but it wasn't part of this quote so..

  • Sam: I love this picture of me and the team. We were so happy.
  • Peter: Where's Bucky?
  • Sam: He wasn't a part of the team yet, that's why we were so happy.

something i wish would happen: on their way back home, elias teases sana like he usually does, but she’s not having it. she doesn’t look mad, she doesn’t look annoyed. she just looks tired. and elias notices, finally, because the party is over. but he doesn’t say anything, because it’s not the right time and place. but when they’re home, elias texts her “can i come see you?” and sana replies “ok”. and then elias is knocking on her door and she lets him in, and he asks “alright, what’s up with you?” and sana just shrugs. and elias asks “tonight was fun, no?” and sana says “it was fun for you”. and elias frowns, because it hits him that he hadn’t really seen his sister at the party. and then elias comes to sit on her bed, and he tells her “i’m sorry tonight wasn’t, like, so great for you. you know we can talk. you know i won’t judge. you know that, right?” and sana sighs and nods. because she knows. because her older brother has always been there during the most important moments, all her life

and she tells elias “sometimes i just don’t know where i fit” and elias gives her a small, understanding smile, and then he says “desperate times, desperate measures. or hm, whatever it is they say” and he wraps an arm around her shoulders, squeezes her, and says “you’re going to listen to me now because you’re not going to catch me being this cheesy anytime soon, okay?” and sana rolls her eyes at him, and elias’ smile becomes wider, because that’s typical sana right there, and he hasn’t seen her all night. “you’re the best person i know in this world, and i admire you so much, you and your wisdom and your intelligence and your faith. and, yes, your awesome basketball skills, and taste in music. you’re the best little sister any brother could hope for. you’ll always fit in this house and you’ll always fit in my life. and if someone doesn’t think you fit in theirs, you know what? screw them, they don’t deserve you” 

and sana is smiling now, and she rests her head on her brother’s shoulder and sighs. and elias tells her “okay, but you know the rules right? you can’t quote what i just said against me, like the basketball part and stuff.” and sana shakes her head, little smile still on her face, and she says “elias?” and he goes “hmm?” and she tells him “shut up”. and so elias laughs and squeezes her shoulders one more time

the signs as jaime x brienne quotes
  • Aries: "You want her? Go get her." So he did.
  • Taurus: "For her lady mother's sake. And for yours."
  • Gemini: "Come on, come on, my sweetling. The music's still playing. Might I have this dance, my lady?"
  • Cancer: [A part of her] wondered if Jaime would comfort her should she weep upon his shoulder. That was what men wanted, wasn't it?
  • Leo: "You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne."
  • Virgo: Unbidden, his thoughts went to Brienne of Tarth.
  • Libra: Jaime had come walking through that mist naked as his name day, looking half a corpse, half a god.
  • Scorpio: "If I had a silver stag for every time you said his name, I'd be as rich as your friends the Lannisters."
  • Sagittarius: Absurdly, he felt his cock stir beneath the bathwater.
  • Capricorn: Jaime scrambled to his feet. "My lady. I had not thought to see you again so soon."
  • Aquarius: "I dreamed of you."
  • Pisces: "Blue is a good color on you, my lady," Jaime observed. "It goes well with your eyes." She does have astonishing eyes.

5B countdown 27 days
        (insp) (insp)

lmao the clip isn’t that bad I mean we got to see that eva still has her own opinion, that she doesn’t want to be seriously with p chris, the iconic “you’re a cheating fuckboy” , skam quoting itself with the “I’m Chris” Hi Chris" “you’re also called Chris??”. And the best part! Vilde is trying to do something really nice for sana for eid, she even researched about it, which is really great

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the best thing about the whole "who is Sebastian Moran" discourse is that a) fandom collectively decided the guy we saw in TEH wasn't Moran. and b) that fandom has come up with a character who is not part of the show and just *made it part of it* anyway. Do you guys know how many Moran fics there are? 7032 on AO3 alone. And I repeat, most of those do not feature the guy we saw on the show.

^ This.

I’m so proud of this fandom, we’ve accomplished so much despite all of our differences.

-R. R. Hudson

  • Caspar: Who was the last person you texted and what was it about?
  • Liam: I was talking to one of my managers abou- about a song I want- I wanted to do
  • Caspar: Oh, so it wasn't about this interview?
  • Liam: It wasn't actually about this interview, but I was thinking on the spot - maybe you made me think of it so you could be part of the contribution of the song-
  • Caspar: I contributed to one of your text messages
  • Liam: *slightly confused* yes, maybe you did
  • Caspar: That's my goals, Goals!
  • Liam: *looks off to the side* *giggles* *laughs*
Nothing- Simon Imagine

Title: Nothing

Miniminter x Reader

Warnings: High key sad not gonna lie


If you’ve never read an imagine with lyrics before just know that the lyrics aren’t necessarily a part of it they’re basically just used for reference and all lyrics are in bold and italics but I did use one for a quote. Also in the actual song, the lyrics are more metaphorical while I used them in a more literal sense. 

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Mystic Messenger Reactions: The RFA as types of vampires
  • Yoosung: "The Newbie"
  • -He was only bitten recently...
  • -Not one for human blood
  • -Thinks of sucking blood as an indirect kiss
  • -That low key freaks him out
  • -"Could I go into shock from drinking different blood types?"
  • -Would be pretty awk, indefinitely asking for help on how to be the edgy vamp he now is
  • -P o o r b o y
  • Zen: "The Looker"
  • -Would be tempting all the ladies
  • -Looks like an albino anyway so he should be fine
  • -Doesn't like draining blood BC it gets sick nasty sometimes (yuck)
  • -Refuses to dye his hair black (Jumin recommended him to do so)
  • -H e w o u l d n e v e r
  • -Still brags about looking hot
  • -Likes eating red meats instead
  • -It seems more practical ???
  • -Wears sunscreen while performing onstage... Those lights are rough on one's skin and overall complexion,,,
  • -Complains on not getting enough outside time
  • Jaehee: "The Pro Vamp"
  • -V practical
  • -U can't be a vampire if you're a whiny baby this is a real woman's game
  • -Is very good at hiding her secret, unlike Yoosung, Zen, and 707.
  • -Doesn't like to talk about how she got changed
  • -Is p darn good at what she does not to brag or anything but
  • -Is tight with Jumin because of it
  • -Brings a classy, decorative, and definitely lacy umbrella with her in public.
  • -Kind of intimidating now, not that she wasn't before.
  • Jumin: "The Negotiator"
  • -Alpha Male
  • -The dramatic one
  • -He probably wears guyliner to look the part
  • -Even so, no one really knows that he's not human
  • -He runs a business! He can't flaunt his powers!!
  • -Reminds everybody of Edward from Twilight
  • -Except he's better looking
  • -Still wears a tux
  • -Still loves Elly
  • -Doesn't go outside if he doesn't need to
  • -What's the point??
  • 707: "The Gag Vamp"
  • -Looks more of like a Halloween-infiliated vamp than a movie-generic one
  • -Quotes Count Dracula a whole lot
  • -Has many tricks up his sleeve
  • -Carries around fake packets of blood and plastic bats for kicks
  • -Wears a cape lined with purple velvet
  • -Loves being a vampire!!
  • -So many jokes!!
  • -likes spooking people
  • + V and Saerun
  • V: "4 Senses"
  • -The chill vamp that doesn't meddle or bite people
  • -He just chills eternally
  • -Is blind, so he uses vibrations to gauge where he I going (echolocation for the most part)
  • -Basically Alpha Male... Besides Jumin.
  • Saeran: "Devious Hottie"
  • -Definite blood kink
  • -No doubt about it
  • -Hardcore vamp
  • -Already looked the part before he had been turned
  • -Still a sexy beast
  • -Still loves being a vampire!!
  • -Wears chokers now
  • 💜💜

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Wait I think he cut out the part about reading a message about a girlfriend? I wasn't watching it live, so what happened?

the message said that this person had their four month anniversary with their girlfriend today. so dan then kind of congratulated them and said this: Commitment. How’s that going for you? Is it scary or is it fun? It can be terrifying sometimes. (thanks @alittledizzy for the exact quote <3 and go read her analysis of it here bc it will make u cry.) also you can see this moment at 27:50 in the tumblr version of the live show if u go on dan’s page (thanks dizzy for the timestamp also hahahah. honestly yall should jst go read everything on dizzy’s blog about this live show rn bc if you have lingering questions she’s probably answered them and she is way more on top of her shit than i am lmao) 

  • Nate: Okay, so once we take out the guards, Sam will walk in dressed as a waiter, and then we'll just, you know, see what happens. You ready?
  • Elena: Wait. Wait, so we're just gonna wing it?
  • Nate: Elena, there's a big difference between winging it and seeing what happens. Now let's see what happens.

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Hey Sam, you were just talking about Winteriron and how Tony made Bucky Cap according to Cap's letter but that wasn't what Cap wanted. What DID he want then? Because I was under the impression that Steve wanted Bucky to be Cap after him.

So, I can’t quote the lines verbatim, I don’t have the issues they were in to hand (I’d have to go looking for the second part, I’m not even sure where it is in the comics). But just barely post-Civil War, a lawyer delivers a letter from Steve to Tony, on the lines of “If you’re reading this, I’m dead, and yo we really fucked this up.” 

Steve asks Tony for two favors in the letter:

1. “Don’t let Bucky drift.” There may have been more, but basically, Steve is aware his death is going to fuck Bucky up, and he wants Tony to make sure Bucky doesn’t come unhinged.

2. Something to the tune of “America needs a Cap.” He requested Tony to find a new Captain America and give them the shield with his blessing, because he doesn’t want the uniform retired just because its first occupant died. 

Tony, quite logically, takes these two pieces of information together and decides Steve is asking him to give Bucky the shield. He’s been looking for someone to take the job anyway, and here’s Steve basically bequeathing it to Bucky, in a way that even Bucky would have a difficult time resisting. So he convinces Bucky to take the shield and we have BuckyCap for a while.

Now, when Steve gets back, he’s actually quite shocked that a) Bucky is Cap and b) someone actually convinced Bucky to be Cap. It’s not that he thinks Bucky isn’t a good Cap, but he knows the weight of the shield and it’s not necessarily what he wanted for him. So he goes to Tony all “What the fuck, BUCKY REALLY?” and Tony’s like “YOU ASKED FOR HIM SPECIFICALLY” and Steve’s like “NOWHERE IN THAT LETTER DID I SAY MAKE BUCKY REPLACE ME OH MY GOD” and Tony’s all “WELL I READ BETWEEN THE LINES, STEVE, COME ON, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT”. 

I think it’s a really great moment, in fact, because it’s one of the few moments of comedy to come out of Civil War and its aftermath, particularly since it’s about Steve and Tony continuing to misunderstand each other. Like, that’s fuckin’ funny, not only could they not agree on government legislation, they also managed to mutually fuck up the replacement of Captain America and get Bucky caught in the crossfire. Which is especially funny because Bucky was pretty great at being Cap, like, actually Tony couldn’t really have done better.

I really should dig those out and post about them, I’ll have to go back and re-read to find the bit where they argue about Bucky. 

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Legendary comedian George Carlin once said that anything can be funny. It just depends on what the exaggeration is. This includes black comedy of all flavours. When I see posts where you apologise for removing something, I prefer to see the context of what you had to remove, in its entire, unedited form. Also, have you ever put back in a quote you removed that you thought was offensive, but wasn't?

Generally speaking I do agree with Mr. Carlin, but I think there are some other factors that go into making anything funny.  Those include the teller of the joke and the audience.  We have a pretty wide audience at this point so if something is offensive to a certain part of that audience I don’t really have a problem removing it.

As far as the teller of the joke for editorial purposes I always act as if I’m the one telling the joke.  Is it okay for me as a white person to tell a joke (or okay a submission) about black people?  Probably not, so I doesn’t have a place on my blog.  That’s just an example, we haven’t received many offensive submissions in regards to race.

I do consider the “exaggeration” when issues with submissions come up.  I only delete a quote if I am 100% certain that it does not have a place on this blog.  If I’m on the fence about it I do open it to discussion.  I have never brought back a post I deleted because once they’re gone they’re gone.  I just move on there are so many quotes to go through.

Shooting the 100th episode. Having everybody around was really special. There was one night when we were shooting at this club in L.A. singing ‘Party All the Time’ with Gwyneth Paltrow. It was so nice seeing everybody together. It’s one of those Glee moments when you think that you probably won’t get to do something like this ever again.
—  Darren Criss | Memorable Moment (THR.com)

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what do you think this interview means? she doesn't deny anything and she actually says dating him wasn't wrong but after the haylor comments sounds connected. do you think well get more denials for the other "gfs"?

About the interview, I see a few options here: 

  • She was asked about it and The Sun ran with the quote (the interview is about her hosting TXF but they used that specific quote in the headline because it’s sensationalist).
  • She mentioned it intentionally for promo.
  • It was part of the “ex-girlfriend clean up”.
  • None of the above / a mix of the last two.

I think it’s very interesting that this came out just after we got the infamous “rumoured to be dating” so my personal theory right now is that it was intentional (both for promo and to dismiss the relationship). 

She actually never says “dating”, she says “it”: “I’m not going to ever apologise for it because there was nothing at the time that was serious or bad and nobody was getting hurt”. Its very ambiguous and I would give the actual quote more credit than to anything else in that article so I’m taking it as another denial of sorts. 

I think we can’t get real denials in this case because it’d be too obvious, Harry might as well be completely out if they suddenly deny those relationships in a explicit way. This still looks suspicious as hell and very noticeable if you’re paying attention, seems like everything is falling into place - I don’t really expect them to make comments about the other girls he’s been linked with because they weren’t as “serious” as Taylor and Caroline, I think it’s much easier to sell the other ones as friends hanging out but they might come up as well in the near future. We will see!

  • Richard Madeley: Were you there when Freddie came in the room and told the band that he'd composed this incredible thing called Bohemian Rhapsody?
  • Brian May: Yeah.
  • Richard Madeley: On a telephone directory he'd written it?
  • Brian May: Well, he used to have some notepaper from his dad's work and he would sketch out all his ides on there including the notes of the harmonies. We don't do dots really, we do A sharps and B sharps and C sharps and things and it would all be written out, all the words and things, but it was totally in his head at that point and he'd say, "Yes I can hear what it should be, this is the backing track..." And of course the backing track was piano, bass and drums; it wasn't me, so I'm in the control room helping to make sure that the sound is alright and whatever and it's going "Do do de do do" - gap, and I'm thinking, what the hell is this! And Freddie's going, "Don't worry, don't worry, I know what's going in here, this is the operatic part darlings." And we went, forget it, fine.

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So Cas was watching earth and rescuded Dean from hell and they'll take a twist on that? Any theories? My guess from that interview is that Cas wasn't just watching humanity but was already involved on earth

Well, the full quote from that interview with Dabb here is:

“Viewers have long known that Cas “was part of the battalion that was watching Earth,” the EP notes. “He was the guy that harrowed Hell to rescue Dean Winchester. We established that, and now we’re taking a little twist on it and telling a lost story from his past that involves [guest star] Alicia Witt” as Lily Sunder, an old enemy of the angel.”

That makes it sound to me like it could be something from around the time that Cas pulled Dean out of Hell. I know lots of people have suspected, just based of the character’s name, that oh, we must be talking about a human, because “Lily Sunder” is obviously not an angel name. >.>

I feel like I need to make a masterpost of all the ridiculous assumptions that have been made based off pr commentary and the names of characters. (don’t worry, Mel, you don’t have to start pulling references for me… :P)

Like, Jesse and Cesar Cuevas. Must be brothers, because they have the same last name.

Like Flagstaff the angel in 9.22. Gee, I wonder who wrote that episode that involved an angel taking on her vessel’s name for convenience’s sake?

*it was Dabb*

Because really, I can’t imagine Cas being so involved with humanity before Dean that he would’ve developed a HUMAN ENEMY. You know?

But we do know of at least one other angel from his garrison that decided to plunge head first into humanity and earn herself a human name– Anna.

So, perhaps there were others who defied orders and fell (or even just took a vessel and did the Human Experience thing).

Because what else could be an “enemy” to an angel? At least back in early s4, pretty much everything else on the planet was freaked to heckeroo over the though of angels walking the earth again. And if this is the era this episode is going to be touching on, then remember that this is how pretty much everyone (other than Dean) reacted to the fact that angels were taking an interest in earth:

So, yeah. Straight from the demon’s mouth.

Another ongoing theme this season that I’ve seen cropping up around Cas is that Names Are Important. He’s finally gotten fed up with the BMoL referring to him as “Attack dog” and “Halo,” and demanded to be addressed by his name.

Which the BMoL didn’t exactly seem to know (hello Cassiel on the murder board in 11.23), but now they most certainly do.

He’s been asked what he is, who he is, who he would choose to be; so I’m wondering if this is going to be some angel who will parallel his story with Anna from s4… maybe? Could be? Eh, who even knows. We don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next episode, let alone the one after it.

Speculating over two sentences of PR for an episode that won’t air for nearly two months? NOT. FUN. :P