but it wasn't working out

Oh my GOD

I was rewatching bits of episode 2 of YOI and purposefully paused at the moment where they show Yuuri’s profile.

And I noticed one thing. See that box under the pictures on the left-hand side?

This one. It says:

Goals for this year:

  • Winning the Grand Prix Final
  • Not crying during a competition

Yuuri set himself two goals and one of them was “not crying” PROTECT HIM.

She’s the betta half of the two


                 G l i tc h . E  XE 


Blanc by cyantists  [ preview / code / terms ]

  • an easy to use icons page with filter functions
    • filtering via: colour buttons, category buttons, a search bar
    • features: space for links and some text, 75px x 75px icons
  • *note!! if you are using my last icons page and want to ‘upgrade’ to this one you can just copy the code for your icons directly into this code, no changes needed and it will work

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Tom- you want me to say it? fine.

Tom- I’m using him. I know his feelings for me, and I’m taking advantage of it.


Tom- ppffttt, hahaha

Tom- you guys are hilarious,

Tom- one minute you’re yelling at me and ready to rip my head off,

Tom- and the next you’re complimenting me?

Tom- on that note, I’m going to bed.

Favorite Gen 1 Pokemon - Dragonite!
cute chubby toasted derg

my sister looked over at this and she just said “Well, I’m glad you like drawing”.


“In all the panic of escaping Earth, I was left behind. And there I stayed. Freedom in my sight, but out of reach for ages…”

This drawing took way too long for me to finish but at least it’s finally done! Not perfect, but I’m happy with it c: