but it will be one of the more useful gifs i ever make

2016 is coming to an end and I’m really glad that I came back to tumblr this year ^-^ Ever since I came back, I was able to make plenty of new wonderful friends c: There are so many things that I want to thank all of you for > u < Thank you all for being so sweet, talented, and fun to talk to!~ You’re all so talented at what you do and most of all, you’re all really kind <3 You guys make my tumblr experience back on here very joyful ^0^ If we haven’t talked much this year, I hope we get to do so more in the upcoming future!~ Also if my followers are reading this, I hope you all know that I appreciate each and everyone one of you also!! I’m very thankful for all of you ;~;  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!~ May the new year be a better one for us all c: I love you guys!!~ <33333

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We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

Gravity Falls has made quite the impact on my life ever since my brother introduced it to me four years ago. A week after it has ended and my heart still aches. It’s basically one of my favourite animated series. I’m tremendously sad to see it go and I’m going to miss all the characters, but ultimately I’m just glad it happened and that it ended on a high note.

This piece is a huge thank you to the Gravtiy Falls team for making one of the funniest, cleverest, weirdest and greatest cartoon series of all time! Know that you have made something truly amazing and that you all, like the rest of us, will continue to find more weird and wonderful adventures.

Okay I just want to discuss something real quick. The band in the gif your are looking at right now is called Too Many Zooz, a group that started in the NYC subway system and still plays there sometimes but also plays at other venues now. And their bari sax player is one of the biggest badasses this world has ever seen First, he does some real kick ass dance moves all while playing. Do you realize how heavy that thing is? Bari saxes ain’t light children. Imagine how in shape he must be not only to dance with that but also consistently blow enough air (since they have a lot of tubing they need a lot of air just to get through) Also this whole time he keeps his lips just right. Doing all sorts of hella crazy moves can make keeping your lips on the mouthpiece in the proper way tricky. But no, this guy is flawless. Oh, one more thing. He uses a neck strap instead of a harness. You non sax players may or may not know, but neck straps are normally needed for proper support, but you normally wear a harness if you play bari so the weight goes to your back instead. Not this guy. I play alto, something significantly lighter, and I can still sometimes get neck aches from it. This BAMF doesn’t even flinch Leo P from Too Many Zooz everyone.



*Please read the introduction post and important notes HERE <—

  • INDIGO Represents manifesting goals and dreams into reality for me. Because this colour is associated with the Third Eye Chakra it’s an excellent colour to call on for astral projection, Spirit communication, lucid dreaming and dream work in general. Stones that I find work well with this colour are azurite, calcite, quartz, lapis lazuli and sodalite

  • NAVY BLUE Okay, this colour is an interesting one because I actually use it in a much more negative way than black. Navy is my negative karma colour; I call on this one when I feel like I need to do damage and approaching things without magick isn’t working. It’s not used to create physical harm… more of a mental blow for the recipient. This colour can be used to create strong emotion in others but, i also stay on the safe side and make sure I've protected myself in pure universal white light energy first before ever casting navy. Use with caution. Stones that pair well with this colour are onyx, agate, obsidian and ruby. 

  • ROYAL BLUE Looking to make new friends or drop the anxiety you have before an interview? Royal blue is the colour I turn to for situations like this; it has some intense healing powers if your intent is focused correctly. Royal blue is also a powerful colour to use to help heal others who are in emotional distress, it’s a really powerful and peaceful colour to use, unlike its brother, Navy. Stones to use with royal blue are aventurine, lapis, moonstone and amber,

  • BABY BLUE is a very calming colour and one of the colours I use when cleaning things like my crystals, my alter, my apartment or if I need to bless a new book of shadows. Baby blue is also the colour of pure sadness to me, and I believe that all pure emotion is beautiful so, whenever there’s a time for a good cry or release/clean-sweep of sad energy, baby blue is good to call on. Stones that works best with this color are bloodstone, citrine, sodalite and blue lace.

  • BLUE see Throat Chakra

MORE favourite dead not-American actors: an Advent Calendar

Day 21: Albert Lieven

If ever there was an actor who embodied the Your Fave Is Problematic it’s the adorable kitten that is Albert Lieven. Not for himself, you understand, (he left Germany in 1936, not least because his wife was Jewish) but for the roles he plays. He’s one of those german actors who ends up playing a lot of Nazis. Partly this is because he was in British films until 1952, and it’s always good to make use of an actual german, and partly because he has a lovely voice, intelligent and cultured, which lends him to officers, if not gentlemen. 

But leaving aside his extensive careers of fascists, (and excellent army greatcoat wearing) there’s a good deal to watch that gives him opportunities to be more than one-dimensional. As well as his german film work (which I am sadly lacking in experience of, especially baby!Albert in the early 30s, swoon), he gets some nice roles in British films, ranging from the blink-and-you’ll-miss-him bit parts to some more substantial ones, where you can actually see how good he is. He’s urbane, charming, attractive, swoony as hell. And, especially in his youth, flippin adorable. 

Favourite Role: possibly the shortest role he has in a film, but my fave nonetheless - von Ritter in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) where in a beautifully written scene, he embodies humour, honour, loyalty, grace and friendship. He’s our introduction to Theo before we even know him, and it’s perfect. (Emeric Pressburger fangirl 4 life). 

Another Good Place to Start: Jeannie (1941) where he’s a completely charming Count, romancing the adorable Jeannie, in competition with a wonderful Michael Redgrave. It’s a peach of a little film. (I say this even though it’s mostly set in Vienna and there is no fucking escape from Strauss). Also, The Seventh Veil (1945) where he’s a society painter, duking it out (in a restrained fashion) with James Mason for Ann Todd’s affection. One of my favourite evilly-fucked-up-yet-still-super-hot-James-Mason films. I would rec Beware of Pity (1946) for a rare lead/sympathetic role but I’ve yet to watch it because I need to read the book first. (It’s how I roll). 

The more you analyse Psycho Pass, the more you get to realize that:

-Ginoza a character put in there to have someone to hate (since the villain was written to be too cool to be hated). The kind of boss we would all hate but love to have at the same time. If it only wasn’t for his tsundere side which only makes him so cute and not detestable. Did I mention that he carries a lot of pain in him? Cocky, and cocky again. But all this a mask is to conceal his pain of losing his loved ones, and actually trying pretty hard to do not fall where they fell because his heart is still ever so immature (was even wearing the glasses because he believed that he would view things in a more “clean"way). BUT! After losing for good our beloved Pops, he faces reality as it is and prefers to be part of it, making him become the sexiest being in the series, a Kougami wanna-be (but not literally), giving us the chills of love when he chuckles and for anyone who ever doubted how soft he is, he has a dog named Dime and he is a dog lover to no end. He got to be BADASS! And to me he stands to a higher place than Kougami is, because let’s be honest. When you truly want to change something the most efficient way, is to change from its core, not by outside forces, because you only end up changing things for a minimum time-limit, as history has proven, and as Gino proves (alongside with Tsunemori). He is not obsessed with the past, has a calm composure and even some of his old tenacities, BUT they are only fucking charming.  And of course let’s mention how beautiful it was when he punched the shit out of Kougami’s face. In one word? Perfection! #CharacterDevelopmentPerfection

WARNINGS: this may change your way of looking at things. And by that, I mean your sense to sort things into reality and fiction.

Alright! So I do know the warning thingy might be a little dramatic, but things are almost always much more fun when you make it sound like the person might die reading this.

But honestly, I’m just gonna get right into it.

Have you ever been on one of those boring family trips? (Psssssst; I actually do this EVERYWHERE.)

Where you family is being like:
Now you’re going to have to put your Facebook away, we’re going sightseeing !

And you’re just thinking:
Actually, I was reading on AO3….

But your family puts you in the car, and start to feel real good about themselves, because they’re making you do something active.

When stuff like this happens, I imagine Klaine or Crisscolfer. When we walk down the street, I imagine them walking behind us, laughing, talking about some lame joke Blaine just said, eating vanilla ice creams.

When we go eat some place, I imagine them standing in line behind us, or them ordering food, then sitting at a table; holding hands, smiling at each other.

And every time I see a bench, I imagine Klaine/ CC sitting there, holding hands, telling each other a rack of serious things they wouldn’t tell any other person on the earth.

I also imagine different stories, like why they’re here, when they’re going home, and just stuff like that.

Lately I’ve just been standing staring at the mannequins In the suit shops for men. And I can Imagine Klaine/ CC in the suits! It’s crazy!

Now, some of you may say that I should write Klaine/ CC fanfic, I’ve thought about this a lot myself, but you guys have probably already noticed, that I’m not really that good at writing in English. (I am not from an English speaking country,) so I don’t think they would get that many reads.

But I didn’t write this post to talk negative about my Klaine/CC thoughts, I did it because it might be fun for you to try. (Even though you’ve all probably done this at least one time..)

You can do it with any ship you like. Actually, I’m not even sure it has to be something you’re shipping.

I usually imagine Klaine/ CC in these 5 outfits

It’s all outfits that they’ve worn together, so I guess that’s why my brain, (?), chose them.

Maybe you think I’m a loser (You may think that I’m a zerooooo,) but I honestly don’t really care.
It was fun for me to write about, so I guess that’s the important thing here. Hope I helped someone :)

This is for Makayla. @hyme615405
*Makayla POV*
Its been weeks since Nate has come back form tour, when he first came back from tour we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and were with each other every second of ever day. Now he’s spending a lot of his time with Swazz.. Now don’t get me wrong I love Swazz and all but when Nate is with him its all about them and never, not one bit, us and I honestly can’t stand it and Nate knows this. Today,Swazz was over and they were playing Madden. Nothing new for them honestly, seen he just got back from tour. He was kinda over the music vibe for a min, he always was after a long tour. As they were playing Nate kept getting mad because Swazz kept scoring on him. This caused Nate to get very frustrated. I watched him, as Swazz kept scoring, Nate kept running his hands through his hair and standing up making it look more intense than it should be. I was actually very shocked Nate was losing because Nate ALWAYS bets Swazz. No offense to Swazz but he wasn’t that good. Nate had to have something in his mind to be losing to Swazz. “Dude I just beat you at your own fucking game.” Swazz says to him. “I noticed.” Nate says frustrated but I don’t think Swazz catches the frustration in his voice. Swazz’s phone begins to ring. He answers it causing Nate to finally look over at me, when he notices I’m already looking at him he looks at the ground and runs his fingers through his hair, which is now all over the place because he’s been doing that for almost an hour. “Okay I’ll be there soon then.” We both hear Swazz say and then hangs up the phone. “You leaving bro?” Nate asks him. “Yeah man, Katie needs me.” I watch as they both stand up and say their good byes. Once Swazz is out the door my eyes are still locked on Nate. He sits down on the sofa, sighs, and runs his fingers through his hair once again. This boy just doesn’t realize what he’s doing to me just by doing that. That was one if the hottest things Nate could do, is to run his fingers through his hair. “Nate?” I finally say standing up and walking over to him. “Yeah?” He says looking up at me standing right in front of him. I sit in his lap, straddling him. “You look frustrated baby.” I say as his eyes never leave mine. “Just a lot on my mind Lil Mama.” He says placing his hands softly on my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck. “Want me to help you take your mind off of it babe?” I say then start kissig his neck. Nate turns his head giving me more access. “Please.” I hear him say, and his grip tightens on my hips. This causes me to rock my hips back and forth causing Nate to moan in pleasue. I behind to actually kiss Nate. It soon turns into a huge make out session. Soon I’m being lefted into the air Nate breaks the kiss. “We gon take this upstairs Lil Mama.” Nate says as he begins to carry me upstairs. I can now feel how hard he is threw his sweats. Oh my god it was killing me at this point. I crashed my lips onto Nates once again as we enter our room. Nate lays me on the bed, he begins to kiss my neck. I moan, knowing his leaving his marks, this turned me on even more. Nate grinds his hips into mine, making me moan again. Nate kisses down my neck sliding his hands up my body. “Lil Mama, I need you so bad.” Nate says kissing me on the lips before slipping my shirt off. “I’m all yours.” I say to Nate before slipping his sweats pants down his hips. The sight of him made me even wetter. Seconds later I was laying on the bed completely naked with Nate on top of me still in his underwear. I flip us over to where I’m on top of Nate. “I’m gonna take care if you tonight. Is that okay baby?” I ask Nate sweetly. Nate pulls me into a kiss, “I wouldn’t want anyone else too Lil Mama.” He says making me blush. Sweet Nate was my favorite and I was loving this. I help Nate take his underwear off causing his to sigh at the little bit of relief he was gettng. Nate looks at me with a serious face, “No teasing.” He states in a very demanding voice and I can’t help but to give him exactly what he wants because at this point him just laying on the bed naked was teasing to me. I slowly slid myself onto Nate letting the pain soon turn into pleasure. Nate and I both moan, I place my hands gently on Nates check. “Oh my god.” I can hear him whisper. He closes his eyes for a second, then looks up at me, “Come here.” Nate says pulling me into a kiss. I rock my hips back and forth at a slow pace to begin with. Nate slips his tounge into my mouth as I moan hits my spot. Nate helps me rock my hips making me hit that spot every time, I moan into his mouth. “Go faster Mama.” Nate says and I do so, loving the feeling. “Oh my god.” I almost scream. “Keep going.” Nate says as I begin to slow down, knowing my high is coming soon. “Nate.” I say as Nate begins to kiss my neck again most likely leaving more marks. “I know babe, I’m close too. Keep going.” Nate says and I begin to try to rock my hips faster. “Ahhh, Nathan.” I say hitting my high, with my vision bluring and thighs shaking. “Ah, fuck. Oh my god.” Nate mumbles into my neck while cumimg into me. It felt amazing. We stayed there for a second coming down from ours highs. Finally I roll over and lay beside Nate. “So did tat take you mind off of it.” I ask Nate. He nods, “You always know just what to do baby girl. I love you.” He says. “I love you too.” I say kissing his cheek. “What was on your mind anyways Nate?” I ask hoping to get an answer because I had never seen Nate that frustrated before. “You honestly want to know?” He asks, I nod. “Of course your my man I should know what bothering you.” I say causing Nate to smile, and not just a fake smile I’m talking about dimples and all. My favorite. “I was thinking about your birthday plans and how I was going to top last years surprise. I don’t see how I’m going to top a surprise visit with an off day on tour.” He says and it melts my heart. Nate always planned something big for my birthday but last year was the best be surprised while in tour. I hadn’t seen I’m for like 3 months at that time because something always came up when we planned our visits and knowing he was trying to top that made me want to cry , it was really sweet. “Nate, you don’t have to do anything for my birthday. You know I would rather sit here in bed with you than go out to town or something. I just want you here okay?” I say he shakes his head. “Nah, you my Lil Mama and I gotta spoil you, and I will. I make no promises, I’ll figure something our for your birthday.” He says. I smile at him, with that he pulls me into him cuddling, and we stayed there wrapped in just each other talking all night long.

Due to popular demand on a post I made of how I was thinking of creating a network, I have decided to finally create one! Also thank you for 2.5k followers :). Okay, so here’s the info

rules & applying

➳ mbf me

➳ fill out this form (its super short i swear)

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➳ group chats

➳ internet friends who’ll defend you from haters duh

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➳ it’ll just be hella rad ok

increase your chances

➳ come talk to me I don’t bite

➳ seriously you will make your way to my heart just by sending a message

➳ if you follow my insta (ask me for it) i will love you forever and ever

➳ tag me in stuff or use the #social casualties network cause that will be cool

I’ll be picking around 10 people, maybe less or maybe more. I’ll choose when this posts gets a decent amount of notes OR at the end of February. Thanks for all who said they would join, I’m so excited! Good luck :)

For your daily dose of satirical comedy. <3

Expect more of Keeper Lavellan’s Dating Tips soon!

Coming up next: “Getting the Dread Wolf to Stay FOREVER 102: ‘Forgetting’ to drink your Witherstalk Tea!” 

This is a appreciation post for taylor. Taylor, we are all so proud of you. You are such a special shining light in all our lives and we love you. I don’t want you to ever think we take you for granted and we appreciate EVERYHING you do for us because most of it you don’t even have to do but you do it because you love us. and that means more to us than anything else in this world. We are so grateful to have someone who makes our days brighter, makes us feel stronger, gives us a little shining hope that everything is going to be ok and to shake off any baggage that is weighing down any happiness we deserve. You are the reason why music should be made and your the reason why I can believe there are special people out there with big hearts do exist and you’re one of them. We will continue to support you through everything like we have from the very start. We all love you so much, and never ever forget it.


4 years ago today, I was standing by the bstage at the Speak Now tour in Arlington, Texas and someone from Taylor’s team saw me freaking out and pulled me and my friend into the barrier. (Unfortunately, our group had 4 people but only 2 of us got pulled in) 

During the time we were in there, we danced, laughed, and even cried a little with Mama Swift. 

Then came the moment for her to come around and hug us. I knew I’d only have about 2 seconds with her so I was determined to make it count. You can see me say “I love you” as she pulls me in, then she looks back at me and says “I love you too!”

I know this moment is way more than some people would ever get, so I am so thankful for this. One day, I’d love to finally get to speak to her and truly thank her for everything she’s done for me, but this moment is one I will cherish forever. 

Flash Writers Twitters 

Please use responsibly, and remember that individual staff writers do not have control of story arcs. Ideally, this list will be updated as episodes and writers are added, and we can use it to point out specific Iris moments we appreciated and to let those writers know what we want to see more of for her and WA in their episodes.

I won’t include freelance writers for now since there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back to do another episode, and I also won’t include writers who left after season 1 or 2A unless they’re a staff writer on a sister show like Arrow or LOT.

Keep reading

I’ve been trying to make one of these since I hit 1k but more and more of you guys keep following so I keep having to remake my graphics but now I’m at 6.5k and really need to just post one of these already

I made this blog on my birthday this year, so I’ve had it for less than three months, but you guys are just so amazing. I can’t possibly thank you enough for sticking around and being so kind. I follow more than 2100 blogs (I have a problem, guys), so please forgive me if I forget to add you to this ^-^”

Before I officially start the list, I want to thank Sammie (raingirl208) for putting up with my shit and being quite possibly one of my closest friends, especially over the past few months. You’re the real MVP and deserve far more than I could ever give to you.

Also, Teiani (wolviegrrl/wolviedraws) is a goddess and really deserves more appreciation tbh.

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hi hello well my last follow forever was in august and because everyone has been doing them i decided to make a holidays/new year follow forever (when i should be revising for exams), but i really wanted to make this so. I’ve had this blog for a little over a year (i know, a year blogging solely abt these idiots) and i’ve made more friends than i ever thought i would (which was zero so i guess it wasnt that hard bUT) and it feels awesome finally having people on here i talk to bUT enough of me saying random stuff no one really cares abt ((btw if ur in italics it means i consider us pals if u dont then this is awkward))  ♡

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how to look like the goofball friend in a mid-century surfing movie in one easy step