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“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” “Don’t you ever do that again!” KAKASAKU!! both or just one, it's up to you waifu, BUT I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU!!

Oh, my lovely sweet Meli! I tweaked the prompt a bit, hope you don’t mind. I hope you like it and I LOVE YOU, CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU, MY DEAR WIFE!

This was inspired by Die Alone - Ingrid Michaelson

Out of Order

Also on ao3 and ffn

               “Kakashi?” The grip that was suddenly on his sleeve was tight and he could see the white of her knuckles under the street lamp. He looked down at her to see her eyes were still filled with that built up adrenaline mixed with fear that usually followed hard missions like the one they had just been on. Her voice had been sure as she looked up at him, even if it did shake a bit.

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since my parents both work I had to drive my little sister to her friend's birthday party and stick around and the freakin kid had AN EMOJI MOVIE THEMED PARTY like I had to eat a piece of cake shaped like the winky face emoji and we did that game where people have names on their forehead and others have to drop hints on who they are only they had to guess the different emojis and it was the longest 2 and a half hours of my life

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Hey sweetie I'd like to request a BTS reaction where it's their birthday and you want to try baking a cake but it ends up being a disaster

Here you go darlin:)


He’d walk into the kitchen to see you struggling to measure out the right amout of ingredients and he’d chuckle when he noticed your struggle. Instead of making fun of you though he’d wrap his arms around your waist and kiss you cheek before reaching to help you. It became a mini date with him laying kisses your cheek as he helped you finished the cake and even though is came out frumpy and not the best color he still loved you for thinking of him. 


He’d run into the kitchen at the sound of your frustrated yell, thinking that you had hurt yourself, but when he walked in and he saw you standing over a discolored lopsided cake he just chuckled knowing exactly what it was for. He’d  laugh and pull you away from the cake so you back was against his chest. ‘Thank you for the cake Jagi, but I’m not eating that.’ he’d say making you chuckle and kick out in frustration. 


He’d probably join in with helping make a mess. You had tried so hard to make hm a cake for his birthday but you just ended up splattering half mixed batter all over the counters and floor when you forgot to add the lid to the mixing bowl. He’d make you feel better by swiping the batter across you nose which would lead into a short flight that would end in him hovering above you, his messy hands pressed on either side of you head that rested on the kitchen floor. He’d lean down and kiss you deeply before helping you clean up the mess.


He’d laugh loudly when he walked in to see you covered in flour from the cake you were trying to bake from scratch. ‘Why are you baking,  you know you can’t bake?’ He’d said rubbing white powder off your your cheek before laughing again at your frustration and kissing your forehead. He wouldn’t fully come out with it, but he appreciated the gesture a lot more that you’d thing, despite the failure.


He wouldn’t care what you were doing or how badly it had turned out, all he care about was the fact you went a little out of your comfort zone just to try and make something for him.  He’d wrap his arms around you and smile thanking you from the bottom of his heart for the cake and all though he’d help you toss it out it wouldn’t change the love in his eyes for you.


He would try his hardest not to laugh as you presented the embarrassing cake to him, making sure he wasnt getting his hopes up at all. He’d smile a toothy grin and make you feel better by pulling you close and kissing your temple. Even though he’d then go on to make fun of your cake, anytime one of the other members brought it up he’d snap at them playfully and shut it down.


He’d mess with you from them moment he saw you starting to bake, teasing you that it might kill everyone, but still as you pulled it out of the oven he was still the first person to try and eat it. ‘It doesn’t look pretty, but at least it tastes okay right?’ he’d say trying to make you feel better as he hooked an arm around you shoulder and pulled you in to kiss you cheek. 


ive been wanting to draw some of the cake mix squad members for a long ass time and finally i did it and i wanted to draw flour in here also but sfdjhf i couldnt get the composition right so heres some smol bonus flowers bc hes cute….

(and i liked the line art for this better so i put that under the cut sdfjkhdfs happy birthday you fuck i love you) 

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Fuck Store Managers

Lets just say I fucking hate my Store Manager and wish she would fuck off. She expects way too much of her employees, and gets pissed when we cant be two people at once. Story below.

So basically I came in at 4 and was on a register for about an hour before I had to go to Uscan. Well i hadnt even been there for like 10 minutes when this lady came over there with a huge buggy full of stuff (😩) so im like okay. I notice she has a few things underneath her buggy, a 35(?) pack of water, a bag of charcoal and a 12 pack of glass beer bottles. Well i saw her “scan” the charcoal (i actually thought she had scanned it) and then i heard it say say something along the lines of “please place it aside and continue scanning” and her light is blinking, so i go over there, scan my card and look at her bags. Turns out she had taken one of our individual beers from the deli area and drank it while she was shopping, which is a definite no no. I went on to tell her that we cant sell them individually and that she has the buy the “make your own six pack” deal. She was like “well ive done it before” and i was like well we cant do that (we would loose our alcohol license!!) so let me grab my manager and see what we can do. Then she was like “oh ill just get the six pack” and then changed her mind and told me to get S(GM). So i did (i already planned on getting him) and when he came out i explained the situation and he dealt with it. So i figured she was going to get the six pack deal thingy before she finished scanning but she didnt, she paid for her order and went back towards the bakery, she didnt exit Uscan the way most people do which is past the register. While all of that was going on, this other lady only had a certain amount of money on her EBT card so im helping her at the register while keeping an eye on the other lady because S had left. I notice that she had NOT scanned the beer under her buggy, and as soon as she left the area i grabbed J(bookeeper)over and told her that if that lady goes through any of the lines to check her receipt and just then the lady and S come over to the service desk and he asks J to check her out and then i grab him over there and tell him the situation, and he went over there and literally checked everything on her receipt. She turned out to have two 12 packs of beer in glass bottles under her buggy she hadnt scanned, the charcoal hadnt been scanned, she had a cake with a coupon that she wasnt supposed to have, and she hid 3 candles under her purse. She planned to steal all of it. I know she ended up paying for the cake and two candles, and after she left she tried to come back in and say she had paid for the third candle, which she hadnt so we didnt give it to her. Well while theyre all over there taking care of her, im still trying to help the lady that didnt have enough money on her EBT and i finish with her and i had barely closed the cash drawer, the lady had barely even started to walk away from Uscan when L (SM) came over there and got mad that I wasn’t in the middle of Uscan like we’re apparently supposed to be. I try to explain that i was helping the lady with her EBT and she cuts me off and asks me whats going on over at the service desk, and I can barely even explain it to her before she tells me i need to be in the middle watching people and all that then she walks off. Then she grabs S and pulls him over to floral and they talk for about 5 minutes before S comes over to Uscan and tells me that C(coworker) and I have to switch immediately. I knew deep down inside she had literally no good reason to be pissed other than that we almost lost money. But guess who prevented it? Me. If i had not of known that she hadnt scanned the beer, nobody would have even looked at her receipt. No a single person. And she would have gotten away. I know I did the right thing, and she cant say otherwise because I will point blank explain to anybody who asks that nobody would have checked her receipt, not even L. We are told NOT to approach somebody when they are stealing and let the managers deal with it. Cant get mad at your own words, motherfucker.

TL;DR: Lady doesnt scan items at self checkout, I help prevent her stealing them, SM gets mad that i didnt stop the lady immediately, even though we are told not to approach somebody when they are stealing.


tf is this

Dean, Cake, and the Color Yellow

@winchester-reload​ and I were ogling over the 13x03 promotional pictures when we realized something about this shot in particular.

Anyone else notice that in this shot, we have a pastry display plate placed very conspicuously? A plate which at the moment is decidedly home to a cake? Cake which multiple very talented meta-writers have associated with bi!Dean?






Anyone else notice that cake is directly beneath someone wearing–wait for it–yellow? The same color that we’ve already talked about as being both very significant overall and related to Cas this season?



Anyone else notice that both of these things are aligned with Dean in this picture? This picture from the episode in which Dean will probably be forced to talk about his feelings regarding Cas and his death because Jody won’t let him suppress that shit anymore and he’s running on empty?

Anyone else feel like a little bit like a conspiracy theorist, but not enough to prevent you from posting about it because maybe, just maybe, this is all on purpose?

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BRO,,,., WE ARE TEENS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea but i gave the floor to my lil bro and he almost destroyed me with that warmup.
Certainly, his father’s son.
Lots of focus on punching and technique for the second half of class. The amount of stuff they teach me blows me away every time. Lets hope some of it sticks! #blessed to be a karateka


a late reply, but, @silverflame15 .. i simply googled “jay ninjago” i found one pic, then clicked on some of the related pics again and again to find other pics, and one of them was an image of cole smiling with the caption “you look so good! i wanna eat you up” and it definetly wasnt about cake… i checked