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Young Justice at the State Fair

Thank you to @speedypan for helping me find inspiration today and helping with the ideas.
Based off Season 1 cast

- It was Kaldur’s idea. It was much needed team bonding after a long mission.
- Wally goes for all the food. So many options.
- Roy getting a giant chili dog.
- M'gann gets Connor to share cotton candy with her.
- I don’t know which was worse Zatana’s commets while they watched a magician or Dick playing the games.
- Like this boy grew up in a circus, so of course he knows how to win the basic games.
- He won everyone a prize.
- Artemis won a giant teddy bear from a target game.
- Wally said it was cheating.
- It’s not cheating if you have the skills.
- Roy goes and wins the same game to prove it.
- Kaldur’ played the water gun game against Wally, Roy, and Dick. He was so tempted to cheat using his power.
- Roy claims he cheated anyways
- M'gann was intrigued with all the live stock.
- Connor wishing he brought wolf.
- Zatana volunteered to be the magician assistant during the human saw portion.
- Vote for best food? Where can Wally sign up.
- Them all sitting on the curb eating ice cream with their prizes near them. Just having an afternoon being kids.

Non-cis character headcanons

I am fueled by spite and the ability to do as I please on the internet. Please feel free to add any characters you headcanon as not-cis, these are just the ones that I have.

Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods: Nonbinary
Rock from Total Drama: Ridonculous Race: Trans boy
International Wife from 10 Billion Wives: Nonbinary
Rock Husband from 10 Billion Husbands: Trans boy
Olivia Pescado from Fantasy Life: Trans girl
Princess Laura from Fantasy Life: Genderfluid
Celeste from Huniepop: Genderfluid
Zoey from Huniecam Studio: Nonbinary
That Poppy: Demigirl
Michael Kelso from That 70s Show: Genderfluid
Asriel from Undertale: Agender
Chara from Undertale: Nonbinary
Frisk from Undertale: Nonbinary
Jinx from Teen Titans: Genderfluid
Raven from Teen Titans: Nonbinary
Chell from Portal: Nonbinary
Lars from Steven Universe: Trans boy
Sadie from Steven Universe: Trans girl
Penelope from Hamtaro: Genderfluid
Akki from Cute Demon Crashers: Trans girl (this one is canon!!! #blessed!!!)
Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil: Trans girl
Stevonnie from Steven Universe: Nonbinary

anonymous asked:

What versions of the LoZ characters is your favorite?? (they don't have to be from the same game)

GAWDDDD THIS IS SUCH A HARD CHOICE, Because all of them are so different and diverse in their own way, and I love each of them for their certain differences~

Ok so far I’ve played TP, OoT, SS, HW and still playing BoTW and Wind Waker

But I think SS Zelda and Link for me stand out because of how expressive and emotive they were in that game and it was the game that seemed to focus most on their relationship. Plus their story, albeit for a lot of people simple and cheesy, still facked me up
I mean that’s where one of the most heartbreaking and memorable lines of all the franchise spawned from

I loved Zelda’s kind but firm nature. She was just, and took all that came at her all in stride.  I loved Link’s ‘lax, happy go lucky self, and then seeing him grow and put on a serious face when the time called for it. I think that’s what I loved about these two, their growth~
Then…I think Ganondorf in Hyrule Warriors was actually really cool, his attitude was fun and menacing, plus his maaannnneeeeee HAHA
and for companions, I think definitely either Midna or Fi. THEY BOTH BROKE MY HEART.