the time and effort into teaching them :') any of the boys will do! keep up the great work btw

Admin Mawile: (⌒▽⌒)☆


-He doesn’t like doing anything more than he has to (too many risks of making an owner mad), but if you insist, he has no choice but to obey. Even if it’s just exhausting to be up for so long, it’s still better than making you mad. 


-He takes to almost anything you try to teach him, putting a ridiculous amount of effort into mastering the new discipline. It’s mostly an attempt to please you, though, not genuine enjoyment of the activity. 


-He tends to get too impatient to properly learn anything, and failing at whatever you’re trying to teach just makes him panic, too distressed at the thought of disappointing you to calm down and learn. 


-The more afraid he is, the more his mind slows to a crawl, too panicked to retain any information beyond what could keep him unharmed. Directly teaching him anything new is a long, slow process. 


-He’ll pick up almost anything you tell him to, no matter how disinterested he really is. You’ll get mad if he refuses, of course, and requesting he learns something is just a polite way of ordering it. 


-Are you sure you trust him not to break things? It’s probably not safe to let him do people things. He’s dangerous, after all, and there’s no guarantee he won’t just ruin anything you let him too close to. 


-He’s intelligent enough to figure out almost anything you tell him to, and is obviously happy to have something to do. Even if he knows it’s some kind of trap, it’s hard to say no to actually having a purpose. 


-It’s difficult to teach someone who’s prone to panicking and hiding at the slightest provocation, and you will have to be extremely careful to manage anything but scaring him and frustrating yourself. 


-He’s also afraid of ruining your things by being too rough, but the chance to do something worthwhile quickly lures him in. Stick to physical things, though, as he often has trouble with anything too intellectual. 


-He’s slow at learning anything, and fully expects you to hurt him for it. Patience goes a long way in teaching him things, as does a tolerance for constant requests of punishment for “bothering” you. 


-He doesn’t have enough energy to stay active for long without bringing on his illness, but he’s surprisingly interested in learning something. As you quickly find out, he’s far more intelligent than most humans. 


-He’s mostly convinced you’re trying to humiliate him somehow, like letting up “lessons” just as an excuse to make fun of him for being stupid. He doesn’t dare say no to you, but it’s obvious that he’s wary. 

Filler Time

I know I said I needed a banner but I don’t have time to make one right now D: So sorry, but I will. Someday. Soon. I swear. I promise. I mean maybe. 

This is going to be longer than long. Because it’s about Hana. And well, she’s my main character, so yeah very very long. 

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Quick question: how long do you plan to make the Tfaf fic? Just because I know the last big fic was still pretty recent and I care about chu mwah

Oh no you’re such a sweetheart! It’s so nice that you care about me but please don’t worry :)
I’m enjoying myself very much writing tfaf (except for when I’m stuck in an existential crisis over all that porn but every writer has those moments). And of course it’s challenging to write every single day but right now I can still juggle everything just fine.
I’m working hard on my time management to make room for my writing during the busy semester but if it gets too much I’ll catch a break and take care of myself, promise :)

And to answer your question … I have no idea how long tfaf will be, I take it one part at a time tbh :D but I wanted to cover all of Eren’s heat and maybe a lil bit extra … we’ll see how that pans out in the end :)

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Tbh I really love seeing other people send asks like "everyone makes mistakes" "take some time to yourself" "don't stress over it". I feel like a lot of people just get "CONTENT NOW" and seeing the change of pace makes me happy. Content creators and just regular bloggers should be treated like people more often imo.

They should

I sometimes see posts where people send money for a commission and then try to get it back two hours later because the artist “was taking too long”

Like bro, it takes time to actually draw shit

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For TMI Tuesday: how do your OCs relax and unwind? What do they do for fun? :)

Avi is non-stop, and has a very hard time relaxing. She enjoys solitude, but even just quiet thoughts turn to rumination really quickly. A little drink sometimes helps take the edge off; a lot makes it worse. But a good long ride is physical enough to be a sure way to clear her head, as is practicing her archery or throwing weapons. She does best with activities that require some amount of mental focus. It makes practicing new skills is a good pastime for her: testing new types of potions or poisons, practicing reading by trying to memorize details of Orlesian/Ferelden politics, going down to the kitchens and trying to cook, learning chess, etc. 

Katsu, by contrast, loves being in his own mind. While that could take the form of a stimulating conversation with an intellectual, he is more than content just thinking through various ideas on his own. He enjoys reading, researching physics, weaponry, weapon techniques, and ancient battles. To relax, meditation, stretching, drinking tea- pretty much anything to recover from the grueling nature of his days.

Mal is the kind of person you can look to for a good time- regardless of how you define it. Whether it’s sailing, hosting parties, wine tasting, seeing a show, going dancing, horseback riding, or a game of wicked grace, he’s most relaxed when spending time with friends/significant others, and enjoys seeing others having fun.  For such a gentle and easygoing guy, he is surprisingly willing to take risks, so as long as it’s not at the expense of others, he’s totally game for whatever crazy ideas you throw at him.

(re: TMI Tuesday)

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You're taking a break after Iron Lady because you know how broken you will be leaving us!! Jokes Take as long as you need darling. You know we will be here when you feel ready to come back. Xx

That is correct.

Ahahah. No, it’s not like that one time i took a month off. It’s just that… i’ve been so excited about this fic. Editing it and making gifs, that i allowed it to mess with my sleeping and workout schedule, i even forgot to eat the other day, been drinking a lot of coffee, didn’t give a shit and was late for work twice. And i love it but i realized that i’m not paying as much attention to the imagines and have been lazy so, i better end this fic, get some rest, forget about it and decompress, fix my schedule and then come back.

One, two weeks tops. ;) ♥

Thank you, love!


Take Care Of You: Part 1

Xiumin x OC

Word count: 8600ish

A/N: Was going to make this smut but I couldn’t get it right so for now this is just rated like 12, cannot guarantee the next chapter will be the same!

Summary: Eunsoo was just looking for a new job when she meets a man who seems to be more than a pretty face. This man offers her something she hasn’t had in a long time. But can this flighty girl let herself fall for a man who makes no promises to ever let her go.

Minseok doesn’t know what it is about the little goddess that stumbled into his life that drives him insane he just knows he can’t let her little had slip through his fingers. He doesn’t care what he has to do he, he isn’t letting her go anywhere. Lucky for him, he has the means to do that.

I take a breath to stop my hands from trembling, I roll my shoulders a few times to get the nerves out, I can do this. I pull the heavy doors open and peek into the beautiful waiting area of the upscale restaurant. A pretty young woman is standing at a podium staring down at something, too distracted to notice I’m there until I’m standing in front of her.

“Excuse me,” I mumble softly to get her attention.

She jumps, dropping her pen and placing her hand over her racing heart, “Oh my goodness!”

“I’m so sorry!” I quickly apologize.

Her eyes scan me, taking in my tight fit dress pants, matching jacket and white button up, “You must be the girl for the interview.”

I nod, “Yes but how did you know it was me?”

“Our manager said you were a foreigner.”

“Ah, I guess I do stand out a bit,” I chuckle looking down at my tanned skin.

“I’ll go get the manager if you would like to take a seat right here,” She gestures to one of the tall fancy chairs.

I thank her before going to rest in one of the seats. My feet bounce anxiously though I know I’m more than qualified for the position as a bartender there is always the chance they don’t want me here. I let my eyes scan around the room, the high ceilings, crown molding, magnificent chandeliers; the one through the large archway draws my eyes into the dining room. I peek curiously, noting how expensive all the tables, chairs and dining sets look, making a mental note not to spill or trip or drop anything, ever. Someone staring in my direction catches my attention, finding a handsome young face lit up by the candle on the table and the soft light from the chandeliers.

Cat like eyes narrow on me, suddenly we are having a staring contest. Pink lips are pressed into a firm line, his soft jaw line sharpens as he sets his jaw, making him appear more mature than he did a moment before. He rests back in his chair, completely ignoring the woman in front of him, his fingers tap against the wooden table’s edge, far away from where the woman’s hand is obviously reaching for him. In a pinstriped suit he looks like a gangster sitting there, confidence and power pouring out of him. I bite my lip, my eyes run back up his body to find his eyes, noting the small smirk now gracing his handsome face.

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Dear Faye, /// Dear @shewhofights

Hi, yes, me again. You see, I’m not very good at these emotions things, but I’m gonna give it a try, yeah? 

So, first off, I want to say thank you for everything you do for me.Everything from making my beautiful, beautiful theme and my mobile header to the chance you’ve given me to roleplay with such an amazing writer. You’re extremely talented at everything you do no matter how long you say it takes you to get there. Your Lexa and Anya are beautifully written and all of your OC’s are unique. You’ve truly got a talent for giving your characters life. Each and every character you put out, every single thread you take part in, every promo graphic you graciously make for me and everyone else, every time your fingertips touch that keyboard you’re making something wonderful. 

I could listen to you talk about your characters every day until the day I die. The passion that you have for writing and developing characters and threads is incredible. There’s a special tone you get to your voice when you’re inspired about a character that does nothing but bring a smile to my face. I hope you never lose that light, and I doubt you will. Your creativity is appreciated in more ways than one, though. Your threads are always unique concepts as well. It’s amazing to plot with you, thank you for bringing something new to the table with every thread, verse and plot you partake in. 

Second, I want to say thank you for making me a better person. It hasn’t been long in the grand scheme, but I think everyone can see that you’ve bettered me. My courage is slowly increasing because you’ve done nothing but be wonderfully supportive of me, Clarke and Aspen. When I’m down, you’re always the first one to pick me back up and make it better in any way that you can. I know I can rely on you for that. Your dedication to the positivity and love in this fandom is incomparable. I cannot think of a single person who has anything negative to say about you. You’re a one woman welcome wagon, you’re unafraid to reach out and ask for a plot or a thread that you want, you’re always following new blogs and making friends. Without you, this fandom would definitely be down a star and a ray of sunshine all in one. 

Finally, I want to thank you and praise you for being who you are. You, my dear, have hung the stars in the sky. I cannot think of any other way to describe you besides that. You’ve hung the moon and have painted the clouds, it is you who designs the sky. 

This is where I start to get really emotional writing this, so I’m sorry if I get a bit ramble-y. 

You’re selfless. You’ve done everything in your power to help anyone and do it without expecting anything in return. Your kindness will never cease to blow me away. The best part is that you do it with a smile, you have no issues making themes or promos for us because that’s who you are and it’s lovely. You’re a golden beam of light in this dark, dark fandom. The way you care about others, your friends or not, when you see hate on the dash is heart-warming, and the way you always want to help is equally so. It doesn’t matter the context of it you always try your best to see both sides of the coin and remain fair and unbiased through it all. You’re so welcoming and personable it’s refreshing. I love that you’ll find a way to make sure that everyone feels included on the dash, especially when aesthetics are a huge deal these days. You mange to look past all of that, you are able to look at the person who writes and the muse and not just how quality their blog is. 

Every day you inspire me to be a better person and a better writer. You keep my passion for writing ignited and always know just what to say when I’m down on myself. I hope this little note has helped you realize that you’re the light of my life. 

My Nana, I know you hear me talk about her a lot, used to tell me that it only takes a little bit of light to lead you through the darkness and you, my Love, are my candle in this fandom. <3 Thank you for everything you do, will do, and have done. I love you. 

Truly with all of my heart, 
Brittney Nicole 

officialhigashikatajosuke  asked:

i consider pacing to be like "when the author knows how to keep plot going at a speed where you have time to process it all but it doesn't take too long to get through". so, instead of saying "he killed a man then walked into the kitchen" and instead of saying "he [insert 1000 words describing a brutal murder scene] and then [insert 1000 words describing how he walked into the kitchen]" you get the perfect medium between the two. but that might just be how i see it idk lol

ah i gotcha that makes sense

ntbogoni  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly (or not, if you don't feel confortable...but the exercise is interesting), and send it to 10 of your favorite followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

1. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I find happiness in the smallest things which helps a lot with tempering my anxiety

2. I’m usually pretty good at making people laugh. People have enough bad shit going on their lives I’m glad I can brighten their days a little bit

3. My motivation to take care of myself is somewhat new but I’m enjoying how I’ve been feeling since I’ve committed to exercising regularly and not treating my body like crap

4. I’m really enjoying my writing again after a long time of complete and total self-doubt. You guys have helped a lot with that though because you’ve given me lots of encouragement <3

5. This is superficial but I really like my hair. I’ve been growing it out for a few years and it’s down to my waist now and it makes me so happy

Thanks! This was fun :D