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“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” “Don’t you ever do that again!” KAKASAKU!! both or just one, it's up to you waifu, BUT I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU!!

Oh, my lovely sweet Meli! I tweaked the prompt a bit, hope you don’t mind. I hope you like it and I LOVE YOU, CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU, MY DEAR WIFE!

This was inspired by Die Alone - Ingrid Michaelson

Out of Order

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               “Kakashi?” The grip that was suddenly on his sleeve was tight and he could see the white of her knuckles under the street lamp. He looked down at her to see her eyes were still filled with that built up adrenaline mixed with fear that usually followed hard missions like the one they had just been on. Her voice had been sure as she looked up at him, even if it did shake a bit.

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Fuck Store Managers

Lets just say I fucking hate my Store Manager and wish she would fuck off. She expects way too much of her employees, and gets pissed when we cant be two people at once. Story below.

So basically I came in at 4 and was on a register for about an hour before I had to go to Uscan. Well i hadnt even been there for like 10 minutes when this lady came over there with a huge buggy full of stuff (😩) so im like okay. I notice she has a few things underneath her buggy, a 35(?) pack of water, a bag of charcoal and a 12 pack of glass beer bottles. Well i saw her “scan” the charcoal (i actually thought she had scanned it) and then i heard it say say something along the lines of “please place it aside and continue scanning” and her light is blinking, so i go over there, scan my card and look at her bags. Turns out she had taken one of our individual beers from the deli area and drank it while she was shopping, which is a definite no no. I went on to tell her that we cant sell them individually and that she has the buy the “make your own six pack” deal. She was like “well ive done it before” and i was like well we cant do that (we would loose our alcohol license!!) so let me grab my manager and see what we can do. Then she was like “oh ill just get the six pack” and then changed her mind and told me to get S(GM). So i did (i already planned on getting him) and when he came out i explained the situation and he dealt with it. So i figured she was going to get the six pack deal thingy before she finished scanning but she didnt, she paid for her order and went back towards the bakery, she didnt exit Uscan the way most people do which is past the register. While all of that was going on, this other lady only had a certain amount of money on her EBT card so im helping her at the register while keeping an eye on the other lady because S had left. I notice that she had NOT scanned the beer under her buggy, and as soon as she left the area i grabbed J(bookeeper)over and told her that if that lady goes through any of the lines to check her receipt and just then the lady and S come over to the service desk and he asks J to check her out and then i grab him over there and tell him the situation, and he went over there and literally checked everything on her receipt. She turned out to have two 12 packs of beer in glass bottles under her buggy she hadnt scanned, the charcoal hadnt been scanned, she had a cake with a coupon that she wasnt supposed to have, and she hid 3 candles under her purse. She planned to steal all of it. I know she ended up paying for the cake and two candles, and after she left she tried to come back in and say she had paid for the third candle, which she hadnt so we didnt give it to her. Well while theyre all over there taking care of her, im still trying to help the lady that didnt have enough money on her EBT and i finish with her and i had barely closed the cash drawer, the lady had barely even started to walk away from Uscan when L (SM) came over there and got mad that I wasn’t in the middle of Uscan like we’re apparently supposed to be. I try to explain that i was helping the lady with her EBT and she cuts me off and asks me whats going on over at the service desk, and I can barely even explain it to her before she tells me i need to be in the middle watching people and all that then she walks off. Then she grabs S and pulls him over to floral and they talk for about 5 minutes before S comes over to Uscan and tells me that C(coworker) and I have to switch immediately. I knew deep down inside she had literally no good reason to be pissed other than that we almost lost money. But guess who prevented it? Me. If i had not of known that she hadnt scanned the beer, nobody would have even looked at her receipt. No a single person. And she would have gotten away. I know I did the right thing, and she cant say otherwise because I will point blank explain to anybody who asks that nobody would have checked her receipt, not even L. We are told NOT to approach somebody when they are stealing and let the managers deal with it. Cant get mad at your own words, motherfucker.

TL;DR: Lady doesnt scan items at self checkout, I help prevent her stealing them, SM gets mad that i didnt stop the lady immediately, even though we are told not to approach somebody when they are stealing.


tf is this

I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea but i gave the floor to my lil bro and he almost destroyed me with that warmup.
Certainly, his father’s son.
Lots of focus on punching and technique for the second half of class. The amount of stuff they teach me blows me away every time. Lets hope some of it sticks! #blessed to be a karateka


a late reply, but, @silverflame15 .. i simply googled “jay ninjago” i found one pic, then clicked on some of the related pics again and again to find other pics, and one of them was an image of cole smiling with the caption “you look so good! i wanna eat you up” and it definetly wasnt about cake… i checked


Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.

lol people in the tags are calling Allura racist and it’s like

are y’all forgetting that the galra LITERALLY destroyed her homeworld (along with a bunch others at this point) killing MILLIONS. 

and that this has been going on for centuries. and the galra have been killing people and ruining their lives for centuries. with absolutely no mercy. whatsoever.

so yeah i dont blame her for being a bit iffy when “good” galra come up

I used to work at DQ and an elderly gentleman came in and ordered a slice of DQ cake, so we sell it, get him his slice and a fork, and he opens it and takes a bite, then exclaims, “It’s ice cream cake!” And we’re like, “Umm yes..?” He says, “I hate ice cream!” We’re all kind of flabbergasted and he’s mad and wants his money back saying there wasnt any sign to tell him it was ice cream cake, and since technically there wasnt, my mgr refunded him the 3 bucks or so and he left. That was the strangest thing to ever happen to me while I worked at DQ.

*me, MTT and frisk baked a cake!!! (don’t worry frisk wasnt in the cake when we put it in the oven lol)

Birthday present for both @hushpupper and @popcorngumballsprinkles!!

Because incredibly enough both their bdays are on the same day!! (i think i hope i didnt get it wrong oh noo)

5sos (Calum Hood) request

You had a modelling gig again today, and you were rushing off campus to be able to get there on time. No one liked it when the model was late. You had been modelling for Victoria Secret for almost a year now, and you were really starting to get recognized.

Just walking down the hall or the campus made many heads turn. 

“Hey! Y/N, you leaving with out me?” You heard the familiar voice of your friend Calum call out to you. 

Maybe friend wasn’t the right word to use, but honestly there wasn’t really a name to give to the relationship that you guys shared. 

You guys weren’t dating, per se, but you guys did have the occasional (frequent) hookup. If you had to be completely honest, you liked him, but you would never admit it, especially not to Calum. 

“Yes, I am. If you want to come, you’d have to hurry with me because I’m going be late." 

As you made you guys made your way across the campus to where your car was currently parked, you heard some guys yelling out things to you.

You rolled your eyes and mentally punched them in the face, but you actually saw Claum flip off a few of them, and walked closer to you, wrapping his arm around your waist.

Calum liked to come with you to your modelling gigs, probably liked seeing a whole punch of people in their underwear, and some of the other models had taken quite an interest in him. He liked being fawned over. Although, no model has ever made a move on him, and vis versa.

Finally arriving at your gig and only five minutes late, you made your way through the doors and going straight to makeup, not bothering with Calum. He had come with you enough for everyone to know who he was, and for him to know his way around. 

Once you were finally done, hours later, and after getting changed back into our regular clothes you found Calum sitting around, talking to some of your fellow model friends. 

He was talking to them, and they were all laughing to something he had said and you rolled your eyes. One of the model lightly put her hand on his shoulders, lingering and softly trailed her fingertips over his chest when she pulled away. 

You knew for a fact that his chest was very nice.

Seeing you, he stood up and said goodbye to the models, walking towards you. When he came close enough, you lifted your hand to have it wrap around his neck, pulling his head down and brought you lips together in a quick kiss. 

"Mhm,” he mumbled against your lips, turning so that you guys were fully pressed against eachother slipping his hands down into the back pockets of your jeans. “You looked really hot today." 


im sorry if this wasnt what you meant, i wasnt really sure what you meant with cake, like individual ones, so i hope its okay that i did it with just calum

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