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what are your top 5 buzzfeed unsolved episodes? :)

ho boy

  • Bigfoot: The Convincing Evidence - shane laughing ‘YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT’ makes me all fuzzy inside and also Bigfoot is my favourite cryptid/Hide and Seek Champion, trying to lure sasquatch with a beer is Iconic
  • 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons (specifically Sallie House) - the way Shane taunts the demons and then laughs when the flashlight turns on is Everything To Me, also he gives Ryan more adoring looks than usual idk, ‘let’s rock and roll buckaroo!’ while laying on a Demon Spot is also iconic
  • The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s - this ep still manages to low-key spook me while being hilarious, the concern Shane has for Ryan about wanting to go in that tape closet, ‘hey there demons, it’s me, ya boi’
  • The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper - ‘I’m D.B. Cooper, I’m a mystery man!’ ok tbh the whole ep is quotable
  • The Horrifying Murders of the Zodiac Killer - This was the first one I watched about a year ago so it holds a special place in my heart. Also the Zodiac Killer is my number one (1) favourite serial killer is that weird idk
  • fanon holtzmann: smooth 24/7, Sex God, knows exactly what to say and it is hilarious, makes you gay even if you Don't Want That, fashion icon, seriously though look at her for one second and You're Gay, she planned all of this to work perfectly
  • canon holtzmann: certifiably Bad™ at feelings, has no idea. about anything that's happening. ever, fashion disaster, science is her safe place, literally lies down on the ground and hides from confrontation, trash girl, never paid for a thing in her life

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Which of Sailor Moon's outfits is your favorite (original, super, etc)? And which of her attacks/weapons/items?

With no doubt, Princess Sailor Moon’s outfit (fuku).

Those of you who haven’t watched the live action version (totally should tbh) of Sailor Moon: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (aka PGSM) don’t know about this incarnation of Sailor Moon which is exclusive to PGSM.

Naoko herself was heavily involved in PGSM and Princess Sailor Moon is a creation she made exclusively for PGSM so you won’t see her anywhere else but in PGSM… well not exactly, the only other version that actually exists is this chibi manga version Naoko drew.

And that’s it.

I think her fuku looks the prettiest. It’s hard to compare a real life fuku with an anime one so let’s use these gorgeous drawings by the great Marco Albiero (I’m sure you all already know him) to compare.

I really love the new shade of blue of her skirt and collar as well as the lighter shade of pink of her frontal bow which is a good contrast to the previously mentioned navy blue skirt and collar. The new boots (the same she’s wearing in her Eternal Form) look great with the overall white look. The pearls are a nice detail (that pearled tiara and the pearls in her odangos circling the red gems in her hair are a cute touch). She’s also wearing Neo Queen Serenity’s tiara and her brooch replicates it. However, my favourite thing about this fuku is the lace details. They add a new elegant and stylish touch, the back bow looks amazing and so does the skirt with the lace underskirt underneath. A special mention to the lace details on her shoulders that look x100000000 better than the hideous pink gum balls of her Eternal fuku.

Lace details have always been a thing in Sailor Moon so I think it was about time it was included in the fuku somehow.

In my opinion, Princess Sailor Moon’s fuku looks the best.

And for as items and attacks, my favourite Sailor Moon wand/rod/etc has always been the Moon Stick.

I think it’s just too pretty lmao. I love the huge crescent moon and the maboroshi no ginzuishou placed on it.

The classic anime version is my favourite version, the manga one doesn’t look as good imo.

And talking about attacks, I’ve always loved those random physical attacks that Sailor Moon came up with out of the blue that were hilarious.

🌙 Sailor Moon Kick!

🌙 Sailor Body Attack!

Now being serious, Moon Tiara Action is my fave Sailor Moon attack because it’s simply iconic.


to honour the day of the gays (BTS’ and my coming out anniversary) I’m finally doing the bias selfie tag

I’ve been tagged by @jiminssi @4xuanyi (possibly twice) and @ahjiminie (definitely twice) ages ago, but the time has come that jeonghan and I can soulfully stare into each others eyes through time and space because we’re basically the same person now

I know basically everyone’s done this before, but if you feel like doing it again… here’s your prompt @namjooneh @yoongimor @jinsweater @taegay @bipjm @je0n (happy birthday!!!♥) @kiyohkos @gaytae @junheeism @jungjeons

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Omg I love love looking at your top 5s! 😍 Can I ask for your top 5 Kuroo's troll faces? I find them so hilarious and cute so I want to see what your favourites are! (From the manga probs because the manga ones are funnier 😂) thank you!

Of course you can my bean, it’s always nice to have a look at this huge troll cat! Also, this is a summer training camp special, since this arc truly got us the most iconic moments  

1. “I’m always this kind”

2. “Oya, oya, oya”

3. “Must be tough still being in diapers”

4. The “I’ve just blocked Japan’s #4 ace” face

5. The “Bokuto’s been yelled at and I’m enjoying this very much” face (same Kenma, same)

- bonus: someone save my child from this man

- bonus #2: ??????


Thank you for your message!

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i’ve solved it lads

ok so we’ve all seen this iconic and hilarious photo of eleanor and louis

and it’s just FUNNY because eleanor LITERALLY looks like liam…it’s literally…liam…well…let’s look at the whole pic


conclusion: they’ve been developing the liam clone for years and this could’ve been one of the ways they were testing it out

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Okay but what about your headcanons for Magnus and Alec being couple friends with Helen and Aline

- they’d be such bad influences on each other and seeing as they decided to do a lot of what they’d consider ‘mundane’ activities and the general public aren’t used to their antics, something almost always happens.
- they’d always go somewhere together at least once a week, magnus and helen knowing that alec and aline haven’t experienced a lot of the things that normal people do on dates.
- so they go ice skating, alec and aline are annoyed to find that they’re not great at it, even with their balance runes activated. helen of course makes fun of them, suggesting they ask one of the instructors to get them a kiddie helper to push around in front of them.
- that prompts them to prove her wrong and they skate into the middle of the rink, but obviously magnus decides now is a perfect time to show off his skills while smirking at his boyfriend causing alec to get distracted by how beautiful and graceful he looks and he slips over, hitting his head on the ice.
- aline finds it hilarious and takes multiple photos, she even sets the picture of alec mid-fall as their group chat’s icon. she’s laughing so hard that she also falls over, hurting herself while alec is yelling “that’s karma, bitch”. magnus and helen are shaking their heads at them, trying to drag them back onto their feet.
- bowling isn’t any better, they all got kicked out. whether it was the fact magnus decided to set all their names up on the screen as creative but inappropriate nicknames, yelling them out to let everyone know who’s turn it was or maybe it was aline slapping helen’s ass causing her to let go of the bowling ball she had in her hand which ended up hitting the ceiling and breaking one of the lights or maybe it was how alec and magnus were making out in the seating area.
- whatever it was, a parent nearby complained about them to the manager and the four of them found themselves chucked out.
- it’s much better when they just go to the hunters moon for drinks. maia usually works the bar and she’s used to their antics by now (and by used to it, I mean she wholeheartedly encourages it). so there they are, slightly drunk, aline and alec sitting across from Helen and magnus when some seelie comes up to them trying to chat up aline. aline states she’s not single, and the man just smirks and gestures to alec “oh is this your boyfriend? and you’re on a double date? cute, but how about i buy you a drink?”
- cue horrified and disgusted looks from the four of them. alec immediately shoots the man a dirty look and asks “do I look like a heterosexual to you?” and aline backs him up straight away like “of all the things I could of been accused of, being called straight has to be the worst” and they both go into a drunken rant “I didn’t kiss my boyfriend at my own wedding for this” “wait alec what is it about me that’s giving off the impression I’m not gay as hell?? is it my jacket??” “no your jacket is super gay”
- cut to magnus and helen announcing that they’re gonna wear their “bi bi bi” t-shirts everywhere from now on which prompts them to start singing bye bye bye and giggle uncontrollably at the pun.
- the seelie just leaves, not expecting this reaction while maia just records it all from where she is behind the bar as she smiles softly because she loves these drunken idiots.

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Bruh, my dude, homio bromio, I'm pitching a tent and setting up camp bc I am sO HERE for your snapchat comic. Your art is so cute and colorful and soft and soothing to look at, and your character interactions are genuine and hilarious. I'm so here for you and I can't wait to see where your creativity takes us!

I– I’m– thank you.

You look silly.

But thank you.

So I was actually at the taping of the finale.

Let me tell you how hard it was not to consistently blog about Sasha Velour’s epic, and I mean EPIC, lip sync performance to So Emotional. Seeing it in person was like on a whole other level. When I tell you the audience ROARED, I mean they ROARED. I think they actually toned down the amount of cheering that actually happened. I got chills after Sasha removed her wig. It was such a beautiful and unexpected reveal that had me cheering like a heterosexual at a football game. I sincerely did not expect Peppermint and Sasha to be the top two but these lip syncs definitely solidified their right to be there. 

Say what you will about the finale being “unfair” but I truly think Sasha deserved the crown, and let’s also not forget that it’s just a tv show. The runner up’s careers won’t end and they all have incredible and exciting things lined up!

Some somewhat notable behind the scenes moments:

The season 9 girl’s runway took forever, especially Cynthia who seemed to have a hard time moving in her dress. There was a moment of awkward dead audience silence as she wiggled her way down the runway.

Anytime Valentina was on screen the audience just lost their minds, even going so far as to chant her name repeatedly, which slowed filming.

The poor people in the balcony (me and my friends) were blinded by the spotlights on the stage, they were practically burning our corneas making it hard to see the stage.

There was an asshole near us in the balcony who kept being incredibly obnoxious and would yell things while filming. There was even a point where Ru asked Shea who she would want to lip sync against and the asshole yelled “SASHAAAAAA” And Shea responded “I believe Ru asked ME the question” similar to her “Do I look upset to you?” response. The audience erupted with laughter and security even had to tel the guy to pipe down.

There was a hilarious moment that unfortunately didn’t air where Ru said that the theater was packed, so much so that she would have to ask one of the people in the audience to leave. She called out India Ferrah’s seat number and asked if security could please escort her out of the building. So who comes walking down the aisle but miss Mimi Imfurst, and hilariously recreates her iconic season 3 LSFYL moment and proceeds to pick up India and walks her out of the theater. Porkchop filled the seat.

Trinity actually got a message from Amanda Lepore as well, not sure why it wasn’t aired.

Yes, Katy Perry’s message to Sasha was just as baffling in person as it was on TV, in fact it was even worse. They actually added a lot more applause than actually happened. Confused looks were everywhere.

Raven and Delta working on Ru’s makeup confirmed, they would come in (out of drag) during commercial breaks and fix Ru’s makeup.

That’s all I can remember for now!

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What are the extra reasons about the mouse detective post thing

It’s because in the Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock Holmes’ mouse world expy, Basil of Baker Street is named for the iconic Basil Rathbone.

He starred in a series of 14 films based on Sherlock Holmes stories, beginning in 1939. This brought the great detective’s character to the silver screen on a big budget in a way that exposed his image to popular culture and media like never before.

But the whole deerstalker hat/cape look that’s iconic to everybody as Sherlock Holmes™ now was popularized due to Sidney Paget’s illustrations in The Strand.

Despite being country wear only, this image became Sherlock Holmes’ icon– and Rathbone immortalized it on film. So in that way, the ‘costume’ was created. And as Sherlock Holmes is the most adapted fictional character ever, that regalia is powerful.

So the very idea of a deerstalker hat/Inverness cape cosplay of Sherlock Holmes actually being a Great Mouse Detective cosplay is hilarious. Because it’s an illustrated mouse in a moving picture cosplaying in homage to an actor famous for the Sherlock role, cosplaying based on an illustration from the 1890s that has since ascended as one of the strongest fiction memes of all time.

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you keep talking about knkstro but ive never seen videos of them together??? could you pls link some i will worship you forever

oh gosh liSTEN KNKSTRO IS SO REAL like they debuted like one week apart and most of their comebacks were together and at first they were so freaking awkward with each other it was hilarious but they ended up doing a number of shows together (because they both debuted around the same time and i guess the idea of them doing shows together with their opposite concepts looked funny) and now they are real and happy, they stretch together and share waiting rooms and mess with each other its so real

1. this video is an iconic one. i think it was one of their first interactions if not the first. it was  both of their debut era and they met up to fight for chicken. sanha died, eunwoo called heejun seungjun and it was honestly a mess. part 1 ;; part 2

2. okay so like skip forward a week. this is again the show and pds bring food because a week before it was eunwoo’s birthday so they bring late celebration food to knkstro (they are already sharing a waiting room). eunwoo finally gets heejun’s name right. and they eat together.and like this is the time knkstro becomes real because eunwoo himself says we’re knkstro.

3. some time later they meet again on the show and battle it out.. again. and it’s super funny like at some point youjin squats so he would be shorter and rocky stants on his tippy toes to be tol and like it’s hilarious.

4. not really an interaction but this is them voting 

5. then this is isacs and seungjun is the real mvp ok like he probably knew how much moonbin loves bts and because of him moonbin got to talk to jungkook.

6. knkstro aegyo battle 


8. okay so this was was hilarious. you know how knkstro share waiting rooms? astro had to play a mission game of finding cards and apparently the winning card was in the waiting room on the ceiling and astro were like how this that get on there and inseong was like i put it there lmao

9. there was an interaction on 160712. it was the show news and eunwoo+seungjun were hosting it. i can’t seem to find the video but i have made a gifset.

10. astro being knk trash

11. this is like the most recent one when they met up to film fan heart attack (features snuper. i swear knk snuper and astro are the holy trinity)

12. knk dancing to breathless. alSO seungjun recently danced to astro again (i think it was simply kpop. i can’t find the video ;;)

13. seungjun wished the best for astro lmao

there was more but i can’t remember noW ;;; anyways. knkstro is very real 

Here’s me throwing a little appreciation to everyone who makes my time on this website for dumdums worthwhile! I wanted to do something a little different instead of just listing all my favs, so i’ve written just a little blurb to thank you for making me so happy <3 I hope you all manage to find your tag lol this got a bit long (might have to do a cheeky command+f heh) compliments / blurbs under the cut!!

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my mom asked me to help with the christmas decorating, so i decided to put some pictures on the mantle to tie it all together. looks nice, right? look closer

i printed out pictures of jeffrey dean morgan and put them in frames

my mom is going to hate me

So I’ve been on this kick of watching really bad movies, so I thought, why not try to watch some klaroline scenes? It’d been so long, and girls are still so obsessed with it, that I wanted to check it out again and see if there was an appeal there that had gone unnoticed by me. After all, it couldn’t be as bad as I remember. I was right; It was worse.

The dialogue is downright godawful. I’ve never seen a romance spell out what it is as much as klaroline. Klaus’ character is verbally pitching the idea to us at every turn, literally listing off the reasons Caroline fits the role, “you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light” And how exactly does he know any of this? Was this during the imaginary time he spent falling in love with her that the writers didn’t bother to show for…reasons? But I’ll get to that later. The writers, when it came to klaroline, didn’t believe in subtly one bit. “So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone whose capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you.” Holy shit, captain obvious is writing this story! Instead of showing us this angle, the writers take the lazy way out and have Klaus tell the audience that this is what the story is, because even the writers realize they’re failing. How bad can this get?

Worse apparently.

Let’s look at all the iconic romantic scenes they have. There’s him giving her his blood–after he bit her. There’s him saving her life–after he stabbed her and bit her on the neck and watched her slowly die. There’s that cringe inducing speech about the hummingbird that only shippers thought wasn’t hilarious. Oh and there’s their sex scene which was a quick hump against a tree that lacked any kind of romance. And here’s a glaring fact that’s always bothered me: Klaroline literally has no beginning. To this day I’m sure the writers have no idea when Klaus spontaneously fell for Caroline. Most love stories have a beginning and an end, and Klaroline only has an ending. 

I don’t even need to get into how gross and abusive the relationship is because the story speaks for itself, so I’ll get into the overall structure. The progression of the relationship was terrible. Nothing about it felt natural. One episode they’re screaming at each other (big shock), and then the next episode it’s like it never happened. Like the writers literally couldn’t remember where they had left off and were too lazy to go back and watch. And boy were their scenes ever repetitive. Flirt, rejection, fight, roll credits annnnd reuse. Every scene is Klaus rambling about himself and not giving a shit about what Caroline is into.

But let’s get to probably the worst part of this story: the character assassination. Caroline and Klaus were my favorite characters before their first big scene. You would think finding out your fave male and fave female were getting together would be awesome, but no, no, no. In order for Klaroline to happen, their characters had to be stripped of everything that made them worth watching. Caroline, who had finally come into her own and turned into a brave, strong woman, was now shrieking in every episode and obsessing over the men in her life (and her awesome relationship with Stefan vanished), and let’s not forget the prom dress scenario. What happened to a wounded Care telling Stefan, “I’m not girly little Caroline anymore.” And then there’s Klaus…dear God, Klaus. Remember the villain who showed up at the end of season 2, who had followers, who had Katherine running for hundreds of years? Wasn’t that fun? Instead let’s have him talk about hummingbirds, paint ponies and snowflakes, follow around a seventeen year old girl like a lost puppy dog, get outwitted by newbie vamps, and come across like a generally pathetic stalker who shows love by shoving a lamp in your gut. Now doesn’t that sound like a great character! I will say, these characters have made a recovery, but them being on separate shows had to happen in order to achieve this. Not a coincidence.

In short: Klaroline is insulting to my brain as a human being, adult, woman, and a writer. It’s the kind of storyline you expect a teenage girl to be writing in her notepad that never sees the light of day. I’m just sincerely relieved to know it’s dead.