but it was worth trying

A spring/summer/fall project of mine, putting together an awesome shiny color coordinated (when fully evolved) team for Ultra Sun.  Froakie took the longest, I’ve been trying off and on a few years now.  Worth it.  And yes, I am aware of the type overlaps and extra pokemon.  I’m saving eevee for another time because hatching a specific gender with ralts is a freaking nightmare.

Their names, although I may change them : Rowlet - Vern  Charmander - Zephyr   Froakie - Dart  Hawlucha - Libre   Eevee / Umbreon - Phase    Ralts (M) - Willow   Ralts (F) - Wisp

Why Post? (If You're An Animator/Artist)

While I finish Tips on Tumblr, I want to write to you if you are an animator or another kind of artist….that posting is good. Even at times it doesn’t feel like it.

The main reason to post, is to allow others to know your voice, and what you can do as an animator/artist, even if you are starting out with less experience. As you build your skills and professionalism on social media (it is vital also, not just the work), others will see your strengths. In due time, others will want to be interested in what you have to offer, and not just fan watchers, but possible collaborators and investors. 

So post your finished pieces, and your work in progress projects, let others know what interests you as an artist and an animator. Believe me, it will be worth the effort if you don’t stop trying. Be encouraged! 

Ohooohoohoohooohoo :3c

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Do you have any tips for artists opening commissions for the first time?

  • To price yourself, go through the commissions tag and see how other artists price their stuff. Try to find how much your skill is worth.
  • Keep them simple. It’s not that necessary to have all “sketch, lineart, flat color, shading, painted, headshot, half body, full body, etc.” options. Keep it to just a few.
  • Put all your options, art examples, notes, contact info, etc. into images. Keep explanations short. Try not to write too much in the caption, people tend to not read them.
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER write out the info even if you have good handwriting, it could be difficult for some people to read. Use the type tool, type that shit out. Use an easy to read font.
  • If your art blog is new or you haven’t posted much, it’s best to draw a lot and post a lot first. Even though you’ve put examples in the commission info, some people might wanna check your stuff out before commissioning.

Hope this helps!

If you have an s/o and they have an awful attitude but you think you can “fix them” or believe they will change for you, get in your car, drive them over, go back to run them over again and then drive as far as you can without looking back

They won’t change. You won’t change them. If they’re awful to you they’re not worth trying to change. It’s one of the reasons why I stayed with my abuser despite the warning signs-I thought he loved me enough to change and he ended up changing me into someone unable to have a normal relationship again

My GOD, please love yourself and run while you can

Busy day

Gotta go watch the kids run in their school jog-a-thon fundraiser

Grocery shop for new baby meal I’m taking to people today

Get dill home, fed, & down for a nap

Make meal for the other family and prep what I can for ours during nap

Take casserole to people for them to make whenever they’re ready

Pick up kids from school

Go to squadron for Hail & Farewell

Spouses group Bunco immediately after (which I DO NOT WANT but will have a hard time getting out of bc they purposefully scheduled like this for attendance).

Some personal musings

I’m… not great with people. That’s probably fairly obvious to anyone that’s been reading the shit that I post here for awhile, but it’s worth stating anyways. My problem is that sometimes I try to convince myself that maybe shit has changed and that I’m actually friendship/relationship material and this ends about as well as you would expect. And yet, somehow, I still haven’t fucking learned. I keep trying. On one hand I understand why because for some bizarre reason I crave emotional closeness even though I lack the ability to really properly empathize with people. On the other hand, we’re on something like the fifth go-around of this bullshit and I should really know better at this stage. Ah well. Back to the grind. I’ll just focus on work and going back to training and see how much closer I can get to some of my other life goals before I try t do something stupid again.

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do you think it would be worth it for me to try to become an astrophysicist even though im not above average in math? ive always had decent grades in my math classes but my parents repeatedly suggest that I should major law instead and im starting to feel kinda shaky about my decision to study astrophysics :/

astrophysics is 99% math and 1% looking at cool stuff through telescopes. Most of the math isn’t crazily hard, but there’s just so god damn much of it so it’s more of an endurance thing.

So I mean it’s very crucial to develop your math skills as early as possible, because math is a subject that just builds onto itself. If you don’t start off with a strong base then it’s going to be almost impossible for you to catch up to your classmates. Not only that but physics is the same way. 

Basically you have to be extremely dedicated to your education. If that’s something you’re going to have trouble with, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Cute things boys do without realizing it:

- Roll up their sleeves constantly.

- Run their hand through their hair or rub the back of their neck when they’re nervous.

- Blush a bright shade of red if they touch you by accident, stammer as they apologize profusely.

- When they try really, really hard to not cry during movies because dang it all they’re men, they’re supposed to be strong.

- But eventually it becomes too much because FUCK IT ALL ROSE AND JACK HAD WERE EACH OTHER and then they sob like babies as you rub their backs, trying to hide a smile.

- How they slip their arm through your waist protectively, a small frown tugging on their lips if they feel someone is trying to get fresh with you.

- How they look at you sometimes as if you are the only thing worth seeing.

- How they try not be jealous of your other male friends because even though they trust you with their lives it’s an alpha male instinct they can’t fight, so they inconspicuously make sure that you love them from time to time.

- The way their eyes widen and jaws drop when they see you after you’re ready for a party because they have no clue what you did but damn your eyes and your cheekbones and your hair and your everything looks nice.

- How they’re generally horrible at expressing their feelings but when they promise something they know means a lot to you, you can see it in their eyes that they’ll go to any heights to keep it.

- The way their face lights up when they see you after a long time. How they hold you so tight that you almost lose your breath but it doesn’t matter because hey, they’re here.

- How they’re adorable as fuck but they have no damn clue.

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Hi Sam! The YouTuber emmymadeinjapan just posted a video about making a mustard cake. Seems relevant to your interests. It appears to basically be a carrot/spice cake with a couple tablespoons of stone ground mustard in the batter.

Oooh interesting, it’s a mustard carrot cake! I feel like that might be worth a try.

Though you guys, while I am gonna make moon cakes soon, possibly today, I have to warn you that my cooking will be severely curtailed in the coming weeks since like 70% of my kitchen, including 90% of my cooking bowls, is now packed. :D Still, you all can always bring recipes to my attention and I’ll stash them at @cookerbadge until I get the chance to make them! 

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Long time follower first time anon. I think that you are gorgeous and I love your style and taste in music. Get through this rough patch and love life as I love life and you. There is no easy answer but you can and will do it. It’s not easy but really worth it!

I’m trying. I’ve felt happiness before. I miss it and I know it’s worth it. I hope to get there again someday. Thank you.

Redefining Success

A big part of the reason why I deleted my Tumblr back in May was due to mental health issues, specifically how social media was effecting my self-worth and confidence. Because of how bad I am at self-control if I have access to something, I had to completely disconnect in order to find equilibrium again. I tried to spend the summer redefining what success looks like for me.

I’m going to be vulnerable here and admit to something that makes me extremely angry at myself for getting caught up in because I felt like I was too old to be feeling these things. And I tried really hard to shame myself out of feeling them! And we all know how well shame works don’t we? (spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

So, before I left I was focusing on likes and kudos and comments and reblogs and followers, etc, etc. Being new to social media, it is easy to think that this is how to measure success. However, trying to gauge your self-worth by these metrics is a rollercoaster. When you’re riding the wave of popularity, it can be elating; you can get addicted to it. But when the wave crashes and your next fic isn’t as well liked or if another person’s wave starts cresting it can feel demoralizing. I felt defeated, like I just shouldn’t try any more. What was the point if no one cared? 


Unplugging worked for me, in the sense that I didn’t have to interact with the competitive atmosphere anymore. I could try and pinpoint why I was writing fic in the first place. Oh right, it was because I love to write and because I wanted just one thing in my life where I could have fun and not take it too seriously. I mean, I want to get better at writing too, but I also want to experience the joy of creativity without the subjectivity of producing it for sale. 

I realized that I had been acting as if my fics were for sale. I was doing all the things I hate: feeling like I had to self-promote everything to death, feeling like the number of kudos = how good of a writer I was, feeling like if someone else was getting a lot of attention, that meant there were less readers for me.

Double ugh.

So, I recalibrated. What does success look like for me now? I’m meeting my word goals that I’ve set for myself. I’m finishing what I start. I’m pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m appreciating and focusing on the relationships I’ve made with the readers who do enjoy my work. I’m going to support writers I love. As one friend said to me: success is not a pie. I am trying to believe in abundance. And I’m not chasing after ephemeral metrics. Those things are nice bonuses but they’re not why I’m writing and not why I’m sharing it with other people. And I still have worth even if I don’t get them. I’m not completely there yet, I still struggle, but I’m happier and more stable and those are two really good things.

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"Eat your toast," Shirayuki ordered.

Yuzuri looked down at the mess on her plate, panicked at the charred bread smeared with what looked like something the guards’ horses tracked in. “Can’t I just tell him it’s awful?” Suzu nibbled the edge of his with eyes closed, throat and chest working far harder than a simple slice of toast should have required.

“No, he worked very hard on this and you don’t want him to think you don’t like it,“ Shirayuki decreed, and Yuzuri knew that when she pulled out that voice it wasn’t worth trying to resist.

But nobody could make her eat if she wasn’t there, so she jumped to her feet and ran for the door, shouting “Thanks for breakfast, Ryuu!”

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i think the baby voice is taylor's

Who knows at this point and tbh I don’t have the energy to care anymore lol like if it’s something that needs to stay THAT secretive then I guess it’s not worth my time trying to figure it out. Anyway.

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binding is dangerous and all so i've been trying to wear the trademark Sports Bra And Baggy Clothes combo, but it's too hot for sweatshirts and t-shirts don't tend to have the structural integrity not to very obviously show what is a Boob Lump and what's just clothing folds, so how do i a) wear a sports bra without publicly outing myself, b) keep my ribs rib-shaped, and c) exercise without getting heatstroke??

It’s worth noting that a sports bra isn’t always inherently that much safer than a binder - basically all of the precautions for binding applies just as much for sports bras as for actual binders. One exception to this is wrt what to wear while working out though, so it is good that you are opting for a bra rather than a binder in those situations.

If you have some light shirts with very busy patterns, that may be worth a try. You’d be surprised by how well some patterns can hide shapes and curves.

Other than that I’m afraid I can’t think of any advice to give right now, sorry. My brain is kinda fried at the moment.

If any of my followers have any suggestions for anon, please do feel free to add to this post!

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My stepmom was telling me about how her work would let me volunteer for a day (she works with children) and that I could help out n stuff w/ her so long as she vouched for me bc while she's 26 and couldn't possibly have me as a biological child, she apparently told her coworkers that she has an 18yr old stepDAUGHTER and I was immediately turned off to the idea even though this is a place I've actually wanted to work at. :^/

Ugh I’m so sorry, that’s awful. Are you out to her? If so, do you think you could try talk to her and tell her how it makes you feel?

If you aren’t out, maybe you could just try to reassure yourself that this would be worth it for you in the long run because you’d gain experience in the area you’re interested in.

Good luck -Matt

Keith and Lance’s Blue Lion Connection Theory

The first lion Keith was attracted to

Was the blue lion

Which happens to have the strongest bond/connection with Lance

And look

Those two people standing in front of the blue lion is Lance and Keith.



What if Lance was meant to pilot the lion, but Keith also has some sort of connection to it too? He felt an energy telling him to search, but Lance had the official bond.

Keith was questioning Coran about the lion in season two, he was wondering how it had gotten to Earth and if a Galra had possibly piloted it. COULD THAT BE TRUE, AND COULD THE PILOT HAVE BEEN RELATED TO KEITH WHICH IS WHY HE FELT AN ENERGY TOWARDS IT? 

And look at when Keith approaches the lion before Lance…UMMM



WERE LANCE AND KEITH MEANT TO FIND THE LION TOGETHER JUST LIKE THE CAVE PAINTINGS SAID??? Keith felt the energy which led them to that spot and Lance’s connection led them to retrieving the lion, which is what started Voltron in the first place.