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So this little thing that @garrulousgibberish​ and @ancientouroboros​ tagged me in ( ahh~ thanks a lot! ♥♥♥) reminded me how I’d meant to change my phone to reflect my playstation theme again (cause having a sony phone makes me want to match them ♥)

So firewatch home page! And Night in the Woods lock screen cause it’s gorgeous.

Also I rarely take photos, and so far today I have been swimming and gardening so… yeah you get an old selfie ;p It was this or my Grunkle/Grauntie Stan costume so you’ve got me and Little Light from MCM London last October ♥

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I'm Back [Jimin Imagine]

Title; I’m Back
Genre; Fluffy, Angst
Pairing; Jimin x Reader

- honestly there wasnt any real plot i was just bored and wrote this -
You were out playing on the playground with all the other kids, You ran around attempting to tag another kid while laughing, a smile on your face that never seemed to disappear…you had lots of friends and for that little Jimin envyed you, but at the same time he kinda liked you, you were so nice and cool, the most popular-est girl in first grade!!

While him….Jimin was a loser…he was a transfer from korea so kids made fun of his accent the only person who ever hung out with him was this kid in preschool named jungkook….but he wasnt here today…. He sighed as he watched you run after some guy named Jason, He huffed wishing you would chase after him instead……he sighed and continued to watch you boredly…

You chased after Jason, Jack, Trevor, and Travis. Giggling and laughing, it was all fun and games til Travis got hurt and a yard duty took him to the office and made you guys stop running….you pat Jack’s back as he cried because they couldn’t play anymore……after that you guys just played hide n seek every recess
And of course Jimin stayed on the bench and watched you with his preschool friend Jungkook..


Middle school was tough, you had 6 classes and no recess like you did in elementary, it was tough on you but you tried your hardest…

Jason walked over and tripped you purposely with a smirk on his face as he just kept walking, you squeaked and wincedcas a heavy textbook you were carrying landed on your stomach..

Jimin saw this and rushed over “H-Gey are you okay!” He said quickly, you werent close with jimin you guys just talked every so often….

“Y-Yeah..” You muttered as he helped you up and picked up all your stuff “um…here” he said awkwardly handing you your books and stuff, you nodded

“Thanks, See you 4th period Jimin!” You smiled and scurried off, Jimin sighed gently and smiled, feeling giddy inside….his crush just spoke to him!! And he touched her hand!!! He chuckled as he went to his own class, ‘i should try and talk to her more….’ He thought excitedly


After you finished your awkward preteen stage in middle school, highschool came and everything just seemed to get harder and more drama…

Jimin grinned, as you walked next to him humming gently

“What sing are you humming?” He asked, you giggled “It’s a song by this new kpop group called bigbang! They are totally cool!!” She said happily

Jimin raised an eyebrow “You know korean…?”

You shook your head “no but the songs are cool and their voices are so ugh yes please take me to heaven g-dragon!”

He blinked…so you liked kpop huh……..he’d have to look this group up later, he chuckled “you know i speak korean…”

You giggled “That’s cool i always wanted to learn a different language maybe i’ll learn korean..” You said humming lightly again and he smiled “Yeah…that’d be cool….”

And just like that highschool ended and you and jimin were college kids


Jimin grinned excitedly “I know right! Hey you never know maybe i’ll become a kpop star!”

You rolled your eyes “mhm sure”

Jimin pouted “What you think i cant?” He said a bit hurt, you shook your head

“I mean i doubt it whats the chances of my best friend being a kpop star?”

Jimin pouted more but then his face lit up “Hey if i do become a kpop star you gotta be my girlfriend!!”

You choked on your own spit and blushed “WHAT! Well thats never gonna happen if you betcon that! How about if you clap twice ill be your girlfriend!” You laughed and blushed

He happily clapped twice but shook his head “Nope to easy, i want it to be a challenge so you know ill do anything for you….”

You smiled and nodded “if you say so…..”

Jimin soon became a trainee, and after that a kpop star, he was surprised to see Jungkook be in the same band as him, he was really happy…

And you watched him from afar with acgrin, you went to any of the concerts if they were in america but you couldnt go to all of them across the world….you sighed and smiled a bit as you watched a bangtan bomb, you hadnt forgotten of the promise he made but you bet he did, he had way morecpretty girls in korea now who would do anything to be with him.

Though jimin hadnt forgotten about the promise but sadly bighit had them on a two year dating ban so he couldnt say anything yet…. ‘Wait for me Y/n’ he thought desperately wishing you heard but he knew you could not read thoughts ecspecially all the way from korea…

A few years later rumors started going around that he hated international fans and he started getting death threats, a concert in anaheim, california was canceled because of it and he left bangtan, he felt insecure, depressed, broken…..he was scared you didnt like him anymore and that you believed the rumors…he was scared you forgot about him……he was scared that maybe he was going to die maybe that person was going to shoot him….

The only thing he could do was look for you hoping that you didnt forget

A few days later you opened your door to find a man sleeping on your porch…not just any man but Park Jimin. You panicked, you had heard about how he left and then the entire group disbanded, Min Yoongi became a soloist, as did Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok, Kim Seokjin started a cooking show, Jeon Jungkook partnered up with Kim Taehyung and they joinedca different company…

You dragged Jimin into your house and shut the door,shaking.him awake “Jimin..Jimin…..” You had tears in you eyes when he didnt respond…..you put your mouth onto his, closing your eyes gently, but they snapped open when his lips pressed against yours gently and he pulled you onto him, you pulled away “Jimin! Your alive!!! Omg!” You hugged him tightly and he smiled gently

“I’m back…” He whispered and kissed you again

a junior who was taking the psat today ditched the idea of pulling the fire alrm to get out of testing and instead hacked into the school’s alarm system to set it off exactly when the English section was scheduled to start


and there you have it

that’s the summary of the American education system


abstractingwords  asked:

If Laurens were an animal, would he be a ferret or a honey badger?

ok so like 6 different people have given me their varying opinions on Which Animal John Laurens Would Be and i dont really know so.. its time to

here are ALL OF THEM!!! with this new visual evidence the People can now decide on john laurens’s one true fursona

i forgot what john laurens looked like halfway through drawing these so. have some animals with little clothes and lil ponytails

hope and legacy // let’s go crazy


I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already: