but it will also make you cry

Hunk and the Yellow lion!

Literal hug monster, Yellow is brutally honest about everything, but she will do anything she can to make people smile. She’ll also let you cry her shoulder and listen to your woes until you feel better. Yellow loves cooking with Hunk and will hang out with him while he works on engineering, even though she doesn’t understand any of it. 

She also the strongest lion, able to lift an enormous amount of weight and easily crush steel. but she would rather sit back take a nap then hurt anyone.


First of all, THANK YOU DANNY for being the absolute best when I showed up crying for twenty whole minutes. Thank you Taka, thank you Karen, thank you everyone at Aksys for being so sweet. Thank you Uchikoshi-san for taking a picture with me, and even giving me an autograph (I am learning Japanese now so I won’t be embarrassed next time, haha!)

Thank you for not only making what Zero Escape is today, but also for personally being such inspiring people. You all give me the inspiration to work just as hard on making games! Thank you!! 

Art and message by @niaori

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

The best TV of 2016 so far: The A.V. Club’s catch-up guide
You’re busy, and The A.V. Club understands that. We can’t watch all the TV we want to, let alone cover it. That’s why we take a little bit of time in the middle of each year to step back, survey the landscape, and single out the best stuff we’ve managed to watch so far. As a courtesy to you, the rea


Reconstituting the horror of American slavery as a serialized drama is no small feat, since most people wouldn’t want to make a weekly appointment to watch the height of human cruelty. While Underground is certainly intense and emotional, it’s also surprisingly fun, borderline popcorn fare. By focusing on escaping slaves and their treacherous journey north, creators Misha Green and Joe Pokaski turn the period piece into a rousing adventure tale full of all the stunning betrayals and shocking twists expected of a contemporary thriller.
Total time commitment: 7.3 hours
If you only have one hour: Watch “Cradle,” a bruising series of vignettes focusing on the young children affected by the slave trade. If you’re not crying by the end, you weren’t paying attention.
If you only have four minutes: Choose any sequence that involves the eminently shippable bond between Noah (Aldis Hodge) and Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell). It’s one of the most affecting “love in a time of war” stories in recent memory.
If you only have two seconds: Find a GIF featuring the appearance of a new character near the end of the season finale. It’s one hell of an introduction.
Where to watch: Available for digital purchase on iTunes and Amazon

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Confession time: I wanna cuddle you so bad and I have a crush on you. ((Also I think you might be the ZaryaMei love child because you're smol but tough. ))

;alkjfgha come here anon my arms are always open for cuddles

Hey salts. I’m Lottie. I also answer to Lots, but rarely to Charlotte. I’m a professional groomer, but I’m told that saying that in American company makes One Direction sound like actual dogs so I’m a hair and makeup artist. I really love horror films even though most of them make me cry. And I spend a lot of my time listening to music and/or clicking through random things on netflix. I’m shit at introducing myself so I highly recommend you come talk to me instead of trying to get me to ramble more here because it’ll just be painful otherwise. AIM = cheerslottie 

Glitterfaces (Dan and Phil)
  • Aries:"Today, we're going to be combining my two favourite things! Faces, and glitter, to make, Glitter Faces!!"
  • Taurus:"it can be fun to peel of your fingers when they're covered in glue!" "don't eat it!"
  • Gemini:"Extend the glue.. NO DAN TOO MUCH"
  • Cancer:"Don't cry, craft!"
  • Leo:"But be careful, because glitter get's everywhere" "Also-" "EVERYWHERE" "everywhere" "EVERYWHERE"
  • Virgo:"You can have different sizes of paper, A5, A6, A7, A8.." "A9?" "NO."
  • Libra:"Why am I left-handed?" "Everybody makes mistakes!"
  • Scorpio:"Craft is inside my skin"
  • Sagittarius:"PROTIP"
  • Capricorn:"Draw it with the glue and press as har- .. oh no"
  • Aquarius:"My glitter is red and hot, your glitter is blue and cold" "It's cool"
  • Pisces:"Draw a face on the sheets of paper, representing your feelings!"
Imagine your OTP

[Person A is heart broken, Person B is beside him on the bus]

Person A: *sees a Keep Right sign*

Person A: He never really did follow directions.

Person A: Since he left.

Person B: Can you please make up your mind if you’re gonna cry or laugh? Also, I’d appreciate it if you don’t ruin my day with your brokenhearted bullshit.

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Hello! Do I sound creepy if I say that I pulled an all nighter to read your Hawke legacy ? CUZ THAT'S WHAT I DID. *runs* I absolutely loooove your characters, they are so... human? Like they make mistakes and everything and oh god I'm just in love with the way you write, I just couldn't stop reading (also your sims are hawt uhuhu). I'm definitely going to read all your other stories! *^*

I cannot express to you how much this means to me ♥ I hope you don’t mind me posting, but I want this to look at forever! Thank you so so much for taking the time & being so sweet.. like wow *___*

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For the headcanon meme: Feuilly, ☠ (anger/violence headcanon), and I can't find the symbols for sleep headcanon and happy headcanon but those too! (Thank you)

☠ (anger/violence headcanon) - Feuilly is an angry crier; he gets teary -eyed when he’s angry or frustrated and he sometimes blames it on tiredness, but really, it’s through self-control that he doesn’t break down in tears afterward. He knows this, his friends knows this, usually nobody points it out because they don’t want to embarrass him - also he’s angry, why would try try to make him even more angry? -except Bahorel, but somehow that’s kind of expected, coming from Bahorel? and doesn’t make it sound like he should be ashamed for crying, so that’s.. good. Yeah. It’s a good thing.

☾ (sleep headcanon) - Feuilly sleeps fine, mostly - no insomnia, no particularly vivid dreams, but way too little. He’s sort of used to that dizzy-weak feeling when you wake up and totally aren’t rested. He knows he should probably take longer to relax before going to bed at night, but. There’s too much to do.

☆ (happy headcanon) - He really really loves autumn. Like. Autumn aesthetic right there. Everything feels a little more fresh and quiet than summer, and the light is softer. The first day he wears his favourite scarf - it was a present from Jehan, who “wasn’t wearing it anymore”, it’s so warm and it’s a good material and it’s long and nice - is always a good day. He might even say it’s a lucky scarf, if he was the kind of person who’d give objects qualities like this.

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you're kind of a huge inspiration to me? i've always wanted to learn at least basic coding, and like you know it, and you've found a way to make people happy with it/ make a statement? anyways, thanks for doing everything you do.


also you can totally do the coding thing if i can do the coding thing because let me tell you: i am awful at the coding thing. just terrible at it. i have to use a visual editor for pretty much everything because i screw it up constantly otherwise. you can get advanced if you want but bot stuff is totes beginner friendly and i encourage everyone to try it if you want to and it makes me super happy when people do!! i see people creating the coolest shit all the time and it makes me so happy i cry sometimes about how happy i am

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Why are you suddenly watching all the shows I watched like last year but never finished XD

I live on a one year time delay. Also I was hired to make you watch these shows and cry with me about them. Because look, Zain, I cried at the end of S1 because they did a really pretty thing that I super enjoyed and there’s no one that understands, that I can yell at about it. SO PLEASE.

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Idk if this is real or a prank, but days ago... I saw a thing (the one they use in movies to tell which scene are gonna make) and one was written "Stiles Death" gosh, if one of my theories are right, then I'm gonna cry. (Sorry for the random comment, I love your blog :3)

Oh it’s okay, Nonnie, I’m almost 100% certain that’s just a prank. If you’re going to go ahead and watch Season 6 I sincerely doubt Jeff would go ahead and end the series like that. The last few episodes will probably get really intense but not to the point where they reveal that, I’m sure of it. So worry not your little nonnie head :3 *pat pat*

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I was done crying but now you're making me cry again... please... bring on Bismuth and her amazing grade A 10/10 hugs... let Garnet and Pearl have at least ONE of those they lost back against such horrible odds... (also how anyone can be even mildly sympathetic towards the diamonds at this point mystifies me)

RIGHT…like, homeworld gems, yes. they’re under such a crushing type of dictatorship that it’s hard to judge any of them as irredeemable imo, not when any form of dissent or transgression has been shown to be met with being shattered (ie sapphire&ruby backstory), when they’re disposable enough to have some sort of equivalent of a biological weapon thrown on them all to win a war, and so on. 

but the diamonds………………..those binches need to go

(also oh my GOD if they take away bismuth after giving her back to pearl and garnet i will scream)

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This rickmorty stuff honestly makes my grandmother and I want to cry. We watch this show together, and when we heard about this, we both thought and said, 'Who in the hell pairs up an 60-80 year old man with his 14 year old grandson!?!?' That's just like pairing me (I'm 19) up with my (80 year old) grandma! It's very, very ill. They're also supporting incest and it upsets me!

The thought of having to have that kind of discussion with a grandparent is pretty upsetting to me, honestly. I’m sorry you both had to experience that