but it wasnt cake

lol people in the tags are calling Allura racist and it’s like

are y’all forgetting that the galra LITERALLY destroyed her homeworld (along with a bunch others at this point) killing MILLIONS. 

and that this has been going on for centuries. and the galra have been killing people and ruining their lives for centuries. with absolutely no mercy. whatsoever.

so yeah i dont blame her for being a bit iffy when “good” galra come up


tf is this


Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.

finding lesbian ships in game-of-the-year games written in a way that is obviously meant to cater to an assumed male player is like someone throwing your favorite birthday cake in a pond for turtles and saying “well you can still pick out the bits you like”

finding those same ships written for no one in particular by men is like fighting 100 strangers for a slice of a cake that wasnt baked well and isnt even a flavor you like even though the man supposedly asked around about your preferences

finding lesbian ships in game-of-the-year games written by women, for women, is like fantasizing about your favorite cake made in the best way possible and personally delivered to you by aphrodite, because if youre gonna dream of impossible things you might as well go big


Small SP updates! Nightshade first - he is apparently getting “anxious to advance”, and while still in childhood chose Emperor of Evil as his lifetime wish!

Rory rolled a wish to break up with Topher with literally no reason - it wasn’t even a midlife crisis wish - so I promptly deleted it. 

Cerise Amazonite is now living with Cypress Luck!


I used to work at DQ and an elderly gentleman came in and ordered a slice of DQ cake, so we sell it, get him his slice and a fork, and he opens it and takes a bite, then exclaims, “It’s ice cream cake!” And we’re like, “Umm yes..?” He says, “I hate ice cream!” We’re all kind of flabbergasted and he’s mad and wants his money back saying there wasnt any sign to tell him it was ice cream cake, and since technically there wasnt, my mgr refunded him the 3 bucks or so and he left. That was the strangest thing to ever happen to me while I worked at DQ.

*me, MTT and frisk baked a cake!!! (don’t worry frisk wasnt in the cake when we put it in the oven lol)

Birthday present for both @hushpupper and @popcorngumballsprinkles!!

Because incredibly enough both their bdays are on the same day!! (i think i hope i didnt get it wrong oh noo)

The Signs at their Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Aries: does a keg stand and karaoke

Taurus: has hot wings and watches a football game

Gemini: goes to a Nicki Minaj concert and jams the frickle out

Cancer: goes to a bar but would rather be home with bae

Leo: a stripper pops out of their cake, bUT iT WASNT THEIR IDEA THEY SWEAR

Virgo: casino night with lots of wine

Libra: imagine an 11 year old’s birthday, but with alcohol

Scorpio: plays Cards Against Humanity with their friends because anything else would be disloyal

Sagittarius: stripper pops out of their cake aND IT WAS THEIR IDEA THEY SWEAR

Capricorn: piñata and beer pong: all you need to know

Aquarius: goes indoor skydiving then gets turnt

Pisces: freaking graffiti and shi. all out insane.

Happy Birthday Cillian

It was his birthday tomorrow and starting now she decided to celebrate, tonight it would be just them tomorrow a small group of friends and a lovely celebration.

Tonight she was a surprise and an actual present of course, she had made him a cake thanks to a cooking class she took at 14, she did these very well. He wasnt at his flat yet, she had candles lit and the cake too and herself dresses up in almost nothing with Velvet Underground’s album Loaded playing softly in the background.

He was turning 40 and this was only the beginning tomorrow will be an event.